Friday, August 01, 2008

The Inside Story........

I was going to write about it for a long time..but couldn't muster enough confidence to write about something so sensitive...Terrorism is not a unknown word nowadays..jus few years back ..I used to think militants and military are jus the same...but still are they different..who differentiates who is militant and who is military... who has the rights to pronounce sumone terrorists..I am just tired of seeing people dying everyday by extremists...

Look at America....their two towers got hit and wat they did they destroyed two other countries...only they did it in retaliation but did they really retaliated or got what they had sown?
In 20th century....America impounded Vietnam...and Russia delivered AK 47 to the resistant groups..result...America had to ran off the place ...In return wen Russia impounded Afghanistan...American trained those resistant groups and delivered them AK 47...and created a soldier against oppression and he was none other than Osama Bin Laden...sooner America changed it's strategy from pro muslim to antimuslim...due to change in their oil policies...and then Laden became their enemy...and now the war is between American soldiers and American trained foreign soldiers....and who gathered the brunts was the innocent Iraqis and Afghans...

But do you know..wen the arms and ammunition is all govt controlled how the terrorists are getting advanced machineries??
Coz America's economy is running with the sale of these killer machineries...and war on terrorism is nuthin but a machinery by which America is reaping the benefit with the cost of human this is the truth and this is how America is gaining places....and innocent peoples are killed...

Indian political scenario is also very much foreign politics controlled...
Left is being sponsored by China...congress was always funded by russia..and wen BJP caqme in power they knew the only alternate they have got is America to fund their political wat they did is they opened a channel for America for the sale of their weapons and technologies and in return earned a lot of political benefits..and sooner wen America sawa large market here in India...they stooped funding Pakistan and started funding India instead coz Russia is no more athreat to America but China is now giving a substantial threat to America..So that's why American govt. floated the nuclear deal and the left backed by China opposed it...and since now Indian foreign policy has America as the next target of international terrorism is now.. India..

Terrorism in now so malignant that none of the Indian state remains untouched..and this BAD (Bangalore - Ahmedabad- Delhi ) strike has just shown how weak we are in front of extremists...but wat govt. is doing..nuthing..they are just playing dolls wen the coyuntry is in dire need to same extreme action that we gave to invading let's rise brothers and sister from our deep is now time to fight back for our existence....


  1. Quite a serious post and important points raised up. In modern world, politics it is all about money and getting power. You can blame the government for this being dependant on other countries and their money, but thats a two-ways street.
    These are investments in development in the country on the one side and then being dependant on someone's decisions regarding some national and foreign affairs.
    So you can see something good being done and then something too bad in return for this.
    And it will go this way for few years at least till there will be a power and enough money to get rid of any dependance and take very own decisions.
    Wars and terrorism are there because someone needs them. Who? You will never know but guess, government or not, someone makes big money on this while innocent people are being killed or suffering. Thats sad. But even if we talk about it nothing will change. Unless someone dictates their force. Right now it is America where people believe war is for good. Once russia said loud we will fight against terrorists with their own weapon, the whole Europe and US started talking about people's right. What rights are there if they kill our children, blast our houses and force some respect?
    Until there are double standards in world politics nothing will ever change.

  2. My head is much too numb still over the blasts and all to say anything no world politics n ethics...I just hope thing get better.

  3. Lena

    it was a very lovely perspective you have given on the issue and m really proud to get such a detailed opinion in this issue...
    u r absolutely corrext abt the two way street and that's wat I wanted to express that govt is reaping political benefit outta alliances with foreign nations but the innocent people are getting killed over it..
    the recent terror bombing in bangalore and gujarat was masterminded by a relatively new group called as Indian Mujahiddin...and I doubt it is backed by our own was very unfortunate that wen civilians were were dying in the street ..some of the govt people claimed that it is against one party which is ruling those states rather than nasty it was to reap political mileage outta terrorist attacks...I was jus surprised...may be it is the election time and anything is possible...these people can do anything..

    About the rights...yeah though i do disagree with the russian policies in mid 90s to use extreme action to flush out terrorists ..u remember in one school they have used chemical weapon to flush ouut terrorists ..but I do support the move coz if u want to save a thousand live u shud be prepared to sacrifice a few and it will defn deter the terrorists who untill then thot to take cover behing human they are not hitting those countries ..even america has now owned this policy..of no negotiations and see the terror index in their country has fallen down...and they are fighting war else where to protect their country where the crime rate due to terrorism is far below their domestic crimes...

    that's why we have to chose our leaders well so that they don't follow the double standards...lets hope it happens soon...

  4. Cindy

    I understand ur views...

    I do pray the same...

  5. First why are you afraid to write something that is so dear to you...this post shows a very different side of you - which is probably the real person you are hiding under the other mischief...hope I am right bro...

    very well laid out and interesting analysis...

    all I can say is something like what happened in the movie Yuva has to happen where the votes by youngsters makes the difference...but poverty and curruption being rampant....every one can be influenced and bought...thats a sad reality..

    I too many a time try not to speak on issues pertaining to India - as many ppl kinda blow me away saying you are an OUTSIDER...but what you say here is more of a worldly issue....

    that is why I am excited to see the elections this year here in the US where new tech and young ppl are involved to make a difference....

    honestly if you can think such deep shit....pot is the only way to survive :P.....

    and the problem is CT scan main ab kuch dikhega...damn!!!!

  6. and BTW you have an extra y third line from bottom - sixth word from right...unless are high

  7. completely agree with you dude, but what can we do, we can only vote those bastards to power, maybe choose someone who is less greedy,less willing to sell the country that's it..saab salle chor hain BC..MC!!!

  8. Ceedy Bhai..

    that's Y i was afraid to write so coz I dint wanted to remove the veil from me... :P

    and seriously that's the reason my head bangs all the time...

    btw u have every rights to say and discuss about ur mother nation..even wen u r staying far from it...coz that's wat returning to the root means...
    I am also waiting for the American election..though I kno nothing will change on the terrorism stand coz that's the way american economy runs...but I am actually keeping my fingers crossed abt the IT sector and effect on it with the election...and subsequent effect on outsourcing and then it's effect on indian tech peoples working in those consultancies...

    but abt terrorism..i don think America will leave it's anti-terror stand..coz no one wants to leave easy money :P

  9. ceedy bhai that was a typo error :P

    and dhyan se dekho wat u have written..seeing the direction..I fink aapko bhi chadh gyi hai :P

    aur mere CT scan mein ab bhi kuchh nhi dikhne wala :P

  10. rahul bhai

    control control :D

    problem yehi hai na jab tak padhe likhe log politics mein nhi jayenge tab tak aise hi hota rahega :P

    anpadho k liye kala toh bhains hi hai na :P

  11. I totally feel the same as every alive Indian does..(alive,as in the ones who feel for their country)

    the blasts..the twin towers falling..iran dying..
    i feel so broken out of al this.

    saalon ko chhor bolna ya gaali dena..i don't think its right..kyonkki even we're behaving like uncivilzed mofos when we behave like them..whatever :(
    i hope things get better.


  12. You know what I'm sick of? People killing other people... stop the war, make love instead!! :P

  13. I am doing fine, and yes I am vacationing again, what I cannot do is comment! Thanks to my mom, she is the one that is on the phone listening to me and commenting.

    Are you feeling better?? I will not however comment on this post. My views are far out and so different. I have family in the armed forces sooo I will keep my comments to myself!:)

    But I will say I cannot wait for the election! I know that my vote counts!!!


  14. @daydreamer

    man what better place than to let it all

    ppl who know you and like you wont care...whether you are EKDUM SOLID YA DHELA :)

    but hope this reduced a lill bit of your headache

    you are absolutly right about anti-terror is a business not a social cause...and beleive me they have created thousands of osamas and saddams by their actions...

    here in the US they follow NIMBYISM

    but when it comes to the world they really dont its a cycle....sirf mujhe yeh dar hai ke main fas na jao :P

    and dude I am always on galtiya is my second name :)

  15. Crystal

    i agree with u ..wen we cud not defend our own country..we don't have any rights to blame the attackers..but let's pray and pledge to do the same

  16. Ne
    Im glad that u r having a good time..and ur mom is helping u to comment on the posts :P

    and I do understand ur views coz like me u r too loyal to ur country...but believe me I don't have any bad feelings about ur armed forces coz I kno they jus follow the order..I was talking abt american bureaucracy...and I do hope that after the election scenario changes...but todays war scenarios and american role in it..I m jus afraid wen they wud trigger a world war...let's hope for the best..

    U enjoy ur vacation now... we will discuss it laterz wen ju wud come back... k ??:P
    take care

  17. Diva...

    even I m sad abt it..u remember CSI vegas episode in which Catherin told grisson..some time i just get amazed wat human can do to another human :)

  18. Ceedy bhai..

    I always used blog to vent out the frustration..ab log padhe toh thik na padhe toh thik...kam sekam dil se toh nikal hi jati hai...

    NIMBY..yeah bhai I've heard abt this na? people are getting killed by them yet they concentrate on not getting their hands dirty..
    ab tension na lo...US mein koi Indian nahi phasta...wo log value kaha dete hai hume phasaye...
    so aap tension na lo...

    and high :P ..lucky ho aap :P
    it's may be ur third name :P

  19. Its all a Power struggle, from all sides. Sadly.


  20. i only follow CSI Miami..Horatio's rawk!!!


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