Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sorry!!! my love...

I was not gonna post sumthing before I return back from the vacation....but I missed my blog...I missed pouring my heart here...I missed crying in front of it looking at the blank window while writing the post....I missed all of you who poured your heart to me at least used to and I blame myself for going far...but I don;t have any chice..not like I wann live in a mafia war...I just don;t wanna come and read it again..

It's been loong since she is off my life...I missed talking with her late nights...sleeping with her in my cell phone saying all the sweet little nonsense that I never understood but yet it was so sweet and soothing...the way she used to ask me to stay awake ....the way she used to tell me that she don't wanna end this night...I missed everything about her...not that I don't have any choice ..may be I m a coward....that I never said ' Sorry' to her... I thought in love you don't least I used to think like that..she took all the ruthless nonsense I poured in her plate and she never complained ..and may be it was too much for her...she left without any warning...and I ended up like a kid without the toy that he used to love all the time and it never complained when he threw it to show tantrums...

I am sorry for not able to love you like u always wanted to be....

I am sorry for able to be the guy that u can look upto

I am sorry for all the nonsense I poured in ur life

I am sorry that I slept before you wen u n me used to have those long telephonic cnversation.

I am sorry for asking you to leave ur family and love me alone..

I am sorry that I did shits wen u left

I am sorry for missing you like this

I m sorry for every moment that I spent thinking about you wen u said to stop thinking alive we about you..

I am sorry for everything that u ever wanted to have an apology  from me....

I am sorry for loveing you always n forever.....

Yeah!!!! I know I sounded like a chick..but what should I tell to my tears who keeps rolling down my cheeks wenever I think about you, the way like now....

There is song for all of readers and my here is one of my fav of James Blunt... 'Same Mistake'

Saw the world turning in my sheets and once again I cannot sleep.
Walk out the door and up the street; look at the stars beneath my feet.
Remember rights that I did wrong, so here I go.
Hello, hello. There is no place I cannot go.
My mind is muddy but my heart is heavy. Does it show?
I lose the track that loses me, so here I go.
And so I sent some men to fight, and one came back at dead of night.
Said he'd seen my enemy. Said he looked just like me,
So I set out to cut myself and here I go.
I'm not calling for a second chance,
I'm screaming at the top of my voice.
Give me reason but don't give me choice.
'Cause I'll just make the same mistake again.
And maybe someday we will meet, and maybe talk and not just speak.
Don't buy the promises 'cause, there are no promises I keep.
And my reflection troubles me, so here I go.
I'm not calling for a second chance,
I'm screaming at the top of my voice.
Give me reason but don't give me choice.
'Cause I'll just make the same mistake,
I'm not calling for a second chance,
I'm screaming at the top of my voice.
Give me reason but don't give me choice.
'Cause I'll just make the same mistake again.
Saw the world turning in my sheets and once again I cannot sleep.
Walk out the door and up the street; look at the stars.
Look at the stars fall down.
And wonder where did I go wrong.

Ps: U just don't have to read all the junk I keep on writing...but I do want to say that I love you all for being with me...Happy durgapuja and Dussehra to you and  Eid mubarak to all of ya... God bless you all...See you all wen time finds...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Holidays are just fun. I m so long thinking for taking a break but this education and all is killing me...

As per the wikipedia....

The words holiday or vacation have related meanings in different English-speaking countries and continents, but usually refer to one of the following activities or events:

    * Official or unofficial observances of religious, national, or cultural significance, often accompanied by celebrations or festivities
    * A general leave of absence from a regular occupation for rest or recreation
    * A specific trip or journey for the purposes of recreation or tourism

And like I need to know the definition....but I need to go to a hill station very soon....the falling snow always captivates me.... the softness of it and the chilling breeze is such a god experience....

Hey by the way!!! ... I heard from a friend that there is a ski holiday check it out .. ski holidays

Another Blog update....

 Sorry!! couldn't find any pic of I searched in google and liked this relevant one :P 

Are u gonna read or what..Stop ogling and read the post...

Blogging ain't any fun like before......... Stop staring the girl :-||.....

Yeah!! so was saying and this is not my view but a general view of loads of my fellow bloggers. Many of them are already off for soul searching or are busy in their own life and some started being a silent reader which has advantage of not commenting yet getting an excuse if they miss one or two post like meself :D.

There are like 100 tags lappy is filled with loads of posts which are either left unfinished or are too personal to be published here but are published in my private blog. Don't worry I don't abuse you there as you already might have known by now that if I have a grudge on you I abuse you here only :D...but I won't tell if I fantasized about you there :P..

Ok boys !! Don't get excited...u were not in any of my fantasy.... :-| but if u wanna be ..ewwww... let's leave this issue here only....:P

Coming to the point... so see blogging ain't any fun like before... but I won't least not in near future

Now as I promised ..Here is another person from my blog list...which I m gonna talk about!!

This girl when I first met here on my blog was very impressed of my poetries...hahahaha...that might come actually as shock to u but I did write few rhythms and verses here and there...

What...??? Check the tags of poetries ... :-|

But that girl is a beautiful liar... :P She writes it more beautifully than anyone can ever...but I always take my advantage of being a moron in poetries and dissect her poems to pieces..:P I asked once..who is the hero of the love poem  ...ur postman ??? hahahha :P ..

She is a sweet girl and she is supa hot :P but......but damn!! if only she was not going for the world record of longest span of being committed before tying the knot :D..
Can u believe she is hooked on with a guy for 10 can anyone do that???...same stinking pheromones for 10 years :-O..none of my relationship would ever agree to bear my stink for so long  :P... and I m glad never they did..I changed 11 in last 10 years ..ok !!! 7 dumped me...but I dumped 4 ....that should get a count ...4 ain't low :-||

So coming to the point that girl is supahot...supa sweet and knows what is the meaning of commitment with a lil bit of poetries too :P...and she gossips with me all the time least used to do all time before she thought to change herself and kick me out of her daily talking list....and believe me ..she can gossip a lot :P...and if I leave a chat that I have a gossip to share...she will defn reply in nxt minutes which she otherwise don't... ;-) hahahhahah

Yeah!!! Cindy... I was talking about you....a lil suggestion were a sweet bubbly Shakespeare better than the smart moron u r trying to be now.. love ya... 
and u kno I was kidding in the part about him.. he must be great guy least having you in his life is sufficient enough... :P hahahahhaa

Cindy is there with the name of Pallavini in check her out...oops her blog out ;)

 Pic courtesy: Weblink intact.....Gosh!! I won't ask permission..btw who asks anyways :P

PS: This might be my last post for the I m going home on next saturday to my mom n dad....Love you all and have a nice time...

PSS :and since today is 9/11 do pray for the victims of that terror strike followed by a prayer for all those soldiers and innocents who got killed due the blind American  retaliation...

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I was always fascinated by this place... and nearly planned one trip too before it got cancelled due to other problems...

Andorra en-us-Andorra.ogg /ænˈdɒrə/ (help·info), officially the Principality of Andorra (Catalan: Principat d'Andorra), also called the Principality of the Valleys of Andorra,[2] is a small landlocked country in southwestern Europe, located in the eastern Pyrenees mountains and bordered by Spain and France. It is the sixth smallest nation in Europe having an area of 468 km2 (181 sq mi) and an estimated population of 84,484 in 2008. Its capital is Andorra la Vella. The official language is Catalan, although Spanish, French, and Portuguese are also commonly spoken.

The Principality was formed in 1278, and sovereignty is shared between France and the Bishop of Urgell, Spain. It is a prosperous country mainly because of its tourism industry, which services an estimated 9.5 million visitors annually, and also because of its status as a tax haven. It is not a member of the European Union, but the euro is the de facto currency. The people of Andorra have the 2nd highest human life expectancy in the world — 82 years at birth.

and if u want to go there do check it out this website...
andorra ski holidays

Social Network and Me

Good news for all of ya :P

okkk!!!!! don't be happy this blog is not banned .... :P

My Institute has banned facebook again :P and if u already didn't hide me from ur facebook status ..this will come as a state of relief as it means no Mafia updates of me flashing on ya news feed but I will still find time in evening to play...or I will take my own internet connection after all I can afford one....hehehe

Naaah!!! I m not gonna take internet who were my orkut frnds knew that I was one who used to update 500 scraps a day and was a complete addict... till my then gf told me to stop flirting around and be exclusive to her before she dumped me to loneliness... I was away from all social networking for a year or two before someone told me to join facebook  and Voila!! my social networking skills came alive and within a 1 and half month I have over 2000 frnds online and 149 levels in Mafia wars... :P and I know I can be over it as I got over from orkut, messengers and blogging..

And I got some really good frnds there... and they been more alive to me than many of the girl is ANNISA ISNAINI  ...she is an Indonesian rock star or may be one day she will be and I never met anyone so multi-talented.. and she promised me to save me from all animals if we do any jungle trip.. she plays guitar for three bands and she can cook...:D
But she got a shitty net connection and I couldn't get more time knwing her otherwise I might have flown to Indonesia to meet and propose her...who won't like a girl who can play 'Stairways to Heaven' when u feeling low and fight with ya if u r in trouble... :-) and hahahaha she don't have my blog ID I guess her praises will get lost with my next update but I know she made a place deep in my heart....

There were few frnds who were stupid enough to play movie games ' whose wife is this' but shouted aloud when it comes to mafia wars... but I guess now they will feel happy if not they already used the hide me option...and if they think they don't want me to be occupied and happy .. I guess they should get a life for themselves and stop being around in any of my profile...

Social networking is a funny thing...I might not meet anyone of you ever as I don't travel except needed and love spending my vacation with my family..but I was lucky enough to know many of ya or may be have a conceived notion about ya which you wanted to project of ya...but I like many of you... and I really hate some of u for ur attitude of behaving a smartass to me...and thinking me as a waste of time...Hey!!! I m already Masters of Technology and doing Ph.D. and I have more maturity than ya as I m deeply respected in all my circles.. but aneways u r entitled of ur stink-ass downside of democracy...

Apart from all my frnds in orkut whom I kno by their nickname , email ids and  voices ... there are few in blogger world who needs a mention... and I m gonna write abt them now... as I don't know wen I m gonna get time to write about here is the fst person who is nowadays quite close to me...

H. NEHYA. M. KOHEN - A beautiful kid who claims to be a woman now flaunting her matured attitude in her blog and facebook . I don't know how she got so close to me but I really like her and love rescuing her out of troubles which she commonly finds herself in. There are so many things about her that I love and I might have said her Love you more than hundred times from core of my heart but always with a tag that not all love relations need to end to a bed... there are so many beautiful things about any relationship if u r not concerned about having one all for ya..and I really cherish her frndship and love..

Gosh!!! did ya all come reading upto this ??? Such a long post..... see Lena ..that's why I don't write nowadays....too much to write  :D

PS: The chronology of my blog mates to find a place on my blog is completely based on closeness and their recent attitude towards me... if u don't find urself now..u might find urself later for sure as I m updating one at a time and really respect you all who are still here with me against all odds and if u not ever than seriously stop banging ur head and think u deserve a place here after so much of ignoring attitude ... so......... 'STFU' and get a life !!!!!  U can't be shitting on me and thinking I will lick ur ass clean... a quote... :D.. love you all...God Bless ya

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