Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another 'Nonsense' Post

I have been wanting to update my blog for quite a long time.

I wanted to write on rising price of LPG, the Delhi Gangrape case and even on equity research but never found the right encouragement to do so.

I have written a post on Rape and Capital punishment, a long time back. I have written a post on Rising Prices that too a long time back. So repeating to gather traffic to blog seems so stupid nowadays. Then there is the Masterchef India episode...but that is going to be some other day.

So question is ...What I am going to write today ?

Answer is : IDK

Country is already gone to hell.. My life is running good... Although there is a void in my heart but I will let the blood fill that up for now...

I met one old blogger in someone's Facebook timeline,...deliberately insulting me for writing nonsensical things ... I remember I used to admire her once when I was a blog-licker ( Used to visit everyone..keep them in blogroll to motivate them to read my blog).. She seemed good at that time.. I remember being her Facebook friend too.. but then she was writing all about growing tomato-potato in her was getting too hard to read all those gardening things. Most of the bloggers that time were females.. (well Male bloggers like me write nonsensical I never visited them except few) she being a female, was very popular among bloggers or may be was surrounded by too many she started behaving arrogant and I stopped visiting..she unfriended me from Facebook ...and that was grudges..

But few months back one of my blogmate wrote something about me in quite an insulting manner...She is a dear friend.. Seriously speaking.. it was very insulting..she could have chosen to inform me in private messages if she was annoyed with some game request that I didn't send her intentionally ...but she chose to do the otherwise...and then.......... there was the 'like' and another insulting laugh 'LOL' as comment of the gardening lady...I wanted to give a sound reply but then I simply said 'Sorry'..Part of that was my soft corner for my friend and another part was my girlfriend who said not to get in some silly fights that I am known to pick quite often...

Last night, the gardening lady did that again.. I was pissed was very late at night when I received that comment.. so it was quite disturbing....I don't know what made her say that as I was not talking to her and was not at all thinking even to do that...

I think I should dedicate this nonsensical post to her for old time sake. I hope  my friend pass her the message and if she also agrees with her then she can always 'unfriend' once it was Ok..twice it is still bearable but the next time I will not be "Nice" because seriously speaking I don't give a shit to that Gardening lady's existence in this virtual or real world.

PS: if you  are tired of reading nonsense..Don't come back again.. I am not a nice person :)

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