Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A lil renovation...

Yeah!!!! Thrown off all the junks.. I was hating my blog.. it took so long to load.. and my net was down and I was busy playing mafia....
Was thinking of writing something but then I thought leave it alone for today ..will update with something good tomorrow.. I am thinking of writing two series... one on War and one on Religion...I dnt know how much I will succeed.. but I am gonna be regular in reading many blogs and leaving my comment.. will have to clean up the blogroll who don't visit here but I guess I already did that... the few of you who come here quite a often will have a good treat coz I m gonna update a lot in coming months..

For now a Joke to lighten up the spirit..

A she ant said something to an elephant and he got a heart attack .. what did she say???
I am going to be mother of your child...:P

Same ant went up to Tiger and he too had a heart attack..what did she say ??

I am just having doubt who the father of my unborn baby is .. elephant is claiming it his and I know from my heart it is urs..


Watched.. My Name is Khan.. and yeah it was a wonderful movie... but I was happy I took long time to watch it as only now DVD print has been released and it is not worthy enough to watch in theatre...

Want a review ????

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