Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Future prediction

Dis the look alike picture dat Sara has drawn dat how will i look like after 20 years..jus by imagination
Dis clearly suggests ki how much anger and frsutration she had in her mind while she was painting my cute pic :P

and da crown is my nobel prize for being da grtest of nerds ...:P

Oh my god!..

I cant control laughing

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

One more gal added in "hate u sourish" list

Last day was a bit of a turmoil..
I dint took da dream stop pill...and i had a nasty nite mare....and dat resulted me falling from my bed...even wen i fell really took me an hour to get to kno dat..I m in reality ..not in dreams..only wen da pain became unbearablle..I realised dat its a dream..lolz

i fell on my fractured hand...and da whole 3 weeks of patience gone in haywire....and I got da inflammation again...lolz
So i went up to the doctor..and dere i got the fone of a gal....she said me..dat i rang her few days back....oh forgot dis was da gal..who was quite a fone frnd..and I stopped calling her wen she had grown obsessive of me and confessed dat she loves me...and I knew da best solution is stop calling her frequently...
and here came her blasting fone..if u don hav any thing more to say..I m puttin down my fone...coz i don have money and time to waste on ya..I hate u coz u used me as a time pass...

Now tell me...I used her as a time pass..we met in orkut..she dialed my nummer first..we were quite a good i called her back...she had some family I called her few more times..and ended up in talking every alternate days..jus wen i came to kno dat she loves me...So wat shud b my reply..I love u tooo..??:O ...Now if a gal says m not in love wid u coz m in love wid any oder guy its justified..and if a boy says dat..den he is fake , flirt, fuker...and blah blah..

If a gal says..u took advantage of my frndship..den da gal is rite..coz she saw da boy wid her frndly eyes..and all curse falls on da boy..who hav lusty eyes... and in vice versa..if boy says i took u as a frnd always..den da gal is a poor soul..and da boy da crookest ..and flirtmost soul of the universe..... such a descrimination..den also we say its a male dominating society...:D

So i put down da fone..coz as I was wid da doctor..i cudnt say more to her..except bye..coz..she brought da issue of money and time wid our frndship..and I don liked it..moreover i cudnt pacify her..coz i was in docs chamber..who is quite a busy soul...

In the evening ...sara came..
and wen i told her abt da gal..she asked me a funny ques..
do u fake ur realtion wid me too??? ....

The whole day i was disturbed loosing a frnd..and she came here wid dis wat shud I answer..we are talking for last few months..non stop..I never asked for anything..she cant show me her foto..cant tell her name..even cant give me her nummer...coz some psycho is manhandling her fone...and she don wanna increase da list.....Did I ever asked any wat do I get in faking wid her..I cant understand...wat shud ...i need to do to prove myself to dem..every1 needed me I was frnd sumtime more dan a frnd to dem..and if i need sum1
den i hav to pass exams...I m sick n tired of saying dat i m not faking..and my cares are not fake...

And here comes da magical answer of sara...
(11:40:30 PM) saarah: u can widout eating u can widout slping too
(11:40:36 PM) sourish: a relation is need to be taken seriously by both sides
(11:40:44 PM) saarah: c ya dd
(11:40:51 PM) saarah: yeah ourz was never was

Now tell me..after so much time..and so many things...she is saying me dis...

All gals are same..dey all are jus same..
Dey jus think dat boy are exploiting dere meekness and hav fun in exploiting dere sisters..lolz

Boys dont hav any oder work.. :D

And here is my sweetheart..she dint ever cared to reply me..coz she thinks ..I made her fall in love wid plannings...
One day i will hang myself.....X-(..
M really sick and tired of getting dese treatments from gals..for whom i spent countless sleepless moments pacifying and soothing dere pain..


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Please come back

Today I tried one of my last tries..dat she come back in my life..unscathed and jus like she left me..its areally long time..i dint heard of her...she told me.." Dis time u will kno..wat is called leaving"
Dat time i felt dat...I can handle it..but today...I felt dat..No i cant handle it...
taking a break from my pills..i really wanna dream her..and even if she destroy me dere..i happy to be brain dead..jus giving a try ...may be in my dreams..we cud spend da happy time once more dat we used to spend together...
Please come back...
take care son...

Friday, January 26, 2007


Jus kuch yaad aa gaya
so posted it

its so sweet
n full of innocence..
I even cant believe dat i drew it...da arrow marks are for da portions needed for masasage for active circulation of warm blood..


Hope it benefitted...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

wats happening ...

I m missing her so bad..dat I keep dreaming about her...her image got dissolved in my dream..may be the medicines are effective..coz dey promised for no dreams..but my feelings for her is so tense and m missing her so badly..she repeatedly comes back in my dreams...
But I wont write her back..coz she just questioned my character...and da person who don believe me...has no plae in my life..even if it makes a void...coz even i call back..I don kno whether she will answer or not..but if she comes..our relation wont b da same..i will keep thinking dat she is not trusting me..and I can talk to any 1 who thinks m a I call it an end...
Though I m missing her badly...and I kno she will be dere in my heart forever...

Thank God she has dis minor or wateva..and she don hav serious prob..but yesterday she accused me so bad.....and about giving her nummme..hehehe..I wont say she keeps reading here....

God..please..please give me strength to carry on...

Monday, January 22, 2007


Yesterday ....was da revelation day...
lots of facts got revealed to me....My dearest frnd is not doing reports are not so good...and dere r people who still care...

My two day net black out..caused so much misunderstanding...dat it was nearly devastating..
But all wells dat ends well..after a long tusseling and wrestling session..jus like always we are frnds again..dats I like about sara...dat she never leave me...even wen m hell like to her...really I think I need to thank da almighty ..dat he made me so llucky dat m so close to her...

wat was dat ..yeah 11 or 12 th in her life

oops ....she dont prioritize :P

And dere's my son..yesterday we had... I nd sara had a fight cause of her..coz i don wanna discuss her..coz her relation to me ..I havnt given any 1 rights to discuss..jus like I don like any1 discuss sara..

They are the two poles of my life...widout dem..I m jus a mere loadstone...

Going to skoooooooooool
Take care

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The dreams

Yesterday..I got my report..doctors are not happy wid the trial of their medicine...I don kno..wat will happen..but itz all resulting in erratic dreams..evn after gud 9 hours sleep ...I m feeling like to sleep forever....

In the morning sara wrote me offliness..dat m love wid my strawberry...Now the ques arises..m i ready to admit abt the love..but missing my son very much...
Last night I dreamt of her..dat she wanna kill me for she believes dat I m the one who played wid her life..I was so scared..even I had a gun in my hand..par I cudnt point in her direction...rather dan I dint ran away..may be my trust is still alive ...when she was bombarding wid was real paining..the pain in dose places are still dere wen m woke up..Now m really am sure that dese medis are taking thier toll..

Good day

take care

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Redefining relation

Sara..wanna marry on 14th Feb..


She lightened me up really..and I m started to redefine my relationship back to frnds ..coz i really enjoyed her frndship more than anything..and sum how I kno..she is comfortable wen she hears da word FRIEND rather than love..So be it..

And Deep in bottom I kno..I m still not over my son...aBut Sara did deserve sumthing special..coz she is really special to me...


I hate wen I don get to sleep

In The morning, When I checked in via my frnds account..she was gone ..gone from the orkut..may be orkut has certain problems..but I cudnt find her anywhere..I was so shocked..
She did uttered da word
"Chhorna kise kehte hai yeh ab dekhoge"
Now I really fear..did she meant it :(

Uff its pathetically sad...and how hard I wanna pen down a letter to her..asking for her forgiveness..not to talk to her again..but jus don wanaa end like dis..
Ireally don understand..when i confessed earlier to her..dat I did flirted wid her..oops it was written in my farmers italian..I think she dint got it den..but the way shereacted ...dO I deserve it..yeah may be i had some tricks on my gloves..but I don remember I used any to her..I confessed her my feeling..I cried for her..I drank, i slashed down my wrist...I don kno wat to do abt it...

I jus don understand..when i agreed to the fact that we wont be together..y she is thinking dat i played wid her...

I did called for it..I kno the exact words..I really penned down dat she can leave me..and even wen she was back...I wud hav eased her pain..but I knowingly dint stopped her..coz I really don kno ..wat will happen next in my life...
But I must confess..I dint took it well... :(..M I still not over ...
But i shud go on wid it
Coz I kno..she hates me now..and I kno I called for it..
Hope Almighty forgive me for wrathing her to leave me

God bless u son
Take care..

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Y I renamed my blog

The only reason to change the blog adddress is dat the ppl shudnt be taking this blog as an apology or desperate effort to get them back..i want that dis blog shud also perform the duty wat itz been for dat is keeping weblog :)


Who am I?

Who am I?

Two of my gud frnds
whom i really care about last day threw me a ques..
M i making joke outta dem ?

Here is da young gals response

All through this time when i was close to you, you played wid me...

Play wid her..My god
Think wats dis playing is worth for, I spent dozens of sleepless nite waiting to hear her response, when she was away,( yeah I know she wasnt away like dat wat she is now)..and she says m playing.. :O
Now I really dont kno, if i cant see her,I heard her voice only a few times, all the time i read her replies in messenger and replied wid my broken hand..she says m playing wid wats da trophy m getting outta it..if she admits dat she loves me and cares about me, Will i get a noble prize? or a olympic gold medal...all i ever anted to talk to her..coz i liked being wid her..not because she was heavenly beautiful..but she was da one who let out da kid in me..we really had a gud time wid all those h after s replacing r by l ..j by t..several called me insane..yet i happily took it..but I doon understand y she calling me traitor..all i had done is..i interactedwid her wid a purpose of getting frnd..not getting her love..Love ..lolz wats dis love stands for in internet..itz only time to dat we can ease the pain of the be ourselves..lolz she thot i planned to put her in my arms......

And dere is dis nice gal..wenever m low and crying she is dere wid helping hands..she had got her sum1..but yet she never given me any less treatment dan wat wud hav she given him too..she never failed to say me sorry after any big fight..and she always returned back to me..and wat m doing to her..nuffin..everytime i make her worried and come crying..I just used her a lot like my own diary to tell her all my secrets to comfort me...and i always used her as A TV set..whom i always say that she is making me one..but for last few days..I m getting real obsessed about her..may be i don kno her..i havnt seen her..may be dis curiosity is making me
..getting moire closer to her..and I really don understand ..y I m getting addicted of her?
Jus wen i expected to get an answer from her..dat who am I?..She gave her answer..

"plz :) dis is stupid i know but thr r things which r better not mentioned coz dey r bout the real me not bout sarah"
So ...
and m back again wid da same question" Who am I?"

In jus days whole of my world changed...let it be for some1s good..else..wats da use ?
Take care

Monday, January 15, 2007

deleting orkut :O now wat happened :O:P

Two of my frnd left me today
reason i made da joke out of dem

dey gone crying
n m her drinking
n deleting one more orkut account

i will get a diploma on deletion of da profiles


take care all
again itz paining me so hard..m a grt addict

my testimonies

ThE DAydrEamEr's Testimonials

Dunt ya bug me: so i get a chance to once again rite abt sourish..n dis time honey ill try ma best to write sumthin big enough..not as big as d one ya wrote for me..but bigger den ma last here i strt..well sourish...he is so dfrnt..his facade is so dfrnt frm his inner sourish...he wld luk lik dis kool types lik d one who wldnt care n no doubt he is kool but his inner him is so mch lik dis lovely guy full o passion to keep up wid his frds,n i luv d fact abt him dat he doesnt let ne o his frd feel alone...dis guy can talk forever widout ne reason...ya wuld feel dat his talks r kiddish but suddenly he wuld talk sumthin so intlignt n dat wuld deff take away d tht o him bein foolish..coz he s def not..he s ma cute n smart frd...i can tak to him forever...n i shld tel ya i hav grt fun talkin to him...esp when we bitch together..omg..its so mch o fun wid him..i hav neva understd it yet dat how can he owez maitain to b so kool even when hes in worst moods..hes sch a grt guy..luv ya owez honey..muah >:d<>

*~*~*~*~*Dewdr0p: FOR U BUDDHU!!!

I have a friend
Who is perfect for me...

He listens to all my problems
No matter how dumb they may be...

He likes himself for who he is
And never tries to change...

He tells me to be myself
And that I should never change...

He was shy on the phone
But he would still call...(is mein doubt hai khikhikhikhi)

And we would talk for hours
About nothing at all...

We would talk about love and life
And discuss what we wanted to be...

He knew just how I felt
And how happy I could be...

He listens to me patiently
But never judges what I do or say...

He helped with all my problems
And never went away...

I never once felt judged by him
How much that meant to me...

That I could tell him all my dreams
And he would listen to me...

My friend never goes and tells
What is dear to me...

He keeps it all bottled up inside
And doesn't spread it like a bee...

I am thankful for that friend of mine
Our friendship will never end! AMEN!

*~*~*~*~*Dewdr0p: Time is meant to be measured by the moments,
Not the seconds or the hours or the days.
It's how you spend it that matters most,
For time can be wasted in so many ways.

All the time in the world could be lost in a flash,
You never know just where the time will go,
So if you have people that you love in your life,
Use your time wisely and let them all know.

Make the best of life's moments...
What really matters at the end of the day
Is if you've made the best use of time,
And said everything that you've needed to say.

Don't sit just there waiting, you only live once! (1/7/2007)
remove hmmmmmm.....what 2 write about SOURISH
he is d most talkative guy i have ever seen ...but then again he will make u laugh even at nt so funny jokes...& thats exactly what i love about him......
we were classmates & unfortunately still are(guys dnt take it otherways).....but i still wonder how to define him...a careless & casual guy or a very sensitive & emotional person!!!!
but one thing is for sure...he is a damn good friend....a caring friend who is loved by all....
we fight everyday......we hate each other.....we r always trying to pull each others legs(though his fat legs r too heavy 4 me).....but i know u care sourish.....
thanx 4 being a friend.... (1/7/2007)

ś‡řãшЬèŗŕy: sourish karmakar.Nick DD[day dreamer].he is simple n cute.first time wen i met him on a comm,
i hardly talked to him coz for me he was nufin more than a flirt:)).but wen we grew closer,i came to know
that i was wrong.A vry innocent child was hidden inside him.n i started to luv playin n talikn with this kid:)
now lemme tell u guyz abt sum of his qualities:P
he is unique,brilliant,gr8 at writing poetries n stuff,he has got a vry gud sense of humor.he is vry jolly,
if he is in gud mood he can make the entire world laugh,he is vry sensitive.his innocent talks r appealing :)
he is cool tempered,handles every situation wid fun n calm.he has got a gr8 voice,he is protective,he'll neva
betray ya n last but not least.he is gr8 at pataofyin:P
dunno how to xpress ma feelings for him.sumtimes its hard to put into words the feelings that you go through.
for those who r thinkin oh shit she is in luv wid dd!:P don put our realationship into luv category.coz its indescribable:)

Bipin: He has a good sense of humor! He's completely effortless and finding a lighter side to every situation comes naturally to him! Cannot say i know him in & out but he's a NICE guy, genuine, well mannered and always around to lend his support! [Please note, all these qualities are very rare in guys these days!] Hey, keep spreading the cheer.. u rock 4 sure! (12/23/2006)

chatter box: Its aptly said that each friend brings out a new world in us ...a world which never existed before the person came in our life and very true in everyone's case whoever has met DD or atleast talked to him.

A very sweet person yet can be extremely nagging at times and a patient listener who can surprise one with fits of uncontrolled anger sumtimes... in short knowing him is like a reading a novel one doesnt know whts coming next until u turn the next page.

so one is actually curious to know him till the quest to know him goes on and sooner it seems neverending to most of the people and after sometime they do realise that its not that dey want to know him its because he knows his frds so wel that they always want to be with him ...
again in short complicated yet simple in his own ways.

hehehe but perspecpective varries from person to person ...
just dat thnks for being thr no matter wht nd not saying sorry coz its just a wrd nd u shdnt fall for wrds dat too frm others
love and luck
u know who:) (12/22/2006)

U knW wt ? :-D: ONe GuyZ wHoz jUZ PyZChYd OuT

BUt ztILl mEZ LikEZ Him 4 Wt hE iZ
nW hEz cAN B bTTr THouGH

Tani: A guy with a heart of gold. (12/17/2006)
Lolz she asked me wat will happen to her after 2 years
will she ever able to forget me

and i jus said a line dat hurts gals da most :P
she shut me off dat day only lolzz
God forgive me :)

Am not dat bad
M I?

take care

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