Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Flickr mosaic tag (Modified )

I have been tagged by Aqua gurl,

and since it's her fst tag ever..I will defn participate with her ..so that she doesn't loose seriousness of the tags...and it's like a appraisal for the pretty gal..my newly found blogmate...

So here are the rules:-
1. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
2. Using only the first page of results, and pick one image.
3. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into Big Huge Lab’s Mosaic Maker to create a mosaic of the picture answers.

The questions:
1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food? right now?
3. What high school did you go to?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
6. What is your favorite drink?
7. What is your dream vacation?
8. What is your favorite dessert?
9. What do you want to be when you grow up?
10. What do you love most in life?
11. What is one word that describes you?
12. What is your user name?

And here is the Mosaic :))

And I tag khanna, cindy, Kash di, meghna and aayushi... :P and also Ashuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :P

And the answers are.....................

1. What is your first name? Sourish ...god! how can u ppl say dunno on this..it is written on the blog.... x-( ...and those who cudn't understand the foto...it is because..Sourish..though a name of lord Shiva..is actually in english means...Sour-ish...got it..why the tangy food fotograff was dere..

2. What is your favorite food? right now? Tandoori Chicken

3. What high school did you go to? Kendriya Vidyalaya..and that foto came on flickr...and was not my school :|
4. What is your favorite color? Burgundy...blood red...full points to red ppl too :P ..coz i have just learned to differentiate between burgundy and red ..and jus a few years back..it wud had been red for me aneways :P

5. Who is your celebrity crush? Meg Ryan auntie..she is so hot..and so sweet..auntie coz she is quite aged..my dad too had a crush on her...:| ..so Meg Ryan auntie..

6. What is your favorite drink? Pinacolada...Kash di was the lone to guess it :P
7. What is your dream vacation? It's Lakshadweep...ocean and others are close to it but that's the dream destination
8. What is your favorite dessert? Kheer/ payesh/ Payasham ...made wid Milk n Rice..and there is cashew nuts sprinkled on it
9. What do you want to be when you grow up? Researcher..m doing phd in biochemical engineering..wat else can I be :P
10. What do you love most in life? Parents...dad is there and mommy is actually clicking the pic :P..duffels :P
11. What is one word that describes you? Lonely..I just had a brk up :( ..hheheee so that's is the present state of my mind...and can describe me well :P
12. What is your user name? The daydreamer

Monday, July 21, 2008

Few events connected......

1) As few of u kno and few of u don't and few of u don't give a shit to kno..I have shifted to a newer place leaving my hostel. with another frnd..the place is awesome..the rooms are quite big though not that neat due to my recent moving in there but it's airy..comfortable and helping me to learn to survive amidst troubles like electric load shedding ...and low signal for my phone and of course no net connection...and of course a flatmate ..yeah the house do have a kitchen but I lack utensils and the flame to cook the food...so it's empty...rest the house is surrounded by other taller building with cute chicks but they have a good visibility to my nearly open room due to its large windows..so nowadays i can't sleep naked...yeah I kno u will say wat's wrong ;)..u might get lucky..blah blah...but wat if they threw any tantrum on it and it vanishes away...m not taking any risk :P....

2) My ex gf but yet my present Love got in MBA...and she sounded wonderful finding fun back in her life.....ye!!! ye!!! I kno m miserable...u don have to say it loud .....but if sans me she is happy ..m happy for her too....

3) My bike had it's first punture..it was naughty nail which penetrated my back bike's tyre and then I had to walk nearly 2 kms with the 200 kg bike with a flat tyre.....and then i got to know why dad said.." son..this is a heavy piece of machinery..u might get screwed up :P"

4) On of my blog mate decided not to be single anemore..and guess wat she chose the Justin timberlake of the blogworld to be her life partner..yeah m talking abt Nehya..who pronounces tomato in her unique way..and the handsome yound lad..Samby..Oh Samby have a nice new blog on wordpress which he made after an embarrassing episode wid me removing his earlier blog from blogger..getting removed from my blogroll and removing me from the blogroll and of course his life...but who havn't found him on blogworld ...yet..can find him there..oh by the way..i fink this blog is lucky for him...coz he used to crib a lot in his earlier enduring spirit and now with a new version of 2.0 ( why 2.0 i don kno may be he can start new subblogs of 2.1 ..2.2.. :P) his most of the dreams came true..he is now committed and a gentleman cadet Indian army...but he lost his mother and m sorry for that...but he did have an Enduring spirit...and now he will have to eat loads of Tomahtoes :P..good luck to both of them...

5) Few of my blogmates have started to ignore me...though I can't find any reason but the things do hurt..but aneways..wen I was here to blog ..I din't blogged for making blogmates..i started to blurt out my feelings..and now I have decided to do the same..and may be..may be will make the blog private or shift toa new id...b it's may be..coz I do love all those readers..who take out time outta their busy schedule.. to read..

6) One of my favorite and sweetest junior Swati..got a a wonderful job and sounded so smart ..but I do miss her and her dufferish deeds :P..wishing her luck in life..

7) And I m ill ..and the disease is getting aggravated and have been advised to undergo MRI and CT scan...but from within I kno..I will be ok soon...

love you all and will keep u all updated

Monday, July 14, 2008

My Vacation - II

Mom n Dad

As I wrote in my previous post.. i planned a vacation to a nearby sea beach with my mom n dad..it's beautiful but artificial sea beach named as.....

it's just in the border of orissa and bengal ..Orrisa has a wonderful coastline full of exotic beaches but west bengal lacks it so the govt. prepared an artificial beach by dropping boulders...

Mom n Dad on My Red Pulsar ..r no they so romantic. :) ???

We went to the beach...but our whole journey went all haywire ..I wanted to book a SUV from Haldia to Digha but my sweetest dad who is all economical wanted to go by a bus ..though the bus is cost effective but this bus was luxury coach so I agreed to it..but as I said..the journey was all a mess...sumone gave dad a info that bus leaves at 5:30 am so we reached at 5:15 and we found the bus was actually at 5 and we are jus late by 15 minutes..the next bus is at 6: 45 ..so I said.." dad ..let me call the SUV ..I have bucks to spend' but dad said , " it's just an hour..so wait .." at 6 i saw a third grade bus which was marked as express was standing there...Dad said.." son look this is an express we will reach fast" but I had my shares with the expresses..in my B.Tech days..I actually avoided coming home in express coz unlike express..it meant it will stop in all possible places even wen sumbody shows a hand from his home to stop the bus...lol..but I kept mum coz dad was feeling guilty that we missed our fst bus due to his lack of info..so i took one seat and waited for the bus to move...I din't slept the the nite before coz i was euro cup quarter finals nad then actually I wanted to surprise mom n dad by making sandwiches..so after watching football I prepared loads of sandwiches..and mom n dad were so happy abt it :)...so I decided to keep on gorging in the bus...but the bus was so crowded that I dint had a single piece to eat...anyways I ate wen I got down 5 hours later of a journey which was supposed to be only 3 hours :P"My sweetest Dad playing tabla..he can play any musical instrument ..guitar..harmonium..synthesizer..sitar..harmonica..dhol..piano..apart from guns n ammunitions that he plays wen playing the role of supercop"

Since I was new to the place and mom was busy talking to my elder sis on fone..and dad was actually thinking that the bus will have the last stop in Digha itself..we realised soon the we actually drifted 3 kms from he dropout point. lol..dad was all furious on mom ..mom was on dad..and I was laughing on them and was searching for an arrangement to go to the destination point..and I found a motorised thele wala..as the only option... :P we searched for a hotel ..I wanted it to have a sea view but dad wanted it to be be economical and said.." son..wat's in a sea view ..we will be in beach from morning to noon ..then we will sleep and go out in evening and will come late and sleep again..:)"...i jus smiled..coz it was their vacation and I want them to be happy so...we found a place in between from where we can hear the sea roars :P but the place was cozy..as soon as I entered the room..i got the revelation..that no one actually packd my gears...and all i have clothes that I m wearing..i was so angry and soon so mom abt to cry...and I said" ok mom...plz don't start crying..I will hit any pantaloons and will find sumthing to wear... :-s"..then dad said" if u had this in ur mind..y did u shouted in the fst place :x"..I was like ~~> :O

anyways I remembered to pack my swimming trunks but dad said " son..it's a indian beach..u need to wear a half pant atleast..otherwise people will laugh at you " and I was again~~> :O
so I wore a bermuda and went to the beach...and it was so crowded yet it was so fun..as soon as I got in the waters..i just went on n on..and soon all my water fears went off my mind..and it was so much fun..i was splashing punching jumping floating with every waves..and soon i found a two girls also interested having fun..and we joined team..both of them were actually hot( oh! I got nd hav their numbers too :p) and mom got all worried ki " bete ne yaha bhi ladkiyan dhoond liya :O" ( my son managed to find girls here too :O) ..so my mom too joined company..then i went to my dad and said...." Papa! take mom with you please" dad who's very frank with me started laughing then he called mom and mom had to go there unwillingly :P..After few minutes ..their parents called and both the girls left telling me their hotel and room number( i din't go of course wat will i tell their parents there :O) and told the beach time for the next day ...

we went to hotel at 2 ..I was so hungry...we ate our food in a nearby restaurant and they served excellent meals..I was so tired ..I slept like log till 7..and...
Old Digha(Rocky beach..an evening hangout place)
Then we went to old digha to have fish fries...it was a happening place wid loads of couples and then I realised " oh man! I need to marry soon "we sat on near the beach had coffee and fish fries and then had dinner and planned for the next day..
Fish Fries

Next day I booked a SUV for a trip to visit the temple and nearby beaches and found an Ambassador waiting instead..and got to kno dad has changed the vehicle coz of economic reason... I just laughed but ambassador was comfortable too ...

We visited nearby Chandaneshwar temple...in Orissa( there i remembered my frnd Cindy coz she is oriya too :P) ..we wen there and offered Puja ..there we were caught by infamous Pandas..who wid mantras said.." ek sau tanka nivedayami" ( Devoting 100 rupees)..I was in splits but managed to control the laughter ..jus wen i was going to take out 100 bucks ..dad said..grr pay only 21 :x..I was so amazed that the Panda initially refusing to take took it out..and then he said donate sumthing for the temple development...I was going to take out my purse and dad said...grr r u fool" but i did slipped out a 20 rupees note to the guy.. :P..then we went to Shankarpur a nearby crab mating place..and found it so lovely wid so many crabs playing wid sea waves burrowing holes...then we visited a fishing dock and i don kno how dad managed..a steamer owner invited us for a lunch of freshly caught fishes in his trawler..and it was such a sumptuous treat...and that too absolutely free :O..i told na my dad is great :P

Then we came back to hotel and hit the beach again and bathed till 4.. and i found both the girls too..i did had a censored play with the elder one :P..she was naughty so was me.. :P and we did all those things possible under the veil of water and of course wateva possible so that her lil sister don't notice any anamoly..we exchanged numbers..though I din't called them back coz of my then committed status :P nor m gonna coz m afraid of starting sumfink new :)

then we again went to old Digha..to gorge on fish fries and to my amaze..the vendor gave us a discount :P...

the next day we left for our place...but soon our bus was stopped coz of nearby road block by angry villagers caught in flood..the whole area except the highway was flooded due to breakage of a dam which the people were alleging that the ruling part workers broke it coz this was of opposition..we had to walk 3 kms to cross the roadblock to catch a bus from that end and i was really sad wen i saw the flooded villages nearby the highways..we then reached home and found that except our dock..every other place surrounding it is under water...and trip ended at 1 am third day of the tour..
Mom n jijaji(sis's hubby)DIDI on her honeymoon in Puri

After two days..I went to my sis place from where I had to catch the train back home..i gifted her a pendent and she stuffed me with all those new items she learned from the cookery classes ..I played a lot with my My munnu..Nephew
nephew and then returned back the next evening..the train journey though was comfortable but since I was on upper bunk..I cudn't sleep coz my laptop was there with my luggage under the lower berth..and there were loads of children shouting crying throughout the journey ...

This was the exotic layout ..i talked abt in my prev post..

So that was my trip to home..and i enjoyed every piece of it..hope u did enjoyed reliving it with me through this post..I can't share fotograffs of the tour coz we believe in having still printed fotograffs tucked in album rather than having it on a comp in digital mode..though m sharing a few from sis's D-camera..

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Vacation....

I was off for few days in month of june...As I decided to spend my complete time with my mom n dad..so I switched off my mobile...and left my internet connective gears here in Varanasi only..As usual the trip to home is a wonderful experience and this time when I detached myself from the external world including the idiot box..I understood..how beautifully woven the relationship between parents and their kid is..as most of the time I spent gossiping with mom in kitchen and going in field trips with my dad..

The journey to home was a complete mess as my train was 5 hours late in varanasi itself and reached Howrah 10 hours late...anf from there I had a 4 hours ride more to home..so it actually ruined a complete day of mine..and the ruining of one day during vacation.. pains a lot..coz I had saved each and every day of my 30 days grant of leave very carefully...even wen my hand was fractured..I dint missed any class and wen my leg was fractured I just took two days leave from department..so that I can have a wonderful and long holiday in home later rather sitting in pain in hostel doing nothing...

As soon as I reached home..the monsoon got in full bloom..I loved each and everyday more than any other day coz as we reside in dock township near the sea, it was raining there cats n dogs... and what can one man ever desire more.. if he is safe in home away from all the workloads..with his head on mom's lap .... gorging on the spicy pakodes while watching the raining clouds... waiting for the dad to come home in his jeep and running to him with the umbrella coz his sweet dad always manages to leave that wen it requires the most...then eating hot Khichdi flavored with desi ghee with Beguni bhaja, fish fries, Papads and the sweet tomato chutney.

A day later me and my dad visited a nearby bonsai plantation which I never thot wud be so beautiful with loads of fruits jus waiting for my hands to reach to them and the big fishing pond with ducks and swans..and I actually ended up fishing as the owner was all prepared with all the gears coz my dad had priorly informed him of my visit..though my luck was not that good..I did caught a fish..and I was so excited..it reminded me of 'Cast Away' only thing different was the Tom Hanks actually had no gears there :P..then we went to steamer ride to a nearby INS war vessel who was there for refueling but didn't docked on the dock coz of security reasons..since dad and I both had a defense clearance of quite an upper order..we were allowed entry to the magnanimous destroyer...and it was an awesome first of a time event for me...I was thrilled beyond the imagination...

As it was the month of my mom dad's anniversary..I planned an all expenses paid trip to a nearby sea beach named Digha..the detail of which I will give you in my next post..

Till then take care..

love n carez

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Dead End

It's now 4AM and m still aint sleepy..thx to massive dose of puffs and smoke...Last few days I was in home..so I hadn't smoked a single stick...so I thot that this time I will defn quit smoking for sure...but fate had different plans...and in last few hours I really puffed a lot....and a lot is a real lot coz if a smoker like me says it a lot..then it is one...thought of puffing weeds too..but thx to Monsoon and my carelessness ..I hadn't wrapped the wrappers well..so wen I opened the wraps to make the joint..I found it all under white sheets of molds :P..I fink the fungi must had enjoyed a lot gorging on my weed stock....lol

So coming to the point...the turn I was talking abt in my notice actually proved itself as the Dead end...I was on vacation for last 16 days and she gave a good thought abt our relationship in the mean time..and found the conclusion that we will not be happy together coz of the following reasons:

1) I don't venture outta my secured circle which is very unlike her. In short..I don't take any risks in my life..so she is afraid that I won't let her work and think independently and will not allow her to try out new career ventures..
May be she is right in this point..after all I am a middle class guy who wants his wife to be home even if she works, at the end of the day, near him so that wen he comes back from the office he can feel her presence in the home rather than leaving her messages on fone to call back wenever she comes back home from work in any other city...and she is the one who wants to see the horizon not from far but from the horizon itself...
Guess wat..I did gave it a thot wen she cleared her MBA entrance that since m gonna get a PhD degree.. i will settle wid her wherever she gets a good job even if it means that I had to teach in any private college or teach kids tuitions...but I don't think so that she will take this risk....
My Mom and my frnds always told me that I wud be the best husband one can ever get...but I don't think she has the same opinion...may be because I told her one day that after marriage wateva money she will earn.... it will be our money not hers..so she will have to to take mutual consent before spending money even if she is helping her parents..may be I was wrong there in thonking that the family we will have shud hav the highest priority..so that money can be well planned and spent on our family which will have her and my parents as members....

2) she has a cousin bro whom she is very close and some how he don' like me..this was the reason wen she dumped me for the fst time in February that her brother disapproved this relationship coz she never told it to her brother..so he took it as betrayal and she wanted to correct the situation by dumping ,e..still I never ever remembered saying that he will not be a part of our family..but she is scared that I might change my opinion and will not let her meet her bro ever... after the marriage...and she clearly told me today that she won't marry anyone including me if he comes between their relation...she must be right here too coz I remembered saying to her that after the marriage I shud be her fst priority not her brother but that sentence never finished like...her brother shud mind his own business or she shud stay away from him...

3) Since I took up this break up episode lightly and actually switched to a topic that where to get loans for her MBA..she thinks that I don't have any seriousness in this relationship and we actually crib a lot and she don't want that I make any compromises for running the relation smoothly.. thx to 'Mills n Boon' ..she has this opinion that in any relationship where two people who come from two different circles and status ( She is a Delhite and from a quite upper class and me a small town boy who grew up with middle class values) don't make any compromises rather they just incorporate the changes widout any adjustment like in some fantasy lands of those books..May be she is right here too coz after all m a middle class boy who never got to touch those books coz they were unnecessary financial burdens and my family thot it wud be best if I read text books instead ...now I feel like reading them so that I can understand how two person stay together widout making any compromises..

It's not like I dint tried to stop her from dumping me.. In actual, I was in all tears while she was saying those ...as I was scared of loosing her...
But she was quite firm..so wen I asked her is it means that she is not ready for commitment ..In reply she said that from my words she got.... for me commitment means getting a robot not a wife who will obey all my commands not even listening to my explanation of commitment which means facing all the troubles together...
and then her tone got quite harsh and insulting..as if the grudge was stored from a long time..so unable to bear more ..I told her...

Let's not fight...Motion's passed..her points are justified... I will back up her decision of quitting the relationship which we nurtured together for two years thinking that we wud stay together happily ever after...

But I don't blame her..coz after all commitment is a mutual decision and I shud respect her opinion coz at the end of the day it is her who wud have to face an unworthy, insensitive and intolerable husband like me....and i really appreciate that she actually waited for my return to say it, rather than spoiling my picture perfect vacation...which I will detail you soon... abt the time I spent with my mom and dad..

And also for a change this time I will not quit blogging....so will stay in touch wid you all..

It's now 6:05 AM and am still not sleepy..so I guess it's time to go for a bike ride and the icing on the cake is the beautiful downpour that's continuing outside synchronous with my tears...at least I won't have to hide my tears then...

Love n carez

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