Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Joy and sorrow

The cycle of joy and sorrow is one , I always find myself amaze to see....
I just can't imagine when I jus shed a tear for the victims of the recent bombings throughout the world even if it was in Sheraton, Pakistan, the world is celbrating kiss day, love day and other freaking days....aneways..the world won't stop...
But the world is defn going for it's end as expected in Mayan's calender on 2012..though I don't believe but I can sum up with sumthing closer a date for our extinction or a world without sun...

So let's see the comparisons of today's sitaution with that of the days before the Second world war...

1) The world was facing the shortage of coal then as what we are soon gonna face with the oil, as soon as oil start vanishing, govt. will leash it's sale to run the oil dependant war machineries and that will result in war to take control of the oil field and soon it will blooom into a full scale nuclear war...and the sum will hide behind the nuclear dust...and we have to face the extinction..

2) The aiding factor for speeding up the date of extinction is the ongoing economic falldown, which is slowly started to engulf europe after america..and even indian stock market saw a plunge due to heavy selling of stocks by giants to gain some liquid money to run their operation . and after America it will defn create a huge economic depression worldwide..and then civil wars or a full scale war...it will be all the power show...

3) And last but not the least..these stupid terrorists will act as the ignitor , as they will either a wage a war soon or unleash a war opun themselves.

So see the world is not that simple and beautiful as we are seeing it now ..everything is suppressed..every country is preparing for the war...the destrcution is eminent so live ur life fully now...so that wen the war brokes and a missile lands on ur steps...u shudn't be shouting.. " Oh lord ! I hav't seen the world fully yet "

Signing off for a few days....As I m going home on Saturday..and there are loads of holidays in between in which I will be off net... So
in advance
Shubh Navratri and Shubh Sharodiya to all of you...

and in an advance
Happy Dussehra and Shubho Bijoya....

May god bless u with all the happiness , fill up ur life with fresh fragrance of Sheoulis and cool breeze of Sharad...

Love and carez

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Did ya googled it??????

Just few years back..no one knew wat is google...means wen I was first introduced to it..I actually laughed reading google :P
But now it seems... this word has inserted itself so strongly that it is now used as a verb...like..did ya googled it...oh man just google and u will get it...i will google her...and the other things....

and there is a funny tag that i have been tagged with... :P....courtesy to my new blogmate Cecile ( with a inverted comma over the first 'e' .. ..sorry Cess I can't type it from the blog post editor :P)
To check out wat google think I need .....

So I typed...
Daydreamer needs.......
and the following 1o answers came........

1) "Daily Thoughts of a Daydreamer. My brain is leaking…straight to YOU! ..... And don’t forget this needs to update all websites extremely frequently,"
Gossh! brain's leaking :-s..somebody help :P? lol..oh..it's leaking to ya..Please collect it in a cup and send it back to me :P

2) Creative Daydreame Personality Adaptation - Issues of Personal Growth :O
Further, it really is okay for them to have feelings, needs and expectations
How considerate ..Huh!!!

3)There is a time when every man needs a woman...
LoL..looks like I m so desperate now :P...google my time has come..please find me a gal

4)Daydreamer is getting ready to leave for Canada to work at a hunting .
Hooyaaah! Hunting trip...and that too to Canada...Valencia(aqua gurl)...main tere ghar aa raha hoon..we will hunt everyone in Canada :P

Daydream Island Resort and Spa is a beautiful island to hold you next ... is placed on your individuality - your body and its needs are unique to you...
LoL if it's my need ..it's gotta be mine only and unique of course :P..and my needs of body..lol..I can't resist :P

6)Questions needing Daydreamer's attention. by relevancy, by status, newest first, oldest first, recently updated first. Status. Open Needs information...
I got a entire website for my needs :O

7) Needs to be heard -Daydreamer is very professional in both lyrical & musical skills.
lol..I agree even the dogs of my streets will agree..they sing with me in woofs wen i start singing :P...

8)daydreamer needs a life!...
LoL...seriously man....I need one soon :P

9)What collection of needs and goals should DAYDREAMER have? Is there a basic set of needs from which all other needs derive...
I Don't kno....u r THE GOOGLE..how can i answer wat basic set of needs I need :P???

June Etoile's Daydreamer Deluxe Journal View Larger. front image Front. Additional View ... From June Etoile: The June Star for your Fashion Needs .....
How much larger u gonna view :P ??huh??

hehehehe so see google knows every thing abt me and has given 164,000 hits...I hope I might need sumthing outta the first 10 I shared :P

Now tag time:P
and I will tag to only one..and that's my sweet friend Valencia...Let'c how google cater her :P

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Discovering Newer Sides .... :)

So, as all u people have seen my new blog template...and I kno it's little messy coz for the first time I m handling a three template html code...so it will take time to understand it.. and make it more complex:P morover in 1024X768 format and 1280x800 format that's wat is in the case of desktop and laptop respectively..it is showing difference...anyway..I will sort it out...

For the last few days...massive changes are placing themselves in my simple life ...
After mom left for home on last saturday...I was feeling homesick and that's too coz for the first time in seven years..I lived with my mom for more than 1 months more precisely 40 days..and all those showers of love and home-cooked food made me so much addicted to her that wen she left I was feeling a great void..I kno it's usual...but it also incorporated some happy changes in my life ..

So the changes are...

1) I've started cooking my own breakfast and lunch, and believe me it's no fastfood...it's pure Indian food...like Sunday it was Halva-puri and Dum Aloo, Monday it was chowmin , Tuesday it was Parathes and Alloo piyaz tomato ki sabji, Wednesday it was Poha and today Sandwiches and tomorrow I will cook fish :). ..so friends... now I m cooking my own food.... and believe me ..I m feeling a lot healthier and energetic with homemade food and it's so much interesting too and moreover it's just awesome to cook in idle times ....
Btw girls! I m single now! So see I can cook for u too :P ...lol ..oh btw I can cook from tea to Briyani..anything under the Shining sun but of-course confined to Indian peninsula :P.......... LOL

2) For the first time in life , I've decided to quit smoking as I was not smoking wen mom was there and now I've decided to quit it once for all..and so is in the case of weeds and alcohol..though alcohol I always used to take it in occasions ..so it won't change...

3) I've become patient listener ...nowadays I only listen to everyone...without shouting much and started painting too.

Stopping now! I think ..these are enough changes for one week...but I hope it continues for long :P....so pray for me... :P

Love ya all...
See ya

Monday, September 15, 2008

Whom to blame???

So what are we doing???
Yeah we are playing the Blame game :)




And now The heart of the nation…the nation’s capital..New Delhi??

So what are we doing to stop the evil engulfing the world’s largest yet secular democracy??

This Saturday on 13-09-08. 5 blasts rocked nation’s capital New Delhi and 4 more were stopped before they could kill more that already 20 dead and above 100 injured.

So who is responsible for the death of those civilians ??

Yeah!! I know a group Indian Mujahidin claimed responsibility, so who are they who come up every time and claim that “Yeah we have bombed the city” ??? It’s the LeT’s new name who are so scared of using their own name that they are using another name and that too with Indian written in front of it…so wat are they fighting for??? To remove that Indian name from the name of their organization whom they have named themselves?? Or, to satisfy their own libido for blood and violence.? I heard that Lashkar e Toiba means Allah’s army and Mujahidin means holy soldiers of jihad. LoL!! What a mockery of the name of a sacred religion…LOL and they claim to defend their religion.?? Assholes didn’t ever thought about the fact that this is their own holy month and they are making their own people scared of the fact that now there can be a religious riot or there will be more hatred toward their religion. So how can I blame them, they are so ignorant fools that they don’t know what they are fighting for and against whom their jihad is. lol

So whom to blame??

Government??Lol no no!! Our government is so tolerant in nature that they can’t hurt a fly leave alone stopping terrorism. In the fucking name of democracy and secularism, they were few days back supporting the uplifting of ban against SIMI, the mother organization who’s recruiting mercenaries from Indian soil only and they are smoothly operating as they have control over minority vote bank …and government is too busy saving the chair on which they can rest their sorry piece of ass. Do you know wat they came up in retaliation??? Speeches…LOL ..that’s what they are best at… LOL

So now I am tired searching whom to blame…

Oops…Media…Indian media…LOL…who are so busy searching title name for the mega event that’s now increasing their TRPs..

“ We are here to report first and still victims are lying in pool of blood and none of the government response teams has arrived still”

Fuck the break man! You could have saved at least one human being if instead of reporting ,you would had jumped for the rescue yourself. The media is first to claim, we have got the acceptance mail…Fucking retards …if they played a little sensibly and instead of shouting , wud had kept the mail for POLICE viewing first..the fucking terrorist won’t ever get any publicity…but…lol they have to report first..coz 1 billion retards are waiting to hear from them, who is responsible…as if they will catch them as soon as they get the report…naming 9/11 was of significance..but wat the fuk is 9/13 that’s being flashed as title of the breaking news…so media can’t be blamed coz these people are TRP hungry bastards who can even show their mother’s rape “Live” to increase their TRPs..so we can’t expect them to save the motherland coz that’s beyond their grasp of understanding…

So whom to blame then??

It’s fucking us.…we morons who are so busy scratching our own ass that we can’t see that the chair beneath is burning…we are so busy selecting government who will increase our wages and support our religion that we are forgetting the simple fact that government is incapable to protect us…we are so busy waiting to hear the sensational news of how the 16 year old was raped that we forget that sumday that young girl might have the face of ourfamily…we are so busy gossiping who died and what happened to their family that we forget that instead of gossiping …we could had spared few bucks to relief funds so that that guy who died without any fault can rest in peace that his family is at least safe …we are so busy worshiping the god and the religion that we forget the basic fact that God has left our world a long time back and we are now on our own….

So do something rather than sitting and making it a fact of gossip that 20 people are dead in the blast..coz one day it might by you who will die for nothing coz some freak thought he could become famous blasting u up…so what’s the use of the life if u r not sure when are u going to be killed…so at least die for a purpose with a cause..instead of dying for nothing….

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

So rise up Good people..rise up…coz it might be you….the next victim.

May God be with you…

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Land of The Rising Sun

The sun rises from the east,
The fact that everyone believes,
But today there’s one sun in the town square,
Engulfing the whole town, in its fire.

The days were not quite and in ease,
None slept with any peace,
As the war was in the sky,
The land of rising sun was fighting the allies.

But that day was as bright as before,
The tides were as calm as before.
As the peace was dawning on,
The dark day clouded the dawn.

Two falcons screamed high in the sky,
Sirens blared increasing the fright.
But nothing happened to their surprise,
As it were the recons that passed by.

But the hope of peace turned into scream,
A fleet of falcons flew in like a beam.
Dropping the ball of inevitability from the sky,
Thundering the entire city with the cry.

The land lit up with two suns,
The allies played their first fun.
They dropped the first nuclear bomb,
Made the Hiroshima deaf and numb.

The city crumbled in the fire,
Concretes flew like flyers,
The people burnt like the wire,
Agony screamed like never to tire.

The light soon turned into dark,
The ashes hovered in like a shark.
The cloud of dust, the cloud of smoke,
Forced each breathe to choke.

The dark day seemed never ending,
Every moment death kept on raining.
Human’s first weapon for fun,
Annihilated the whole empire of the rising sun.
-Sourish Karmakar

This piece of work, i had wrote way back in my B.Tech days... in the classroom...jus found it ...lying in pool of papers...so thought to share it...this poem is dedicated to all the brave people of Hirsoshima and Nagasaki as they still are bravely fighting the nuclear holocaust and it's aftermath...think..how one human can kill another ..and how wonderfully he finds newer ways and make the world more unsafe...
God bless u all..and Pray with me that we all remain safe...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

When I Looked at the World...

First of all two of my sweet blog mates...Rahul (left) and Crystal (right) gave me one awards each. ...I felt very honored and much elated to get the awards...and I sincerely thank them for the noble gesture...and I will treasure these forever...

I was jus reading an article on the biggest experiment of the world....the 7 billion dollar ..Nuclear particle accelerators and was amazed to see a young scientist involved in that...He is Dr. Brian Cox who was keypad player of D:Ream in 90s and had a place in U.K top 10...and at jus the age of 40, he is leading the project which mite solve the mysteries of gravitation and give insight of the birth of the universe...this man who played in a band and then studied physics to be at CERN..he needed to be saluted for his effort...

Then the movie "Rock on"...the movie was another dil chahta hai type flick..but only one thing that made me smile in utter surprise was it'star Farhan Akhtar....and very few of u mite be knowing that all the songs he sang himself.. he is a director, producer, dialogue writer and now a singer...god! world is full of talent...

And then I looked at myself and I found myself to be so full of false promises....I've been gifted with so many good talents...but I never took any risk..and wen I watched "Matrix" ...I got only one line that suit me best...

" There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path"

and I devoted all my time knowing the path but never took the risk walking on it...and seriously...today wen I read Brian Cox's..I felt who will read mine..wat's there to live a life among the billions if not a million know me and admire me....

Now I think ..it's time to be serious ..
So wish me luck and pray the God that I find courage to walk the path....
Love u all...

got two more awards...
One from Mia
of blogging friends forever which is posted below and One from my lil sis...Meghna..which I will post now..

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


First of all I am very sorryy....sorry because everytime when I talk about taking a break..I come back the very next day :D
And u people have to hear my craps everyday and that too I kno it's so difficult coz u people were then relaxing that u won't have to read to my craps for at least some time :P

But this time I was very serious.................................but my sissy Keshi....made such a situation that I have to post again..... :P and u people have to read my craps again...but this time I will make it fruitful for all of ya :P

coz Fst I will tell u about the awards I got and then I will distribute the same to ya :P
though I kno a lil u will care about getting it :P after all if I start my own Nobbel prize as comparable to Nobel :P..will u come to accept it :P ????

By the way please put the award on ur blog...if u are already not recipient of it....and that's a request

and in the end I will give the Most Beautiful Soul Award

Blogging Friends forever :

The award goes to....

Nehya- I won't explain much about her now...but she is a friend I will treasure forever

Cinderella - She could had got the bogging crush forever..but since she is committed for last 10 years and very recently she made clear her dislike for bengali boys :P ..she will have to settle for friends forever award :P ...lol

Keshi - sissy is my sister..so she is auto qualified :P... (look sissy that is how one distribute awards to kins :P)

Anjuli didi - though she is nowadays very busy to drop here..but she is sweeter a nd she is my very dear frnd :)

Aqua gurl- she recently got qualified..heheheh..she is really lovely girl..who lifts up my spirits everytime with her high funda comments :)

Mia- A girl..I would like to have my friend forever...coz of her simplicity and honesty

Million dollar Friend Award

A friend whose worth a fortune is my explanation for it....
and the award goes to....

Keshi- she is my best friend in the blogosphere and m really lucky to have her in my life

Cinderella- Getting a friend who as sick as me is rarer and then to that dumb as me is rarest and cindy qualifies both

Ceedy bhai - He is a great architect.. and he is planning to build my house for free :P heheheheh..and his comments really worth a fortune

Nehya- She never ever deserted me ..even in the toughest of situation..and a well wisher like her is rarer

Cess -A french girl with wonderful sense of humor and getting her as an admirer of my written craps...is a really a lovely experience..

Meghna- She is a wonderful writer...and she is my lovely younger sis...so she auto-qualifies :P

Brilliant Weblog Premio -2008

The bloggers whose writing everytime create a huge impact on my thinkings

1) Keshi- The way she describes her life and all the situations and then connecting it to the thinkings of the various soul reading it ..is just brilliantly awesome...

2) Cinderella- People say ( not me of course:P) that she is an excellent poetess and wenver I read..i m left gasping for...of course ... the Dictionary .... :P...hehehhe..the way she describes love in words in connection is simply awesome....

3) Lena- she has a wonderful insight to life and with her experience she creates master pieces most of the time

4) Cess- If u read her writings..the way she describes the situation with humor..u won't stop reading it untill u finish the whole segment

5) Kashmira - Kash di..though she write her personal blog..but she defn takes out time to reach the inner mind with some of her beautiful posts ..

6) Arti - Arti di- she is just awesome writer..the poems the stories everything mesmerises me everytime..she is awesome and she is my inspiration too...

7) Sneha- she has a wonderful way to tackle situations..and most of the time she will ask u a question that will defn impact ur mind....

Most Beautiful Soul:

This award that I've created...goes to

Keshi- she is my sissy..and since she is my sissy and I made her my sissy...everything implies one thing and that is she is the most beautiful soul ...the way she handles my situation and pampers me..she is awesome ...

Cinderella - A gal ...who don't drink, smoke or cultivate any bad habits..but she manages to be as drunken as me...she is dumb as me...she is as beautiful as she is :P and she is as sick as me :P..and wen u read her u will find her soul as clean as heheheheh of course herself.... :P..she is a worthy soul..whose honest and committed to her values....

Nehya- She is blonde...but just a talk with her..I found a beautiful heart inside .... and will elaborate abt her slowly and slowly..coz..shhhhhhhhhh m still learning about her :P

Anjuli- Her simplicity and her lovely views ...it only comes wen one has a beautiful soul

Rest of the boys and gals..I've very little knowledge of ...I m sure as soon as I get to kno them well enough..they will defn find a place in my award book....and I kno as if u really cared :P



Love n carez

Monday, September 01, 2008

Wake me up wen september ends

I am still so much in my hypothetical yet so true "Non writer's block" that I am thinking to take a break....and guess what... I've song for this famous occasion...

Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day

Now m thinking seriously give research a priority....coz I've nothing to post except some stupid yet so beautiful songs......

Love ya all loads....

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