Monday, August 11, 2008

Mixed Feelings

Dad went home yesterday..and it's feeling so empty empty without him..but mom's in home and and m so loving her presence in my's wonderful to have mom...coz I don need to do anyfink and mom is always there wenever i need a lap to sleep :P

At last India, a country of 1 Billion people got an individual gold medal in Olympics. Abhinav Bindra..CEO of Abhinav the first gold medal in individual events in Olympics for India, in 10m rifle shooting...This news shows two clear events of India..that Indian govt spends a very less time of it's devotion for sports and still sport's in India is ruled by richy guys. But overall m happy... India won the gold medal and our National anthem and National flag will be played and displayed with full honors :)...and m feeling proud by writing it too...

Once again Security concerns for working women creeped in and it again proved how unsafe the working women are in India, when a 22 year old gal working in a company as big as named as IBM...was gangraped by 8-10 people in Pune...the gal was called for nightshift but office denied it...but m so much concerend for my frnds who are working in those services sector in IT and who have to work late shifts and where they fell may prey to nocturnal beasts .... it's just so shameful..that govt. allowed women workingh in nightshifts just recently without even thinking abt assuring and providing them any security.

In one global event..Once again a larger country is impounding a small country and bombing it with all the projectiles they have in their arsenal..though Russia has occupied and strengthened its base in Ossetia but it's now moving towards Gori to out throw the pro-American but democratic govt. of Georgia...but m not worried abt the political scenario but m worried abt the innocents people who are getting killed in the crossfires of political agendas..and also it's a matter of concern as Georgia is an American ally..and it may rerun the tensed situation of the cold war... but funny part is America is not doing anything to save it's America wants oil security so badly that it has to control the Iran and for it..America needs Russian support and rest of the Europe won't interfere as they are heavily dependent on Russia for petroleum gas! Disgusting .......


  1. aww dad left :*(...

    Well-done India on teh Godl Medal!

    **when a 22 year old gal working in a company as big as named as IBM...was gangraped by 8-10 people in Pune...

    OMG that is so freaky! So were these guys caught n punished?

    **US & Russia

    I hate politics!

    *HUGZ* bro hope ur having a good day. And Lena's comment box is an IMP notice? lol!


  2. please do not judge on situation in georgia and ossetia without having enough information, those info given in news all over the world have little to do with reality. I believe they do not show crying ossetian women thanking russian soldiers for saving them from georgian extremists killing their kids and husbands.
    Half of people living in Ossetia are russians, you dont expect one country staying away when its citizens are being killed.
    As for Georgia, it is not US ally, it is rather completely proamerican because of all the money they get from US.

    Once again the whole world wants to see only something that US wants them to see

  3. PS: comment form changed :)
    Just for you! Have a great day :)

  4. Sissy... one's caught yet..coz girl is still in trauma to talk...

    yeap sissy day is going good still and will go more good as sir has given me leave :P for the rest of the day :P
    so m going home to shleep :P

  5. Lena

    I am aware of the situation and believe me the article i read was condemning americans and so m I ...but Russia has already regained power in ossetia...and I kno that thing is completely ethical coz they were capturing their own land for the people who believe themselves to be part of the country
    I m worried about the part..where russia is still pursuing the war even controlling ossetia and is now going for GORI which is a georgian territory and I firmly believe invasion in any democratic wrong..and in large picture ..more human lives will be sacrificed for securing the conduit of Russian petroleum gas to west and m feeling sorry for them..who will die for nothing...

  6. Lena


    and thanks a lot for changing the comment box

  7. we could have a long discussion on that but me is tooooooooooooo lazy to type :P

    Take care :)

  8. Atleast you had the luck of your parents coming and staying with you duffer...and your mm is still there na ?

    So stop whining wouldja ?

    I am so outta world politics man ! Sheesh this is so not me, not having a clue of politics n stuff...newspaper mangana hi padega ab toh...I am becoming a frog in the well with my job n internet.....

    Yet to catch up with the Ossetia deal...sorry, so no comments on that.

    About the rape thing....what I wanna knw is what did the IBM ppl do about it ?

  9. lena
    hehehe lazy mazy ...then ok time..i wud defn like to hear ur end of the story before amrking any one out as villain :P

  10. Cindy bhindi
    ...not whining re:P n m enjoying each moment :P
    koi nhi re war is so part of life and confliscts are running so many places's hard to catch up :)

    and abt that rape case...I don think IBM wud take up the responsibility..let's c wat happens :|

    aur bata tu kaisi hai??

  11. hey good tat u have yur mommy around n yeah greate inne that abhinav made india proud.

    its sad man....that ppl so r desperate man......that they gang rape ...shud have rather gone to a brothel na .....

    have a good week ...chao

  12. The world has gone mad!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so not going to even touch politics on your blog!! I want to remain friends with you!!.. LOL!!

    I am big on politics because I have family member involved in them.. But ya know I am going to get me a Bike and start riding it and forgetting about this damn oil prices that are driving us apart.. And as I have seen on many blogs and on the news.. The US is a mess!

    I dare to differ tho! I love the US and I stand behind them MOST of the time.. but this war is killing me and I am not even fighting in it! I hate it.but there is nothing I can do to stop it and bring my family member home that have been there for 14mths! *sigh* At least they are still among the living!

    Okay! Daddy left! Mommy is still there! Have a great time with her and if you want 2 for one I can send my mom also! HAHAHA! J/k Keep on Cherishing her.... Lay in her lap for sleep??? Take your ass to your bed and sleep! LOL! LOL!! I am mean today! hahahaha!

    Have a great day Sourish!!!!!!!!!! BE GOOD!


  13. well I hope you are not singing that song

    "mummy oh mummy - tu kab sas banegi" :P

    well sad to hear the sad news and delirious at the gold medal...

  14. Oh and about that girl! I am so sorry for her!! breaks me heart just hearing about it!! I will be praying for her and her family!!


  15. Princess...

    yeah I m so happy for abhinav and mom's home so m tension free...

    the gangrape is a height of desperation...and we truly need to condemned it and help the law enforcer to punish them

  16. Nehya...

    I truly apologize for causing discomfort u and to Lena...and I understand both of u coz every one loves their own country and having members of the family helping in running the govt. ur view wud defn differ..not because u don't want to see wat america is doing but may be because u will better kno the policy...

    but it's not my view is the view of american media..I read the details from NY Times and Washington I presented the facts....
    and I will defn pray to the god to keep ur loved ones safe from the war...
    I don kno wat america is doing whether he is making aterror free world or it just had escalated another crusade...that time will tell...upto then ride ur bike and give me a lift :P

    and do send me ur mom..having two moms to take care of me is just too awesome..
    hehehehe meany weany :P...u come and i will sleep in ur lap too :P
    and u be good too girl
    luv n carez

  17. Ceedy bhai :P

    mummy issinging the song..beta beta kab tu layega bahu :P


    I share the same view:)

  18. Nehya..

    yeah it's very disheartening...She is in my prayers too..

  19. hi,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. what diet chart do u want?

    Urs is an awesome blog. I quite enjoyed going through it. will come by more often.

  20. Kiran

    thanks for the quick response..I mailed u my need....
    and will defn keep in touch wid ya

  21. so did u shleep? :)

    Im so sorry to hear abt that girl!!


  22. believe me you did not rattle a nerve that is your opinion and i respect it to the fullest!!! I want them all (soldiers) to come home! US also makes it look soooooooo bad in the media and all that! They can make me happy by sending MY Cousins home!! ASAP!!!

    Maybe I need to go over there and let them know that! LOL!

    Sleep on my lap! hahahaha! I sleep alone and I LOVE IT! Dont need noone with me, it is like heaven having the whole bed and my LAP to myself! hahaha You are being good? ha! I am always good! :)


  23. Haan re, heard the Olympic story at work...sahi hai naa:)
    i felt so proud:)

  24. You know just yesterday a friend and I made the same two points about India and sports as you did!!

    And that rape incident is disgusting!

  25. Nehya

    yeah..war is disgusting..and having loved ones fighting it is really paining and I can understand that...

    and Oh ho u like to shleep alone :P
    adn keep ur Lap to urself..someone gonna be very uneasy reading this :P


  26. aqua gurl..
    sahi hai mein sports news...teri personal life kaha gyi???

  27. Sneha..

    yeah I fink most of the Indians will have the same thing in the mind after seeing India in 18th position with jus one medal wen they are actually paying tax to feed on 1 billion people :)

    and that rape thingy was disgusting

  28. lol Ne u want bro to shleep on ur lap? beware that sweet Paratrooper mite land here with a bomb now!


  29. ne

    she will kill me if I land dere wid a bomb :P

  30. Wooh events.

    I love it too when my Mom comes here. Bliss! :)

    Abhinav Bindra winning Gold Medal: Congrats to him, his dedication has bore fruit.

    Gang Rape: It is indeed a very sad event and traumatic for that girl. But we must not be bogged down by such losers. We must rise against this instead of hiding behind. Only then can justice be served on such losers.

  31. Keshi!!! HAHAHAHAHA! NO Laying ON LAPS! AT ALL!! hahahahah

    And yeah the paratrooper will land anytime time.. I hope he don't bomb tho!!!!


    Sourish! Yes very Uneasy!

  32. Alok

    yeah ...I agree wid ya a lot...we shudn't losse hope and fight back against those morons :P

  33. personal lyfe...ahh pata nahi yaar, hold pe rakhi hun:P

  34. lol

    yani personal life puchho toh awaaz aaye

    aap abhi kataar mein hai..kripaya pratiksha kare :P


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