Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tags again :-/ ........aaaaaAAAAAaaHHhhhhhhhhhhHHHH

I've been tagged by Cindy bhindy...whnever she gets a biggy big tag..she never forgets to kick that to me...and this one..oh my god...8 tags...I jus wanna go to 8 balls ..fir a 8 rig and want to blast out myself...innnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bada tag :O...but then also since it's by Cindy Bhindi..I can't refuse to do it ....so here it goes :-/..btw pic is for fun not to demean whoever great who drew it ...:)( Apologies :) )

btw ..why it was not 5 - 6 or 10..wat's there in 8 :-? huh???

8 things I’m passionate about :
1. Parents
2. Myself
3. Love
4. My networking links/internet/blog
5. Biking
6. Lovely memories of all my ex gfs :P
7. My comp/lappy
8. My profession/Biotechnology

8 things I wanna do before I die :
1. Want to make love ... :P... (m still a virgin :P..this is priority...means if sumone says ..that tomm u going up..wat u want to do :P ?? kindda thing :P)
2. Tour de France
3. Bungee jumping
4. Marry and make love every day :P
5. Visit Antarctica
6. feel the weightlessness in space ...u kno i need it badly :P
7. meet some of my blog pals..this I agree with Cindy...Cindy is top in the priority :P
8. Raise a kid..I jus love to hear the word dad...my dad really enjoys it..me too wanna enjoy it like him :)

8 things I say often :
1. Actually
2. of course
3. Fuck!!!
4. MC/BC ?:P
5. Hullo ! (yeah I do dis like cindy too :P)
6. Shut up
7. Mwaaaah
8. Beta (to nearly all of the juniors..)

8 books I have read recently :
:O..8 books andthen also recently :O
I Pass this..coz all I had read were technical ones..apart frm davinci code, contagion,coma, angels and demons, midnight's children,Mrinalini, Train to pakistan, Spninx...oopps is it 8 :O???

8 songs I could listen to over and over again :
1. Dil ke arman - Nikah
2. Phantom of the opera – Iron Maiden
3. Truly madly deeply- Savage Garden
4. Fly like angels – Celine Dion
5. Koi Fariyad – Tum Bin
6. 25 minutes too late – MLTR
7. Life for rent - Dido
8. Doorie – Atif Aslam
and the list is long.....real longgggggggg......

so for today..this is the only thing.... take care till den..love u all


  1. Cute pic there of u naked and with a flower on ur crotch. lol!

    **. My networking links/internet/blog

    Is that why u decided NOT to get Internet at home (read ur last post)?

    **Make love everyday

    hope it happens after marriage for u, but alot of my married friends are fighting everyday lol!


  2. heheheheheeh

    look carefully..he is wearing a green jockey too :P


    yeap..but I do spend most of my dep time blogging :P
    so it supports my addiction

    are u telling me not to marry :O
    then i ve to find a gal for live in then :-/

  3. Tu kamina hai !!

    Ekdum kamina....yeh sab faaltu cheez karne ke time hai, online aane ko nahi !

    Tag was ok though.

  4. nah I mean in any r'ship...no one makes love every single day unless his/her job is that bro lol!


  5. :O

    Kaun mina

    oohhh kamina :P

    par kiun :P

    online aane ko time hi time hai..par net connection lene mein time hai :P
    tu mail toh kar dena..bekar main tension mein rehta hoon tere liye...:-/

  6. :P

    then I will make it my job..she will earn buck for home..I will spend them and will make love to her :P

  7. aihaye....kaisi pic laga rakhi ahi??? Behna ko yeh sikaoge???


    Majje lo bahiya....Cindy di ne mujhe bhi anhi chocda so will havta do it soon LOL!

  8. EVERYDAY!!! I say there is gong to be some sore people! lol lol

    Lovely pic! hahahaha

    How are you???

  9. lol ur impossible!

    btw Im glad that u've got a flower on ur crotch and not ur hand!


  10. hahahaha Ne @Sore!

    so true!

    And mebbe bro and wife r enough to sell all the condoms? :)


  11. sorry re tab tak chala ja chuka tha ..mom dad ghar par hai so max time ghar dep ghar dep karta rehta hoon...
    unko khana bhi pahuchana hota hai na...

    thoda sa hectic schedule hai....

  12. Ne

    wat was that :O


    it was just to display the tag....u r so meany weany :P

    m fine gal:)

    howz ur trip going???

  13. i scrolled to the songs list:P:P

    Savage garden and doorie....mere bhi favs:)

  14. Meghana....

    gandi pic..dekh chaddii pehen rakhi hai usne..hari wali....

    john abraham swimsuit mein aaye toh achha..and inni badi art fir bhi chaddi pehen hue toh ganda:P

    tumhari cindy didi tag k mauka kabhi nhi chhorti :P

  15. sissyy..
    why there shud be my hand...:x
    it was there to take the tag..duffer...

    and wats so dere to so laugh abt :x

  16. aquagurl...

    yippieeee same same

    mere fav song ki list bhi bahtu lambi hai :P

  17. Hey! How are you living without something that you are passionate about (aka internet)?

  18. Hi - as a fellow blogger I thought you might be interested in joining in on this weeks review. (go and look at a handful of random blogs and see what others have done with them. This is not reviewing the content, it is to look at the overall package, the attractiveness, the user friendliness of it.)


    Its often said that the only way you can improve is to keep practicing, keep learning and go and check out what others are doing, model excellent behaviour or techniques and.. keep practicing.. etc etc.

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    Who knows, you may find a co-writer to work on a project together or inspiration to change or modify yours.

    hope to see your review next week.

  19. I am home now! I had a wonderful time! I hope you have also!!

    Be good okay????? LOL!!
    That is not hard for you to do is it?? Be good


    @ Keshi!! I mean that is something they need to think about... their own condom warehouse! lol

  20. **their own condom warehouse

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA Ne! Mebbe their parents/friends can buy a whole Condom company as their Wedding pressie.


  21. Anniee..

    it is wonderful...but really i couldnot understand any head toe of the thing u talked abt :-|

  22. Ne

    be good :-s

    I am not behaving bad... m I ???

    u came back from the trip..it means time for some active bloging I guess:P

    grrrrr to both u and sissyy....
    and she is not goin to b my wife or wat...she is ma frnd...and it was jus a joke with the pic :x
    if she gets pissed off...no one can save u from her rage :p

  23. **if she gets pissed off...no one can save u from her rage

    wuts this line abt Bro? lol!


  24. I don't think that Keshi and I are saying it is her, we are talking about you saying you want to make love every single day!! all day and night! hahahaha

    Cindi has a boo! so she is not even paying any attention to the Condom factory! haha!!

    ^5 Keshi... Maybe he will let us by in as partners.. with him buying them all we are sure to make some money off of him!!!

    Yes I will post a lil every now and again! Check out my radio show at the top of my page you are mentioned in the one that says welcome!!!

    Ta Ta For Now!

  25. Ne...

    u people are cashing outta my desires :O


    but I can't hear ur radio..streams offf :( here

  26. ** we are talking about you saying you want to make love every single day!! all day and night

    lol I agree Ne. Wut us bro going abt??

    I knew he needed some rest, after shifting and all!


  27. grrrrr...

    i m all sane no insane :O

    u peeps are talking with double menaings :|

  28. thank you for sharing new things that we dont know about you... so no more secret....

  29. Heeya Diva

    read the embarrassment unleashed...if u wanna kno more secrets :P :P

  30. jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai..

    chaddi pe hi phool khila hai.....phool khila hai

  31. waaah
    kinna dard bhara sangeet tha :P
    dil pain pain ho gya :P

  32. are dude...

    I did not get an update of these posts...fuck blogger...

    scroll mara to pata chala ke you have done some mehenat :P to think and write...

    Liked all the things - just a question - does you dad think you are a "drink" on a high always - since he "raises" you :P

    And I dunno if real life me you do it...but have seen you say sowwie...a lot here

  33. Bhai

    wo blogger error hota hai
    bich bich mein hota hai aisa....

    par sahi kaho toh I m kind of a person who doesnt like to offend people and so is the sorry things..and dad kno that I drink I smoke but I abstain it in his presence so he don kno that I get so high...aur aapne jo puchha wo yehi palle pada hai mere...aur kuchh puchhna chahte they toh please samjha do..maari angrezi jara poor baa :P


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