Saturday, February 28, 2009

My lakhaniya Trip.

Few Days back I bought a Cybershot and from that day my picnic days started and and I started seeing how beautiful the world really is...yeah I kno u must be tired of my blog leave alone if I start any photo won't bother u much..i will upload it in Picassa and if u like it u can view it there...

It was close to my brkup days and all I needed was a break just then my frnds asked me to join the trip to Lakhaniya Dari. As the name signifies it is named after lakshman .. and it is a river. but the beautiful thing abt the spot is its picturesque location.

And since it was a No-gals allowed trip.. I was drunk till the brim and was high on weeds :P

We left for the trip at morning 9 and the weather was so foggy, chilled and beautiful.

It was long road trip amidst rocky mountains with some beautiful curves

and when we reached Lakhaniya dari...It was ecstatically beautiful ..the sound of the river..various carved was wonderful..even I was so dead drunk still i was enjoying it more than anything...

Just then one of my frnds said..let's go to a nearby fall. I was high so I just said Yes.Then the real trip started...I din't knew that I have to trek and climb rocks and boulders all the way to reach the destination which was at least 3km from the spot and since I m the mushiest guy in my group they all knew I will be saying NO..coz I never had walked 3kms at a stretch ..leave alone trekking . :D

We started and we had some wondeful moments and I was so unsure wat to do ..I was not ready to put my camera in my pockets coz I knew I m not returning here soon but for climbing rocks I needed both hands. But still I managed to click few beautiful shots.

And wen we reached the location..I was so mesmerised by the beauty of the valley where the fall was located..since it was a seasonal river ...the water was less but still it was wonderful.. Overall the trip was so wonderful and I learnt one thing that I can trek well wen I m drunk

Watch the video I made on the trip....Forgive my grammer coz  I was so hell tired..english was the last thing that gonna come ouuta my mouth..and still I had to say it in english coz of my international frnds.

A wonderful trip... Isn't it??

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just a random joke.....

*Warning : Adult contents*

Two sperms talking to each other the first say "when I develop I will become a doctor", the second says "when I develop I'll be an engineer for sure".
The man goes in the toilet and masturbates, they both say "Saaley ne career barbaad kar diya."

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama's congressional address

A lucrative address by President of a powerful country , though no doubt it was a wonderful $ 700 Bn bailout package which I think may help American and thus world economy to recover from serious crisis but for India and other southeast countries it sounded the bell of troubles. It was clearly evident from the speech that they ain't gonna force the company to stop outsourcing but they are gonna tax them more if they are outsourcing the American jobs.

It may not be surprise for many as few days back there was a cease on H1B visas to curb the outsiders getting work permit in America. But declaring it on his address is something which makes it concrete that the aspirants who wants to go to states to find a job and a living are gonna face enormous trouble.It is needed to know that India is the largest  recipient of H1B and that may cause furore in coming elections in India as most of the political party will now stand against Indian's new Pro-american policy.

Though Mr. Obama clearly mentioned that big budget Iraq is to be reduced but I doubt it as it was followed by renewing the strength of the American Army by more recruitment in the sector. He also clearly mentioned the concern of ongoing war in Gaza strip and Israel's role.

May be the world is looking for a visionary in him but what I felt he is more like a social reformer than a realist or may be he will be the US president that we always had seen...A man of great power thinking himself as god as the whole speech was a too much good news cloaking the hidden agendas of acquiring more power. Piyush Jindal ..the Louisiana Governer has openly criticized the new reforms, though the reforms sound good for Americans..but I think may be his Indian blood gave him a call that this is high time for him to run for the ultimate power. This only the time will tell. His reaction is awaited.

Let's wait to see what happens next...and pray that God save us and God save the USA...

*Picture Courtesy: Various websources....*

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shiv ratri in kashi.

Yesterday was Shivratri and like every year..I had a fast for showing my devotion for the almighty Lord Shiva.. who shares coincidently the same name that of me :P


I was named after him..and I found a connection here with the almighty lord shiva...and believe me if he don't want u here u won't be able to have a visit..

Shivratri is a day of high religious importance...Parvati used to do the fast for getting Lord as her husband and it since then it is a highly pious day where girls ask for husbands and the others for education wealth from Lord Shiva.

So ..I thought since it is may be my highest degree that I m pursuing ( I don't kno if one has higher degree than a PhD) ..I guess it is high time for me to ask from Lord Shiva some Placement ;)

Jokes apart...I was on fast and believe me eating nothing is far more easier than eating fruits...and I hate eating fruits especially wen it is the only option to eat...So I mostly stayed hungry...:P

The morning started with the claps ...Slumdog Millionaire and Smile pinki got Academy awards and as as usual Hugh Jackman was great in hosting the hollywood's biggest gala but more beautiful was Anna Hathaway. I admired the whole morning with her all is censored :P
Then we left for the a nearby temple to devote my devotion to Shiv Linga...the reprodutive and the creative part of the God in position of unison with the same of goddess of power 'Ma shakti...'

Then I left for Assi ghat with my roomie and his mom ...It was a wonderful scene with the holy river Ganges  and people taking dip in the holy water....then we went to another temple and offered puja to lord Shiva...
After that  we came back and I had tea...though eating fruit was an option but I thought I should better exercise restraining from eating rather than eating fruits...but eventually at night I had to eat fruits and milk and then I went to my bed and dozed off to sleep fast..

Next morning ( means today ) ..I cooked some Parathes and Aloo bhujiya to break my fast with... after the Puja of course....

It was a wonderful day yesterday...and I really enjoyed being in god's devotion ...and there were beautiful babes in the temple :P

Friday, February 20, 2009

A new start...

As usual I was bored with my previous template so i changed it to this new one and I adore it now...bored with my name on the net I changed the blog title to the previous one and changed my blog that if u r interested to read then make an update in ur blogroll or if u r not u won't have to use the dead link in ur blogroll coz it ain't be working....

I use to blog for me...venting out my frustration.. but sooner people joined me ..and then I started blogging for them..the contents they would like...with added humor and then I found a rough patch in my world and soon found people forgetting me jus like the last rainfall whom they had enjoyed but forgot wen it happened exact...and the blogvisits dropped and it hit me hard as wen I was addicted to them they all left for their own world...
now I m  back to blogging for me...i will shout I will laugh I will make fun I will cuss I will dance I will sing and if u don't like it ...u just move away...coz I m tired....

I kno no one will miss me...but the fact is I won't miss u either...coz if u r not a frnd in my need then u r not my fucking frnd indeed....

so........have a nice life and have fun....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Swat valley ..

Recent developments in Swat valley is indeed concerning and it was shameful act of Pakistani govt. to impose Islamic laws in that valley as a condition for ceasefire as Islamic Laws are direct violation of women rights in the democracy.Once again people will be beheaded, lashed naked, women will be raped , girls will be abused and killed and it will be a legal genocide again.

And giving in to Taliban is a major proof of Genral Kiyani's alleged statement as Published in Sanger's " The inheritance " that Taliban  is a major asset of Pakistan and flourishing of Taliban to be another threat in just years of being devasted in Afghanistan is  an indirect proof of utilisation of American Dollars  given for the development of living conditions in Pakistan.

And why it is our concern coz from Swat valley  we are just a day far from the Talibani threat forces who if control Islamabad as feared  ...will control the nuclear assets of Pakistan and then it will be dangerous not only for us but the world coz all over world terrorist forces are ready to pay billions to get the Nuke.

And the important part is America is carrying out Drone attacks in Pakistan and inserted 17000 more forces in Afghanistan, but overlooking a simple fact that if OSAMA is there in war region then OBAMA will have a nuke threat to counter if Taliban controls Pakistan, coz I hope AL-Qaeda won't waste a bomb on India, to get annihilated ,before bombing America.

So I hope it is the high time for India to intervene in the current situation, so that our borders remain safe and we should be ready for the next war against terrorism.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine's Day: The time line :)

Most of my frnds and my ex wanted to kno how I spent my V-Day
So here is the TIME LINE
The events described here happened in real time..... :P ( dialogue courtesy: 24 )

8: 15 AM: Woke up and went to practice my Morning choirs :P

8: 45 AM: Took a bath

9: 30 AM: Went to Department

10:00 AM : Checked my mails.

11:00 AM : Started writing my V day Blog post (In search for a Valentine..)

11:40 AM: Chatted with a 10 year committed gal ( No points for guessing ..Cinderella :P )

12:15 PM: Chatted with a gal who was curious to kno my valentine's plan and as soon as i thought of inviting her ...her light went off..and she got offline :D

1:20 PM: Wrote an apology to Nehya, sent few Valentine mails to friends, wrote a mail to my ex. that I won't be stalking her fron now on, wished B .

2:00 PM:  Gave a lecture on love hormones to a guy while in search for an ATM.

2: 30 PM: Bought one 5000W PMPO, 3D surround speakers for my laptop..

2: 45 PM: Recovered Data from my desktop which was lying idle for months and copied back my music collection lost with it

5:00 PM to 8:00 PM : Slept, wokeup, watched TV, slept, wokep up..repeatation of prev events.

8: 30 PM: Went out to my Valentine Date with ... ( U can guess with whom I went to date  from the pic below) riding 20kms to a Highway Motel with musics on.

No points for guessing the Date with My loneliness :)

10: 30 PM : Back to my home, watched PS: I love you for the 15th time...

11:15 PM: Rang my ex who promised to call me but she forgot...

11: 45 PM: Talked with my ex. She had a blasting party and she forgot to recharge call me up.

11:50 PM: I cried

11:55 PM: She cried

11:58 PM: I said sorry for ruining her night and she promised me to call back next day as I was sobbing uncontrollably.

00:45AM: I went back to my bed with my mp3 on a FM radio channel who were playing love songs and slept crying thinking never to wake up again....

woke up late and I had a hangover and I waited for her promised call which never came..

Love and carez.....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

In search for a Valentine..

Ten long years and this is the fst time ..I m completely single today on the valentine day....blame it to my ex gf for dumping me  ..and partly to Ram Sena..who scared me from going outside with any of the girl that I m presently giving lifts :P ....last day wen I was conversing  with one old frnd...(she is young gal...not old ...our frndship is old  :P ) ... I was thinking that I need too a fst I thought I wud make it a valentine dedication post..but then I finalised... let me give a valentine Ad ...kinnda Marraige Ad..with all those qualities listing which makes me an ideal date :P ... ( oh !! btw if u find any of the quality quite obnoxius feel free to say me ..I will delete it.. :P.... so if anyone interested can feel free to give a hint that they are interested making me a date for valentine :D

Name: Sourish Karmakar
Age: 25 (btw turning 26 on 29th copy it down for wishing me that day :P )


what more.... yeap...

Educational qualification : Overeducated :P lol.... [ B.Tech in Biotechnology, M.Tech in Biochemical Engineering and currently doing Ph.D. in Fuel Cell Technology as Senior Research Fellow in Biochemical Engineering]
fukkk!! Now I get why I m not getting any girl...they think me a Nerd...hehhehe am I ??

Financial status : 5k per month from Dad , 2 K per month from Mom, 2 K per month from my elder 20 K per month from Govt. of India....

Good qualities : LoL!!! I m one Immodesty personified... I can blabber  a lot about myself but cutting it short to save some precious work time of urs..u kno recession time..if ya continue reading my post...who willl do ya work :P..... So good qualities are..

I can sing ( all my ex gfs forced me to sing them a lullaby for falling asleep... :D )..

I can dance ( I have a record of dancing straight from 9pm to 2 am on last year's DJ night in our college fest.... though I din't woke up for next two days.... :P ) ....

I can cook ( From Tea to Biryani..anything under the sun that I have tasted :D ...; see ... why I call myself Immodest )...

I ride bikes fast and that too without helmet :P,

I can hear you constantly for hours without asking u any question coz i can switch off my listening part of brain completely u won't have any problem of not listening to u :P ...

I m a computer wiz ..can enter any system without u knowing it....  :D so u won't have to lie to me anytime ...

I listen to good music..( I have 60 gb music collection :) )

I m a good  photograffer, ( i will explain u why :P )

I m a good poet .. (ask Preetilata and cinderella ..:P if u don't believe :D  ) ...

I can make u laugh anytime ( ask my lab mates..who can never think of organizing any party without me )..

Bad qualities... ...I m not gonna say much...  :P..but I don't look good ..blame my photography skills for having this dashing photo

...which many compared to John...( Ask keshi ..I neva said it myself :P ) looks can be deceptive... :D...and I drink and i smoke and I do hash and weeds but that is occasionally especially wen I m in rock concerts...or while playing guitar ..oh I m learning guitar now :P

So wat do u say ? What should I be more or less to get a proper Valentine and all the single girls :P....if u r interested please feel free to give a hint...I will ask u for date..u won't have to ask me :D



Oh btw !!!! Happy valentine's day.....

a special dedication to all the  girls I kno..a song and a flower jus for u..

To all my ex gfs and not gfs  :P

name list is large and so is the priority not naming any one but believe me every girl I meet I have a  sense of admiration for u all

and happy valentine's day......

and also happy valentine's day to the boys in completely non gayish manner :D

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Rights?? wat the fu*k they are

Same question was popping on my mind wen activist  manhandled a pair as they were coming home together in Bangalore....? who in the name of almighty they are, gonna define culture in India? It is very saddening that these activist can only kno how to hurt innocents when they could have used their manpower to fight religious terrorism.
Few days back a lady was beaten up in bar. Who is gonna give protection to women in India. ? If we call world as Vasudhaiv kutumbakam ..isn't it a act of domestic violence ?

I am just amazed where the hell they learned culture.??? India is a land where temples are carved with erotic sculptures ..if then sex was thought to be a path to divinity...I don't think the pleasures of sex had changed in these why the hell the moral police of RSS, Bajrang dal and Shivsena are hurting innocent kids who want to appreciate the beauty of love.

But the real question is....Do we have any Fundamental rights ???? If we have ..wat the fu*k they are??? and who is gonna defend us from the 'organized political crime lords'.......

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

One more joke

*adult contents*

A man having trouble achieving an erection decides to consult a witch doctor.
The witch doctor throws some herbs on a fire, shakes his rattle, and says, “I have placed a powerful spell on you, but it will only work once a year.
Just say ‘one, two, three’ and you’ll get the largest erection you’ve ever had.

After your wife’s been satisfied, simply say ‘one, two, three, four’ and it will disappear for 12 months.”

Later that night as the man is lying in bed watching television, he says to his wife, “Watch this! One, two, three!” His schlong becomes larger and stiffer than ever before.

His wife is amazed. She smiles and says, “That’s great!

But what did you say ‘one, two, three’ for?”


one More :P 

A woman in a northeast Pennsylvania art gallery is staring at an exquisite painting entitled Home for Lunch. It depicts three very naked black men sitting on a park bench with their penises in plain view. But while all the men are black, the one in the middle has a pink penis.
“Excuse me,” the woman says to the exhibit’s curator. “I am curious about this painting of three African-Americans. Why does the man in the middle have a pink penis?”
“I’m afraid you’ve misinterpreted the painting,” says the curator. “These men are not African-American; they’re coal miners, and the fellow in the middle went ‘home for lunch.’”

btw .... read the below post too ..... :P  

Just time pass ......


Sorry for not being around much....been busy in work and the work pressure is still high....

but got a time to read one joke and so sharing it with ya... it with discretion the joke is a bit adult :D

An old man marries a young woman, and though they’re in love, the wife can’t achieve an orgasm.

They ask a psychiatrist for advice. He says, “Hire a strapping young man. While you’re making love, have him wave a towel over your bodies.”

The couple’s desperate, so they hire a male escort to wave a towel. But despite a lengthy lovemaking session, the wife still can’t get off. Willing to try anything, the husband and the strapping young stallion switch positions.

The guy goes to work, and the wife quickly has an earthshaking orgasm.

The husband smiles and says triumphantly, “You see, young fella? That’s how you wave a towel!”

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