Tuesday, January 27, 2009

KashiYatra 09 ..... The Awakening day1

Kashiyatra....as the name suggests it is trip to Kashi aka Varanasi aka Benaras..the holy capital of the world..the land of Shiva....In the older days...people used to take their dying old loved ones to hear..so that he can die in the holy ghats of varanasi in the laps of Ma Ganga ..the goddess of holy river Ganges....And they used to name it " Kashi-yatra "...the trip to divinity and peace for eternity....
 Similar is the name of  our National level Cultural fest...held from 23rd to26th Jan..Kashiyatra09 ...a mind blowing extravaganza showing the cultural and colorful aspects of Institute of Technology, BHU....

So here are the updates of the beautiful event ..that occupied this weekend of mine.... and I had this never before experience that I can't explain in words...so I had clicked a few moments of the event of the year....

The evening started with a big bang...It was Barethi...though I m not sure to spell it but is an ancient form of Indian Martial art.....where a guy uses swords and sticks of fire and use it to defend...but this art is slowly dying...if not the efforts of our one alumni who presented the show and combines music to make a never before musical fireshow.... just watch the pics and U will get it... why it is awesome....

I have more than 200 images of the awesome experience and see the dark figure inside the fire..it is the person who is performing the martial art.....
The start was followed by KavyaManjari...the beautiful Kavi Sammelan (Poetic congregation) ... the poems ...the jokes..the romance ....everything was so beautiful..the hall was all packed with loads of people enjoying the flow of the patriotism, humor and romance.....
The friday ended beautifully and then the next day ....the rangoli day and the classical nights....wait for the update :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kashiyatra 09

The biggest extravaganza..Kashiyatra is going on in our college...I will update u with the details soon...right now ...I am enjoying a lot....
and it's been so long since I enjoyed sumthing like this :)
So wait for the updates....

Friday, January 23, 2009

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Just Answer.................

What Should I say, to the girl I love and still not over,  when she says,

" We are not meant to be together coz I will make ur life hell ...You deserve better. "  

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wed-Reviews - RocknRolla , My Best Friend's girl, The Guitar

As I promised to Movie-goers, here is the second edition of Wed-Reviews, I know My Slumdog Millionaire review was not taken up so good, but I regret to admit that none of the people understood my view. I did recommended it and that’s why it is in my review section, but I didn’t like the script that much at least not over the The Dark Knight. But I admired direction, lead actor, music….anyways get over it and go through these flicks to be kept in ur watch list.


It is a Keshi movie… lol …a fast moving action crime film which I m sure u will admire, guys have fascination for crime lords as their ideal hero and girls have their weakness for crimelords and if it is one British, they love it more than anything. Recently I discovered meself that Brits are so cute wen they speak their accents…every word in such a detail….i just envy them :P ..okay coming to the point…excellent script and awesome direction, and as usual wonderful British actors. It is made on the tagline in crime world coincidences are the only thing which is common. It is fast paced, full of style and full of action. I loved it and I know you will love it too..Ohh I forgot to mention..it is  a Guy Ritchie Movie..if u kno wat I mean.... :)

My Best friend’s girl

It is Nehya’s and Mine category,,,yeah it is a chicky flick, an ulti romantic comedy, and you will love this movie. Storyline is bit old and u must had watched a few like this for sure, but the the funny moments in this movies are too good. Story doesn’t have much weight but it is an ultimate entertainer. There is nothing to dislike the movie..u will smile a lot , u feel find it funny and yet u will be entertained and that’s for sure. the theme is a guy who works professionally to be a bad date so that any girl if trying to leave her previous for change ..runs away back to her old love....it was funny indeed :P

Happy go lucky is still in my “To watch” list …it is there in my laptop but I din’t find time to watch it ..blame it on my busy schedule.

The Guitar

It is an adult movie, based on the theme of loving urself and how a woman who was on death bed came out of it only by loving herself, The theme was good , so was the direction but not for the kids..coz not only it is beyond their understanding ..it is full of nudity… So watch it with caution…coz it is kindda movie which you will like to watch alone without feeling embarrassed or heated up in the course of the movie. The movie is slow.. but the theme is good. It falls in a different genre and if u r interested to spend time on a intellectual movie then you must see it…I liked it…for both the reasons…the theme and the ultra hot actress :P

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wed-Reviews - Seven Pounds, Gran Torino , Slumdog Millionaire

As I promised, here is the Wed-Review's first edition about three Hollywood Movies. You are welcome if you need to know about any movie on ur watchlist..

Seven Pounds

I was lucky enough to watch its screener, as my dad got a pass, and as I expected the hall turned empty and full of gossip soon. Yeah I was lucky to get the pass, but was unlucky to sit among the armed forces personals.
So you can understand that the movie is slow, but I liked its pace. It moved slow with different stories moving simultaneously with Will Smith playing an IRS agent as the only connection in between, who is helping different people within his ability. The movie is not remarkable in its starting phase but in the end wen every strings get attached , u will long to see the movie once more and then u will regret that you left the movie's maximum part unnoticed... and I saw it twice on the same day ....and believe me I cried both the times.

The Movie is soft, romantic , emotional but it is slow...so go to watch the movie ..to feel the movie not for getting entertainment but it will be one at the end.
The direction, script, and Will Smith were fabulous and so is the camera work and the excellent background music takes the movie altogether in dreamy land.
I know you will love the movie...but if u r not in slow pace mode...then it is not for you, but still I would recommend you to watch it for the excellent script, acting, screenplay and direction.

Gran Torino

I watched it only because of Clint Eastwood and believe me he was as awesome as always. This movie is very slow and contrary to it's genre of action crime and violence, it is actually a movie revolving around the determination of a person to fight the evil of the society simultaneously  fighting the guilt of his previous actions and his falling health. The movie is about a old war veteran living in a neighbourhood full of gangs who are spoiling the local youngs to join the gangs, who comes in contact with a Vietnamese family and helps a scared submissive boy to fight for his own rights.

The movie is slow, script needed a bit work, acting was awesome and direction was satisfactory,I won't recommend you to watch it but if U r a Clint Eastwood's fan, u won't regret a  penny for watching the movie, watching him in motion picture is itself a reward and will hold you throughout the movie and believe me even I felt the movie to be ouuta any story and pace, I liked the movie because Clint was in it. So watch it at ur own risk but if u r Clint Eastwood's fan, noone can stop u :D

Slumdog Millionaire.

An overrated movie(IMDB Review I wrote)......and believe me if it din't had the Foreign Director it won't had got the recognition that it is getting now...Some guy wrote in review that the director know India so well but all I could see that he knew only one thing that India is a poor country. he could had made the same movie anywhere in the world where poverty is, coz it was nuthing commendable in the script. The script lacked reality altogether, where in some points u will find that script writer forcibly added situations to prove his point. This is a story about a boy  who won a quiz show which was occuring LIVE contrary to wat happens and he was tortured by Police with no reason in between where he tells about the answers and how he knew them. It won't had got the award if it had been made by any Indian director.

But the movie was excellent in the music score, so was the direction, and beautiful was the camera work and screenplay. One thing commendable in the movie was the lead actors playing the main character..simply awesome ...but the casting of other characters were lacking the shine, but I think the main lead just overshadowed every other flaws in the casting. A.R. Rehman was awesome and so was Danny Boyle in Direction but I hate to admit that the golden globe for script was a poor decision..

Overall, the Movie is entertaining..no doubt well paced...but overhyped...so if don't go with expectations ..you will appreciate the movie in all aspects. Just to be clear, I m not saying not to watch it but I m saying watch it definitely but not with the awards in mind. Go simply and u will be entertained.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weekly Affair.......

I was thinking to start one weekly affair here in my blog...ohh affair means..affair ...not the love affair...ooo wat u people have thought of me..I m not that freak to be taking current affairs to be bollywood gossips of current love affairs of celebrities....lol..

So thought..Love is being covered by lena..poetry is by preeti....jokes by cess...so wats left...??

So I thought why don't I give Reviews of the movie ..I just saw..and u won't belive ..i am a movie buff and I see at least two every day....if not three or more..

So I m gonna start Wed-Reviews on my blog....here U can know all good things abt the movie ..with a lil synopsis but not the full details..so that my review don't be spoiler to you...and you can choose which movie to spend ur time the next weekend...I don't know how much I will succeed..but I will like ur views and comments on them and if u had already seen that movie and you disagree with those..you can tell that too ....

So frnds wait for the Wed-Reviews...and starts from tomorrow ....with three movies in row.. Will Smith's SEVEN POUNDS, Clint Eastwood's GRAN TORINO and The most famous Slumdog Millionaire ...

Peace be with you

Friday, January 09, 2009


**Beware..... this is Bakwas talk...I m in writer's block :P** 

This word has a great significance in my life. I always thought I won’t ever find out anyone good before I came to orkut coz there I learned to lie. For getting some one all you need is a attractive DP and catchy nameand  with loads of flirtation ... you might even dig out Paris Hilton outta her hole. I did that and really it was awesome to know my capacity to attract people based on lies and your all bluffy-honesty, but I forgot that may be every damn other one is doing the same to me too.

There were so many beautiful things in it too and I would be deceitful if I don’t mention those to you. There were cute sisters that I made, some forgot me…. some are still in touch and these are the lovely most people in this online social networking and there were some friends who were really close to me, of which one is getting married and other threw me out of her friendlist. But all the most important were my online affairs and believe me there was nothing unreal in it. I really thought they loved me until they dumped me outta their life.

But now I have decided to throw out this word once for all in my life but I can never ever delete someone out of my friendlist just because he or she forgot me, because I understand they must be busy  and if you can’t get the simple mathematics that if the work pressure is important to that guy or gal than u then it is important, more you remind that guy or gal about it more they will be annoyed and eventually they will shut u off permanently. So I m thinking to delete off my account but there are some who are connected to me for mutual business benefits and for that I can’t do that too..So I guess I need to shut up until everyone deletes me off their list … LOL

This is called faltoo ka bakbak… (‘Worthless talk’ for my firangi friends) LOL….

Ohh! btw ! Reason for not login orkut is that my institute has banned it..and since I use our source wifi..I can't login much..so there are pending request and there are unanswered scraps too...so I m sorry for that..so please bear with me till I get a new connection......

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Please help me :(

I kno new year blog post shudn't be all whining but I m sure U won't feel the tragedy of my life in this comedy  :P..So go and read...oh by the way this post is open to all :P 
So wat do you think I should do??? arranged marriage or love marriage?????.or shud I stay single forever... ??
For those who are gonna suggest me love please explain ( if u ever read the shits I write here :D) after going through my past affairs which are in short as follows
I’ve been dumped by many and these were the last few words of those who claimed they loved me once …

I - left me because I was coward and I din’t had the courage to runaway when I was 18 with her being 18 too..and she was so unhappy with me that she had to give her life for that.

M - left me because I was too possessive and she felt suffocated with my love and attention

P - left me because I thought of being a little less possessive to her to save the relation and she said.. “ Damn! Even one loves their dog  more than wat you do to me.”

B -  Dumped me…hmmm why? I was not faithful as per her or maybe she had her reasons and she went away from my life and sooner she found enough reasons to hate me and eventually shouted out “ I don’t wanna be ur fucking love anymore” and few days before she was so annoyed with my mail that she blasted out “ I am married now " which can be translated as  .. “ don’t bother me anymore...I am happy without you”…coz I know she ain't married... though she never forgets to google her name to come to my blogpage and for that I never lose the hope that one day she might forgive me and we become frnds once more.

S - My old readers might remember that she  was the last one I was seeing… I went to a far town to meet her and the day when I was going to write here about my trip and wonderful date with her..she dumped me …so u never actually got to know about the trip and the girl coz she dumped me before that and her last words were “Why don’t you forgive and forget me??” which can be translated as “ Mujhe maaf karo and bhagwan k liye mera pichha chhor do.”  LoL  and for my firangi frnds the proper words ..can be like…  “stop chasing me for god sake!”. Lol ..I need to stop being a chasing dog every time wen someone dumps me...Oh! She used to love me wen she was just a plain gal but now wen she is a “Gonna be MBA” and as she is a daughter of a veteran Finance guru….I don’t think I come anywhere close to her and her ambitions now..and the other reasons like the ones she said I won’t understand ..so she dint  want to waste her precious time to tell me….

I think I m jinxed!!! Am I ? Shit!!! Now I have to wear stones too :P..but guess wat.. I might have to wear boulders to change my luck coz I doubt those lil stones on my fingers can do anthing except helping me scratch my back……..Oh Shit!!!!! I forgot to tell that I look obnoxious too… I forgot that to mention with the context of S….. S even said to me on our date but I failed to catch those as it were sugar coated and I was too blind with the context of love of loving the inner self, to see that …:P…truly it is hard to find unconditional love :D

First I used to blame the gals for dumping me but I think may be the faulty one is me or wait!!!!!! May be it is correct in saying that even the girls don’t know what they want….(Please refer PS. I love you before suing me :P)..

And by the way!!!! I’ve seen cute boys being chased by beautiful damsels here in blogworld…. why the hell no one chases me … I am single  :P and I kno.. u won’t believe ..I m virgin too….lol …if it helps… :P lol..I need to visit a doc ..I’ve gone crazy… :P

So tell me should I keep looking for the girl made for me or shud I marry one of the gals my mom found for me outta nowhere??? coz I m feeling too alone nowadays….and it hurts a lot wen so many pople leave you to cry and dry out ur love....

Want a review ????

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