Monday, October 08, 2012

The Girl next door

I met her first two years back. She was just a cute girl in her school dress. She smiled at me with a very cute smile. She even got dimples on her cheeks. I smiled back. Her friend was shouting at loud that it’s her birthday.  I wished her birthday. The “thank you” she said was just like a sweetener.

Few more days passed, we met again. She smiled at me.  I smiled back but her expression changed to a sterner look. So I turned myself away and passed on.

From then, she always looks at me with an expressionless face. She keeps on staring till I pass her. She had this same expressionless face for the last two years. But she keeps on staring. If I am stopping for getting something from any shop, she makes it convenient to stop there.

I realized that this girl has fallen for me but she is scared to ask. And she being a teenager is not going to be the one I am going to fall for. So, I maintained a distance from her.

But yesterday, she came to me and asked me my name. Her voice is now much like a lady. I answered but was careful not to give her any expression or false hope.  She smiled and I melted. I smiled back.

Damn!!! What’s wrong with me? I know, it is just wrong in so many levels but she is so beautiful and serene.  A part of my brain, wants to ask her out for a date but then I am not going to be staying here longer, so the other part of my brain is just warning me to stay away from her. Not good for me and certainly not good for her.

So, I am just going to leave it on fate but I am happy for a fact that beautiful girls still fall for me. I don’t know her name but she is the girl next door...

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