Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My naked life isn't shit

Ya my naked life isn't shit. Do you think I am a nudist?
You can say that. Not in the clothing sense but the transparency I want in this society.
We are scared of the Indians and Islamist hardcore terrorists.Yes you need to be but hey don't you think that the killings in Vietnam, Kashmir and Iraq are much more compared to WTC,the famous 9/11. What it resulted more killings.
What a irony, avenging a killing resulted in more killing and more killing.Post Iraq no. of American soldiers dead is far greater than the WTC and what it resulted more killings. Isn't it funny.Avenging a death by another death.
I will like to use this webspace to create transparency, to tell the truth in a transparent way.
Not only in case of terrorism and it's fight, but transparency in everything.
Let the naked truth come out.

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