Friday, July 13, 2012

Shame - Minor Molested in Assam

Last night I switched on the news channel to find a disgusting news that one minor girl was molested by 20 people in Guwahati that too was not enough they filmed the total molestation and uploaded on YouTube..

Those who are not already aware of the situation.. it happened on Tuesday night when the girl was returning from a nightclub attending a birthday party...The Assam DGP, Jayanta N Chaudhary, said, "The girl had gone to celebrate a friend's birthday... There (at the bar) they had a fight and the management asked them to leave as they were creating a ruckus over there... they came out and some hooligans saw her and tried to take advantage of her... She was assaulted but is not hospitalised... Whatever is there in the law books, we will do accordingly thanks to the coverage of media... They have been a great help."
She was groped by few local goons who started treating the girl as a prostitute...that turned into her being beaten and disrobed... Soon several person of the crowd joined in to make an example of the girl or in short they didn't want to waste the opportunity to molest that young girl who was just a student of class XI... Soon the number rose to 20 or more..and the moral policing became an ordeal for the girl where every guy in the crowd started molesting her like it was their right ...Few of the people tried to abduct that girl to complete their rape fantasy...The police came in after half an hour later to rescue the girl from the place which is on Rajpath and quite a busy locale.  A person some claimed to be a reported filmed the total scene on his camera which was quite a Hi-def for an ordinary mobile camera as the lighting was proper..and the video was uploaded on Youtube the next day...The video was flashed on local news channel which prompted the action that was supposed to happen on that night itself when the Police came in to rescue the girl ... The CM declared that they will gear on the make a women squad to tackle these instances which is now a common thing in North eastern states...

Few years back, a girl was paraded naked when she came out of nightclub in Guwahati in a similar manner where media was busy making TRPs instead of protecting the girl's modesty..

They flashed it like a sensational news with admiration of local moral policing...If the media and the Police made an example of those morons responsible for outraging the girl's modesty..this recent incident wouldn't have occurred... I just feel so sorry for these NE girls and lame NE governments for such instances...

It is really shameful for us being a citizen of a country of so called high modesty .. we molest a girl and watch its video on youtube like it is just an amusement...We treat every girl as prostitute who go to night clubs or attend a late night party.... We need to understand the fact that these girls and women too have freedom like we men to go to clubs and socialize.. coz today she is just a random girl.. but tommorrow if unchecked it will be your mother.. your sister or perhaps you on receiving end of this molesting crowd.. It is high time govt. start to establish a strong line of protection for women.. if it is not going to happen I am sure India will surely be another country with downright degraded moral values with no respect for women like what happens in Soviet liberated countries....

I am sharing this snippets from the video for identification of these morons who need to be put behind the bar... 

If you can identify anyone of the crowd.. Drop a message to your local police station.. it is now our responsibility to nab these culprits to curb this rising menace...Already 4 have been it is turn of of the other 16 in the crowd....

PS: Do not bother searching on YouTube.. it has already been removed for violation of term...The video is shot by a reporter who tried to help and then he thought to collect it as evidence (yeah!!! getting his TRP high...) and I don't know how it got uploaded to YouTube...but Kya Idea hai Sir jee!!!..You can view the culprits better here...


I am not going to upload the original video of the molestation of that girl...but those who are interested can go peep in their mother's or sister's room to view what women hide under their clothes...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Romance Scam

Do I look like loser ???

I am surely one!!!

I have been getting pretty long mails from a very hot chick from Canada..whom I searched over by my IP tracker to find that she is actually from Nigeria... :P

I am sharing this info.. so that you lonely guys do not fall for the she may be dangerous or may not be a she at all ... lol...

The first four letters I got from her...I searched in the internet to find that the contents of the letters are very common and have been sent to one more user...I am going to go through with it and see what more fun it actually offers...

Just remember.. go with ur gut feelings.. if you feel that is not true then it is not true....When you get such personalized mail.. just search any random line from it in google search engine.. you will find many people  been scammed already :D

Letter 1
Thanks for getting back to me. Actually i was trying to check out an old lost school friend who shares the same first name with yours but unfortunately he's not on Facebook but your profile appeared on my Facebook page which i read and found very interesting. If i must confess, work has prevented me from socializing. I was recently introduced to Facebook by a friend to curb that. I really don't mind being your friend and knowing you more. Should you feel the same way about my profile too, Please feel free to contact me at anytime
Letter 2
How are you today?,as for me am cool and lonely. and you sound nice .More about me I am single never married with no kids and currently seeking for a relationship, but not rushing myself.I`m 5`7" 134 with a athletic build,mentally stable,physically fit,a bunch of laughs,warm, caring,honest, good listening, God Fearing,and a positive person.Am right now in uk london on a Modeling Seminar and will be back home hopefully in 5 days time.I've got a great sense of humor,I am more conservative politically than liberal.I work hard,and know how to have fun. I am real easy person to talk to and a good listener. I love to play golf and I enjoy chilling` with my friend/family ,I like going to the movies,or watching movies in my room ,I like swimming ,fishing,listening to music and dance to any kind of music, traveling,going bowling and also a good cook.I am a family oriented person.
I am really interested in wanting to know about what makes you the special person you are today,what are your goals,f I want to know more about your family, your background,What do you do for fun, are you an outdoor person and where do you see yourself in the nearest future? I dont wanna be too inquisitive so i'll stop here talk to you latter.
Letter 3
Hi,how are you doing thanks for the email,I really love all you have to say about yourself,I see you have a really bright prospect and i like your outlook on life it really means a lot to me. So tell me what are your what do you think of relationships?.i really want to know about your past relationship.have you ever met anyone off the internet?What was it like?well i have a diverse background my mum from canada while my dad from USA,im the only child of my parent,I grew up mainly in canada cos i had to go there and live with my Aunt after my dad's death and mum got to marry to anotherman .I came down to USA cos i had a job offer, more so to stay with my ground ma before she passed away early this year and moreover i had to have a change of environment from my Aunt who's deeply in drugs and alcohol because i live my life through the word of God and also I have such a strong understanding of what I feel my role in life is suppose to be. my goals and dreams is to have a successful career and to live a good life,and maybe meet someone that believes in unconditional love,sure that cant be complete without a honest husband, someone who know the true meaning of what we call a Family, its really something i have always dreamt of and im really Working hard towards that direction.hope to hear back from you soon.
Letter 4
Thank you so much for getting back in touch with me as it actually made my day!! I know you will think what is a pretty lady like me doing on here .Yes the reason I came on to the internet to find the special person who deserves all the love and passion that makes up my heart and soul is because I do not have the time to meet others out in a public setting,and the fact I feel you can learn so much about someone through letters,as a person has to take there time and think about the words they want to express,so it allows you to gain a better understanding of someone than you would probably otherwise.I have spoken to a couple of people of the internet but i havent met anyone off the internet,i could have met this dude of the internet sometimes back but I chickened out cos i thought it was dangerous and a lot of things happens over the internet ,Well,i see relationships as one of the most natura l things that can happen in life and i believe a good relationship is built on trust, honesty,togetherness and prayers.I have had my fair share of relationships and i have been hurt but it dosent put me off totally its only made me wiser.I have been into just 1 relationship all my life and he was my only sexual partner.We dated each other for 3 years and the relationship ended because of my partner's betrayal and infidelity(cheating)My ex boyfriend was a photographer.I met him in canada where i lived for several years before i relocated to USA.He told me i am a very pretty and will be a very good model after some months we started dating each other and he put me through a modeling training just for 1 week and that was how my modeling career started.We dated other for 2 years after some time he started enrolling other girls like me into same modeling training and he started fucking anything under skirt.I have been going throgh this pains for years but later i had to move on cause the relationship was all about business and i realized he never loved me but was just using me for money.
I was badly hurt when this happened so i decided to move on with my and walk away from him .He never wanted me to do anything other than what he tells me to do,i cant make friends all i do is to stay at home and when he gets a contract then we go for it.
I thank god for my life now cause i am more matured and i know what i want in a man now.
Where others write many people and keep there messages short because they are all about how many they can write, I am the opposite and very selective in whom I choose to write and I like to give them my very best even if it is in a long letter such as this.just to know the type of person who I want to build a friendship with so I am willing to put the time and effort in my messages to show that to you. i hope to hear back from you soon.

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