Saturday, August 18, 2012

Book Review : In The Hot Unconscious

Thanks to Preetilata Sarkar, I got into reading books during  journeys. Without any mp3 player plugged in my ears, these books have dual effects. It help me pass the time and simulataneously make me look modern. I am not very sure what others think about it but at least I think reading chicks are intellectually hot.
I met one such girl in this train journey to home.  She was intellectually hot… not so attractive but with the glasses on she was looking very hot…. kind of like the chicks on Bookworm Bitches…(and I am not going to explain you Bookworm Bitches :P) .. So I started a conversation with her…that eventually led to journeys and books on them….  I have been reading  such book "In The Hot Unconscious" by Charles Foster.  So I started our conversation based on the book. Either she was amazed by my depth of understanding… or she was bored of my repeated attempt to woo her…she eventually ended up giving me her number…which I wrote on the bookmark of the book I was reading… After an hour the chick asked me for the book… and changed the bookmarks with hers :-| ..

Anyways.. like I was gonna call her…My phonebook is always full of these random chick numbers…and I even don’t remember anyone of them… :-|

Coming to the book…
"In The Hot Unconscious" by Charles Foster.  The book is a nice read…Based on Charles Foster’s recent India visit… and like every other book of this genre.. the book was based on Religion and its understanding… I don’t know how people write an Indian journey book that reeks of  religious fundamentalism only.... I have read many journey books written on different countries but when it comes to India… the author always ends up explaining the Hindu religion… They have a version of Karma..they write about ‘Bhagwad Gita’ ..about holy rivers..that we Indian never get to have a hold of. The book started with the author’s view… on Christianity..when it shifted to Zen.. I stopped taking it seriously..… Every Indian journey book I ever read... starts with “Eat, Pray, Love” and eventually ends with the same…This was no different...The characters, though very strong… seemed fictional to me… Perhaps!! Being an Indian I never needed to have an encounter with any religious baba giving me preaching to practice Hinduism. However, one thing the author depicted with tremendous success ..and that is..Indian administration.. I am sure that part is not fictional..coz he portrayed the corruption in the system better than anyone without using any abuses.. Overall the book didn’t bore me… it was written in rich English format that needed few glances through dictionaries but was full of humor… The only good thing about the book is that the authors never expressed any single biased opinion about the events… If you are reading it for fun..the book is wonderfully written.. but if you are on for a  fresh perspective…. Find another book...

If you want to have a go at the book.. you can find it in Landmark

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