Thursday, August 07, 2008

Embarassment unleashed .............

Second last of the Cindy's tag...and this time I m not putting up any photos...coz last foto was dissected to pieces by naught keshi and Ne :P

grrr I can't resist putting one up :P

Now I kno next time Cindy wud defn tag me with a spear :P


Apologies.. my dear sweet chirping bird :P..but I know somewhere behind that frowning face that u r making now ...there is a cute smile :)

So here goes 6 embarrassing events of my life.....

1) Fly open....this is actually a deadly thing that I am always being accused of..nearly every alternate days..that my fly is open and my postman wants to pop out..and everytime it is embarrassing ..and mostly wen the gals asked me zip it up..once I was eying a gal..who was also throwing some occassional glances at me..and I thot she was interested...after a while wen I mustered enough courage to ask her name..she just said once..ur zip ...and I got off the bus on the the next stop and caught another for my destination..of course after zipping it up :P

2) Hehehehe..this I have mentioned day after smoking pot...I found myself in crowded Lanka riding my bike with just my jockey and a banyan on : P

3) I was always bullied by a gal who was senior to me ..I was in 3 and she she was in one day wen she was getting on the bus..i pulled off her skirt and ran with it..only to get caught..and was thrashed black n blue by her..and it was real embarrassing coz I had always a a high esteem of not getting beaten by any gal species :P

4) I was caught peeping the gals bathroom wen i was in class 4...and the teacher who caught me made me murga ( a punishment posture like a live chicken :P ) in front of the gals bathroom that everyone could kno wat I was caught doing..and it was man embarassing a hell embarassing..but I did caught a glimpse of 8 different colors..even wen I waqs in punishment..

5) I was caught with my teacher's daughter in boys bathroom with her skirt off...but no one listened to my excuse that I was there to clean her skirt coz I spilled my tiffin on her :P... I was suspended for 7 days and with a PT order..for which I took my frnds big brother posing as my big brother and my parent's representative...and it was more embarrassing wen they caught me then again and called my dad to school.. was class 8..

6) I was slapped by a gal in front of the whole playground full of boys...but I don't know who was embarrassed getting slapped or she wen I yanked her top off in a fight a day before :D..I was a naughty kid back in school....

and there are loads of events....but I don wanna show all of my cards to u i look that stupid???huh??

And this time I will defn tag...

I tag..

Mia and Anjuli didi..


  1. You seem to have a lot of problems with gals! Even in school! you took your teachers daughter to the bathroom (boys) to wipe her dress?? Something sounds fishy!! LOL!!

    Bless Your heart you had your first bitch slap at a very young age!! SOWWY!! lol

    See ya and be good!

  2. I used to have a lot but not now :P
    nowadays I play sober:P

    lol@ somethin sounds fishy...
    hehe I was not there catching fish :P but the situation was clouded..u r rite there :P

    see ya too and I will be good so u shud :P

  3. hahaha cute one!

    **coz last foto was dissected to pieces by naught keshi and Ne :P

    who, me? and Ne? no ways lol! We only talked abt buying u a Condom factory which has nothing to do with that pic. Wut say Ne?

    u and ur fly..hahahahahahaha! So was it a (fly)trap? LOL!

    wut..u ripped a girl's skirt in the toilet? omg I didnt know u were related to Ted Bundy!

    And u went to SL? When? WOW!


  4. You're a jerk ! A kamina - fultoo kamina hai tu !!!

    Hamesha ladkiyo se pange leta hai kya? Now I'm scared of you ...

    Lol !!

    The pic was damn cute ! Thankyou buddy.

    And I didnt frwon for once, I was smiling right from the start...the pic just had to make me grin...hehe....

    Love ya.

  5. Sissyyy...

    I did went to SL but from where in the whole post u deduced that... :O

    buy me a condom factory :O

    then it's least i won't have to buy any :P

    and it's not a fly trap...if u want i can explain it to u too :P
    dumbo :P

  6. Cindy bhindiiiiiii...
    Ahhh thank god u r smiling...main toh yaha baithey baithe tera udaas chehra assumer kar rha tha..and everytime it made me sadder.. but m happy now :)


    aur kamina..hawww main toh seedha saada bachha hoon...mujhe toh kuchh bhi nhi pata...wo toh skool mein ladkiyan chheddti thi toh I was like that...tu toh mere achhii si frnd hai so tu mat scae ho :P

    ab ek aur tag fir tere pending ags khatam..yeh walal kaisa tha???
    maja aaya??

    and u take very good care of u duffer...
    love n carez

  7. **I found myself in crowded LANKA riding my bike

    duh my very smart bro! :)

    I know abt the I was just asking ya if it was some sort of TRAP??? grrrrrrrrrrr!


  8. someone has been way too naughty all the way through :D

    Btw your template takes hell lot of time loading :(

  9. Keshi! I soooooo agree!! Also you and I being bad about the PIC! NEVER!! Sis and I are Good Lil School gals! hahaha!!

    and yeah!! I will be good!!!!I am alwayssssssssssssssssssss good!! *wink*


  10. Sissyy..

    that Lanka is not Sri Lanka :P

    that is our university's main gate area :P



    and no it ain't a trap...I create a trap for it to make a safe passage :P

  11. LEna...

    have u read the message that I wrote for u...ur template ain't loading :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

    I can't comment there......

    I fink i have to change the jpeg background.. for it...

  12. Ne:P

    oh my my lil school gals :P

    u both are naughty gals :P

    ahaaaaaan u are always good:P
    that's so nice to hear :P

  13. DAMN!! Naughty?? This is way beyond naughty mister!!

  14. lol... are you still that naughty?

  15. ou took your teachers daughter to the bathroom (boys) to wipe her dress??

    Lol lol loooooooooool =D

  16. itna sab kuch kar ke, still lot of events:O:O

    but its funny how u've mentioned it, so bindaas, had a good laugh reading....specially the slapping by the girl on a playground....hilarious!!!I actually witnessed that kinda scene in school:P:P

    Baki sab theek naa?

    I am moving btwn shifts re, isliye zara sa crazy types feel hota hai, par theek hun:D:D

    tu chill kar, mazzeeee maar, enjoy!!!

  17. lol @ ur gate! is that it bro? lol Im sorry then hahaha!

    Ne my dear school pal, ya know this guy is trying to peep into our toilets...wut do we do now?



  18. Crystal :P

    wat is there to roll and laugh ?
    *makes puppy face*
    I was just there to clean her skirt :|

    lol :P

  19. Diva :P


    m still that naughty :P but nowadays I do it sophisticatedly :P

  20. Aqua gurl
    hehehehehe..main thappad khaya and tumhe bahut maja aaya na :P
    waah waah
    tu meri dost hai ya fir us ladki ki dumbo :|


    arre inna kaam karegi toh thak jayegi..and fir ankhon k niche dark circles bhi pad jayenge work load jyada mat lo :P

    main abhi chilled ho hoon..yaha baarish k baad thand badh gyi hai na :P

  21. Keshi :P

    Actually in mythology...Lanka gate is supposed to be impenetrable our main gate of campus is also names as LAnka dwar and so the adjoining areas were name lanka :)

    I was lil kid den...nowadays...

    I still find this event quite interesting and thus doable :P

  22. some great info there abt the Lanka gate. tnxxx bro!

    **I still find this event quite interesting and thus doable

    only if the doors hv holes. lol!


  23. u need to improvise :P...
    the best way is lock urself in the next door...and then peep in :P

    though I need to try it out :P

  24. omg ur scary Bro! r ya related to Ted Bundy or something?


  25. Ted Bundy :O

    hehehehe he is jus a freak..m so sophisticated :P

  26. Well the title

    "hum aise hi hai" and "hum nahi sudhrege" fit you well :)

  27. baap re !!! is ur caller tune " bachna ae haseeno" or for that matter anyone of the female species??

  28. Mere phone mein koi bhi caller tune nhi hai :(

    me so gareeb :(..I've 4 year old fone..usmein polyphonic bajta hai :(((

    heheheh par I was cutie pie that time..think why then a gal wud come with to bathroom :P


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