Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cinnamon Poached chicken with Honey dressing

Lately, I am so engrossed in  cooking beautiful delicacies... I am always thankful to the God that I am free from any food allergy.. So I cook what I want ...but then all of us are not so fortunate.. My dad and sister can't eat prawns..many of friends cannot have eggplants..Since, it is a very selective allergy people tend to avoid them and stay better but some of us are not that fortunate. Recently, I heard one little girl has a rare form of food allergy..Docs have kept her in a tightly bound food routine..

But then, some of my friends started an initiative for that little girl by preparing  beautiful delicacy with the items she is allowed to eat.

So I decided to wear my thinking cap to cook something wonderful for her...

Cinnamon poached Chicken with Honey dressing..

Ingredients :
Cinnamon -2 sticks
Bay leaves - 2
Sugar - 1 tsp
Chicken - 200 gms
Ginger- 1 inch julienned
Shallot - 1 finely chopped
Black pepper powder- 1 tsp
Olive oil - 1 tbsp
Honey 2 tbsp
Cucumber- salad dressing

The procedure of cooking :

In a vessel, poach some chicken with cinnamon sticks, Bay leaves, salt , sugar, grated ginger and pinch of black pepper powder..15 minutes poaching time is good..

When it is poached, then shred the chicken into bits using a knife and fork.Take 2 tbsp of stock and throw the rest away..

In a pan..heat some olive , caramelize the hallots , julienned ginger with black pepper and pinch of salt.. Once it is done..Pour the poached chicken shreds on it and stir fry it for 1 minutes....then pour the 2 tbsp of stock saved earlier and let it cook till the water dries up in high heat...

Cinnamon Poached chicken with Honey and cucumber dressing
Once, it is ready..plate it in with cucumber salad and Pour 2 tbsp of honey on it just before the serving...

If you go by my personal experience, the flavor of ginger, cinnamon and honey created a beautiful explosion of flavor...

PS: This is my personal signature dish... You are allowed to copy and cook but not copy and post :)

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