Monday, August 05, 2013

Raanjhana ... simply beautiful

Well, seriously speaking... I am much late to actually have any impact on its viewership but since it is my blog with practically no one else but me to read.. who cares ?

THe movie was awesome but more awesome was to see the streets of Banaras and hear the maestro AR Rehman playing ... The direction was great and the storyline simply perfect..

Who can deny the first love? I know I can still leave the whole world if she says me too... OK !! that was cheesy... but there was a time ..not very long ago when I could have done that... but then I had someone more beautiful to hold me ...Well... who cares now...? I still like the last dialogue of the movie

But, why get up now.'
'Who's got the courage to fall in love again..

The movie with a love theme in the back drop of politics remind me about the good old days of Maniratnam coinciding a common man's life with that of politics ..something which, the south directors are marvelously capable. I hope more such movies come into the main stream Bollywood to let us feel the beauty of Indian Cinema...

The most romantic moment of the movie...
Do watch it for Dhanush's and Swara's performance...they were just dazzling in terms of their performance...and as usual Sonam was beautiful in the movie with some decent acting...


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