Thursday, August 14, 2008


Me so want to post something..but can't think of a single line....I think this is wat is called as writer's block...hehehe ...only if I call myself writer :P

But tomorrow is Independence day 15th August....
So Happy Independence day to u all. May India prosper forever....

Jai Hind....Jai Bharat.

And Day after Rakhsabandhan.... on 16th August
So my dearest wish to all my sisters... Here is lil good will sign..

that I've designed for you please copy it and keep it with urself..but only if u wish so....

Sucharita- my sweet didi
Ananya- My sweetest lil sis
Keshi- My naughty sissy..
Anjuli Di - Meri Bhulakkad Didi
Kash Di- Meri Busy didi..
Arti Di- Meri storywriter and innniiii intelligent didi ....
Pallo - My sweet behna...
Meghna - My cutie pie....
Deya- My busy lil sis....

Look I've managed to write so many things :P...

love u all..will meet u all after the weekend..:)


  1. Wow !

    Dude, as much as this was a super cute post I will hafta say first that the template is awesome !!

    Loved it, but pink ? For a guy ? But its lovely none-the-less.

    Now about the post. Happy independence to you too yaar. And happy raksha bandhan ! BHagwan teri raksha har jagah kare.The pic was cute.

    Kemon achish ?

  2. Happy independence din to u!!!

    Template yaar, mujhe bhi koi sites bata..i need to change mine:P:P bore ho gayi hun..dekh dekh ke..!

  3. Cindi

    Thx for liking the post...and the template :)
    Pink..yeah I kno it ain't a guy color..but aneways i find pink as lovely as blue..and moreover background as pink..u can experiment a lot with fonts and for quite a few days it will be pinky pinky here... :P

    and very happy independence day to u....and bhagwan teri bhi raksha har jagah kare and tujhse bhi kare :P

    Bhalo achhi ache barite so tension free aftaa long time :)

    tor ki khobor...???
    Love n carez

  4. Aqua gurl...

    Happy azaadi day to u too :P

    aur yeh template maine khud design kiya hai...and mere template normally main khud hi design karta hoon..html se...bolo toh tumhara bhi kar doonga..par fees lagegi :P

  5. hehehe....fees....chal done:P

    pehley design karke de...phir fees sending:P:P

  6. awwww now how very sweet is that! HUGGGGGGGGGZ Bro! ty for including me too :) so chweeeeeet!

    So does this mean I cant hit on ya? LOL!


  7. aqua gurl :P

    mereko dumbo samjha hai :P

    pehle feees deal kar phir template :P

  8. Sisssyyyyy

    u r welcome..
    btw it is easy to hit on a brother
    and more better..wen u can have me close ..y u need to hit :P


    no hitting..m ur lil bro..fix a girl for me..that's the only rite u have apart from showering love for me :P

  9. U can hit me with a stick..not with the charm

    that's wat it means :P

  10. that was a sweet post :)
    and i like the template, even if it is pink :D

  11. Happy independence day....

    now should I see this as being your independence too!!!!! (refering to pink template :P)
    (take it in joking spirit ok! - dont go ballsitic on me)

    and what/how do you plan to do raksha of all these behenas????

    and yes I miss my parents - been a while I have seen them....sure when mom is home...things are kewl...

  12. Itni saari online behne???????
    WAAH! Then you will have lots of online rakhis and you have to send them lots of online gifts!

  13. Have a SUPER weekend!!!!

    Love your background!


  14. Sol mentioned something abt u hv to give ur sisters pressies too? lol why did u avoid that bit my sweet bro? I want my pressieeeeeeeeee! Now dun be cheesy and say my pressie is u!


  15. LEna

    thanx for the post and for the templae..
    wat's with the pink :-s

  16. Ceedy

    yeh sabko pink se kya dushmani hai...kisne kaha ki sirf ladkiyan hi pink pasand karti hai :|
    Elvis bhi toh karta tha :|

    raksha of Behna :-s
    is this a packaged deal... :O
    thinking of hiring a hitman gang to protect them :P

    and I can mere ghar pe bhi it's like 7 years after she is staying so long...

  17. Sneha

    kisi ne bhi abhi tak online rakhi hi nhi bheji..aur keshi ko dekho present bhi mang rahi hai :P

    btw mujhe behen banane ka bahu shauk hai..apne age se 2 sall choote tak flirting age ..uske kam mein most of them se main ya duur rehta hoon ya behne bana leta hoon and mujhse se badi hui toh didi auto ho jati hai :P

  18. Sissyyy...

    read the above part fst :P
    u have to send me a rakhi fst duffer :P
    then I will send ya ur pressieeeeeee:P

    and me as pessie :O

    hhehehe no way...though I may have a trip to ya home soon ..m planning a NZ trip...hope I get a aussie visa too

  19. sometimes i feel the same, i wanna wrote a something and nothing is coming, but, sometimes, while reading through different blogs or even looking through the windows u might come up with some souvenirs to write a post, does not mean it will the best u ever wrote but it s better than be bored ;) I recently managed to wrote a looong post thanks to a ...Pigeon! see everything is possible! ;)

  20. cess...

    I agree yeah sumtime ..even the tiniest earthworm can give u the inspiration...

    but me in non writer's block..I hope I get pass it soon :P

    I will defn read that post of u :)


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