Friday, February 29, 2008

TAG...random things

Anjuli di tagged me...nd really..Writing 7 random things about me is really tough...


1)smoker..i have tasted nearly all brands and weeds :P and can gulp down a packet in hours..then also i don smoke from 9am to 6pm :P...

2) I have a fluent and yet uncontrollable bad mouth..main kab kya keh deta hoon kiski khich jaati hai..i really don kno..maine do baar apni supervisor ki bhi khich li thi..and he warned me..don try ur limit :D

3)Most of the time meri maar pit se phat ti hai..par fir bhi mai har teeesre chauthe din isi mein phas jata hoon...

4) i can mimick anyone so fast dat within few minutes i end up saying like the other person in any conversation :P and for that in my BTech days jus before my grand viva..whole of the dep teachers locked dem wid me..and had to mimick all of them... otherwise dey told me that i will be given a D :| so I mimicked dem nd scored a A was real fun..i left one teacher for the last whom i used to mimick the best..he was laughing and saying to others i kno m hard to mimick..and wen i mimicked hom..his wife ..another teacher...was in all blast followed by others...nd he quicky left the room..I got C in his subject :P

5) I m nearly dabba in all games...nd most of the time I used to be fielded in No Man's Land..then also ball always found me there was always another guy beside me to back me up and catch the uncaught :P

6) I m quite popular in married men's circle... :P
thanx to Naughty America :P

7)I am a proficient liar :P
nd most of the time get goofed up ki kab kab kise kise kya jhoot bola hai :P

that's all :P

Now ur turn..

Mahila morcha...oops Solitaire :P

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Death Moves in a Circle

I dont know wat to explain....
My helmet saved my head..but yesterday God was not that merciful with one of my Institute friend..
He was riding a bike on highway..where a truck hit him ..splattering is brains all over..and he was lying dere for more than four hours.. :( and was brought dead... :(
My hands are trembling...
God be merciful and let his soul rest in peace.

Plz frnds if not for ur own least sake for ur loved one..wear helmet and avoid highways unless necessary.....:|

I am scared..literally scared ... :|

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Last Saturday Night...

If that feminist comment hadn't been dere on my last post..I wudnt had broken my silence...
Everyone is interested to know wat here it goes.....

Last saturday..I was returning from a hotel after giving my juniors treat which was due for a long..I was riding on my bike..the road was decently empty..I was riding at a speed of 55 Kmph..suddenly a scooty whisked by my side..two girls were screaming and riding..they were pretty decent on a speed 60 or above...I was behind dem at a distance of 15 -20 m ..suddenly they stopped in the middle of road..since I was tracking the road and dere were no obstruction ..I hadnt expected such a halt all of a sudden..I applied my brakes...but the bike was getting closer to them..their rear mirror.. I think was focussed on their face..they were completely oblivious that I was going to crash on their scooty..still the gals were on a stop.. in the middle of the road..I had to forcibly crash skid my bike to another direction and in the process I went up in another direction..and hit hard..I literally skid a distance of 10 metres before banging my head on Lane impact so hard..that it broke my windscreen of the helmet and and helmet got tappered..and the shock caused a neck and back sprain ..apart from other minor bleeding injuries..if I hadnt wore any helmet...then I think there wudnt been any comment on those stupid bitches who drove away hastily not even checking whether I am alive or not..I lied there still... for a minute or two before accessing whether me and my pillion rider was OK or not..Thank god ! he was OK too..Right now I had been prescribed a battery of meds and a neck wig...but m OK was nuffin that serious ..upto now ..wat I think.. :)

On the comment that wat if my mother , sister, my girlfrnd or my best frnd was riding in front..I just have to say if u had been in my situation or if I hadnt wore any helmet..i don think u wudnt had drawn the same analogy...and one more thing i want to add up...if the rider wud had been my mother sister..or my gf or bst frnd... I don think so.. that they wud had drove away..widout checking on me..that m alive or not... whether I need any medical attention or not...Aneways..
I am is my pillion rider and so are the two dumbheads.. who were not even wearing any helmet apart from being dumb on road safety guidelines if i wud had crashed on them....I don kno abt me but ....u cud have found dem in hospital for sure...

Thank God! I am alive..and I urge u all.. to wear helmet..becoz if it hadnt been on my head that day..the impact wud had wedged my head in two halves.....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We Met and We Parted

Hope my silence will express it better than my words...
And the funniest part...I don hav any one to blame...
She asked for two months..and I m giving her the two..
One thing that I will surely miss... saying "I love you"

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's day

Jai Siya Ram

** Hope by reading the above..Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sainiks..won't kick the stomach outta my blog :D **

Happy valentine's day to all of u and especially to my sweetheart ..who is right now giving false direction to every software enthusiast...and she is so damn irritated that I kno one more mess wid her..she will kick out everyone...but I kno in evening wen she will read it she will be happy like anything
Muaaah Shweetheart !! I love you vey much :P

Just before now I was in Police station to take out one of my juniors who was with her girlfriend wen bajrang dal hit them... and Police wanted to call their parents but before that he told them to call me...and I have to rang all my contacts so that they dont register any case against him on any charges....God!! kahi bhi privacy nhi hai world mein...........

I just dont understand wat the hell people have to celebrate the suicide of a saint and moreover even they dont kno why he died...No!! I m not saying ki that u sit in ur home on dis day fearing the ultra culture preventive morons..but wat i say..why take trouble if you can spend a very cosy moment anetime wid ur love except this day...364 days out of 365 days u hav the time to love and spend ur cosy moment..y the heck u have to spend dose on this day...
I jus cant understand the need of it...
enjoy the most everybody..but for god sake dont mess up wid dose people coz it feels ridiculous to get bitten in front of ur girlfriend and den also spending ur nex moments for ur parents in police station

Happy valentine's day
Love n carez

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Money has wings :P

Two days before , I became richer by 63k fellowship of my PhD for past 5 month jus checked in...I was very happy :P
Then I came to kno that every one remebered my promises dat i made..
Party..fellowship toh aane de ..pakka se..:P Now the list is of 25 person with each one personally invited himself and I m expecting a bill of no less than 4k :|
I promised to give back 25k to Papa that he spent extra for my new bike.
I was thinking ahh it all okies still 30ks left...but the way i spent 1400 in two days...I m afraid dat dey wont be dere for more...
oh haan! I promised Mom dat i will give her a gold bracelet dat she once desired for ..dats no less dan 20 k...she reminded me yesterday indirectly and den blushed and said " no beta..tum apne liye kharch karo :) " ..dat was real sweet and if not for anything she desreve dis bracelet only for this..and listening to it..didi also got a revelation that she don't want any DV cam..but a similar thing that i promised to that the gold can stay wid her all the time :P and become priceless :P so the 63ks are about to be gone widout any wait..sooner if not soon :P for my nanopod ..I think I hav to wait for my second installment :P..I m praying to God to make it happen soon :P

Sunday, February 03, 2008

A walk wid my Memories

This was one more pending tag..and since the tagging girl Tani is the pretty-most soul of the world ..there was no way for refusal ..Naah! :P The tag's so lovely that no one can really refuse it..Since there is no rule over here..I shudn't be tagging any one..but since m the rule breaker and I know some more beautiful soul..who wud give justice to the tag..I m tagging my sweetheart Saraah, A cute big gal who treat me as her kid and gives lots of puchchiss :P ..yeap... Anjuli Di, My sweetoo sis Clouds, Cutie cry pie Nishu, Master of words who is always too busy Zahid, too scintillating Cinderella who may post this tag in some one else's comment box :P so please search it, the great Fatttebaz and the role model of every 5 point sumone Abhishek and my sweetest junior Kunal and Niraj .


Life 10 years ago: It was lovely..having a sweetheart who is sweeter like a candy and beautiful like rose makes your life really wonderful..I was a goon type fella..spending most of the time on fields playing cricket or football which I was pathetic in both but since I used to pay for the balls in both game, I was always the part of the team, I used to field in all position means actually wat used to happen wenever I used to miss any ball...the cap used to send me to another place but the batsman always found me even if m out of the football I was centreback..and my main role was to hit the guys rather than the balls :P ..My god hehhehee ..I can't stop laughing..I was the hitman of the club and used to attend every oder fight and my whole body had blue my evening was all cute wid her. Pehla Nasha...was her favrite and we used to hear it always on her walkman whid one earplug in mine and one in her ears and used to sit hours gossiping.. LIfe was all tension thinking for the future..fultoo masti.. :-)

Life 5 years ago : I was in Engineering..lots of dreams..complete independence, fst time hostel, leading strikes..agitations, threatening and being threatened by local gundas, hotels, pubs, teasing classmates, lobbying, senti marna, har ladkiyon ko dekh kar aanhein bharna, smoking..It was all fun yet there was a silent void of her and a silent fear of wat the future will hold for me...But was fun in overall

Life a year ago: I was on completion of my Master's in Technology, so gripped wid worries for the future, pleading n crying most of the time to her to love me, Trying hard getting over wid loosing one more sweetest part of my life...amidst there were lots of farewell treats, trips to McD ...lots of shopping...craze in music collection..trying new experiments..solving peoples trouble icluding sexual one's...overall a mixed experience

Life Tomorrow: Don't know of now life has been a little miserable to me but was more or less supportive and always presented wid new options..So my faith in fate was never We are not here because of the choices we have to make but due to the choices we I jus wish that watever choice I make..God be supportive of me .Amen!!!

5 snacks i enjoy: Lays Chips, Grilled chicken sandwich, McD McMaharaj Burger, Eggrolls are my weakness and so is French toasts.. m not fan og golgappes and chats...though I never leave a chance to have dem :-P

5 locations I'd like to run away to: A calm seabeach as that showed in Leonardo's The beach, Smallville if that place exists :P, a calm fall in a calm forest, Antarctica amidst the Penguins :P and since m away from Home for so longeven if m getting all of those option , i wud love to run away to my home anetime :P

5 bad habits I have: Smoker..believe me u can't quit it, Spilling food on my clothes :-| , Believing each n every one, a very lazy person and a daydreamer coz I rarely sleep at nite ...

5 things I like doing: Good food is my weakness, Reading n researching new things, Listening to Music, Talking to her and calling her again n talking to her :P

5 things I will never wear: Typical ladki type question ... may be Thongs, G-strings, skirts, saree n the list goes on... :-P (hehehehe..normally I don have choices on my Men's wear :P )

5 biggest joys at the moment: Being Loved by her, parents, didi , friends, and earning lot of bucks (though rite now waiting for the money to come :P)

5 things I don't like: Overconfidence, air of proud, reaching on time, being criticized by lames, and treated like junk

Something to achieve next year: Completion of my Doctoral work so dat I can prepare for welcoming her as my future wife and becoming a support for my family.

Something impacted me last year: Some one who meant a lot to me walked out of my life for no reason on my birthday and became the one who hates me like hell.. :(

What I'll miss about 2007: I never expected anything more out of that year that the year had given to m not missing anything as everything is well protected in my memoirs :)

5 Things I wanna do before I die:
1. Loving her n marrying her
2. Raising Kids
3. Giving every happiness that my parent's desired of.
4. Earning lots of fame
5. Para-gliding

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