Thursday, August 21, 2008

I ......

It's the last tag pending...and guess is by Cindy again...I fink the only game she was so good in her kidhood was tag tag :P...but this is a good tag...hmmm naah ...why m i doing it now...yeah it was pending..but right now I don't want to write anything...coz I can't write anything...I m in Non writer's block :P..Non writer's block is a block which only happens to those who pose to write but mostly end up writing craps... :P ....oh how the hell I kno?? becoz now people don't drop here anymore..and I seldom feel like writing goody good...but as like before I need to find a pic for the tag....since this tag is kinnda HR interview...

Heheheheh this pic suits well...

Here it goes Cindy!! the last pending tag of u..dedicated to u and all the HR guys and gals I kno :P...

I am : Myself.
I think : Never Ever.. ok :P.. Better I plan a lot :P
I know : Nothing but pretend well abt knowing everything :P
I want : to be millionaire if not a billionaire.
I have : my family and strong values.
I wish : I was handsome.
I hate : liars.
I miss : her
I fear : being judged.
I feel : lonely.
I hear : the silence.
I smell : right now my's an imported Italian .
I crave : good food.
I search : happiness.
I wonder : why only few gals amuse .. why m i attracted to every other gal :P?
I regret : loosing her.
I love : kids.
I ache : when I've nothing to do.
I am not : superman..I have feelings too
I believe : one day I will be counted among the greats.
I dance : a lot..m a wild dancer :P.
I sing : until the listener runs away scared with his hands on his ears.
I cry : when I get hurt..and that too a lot.
I don’t always : have same mood.
I fight : a lot.
I write : mostly craps.
I win : most of the time...I don't like loosing
I lose : to my love.
I never : want to leave this beautiful world.
I always : shall be there.
I confuse : that if I make a relation why the other don't stick to it.
I listen : to my inner self.
I can usually be found : sitting in front of a comp or sleeping like a log.
I am scared :of death.
I need : to focus.
I am happy about : every good thing in the world.
I imagine : my fst sex :P.. Seriously m a virgin :D
I tag : No one ...coz no one reads it and leave alone completed my tags before :P

So feel free if u want to take up the tag.....

one thing I want to add in the end :P

I m the Darklord :P

**One contender wants to get be it....Aqua gurl..u r tagged :P **


  1. noone reads you? thats the biggest lie i have heard today!!!!!!!!! *angry look*

    you wonder why you are attracted to girls? Would you wonder less if you were attracted to boys? :P

    and whats that about writing crap?? Grrrrrrrrrrr

    **leaving angry**

  2. Lena


    don't get so angryyyyyyyyyyyy...actually it's not u :P
    it's my frnd Lena whose talking here...frnd lena see every crap as useful flow of words :P


    thanks for lifting up my spirits...
    u inspire me to write the wahy I write ...i m talking abt those sections where i din't wrote craps :P


    **hugz again**

  3. lol
    then I wudn't wonder at all if i were attracted to boys...coz i wud had been then busy cleaning up :P


    my god..I never thot of that :P thank god m attracted to gals :P

  4. arrey wah sourish, love the new background....i think somebody was going to help me wid backgrounds...remember!!

    very sweet tag, nice to read, get to know more about you:P:P

    whats with this "non writers blog"...arrey yaar, agar tu complain karney lagega toh i dunno how much should i complain at the no visits thing....par chalta hai naa...some days you get busy and can;t visit often.
    I think i visit you blog very every day....kaphi nahi hai kya?

    tu kaisa hai....??? me is good..busy and sahi:)

  5. forgot to mention, i like this template more than all the previous!

  6. an interesting and curious wrap-up of the self...darklord as in voldemort??? are you that talented?:P

    me blogrolling you too.

  7. Hey you!! I read you all the time! So I am with Lena Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

    You do not write crap, I would not come over here If you did! Silly!!

    And hmmmmm I hope you are saying "why do you like girls and not Real Women" right????? LOL!! HAHA!
    I love your blog Sourish keep on writing I am away a lot more than I have ever been.. but I still come by to check on ya! at the end of this month I am going away for a couple of months soooooooo don't forget me and I will be here when I find a lappy to get on!!okay?????

    Be good and you did this post great!! The True Sourish!!


    p.s This is my New blog now..
    and it is NOT private LOL!!

  8. oye.....kidhar ho tum eh? u were like gayab n then u say koi padta nahi.....

    anyways nice tag.....n i read it n so did teh other ppl who commeneted here.....hehhehe

    chill maar yaar....ciao

  9. Nicely done!

    **becoz now people don't drop here anymore..

    I do. Even tho I wanna hit u sometimes LOL!

    **I feel : lonely.

    why do u feel lonely when ur big-mouth sis Keshi is here all the time?



  10. Lots of products available on Short and Sweet for those who have sex on their mind..

    Condoms se lekar Dildo tak!

  11. Aqua gurl...

    arre yaar yeh template blogger ka hi hai..pick new template mein bahut saare dhang k templates hai...
    arre non writer's block...arre kisne kaha ki main writer hoon...teen din se ek kavita likhne k chakkar mein dimaag ka dahi ho gya....fir bhi log agar mujhe writer kahe toh dukh hota hai ..hai na :P

    aur regular visit..arre waah...btw main bhi aata hoon regular waha :P


    main thik hoon re...tera toh skool khulne wala hai..homework work sab kar lena nahi toh murga bana denge tereko toronto mein :P..hehehhe


  12. aqua gurl..

    tujhe tag karna tha kya :O

    hmmmmm ruk aaj kar deta hoon :P

  13. basu..

    arre darklord..voldemort wala nhi starwars ka Sith type :P

    bhool gya bade dark lord ko :P

    thx for blogrolling man :)

  14. Ne...

    ahh i forgot frnd is crapometer :P
    and since u come here regularly means me not write craps...hehehheheeh

    and don get real nowadays my visitors count has dropped I was worried...aneways now since u people are with me ...I m happy again :P

    and 2 where in the world u r going :O
    take a vacation to india ...then if u had that much time :)
    and i wont forget ya so doncha worry...and I will blogroll this new account too... :P

  15. Princess..

    roj hi toh tumhare blog pe aata hoon..aajkal waha bheed bahut hai..isiliye najar nhi aata shayad tumhe....

    thx re ..sab aate hai na toh kuchh acha karne ko bhi mann karta hai :)

  16. Sissy :P

    hehehe..I m not complaining anyfink abt you...coz i kno even if i wud had wrote craps my sisssy will always be there...


    and u r not bigmouthed..u r actually big eyed :P

  17. Sneha :O

    yeh sab bhi milta hai waha :O

    arre mujhe toh kabhi nhi dikha :O

  18. LOL !!! Buddy I loved the pic !!! Awesome...tu bhi kamaal kidda hai !!!

    I loved the,

    I never : wanna leave this beautiful world.

    How true ! A very handful realsie it is a beautiful world out there, and fewer enough to want to live in it. Most of us are escapists. I admit being a lil of it at times.

    And I wouldnt cajole you over why you said you write crap cz all the girls here have raised that issue how about I say, I like reading your crap,eh ?!!

    I love the template btw. Tor khobor ki ? Aunty acche na chole gellam ?

  19. awwww..

    and why d u say u wish u WERE handsome? from wut I see, u ARE handsome!

    Send me a pic pf ur's..duh! cos Im calling u bro and I hvnt even seen u prolly..not that it matters, but it wud be nice to check if ur bro-material or hunk-material that I can hit on? lol!


  20. Cindy bhindi...

    pehle tu yeh bata tu hai kaha...

    aajakal mere blog par dikhti hi nhi..kaha busy hai???


    and abt the pic...heheheh wo I kno me a great in finding craps..and since we both are sick Ikno aur kisi ko aaye na aaye mujhe pasand aaya hai toh tujhe toh aayega hi :P


    maa achhe ree..she will prolly leave on 14th nex month..nowadays m also getting fatter eating homecooked food :P

    and sachi the world is very beautiful..the sense of feeling smell seeing hearing tasting speaking to let out emotion..crying smiling...yeh kahaq milega..we human are the luckymost soul of the world and i have heard even the god envy us :)

    and once gain tu kaisi hai and kaha hai aajkal :O ??????????????

  21. wat was that sissyyyyyyyyy

    bro like or hunk like :P


    I m not gonna show u x-(..

    btw this pic is all why do u think it's hanging there for so it's the only one which came good :P


  22. lol omg I didnt know my bro was a con-artist?



  23. con- artist:O

    i watched a movie it was con-air :O

    it was convicts on an airplane...

    then con-artist shud mean.. convict on an artist...if m the artist whose on me..and if m the con then i m on who..

    I hope better that con or artist is female :P

  24. Millionaire - dollars or rupees :P

    need to know if I am designing your house :)

    and how do you listen to your inner self? whats the station I tune into....

    and you need to buy a camera before you Focus...sorry dude there goes some of your millions (i meant millions of pixels)

    and I agree I dont read your post - I mean they are absolutly horrible and atrocious...(yehi sunna tha na)

  25. And was the "i" tag inspired by Aai being home...

  26. oooo.....nice...thanks to di....but app unki itni taang kyon khichte ho :/

    Accha.....BTW< y did u change the layout....mujhe pehle wala pasand tha....and yea....rakhi bhaj rahi hoonn....knw thodi der se but theek hai na....and gift????

  27. yeeeee....i like i like....

    abhi dekh kaise complete karti hun:P:P

    thnks for tagging:P:P

  28. Main isi dharti par hu yaar, aur rahi baat dikhne ki, main toh apne page par hi nahi deikhti aur kaha kaise dikhun duffer ?!!!

    main thik hu...hope the same with you...

  29. Ceedy bhai

    millionaire banoo ya na banoo..ghar toh aap hi ko design karni hai..

    focus k liye camera :O
    hawww i never thot abt it..yeh mega pixel one....millionaire in thoughts :P

    and chahe kitna bhi horrible kiun na likhooo..u have to come and read it every time u have to come n read it...bhai k liye itna toh karna hi hoyega:P

  30. ceedy bhai..
    I n aai n bhai..heheh lovely combination and lovely thots :P

  31. meghna..

    tumhari di ki itne pyari pyari tang dekh kar resist nhi hota :P


    aankh band kar le tere umar se jyada nhi sochna :P

    and rakhi bhejing.???

    phele miling fir gift bhi jaying :P
    aur rakhi k din k time ka post dekh duffer...tere liye kinna acha sa gift design kiya tha :|

    dekha bhi nhi tune :|

  32. aqua gurl...

    life mein dusri aisi ladki itna khush hai tag paker...ek cindy aur duji tu....

    ruk tujhe aur bhi tag bhejta hoon :P

    ab jaldi se complete karke dikha :P

  33. Cindy

    tu apne page par nhi dikhti toh iska matlab yeh nhi ki tujhe yaha nhi dikhna selfless duffer :P fine re..tu inna sanyasini kiun ban gyi..pallavini tu thik hi tha... :P

  34. Copyright that title "I n Aai n Bhai" - Vidhu Vinod Chopra might just use it for Munnabhai 4 :)

  35. arrrre bhai aisa kya :O

    ruko main aaj hi isse copyrite karta hoon :P

  36. omg thats so con-fusing lol!


  37. haan re, jaldi karti hun:D:D keep checkin!!

  38. hehehehehe

    sissy I love con-fusion...especial wen the con is female so I wud love to have a fusion with her :P

  39. Aqua gurl..

    main toh tumhara blog roj hi check karta hoon :P

  40. fusion with her? hope u dun get con-catenated with her lol!


  41. con cat e nation :P..did ya meant con cat in it the cat woman..halle berry..I wud love to have a con cat like her :P

  42. darklord eh? can i call u P lord , dats somthn u use a lot. he he. heyya thnkx 4 blogrolling. but, karate kid ? don i hv a beauuuutiful name...y don u use dat uh. :(

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. hehehe :P
    P lord :P


    u can call me anyfink u like....

    if ur talking abt the beautiful name of enchanted illusionz ..I fink the karate kid suits u more better :P

  45. lol and u end up with a woman somehow!



  46. Sissyyy

    It is contra-diction....and do u kno ??
    abbreviated dick in action means diction...and using a contraception with it it... actually becomes contradiction...

    so me with a woman is a contradiction :P

  47. shant:O

    bas busy hun re...time nahi milta...kaphi time online rehne:(

  48. kaam mein busy thi re...abhi next week se toh aur bhi rare ho jaongi idhar:P


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