Thursday, December 15, 2011

Food Security Bill India

With the crippling economy due to International pressure and high price rise of basic commodity in India, our beloved government has come up with a food security bill.

The Salient features of the bill are

  • Government will issue ration cards for priority
  • Subsidised Food Grains to rural households
  • Not less than 46% of all rural households shall be designated as Rural priority Households. Provided,  further,  90%  of  all  rural  households  are  entitled  to  subsidized  food grains.
  •  Subsidised Food Grains to Urban , provided that not less than 28% of all urban households are categorised as Urban Priority Households. Provided,  further,  50%  of  all  urban  households  are  entitled  to  subsidized  food grains.
  • The  State  Government  shall  provide  Priority  Households  whether  Rural  or Urban a minimum of 7 kilograms of food grains per person per month, at a price notexceeding  Rs  3  per  kg  for  rice,  Rs  2  per  kg  for  wheat  and  Rs  1  per  kg  for  millets  at 2011-11  rates,  which  will  not  be  revised  upward  for  a    minimum  period  of  10  years from the date of notification of the Act. Provided that single-member households shall receive a minimum of 14 kilograms of  grain per month at the same prices. 
  • Rates for General Households: The  State  Government  shall  provide  General  Households  whether  Rural  or Urban a minimum of 4 kilograms of food grains per person per month, at a price not exceeding 50 per cent of the Minimum Support Price for paddy, wheat and millet.Provided  that  single-member  households  shall  receive  a  minimum  of  8  kilograms of grain per month at the same prices.
  • Now the exchequer will bear the burden of Rs 35000 Crores.
Now See the wonderful effect on the Indian economy

1. Not being harsh on the poor, the bulls of the slowly moving bullock cart economy are the poor people who works the daily labor for making buildings, roads, transportation, daily household helpers, miners, excavators, daily cleaners and other form of labor such as labor for agricultural harvesting. If they are ensured of proper food, the what is the need that will drive the economy ? This is just the form of communism that drove Russia to its current state. Only this time the theory is even worse than communism. Govt. is ensuring that they do not have to work for food.

2. If there are no workers, all the labor cost for available labor will go high as they do not need to work, so if you need the work then hire them with high prices.

3. If there are no workers, lesser people will drive towards quality education as they will have no need for uplifting. So, not only it will make the poor people lazy but also drive them towards illiteracy.

4. If there are no workers, then you will not need any support staff sitting in higher position. So umeployment will rise

5. All the industry, mining and agriculture will stop producing the Rs 35000 crore that Government is planning to spend, so they will extract the money from the developmental projects and defense driving the economy towards meltdown for supporting non working individuals. Exactly that is what happened with MANREGA implementation.

6. The rest 30% who are left from the food security bill will have to work harder than ever to earn for their livelihood because if they are lesser production of food grains and industrial good, the price will rise more high leading to more meltdown of middle class families that drives the economy. To control that the whole Indian economy have to be taken under govt. control.

7. Above all, it will drive towards lesser sanitation.

FOOD SECURITY BILL is just  a way that the Congress and the Gandhi family have decided to gamble the economy for votes in upcoming election. I am scared and I am sure if you read this carefully, you will be scared too. I hope learned fellows of the Government read this carefully before driving our economy and us towards meltdown. Only God knows what kind of economist our prime minister and Finance minister are

" Please!!! Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Rahul Gandhi just hear my plea and stall the downgrading of our country just to gain popularity and votes "

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