Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Loner's Anthem

I am standing alone,
People moving by my side.
I am standing alone,
As you gone walking by my side.

I am thinking alone,
People dreaming by my side,
I am thinking alone,
As you've lost  feeling by my side

I am walking alone,
Poeple talking by my side.
I am walking alone,
As you gone laughing by my side,

You came as a shimmering hope,
rekindling in me the light of love.
but I am now alone
as you're long left by my side.

I wanna die alone,
People hating me by my side.
I wanna die alone, 
As my love's crying by my side
                                                         - Sourish Karmakar

This is a new song, I wrote in moments of my loneliness.. I hope this time I come up with a tune soon...
Love u all.....
This a loner's anthem ....dedicated to all the lonely people in the planet.... I hope u get comfort and love soon... and do pray the same for me...... God Bless you

Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu or Swine Influenza <<< Re-edited

Just a precautionary advice to all of u...

Swine flu has been declared a pandemic of high risk... It is a type A Influenza ..swine influenza A (H1N1)..similar  to Avian Flu or bird flu .... so if u r suffering from flu for more than two days with returning fever and symptoms like fever, lethargy, lack of appetite and check it out...
Picture courtesy:

And best way to prevent urself from flu is high input of protein in ur least two eggs a day or similar quantity of pulses or milk food for vegetarians...

It is not uncurable...body defn grow response against it but factor is if u r weak ur body might get attacked by ssecondary or oother infection coz whole of ur immune system will be busy fighting Influenza do go to doctor if u think u r suffering from flu....The swine flu is susceptible to four drugs  amantadine, rimantadine, oseltamivir and zanamivir, however, for the 2009 outbreak oseltamivir and zanamivir is recommended.... Already 81 dead in mexico and country close as Japan is on high it is not very far from India.

It is actually a cattle disease ..mainly pig...but pig to human cases and human to human cases have been reported ready for it...

High protein diet.
Consult doctor if flu and fever both occurs.
Avoid eating pigs or pork

*Newedit:  Just to clear ur misconception..unlike Bird-flu.. Swine Flu is air-borne...means it can spread through is more similar to SARS which broke havoc on China and other countries just years ago ... So being a veggie doesn't exclude you from the list..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I hate Terrorists......

There is a lot of rush going through bloggerworld and in Tamil Nadu following the war on terrorism SriLankan government fighting against LTTE... People are worried for people of Indian origin getting killed in cross fire..and it is indeed shameful that one of the party called for a bandh today .. a day important in our democracy as the day of election...

I do feel the pain..when an innocent civilian get killed for no reason..irrespective of the language or ethnicity he belongs to..I shouted for IRAQ , afghan and even Pak and now too when i see displaced people in SL ..I do feel the pain....but if we look at the picture we think extremism can win us the tamil rights there...

Do u  justify killing of innocent Sinhalese only because killers are from our origin ??...

When the girl blew up in front of Rajiv Gandhi...Mr. Gandhi was not alone..his body guards who were doing their jobs got killed too...leaving behind a family with no food earner ..children without their father...Tell me what was the fault of  those families whose kins got killed in crossfires or political assassinations by LTTE ....?

Do People think security forces are only for getting killed ???...Don't they have families???...People are fighting for terrorists saying that they belong to our origin so we should save them...why should we save them...they committed crime and now they have to pay for it..

I literally don't see any reason for Srilankan government to stop war against LTTE...if a person kills an innocent he needs to get punished...and they are the one who are using Tamils as human shield...and if u had watched the todays news ...Govt of India is observing the situation closely and civilians are taken to camps...I kno it is harsh for a refugee but for a country like Srilanka which is war torn due to Indian politics ..I guess they are taking the right move..and I am sure they won't be killing civilian in the process..but if operation agains LTTE is stopped then Tamils then too won't find peace coz LTTE will understand the value of Tamil human shield...and will statrt using it more often

My heart goes for all the LANKAN tamils but I guess it is high time to let Srilanka get rid of the LTTE menace forever ....and I plead to Indian Government to help those people who are trapped in crossfire and in refugee camps to get back to their life..

I am sorry if I had been harsh..but I don't support any terrorist even if he is from India...coz I see my father in security force do his duty each day with a life threat ..and I have seen the crying widows who don't have anywhere to go when these terrorists organisation blow away their husband...I hav seen the young girls getting raped by these extremist followed by selling them to bidders for raising money for their organization. and I have seen innocents mutilated by these people....I hate terrorists..

Monday, April 20, 2009

Boys don't cry

A typical Saying that I always hear is " Boys don't Cry"

Only the girls have license to feel bad  about something and express with emotion ..boys are supposed to be emotionless brats....
we do feel lonely ...we do feel pain when our love dumps us...and it is not always our fault...
we do crave for the touch of love wen we watch something romantic...and we are not freaking perverts at least not more than girls...if a girl is curious..ohh! she is young and curious and if a boy is...he gets a title of pervert going before his name...
It is not our fault that nature designed us more like a hunter accurate with prediction and calculations so as to help us hunting for food rather making us good in literature and expressions so as to maintain the home. ..

Girls can say wonderful poems ...use literary quotes to express their love and how pig the male was when he dumped her..but we so unable to express in words are often quoted is indeed his fault that the girl dumped him... if  she sheds  tears then it is so touchy and if we shed one...ohhh! see he is again crying his crocodile tears...

Love is beautiful and we long for a tender touch too..but I guess I do have to get on adjusted with the fact that
Boy's don't cry....But believe me I do need a cry and I do need some warmth...

Don't worry..I will be fine....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Shoegate Analysis

**** I am not responsible if u r gonna follow my analysis and I am not also not taking responsibility for any political fallouts :P ***

You must be thinking this will be one more analysis on Indian Election...but I am not gonna make u bore with some Poll analysis...even when it was so tragic to see 48 to 50 % votes in main stream state of Maharashtra, Bihar and UP.. it is more tragic to see 19 dead in Naxalite attacks ..paying the cost of the democracy which I don't think anyone respect nowadays.. though I loved the turnouts in insurgent hit states and I am proud to mention my brothers and babes :P who turned out in great numbers to respect the Indian democracy...while the bhaiyas and Bhais of UP, Bihar and Maharashtra thought to sleep it over....

Turning out se yaad aaaya :P


Bhajji and Dhoni Bhaiya didn't turn out to Rashtrapati Bhavan to receive the country's one of the most prestigious award rather they turned out to some endorsement program of cups and balls before turning to South Africa to Play Indian Premier League - 2 ...  Cliche of the Cliches :P..

So what is this analysis all about...

it is about the recent political revolt in Indian democracy...yeah ! I am talking about the Shoegate !!! I learned yesterday  that there is a new terminology called as shoegate for shoe throwing on Leaders  and one spokesperson of BJP was furious when Headline today's anchor used Slippergate for the latest quest of Advani's..he said slipper sounds so cheap...I think they might be disappointed that leader of that stature and chappal..he deserved at least a branded one analysis sounds like watergate scandal... :D

Let us see the main objects under present study

1) Jarnail Singh ka Joota on Chidambaram :

No introduction needed

This is Reebok Trainer..number 9 neat and clean....I think it's new..just bought for this purpose :P

2) Tau ka Joota on Naveen Jindal :

Gosh! it was so Rapidly thrown and Returned back I didn't got any clear pic of it..

oops ! this is not the joota..this a hot chick I found while googling Shoe on Naveen Jindal....
Gosh! She is hot..I am gonna break all rules just to get a ticket from her...Google sumtimes play funny tricks :P..ok coming back to point.... ( Gosh! she is is distracting..she might cause more road accidents than preventing )

Yeah!!  look out the circle to see the purana kala joota...old black shoe :D

3) Slipper on Advani:  

Inne bade neta and Chappal :O ?????...Ridiculous.... Advani was furious with Chappal and thus forgot to read the message behind it  as first told by BJP to Congress :P

Now My research ..hhehehehe Can't Help my Engineering Research Blood sumtimes give such a big push :D

If u see the publicity vs Analysis curve ... with reference to Bush's Shoegate scandal...( Standard cost shoe)

It can be clearly inferred that the Publicity is proportional to the Cost of the Shoe ...

So if anyone is thinking of trying for rapid publicity...go for Woodland or may be Gucci...I am sure the later one can give u internatonal fame...but remember ...don't forget to insure ur shoes..coz  u r not getting them back :D... one ain't always so lucky as Tau who hit Jindal :P

U must be thinking I am endorsing it...Yeah! I am endorsing it...coz when politicians can play politics of caste, murders and genocide in India..we can defn  protest by throwing shoes in our they really don't understand any other language...and btw they themselves throw missiles inside Parliament..remember shoe and chair throwings inside Parliament which led to fixing of chair and tables on floor in parliament :P

Tips For Politicians: Learn from Mayawatiji....She is now speaking inside a Glass Air Conditioned booth in Rallies :P

Trivia : Do u kno the that Bush shoe episode created Hundred jobs :P ????? Go though it :P

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

HappY new Year

Happy New year to all of u..

oHHH it is Bengali New year today ..known as Poila Boishak...So enjoy urself and god bless u all :)

and tomorrow is Election day ..yippppieeee and this year too I will not get a chance to vote coz I don't trust any of the candidate :P

I love you all who made last year so beautiful and will continue to love u all for making this a happy one :)
Shubho Nababorsher preeti o shubhechha janai... 
It means... 
I wish u love and goodness for this new year.... :)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Current- Affair :P

I was more than intrigued by the following events going sharing them with you....What's ur take on these ???

A) Chidambaram.. Shoe...Jarnail Singh....Media...84 riots....Tytler...Sajjan... victims... votebank ....court...  re-appeal... Communalism... more troubles...

"I forgive him for the bad aim.."
My take : An inquiry need to be setup about the missing  Reebok is a political conspiracy against poor man and his shoe...he was not why the shoe is taken as evidence??? 
Rest other tidbits will remain the same...25 years had passed..ab tak nahi hua toh ab kya hoga???


B) Rakhi Sawant ... Swayamvar .... SRK- Amir- Salman mixture...NDTV imagine... New Drama.... heartbroken me....
Ram- Rakhi ki Jodi ??? 

My take: ***Dialing 100***  "Go and find Mr. Valmiki " ..he must be having a cardiac arrest right now seeing the new age Sita

C) Varun Gandhi...hate speech...BJP ... Communal Tension ... BSP ... NSA ...Maneka Gandhi... Mayawati... Mother Teresa ...
Mother Teresa ka naya Avtar !!!

My take: Wait wait wait.!!!!..Mother Teresa :-O the hell she came in picture ?? Oh no! :p it's our frndly neighbourhood Mayawatiji :P

D) Taliban...Afghanistan..America... Pakistan...Terrorism ... LeT...Kashmir ....Indian Election....Possible attack on Indian poiltical leaders..
Talibani meeting's Agenda: Killing Indian Politicians..Are we doing a favor to India?

My take : After so long, now Taliban is gonna do something good... :D... Do it before elections dumbos... atleast then we can have some good choice to vote upon :P


E) LTTE...Prabhakarn...Srilanka...Army..Tamils..Human Shield...UNO...Tamil Nadu... MDMK.. NSA.. Vaiko giving Threats of Violence.

LTTE ?? Is it an army ??

My take: I never thought some terrorist using Tamils as human Shield are so popular in Tamilnadu :O

F) Obama... 8 day world tour.. So many promises ... Talks.. Increasing popularity...

Koffee with Obama 

My take: If you are not going to fulfill any of ur promise Mr. Obama... we may have an opening at Koffee with Obama for ya... man u talk good :P

** Author don't claim any responsibility for any political fallout and is mere exercising the freedom of expression .. if he has any  :-s**

Monday, April 06, 2009

A foodie goody Post

Last two months.... I attended numerous parties...and really had some wonderful time... The party were of Mining Alumnis and recent one was from a Electrical 4th yearite ...
It was so glad to see my little juniors to be settled in such wonderful jobs and seeing them safe in the time of recession is even more pleasing....It was all booze , food and smoke sessions...and apart from  a wonderful time..there is not much to tell..ok ..there are lots of things..but I can' t tell all here....

So for all the food are the few snaps of the parties...just taken random on my cybershot :)

Oh! I forgot to mention about the holi..Mom cooked all those when she was visiting me on holi.. :P
I bought a new pressure cooker for her only to get this..mutton cooked by mom :P
Mining alumnis together in 'Orchid' 
My the Mining party...I wasn't able to take the snap of the Sizzler coz if I had waited then I would have missed eating time sure :P
Reetesh's ..Electrical 4th yearite's Job treat at 'Ming's Garden' ... Reetesh is third from the right among the cute bunch of Electrical  guys..soon to start their lives :) 
I missed taking the food shots..but How cud I miss the Desserts :P ...'Her Highness' :D... she was royal and lovely to eat :P
This is the best dessert...I've ever tasted...'The Sizzling Brownies'
This is what it looks like...when the Chocolate smoke gets's 'Butterscotch on Chocolate brownies dipped in chocolate syrup and served in a hot sizzler plate'...... The combination of cold ice cream with hot chocolate dipped brownie is awesome :P
I hope u must be hungry by  a cordial invitation to all of you to come and visit Varanasi and be my guest..and I promise you to treat with all the above..and even more...
*Ps: Anvita !! I know how hard it must be for you to see the last pic :P while sitting home on diet :P ..the post is dedicated to you..*

Thursday, April 02, 2009

My Birthday - The timeline :D

I am loving this time-line thingy..Last time I published a post on Time-line ( Valentine day ) ex-gf dumped me..if u r wondering how can an ex-gf dump me...U  came to right place..coz no one can better answer than me...and the answer is ..

"It is complicated...once I understand myself then I will make u understand :D lol..."

The above context was necessary to its effects can all be seen in the time-line... and after reading don't call me an emotional I know, I am, already.  :D

Time line : Events and my state of mind, on  B-day :)

28th March:

11:10 PM:  Still 50 minutes are there...God ! koi phone karega bhi ya nhi?...Last time I had to remind mom who was on her nth romantic escapade with dad..and completely forgot my birthday..and Dad..he has an emergency duty with his anti terrorist thingy..I don' think he will be awake..

11: 50 PM : Will Saraah call me... ? I guess I broke her heart..but was it my fault. that she forgot to call me on Valentine day as she promised ...while she was partying with her frnds ..getting roses and leaving me drinking alone in solitude...aneways..I will try to patch up if she least we can be  frnds... she will call..I know she is a sweetheart...

29th March ( My B-day) 

00:00AM: * The horrible ring tone and vibrations*..hello! kool it's mom and that too dot on 12 ..Hey ! didi's calling too at same time...oh both of them are didi is gonna get her diamond necklace soon :D....Dad! he is awake...oh no! he is sleep wishing me :D ..He and his terrorists both need to take a break :-D..

00:20 to 5:30 AM: "thank u" .."thank u" ..."thank u" "oh my thank u"...."thank u" "thank u...same to you..".
"oye! it ain't my birthday it is urs..."
I attended nearly 30 calls in between the time from my national and international frnds and the last son of gun forgot that it is not cozy evening here it is 5: 30 in the morning :D..and as he wished me birthday...I was so sleepy that I said, "Thank u and same to you..."

7:00 AM: My landlord's son came up with a self made bouquet of flowers to wish me was so sweet of him..

7 : 30 AM: My frnds here called me to play the cricket match ..they arranged to commemorate my birthday.

8:00 AM to 11:00 AM: I played three hours non stop..and that too after 3 years....and it was so cloudy and wonderfully refreshing time..,.yet it kept me limping throughtout the day of exhaustion..yet it was awesome feeling...we shouted ..cursed ..abused ...but in spirits...just like what we used to do ..on our kidhood days..

1:00 PM: I went to have lunch where few more wishes came..yet I was waiting for her call...and like that song... "Mujhe pyar hai tumse ki jab bhi koi ahaat ho to lage tum aaye" and like that cute girl in that video ..I was waiting for her call and with every ring ..I used to think it was she...but disappointed...yet the irony was that I couldn't be sad..coz the caller on the other side was wishing me birthday with his full spirits...

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM: I slept, I dreamt, I waited, I cried and yet I smiled on every call that came during that time.

6:30 PM - 8: 30 PM: I went to Assi Ghat, to attend the Aarti, it was an unearthly experience and I clicked few with my Sony-Cybershot and also made a video to share my experience with ya.  I had Tomato chat and of course a hell lot of ciggys..oh my ciggy get increased on such occasion near ghats :D

Some times collage forms when u have a shaky hand with an Night vision D-cam 
Aarti at Assi 
Tomato Chat at Assi

9:30 PM: I took my roomie, my landlord and his family to Aman's ..where I celebrated my birthday calmly...I needed to give my frnds a pardy too but I postponed it to some later date...
Raghu, Bhavna and Bhabhi ( Landlord's family)
Bhaiya( My landlord) and Yogendra ( My roomie )... 
Me ?? I m clicking the photo ..dumbos :P
11:00 PM: I lied down...tired and exhausted, happy and disappointed ..thinking what I had done wrong...why people have to hurt me on my was so sweet of all my dear frnds who called..many of them called me even when I never ever called them on their's ..but they were sweethearts....and I fell asleep thinking the about the day..only to get up the next morning with swollen eyes and with limping leg due to exhaustion of playing cricket...

So this was my Birthday time-line ..A kinnda simple day when my phone rang a lot.. :D..the video of aarti ..u can watch here :)...Last photo is gift from a. sweetheart..Smirti..and thanx to all my blogger frnds who made me so elated with thier wishes on my last post.... :)

Ganga Aarti at Assi Ghat, Varanasi

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