Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The flight of my life

I came just from Keshi's Blog after reading an amazing post "Black Box"...and here are few questions that were asked there...and am sharing the answers of the questions with the questions...
Just to give a small is about whether we had ever taken a decision that is so different from the general flow of thinking and whether if we had accepted the outcome with any regrets or not.....
Flight symbolizes the Decision and the Crash symbolizes  the failure....and I will lil bit elaborate the answers too

If your 'flight' were to end all of a sudden, what would it's Black Box Recording read? 

It will sound like...
"Bachao Bachao!..m gonna crash...
oops no one can understand hindi...
Mayday!! Mayday!! ... flight life is gonna my ass ..sourish..don't panic at least u flew..think of the other who never flew before their death...stop it asshole...I m dying before anyone cud hear my flight...ahhhhh why the fuck plane maker fitted a blackbox ..son of bitches cud had fitted a spare parachute instead ...why the hell flight life doesn't have ejecting seat....and why the hell it's crashing....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boooooooom"

Really u will find this only I fear death more than anything...and I hate failures and I m always afraid of the failure still it never kept me out of jumping into troubles and taking bold steps

Did you fly at all, or were you on ground?

I flew defn...ask the local police and my college..they will tell u I flew a Boing 747  :P but nowadays I fly in my own imagination..waiting for the rite time to fly away in space in my rocket.

I was the main leader behind two of college strikes and in one strike regarding destruction of property and was booked under 7 Cases of Indian penal code (IPC) and then too I never stopped...even wen every time my ass was on line of rustication ...but it's lovely  to be ahead of a crowd following you...

 Did you experience the heights to know what the depths were?

People realize this feeling just before they crash...otherwise they always remain busy appreciating the beauty of heights .. and I crashed a lot :P..I shud be named just after Mr. Launchpad McQuack fav disney ducktales character :P

I had taken several decision that were detrimental...but sumhow I always managed to get out in  I fink the gracious god and the lady luck is with who is afraid of getting crashed..but believe me..I plan a lot..and that's the only thing that kept me out of troubles outta my regular decisions ..:P

Did you reach the pinnacle of every moment somehow, or did you not fly cos you feared a crash?

I've been in "Flight Love" more than 10 times and right now planning to get aboard the 11th ..what's ur guess the answer can be

Yeah it is correct. I've been in love for so many times and I regard myself as lucky to get so many good things in life including some of the most beautiful soul as my love..though they dumped me everytime..but I've all their beauty trapped inside my memoirs and I never forgot any of them nor did I kept them in my bad books..and I never stopped searching for another perfect soul...and believe me each time u have love in ur life a lot of moral character development happens and it improvises and purifies ur soul to be a better human being ...


Or did you touch the rainbows that your soul could ever reach, and then descend in grace when things were not meant to be?
I crashed ..I survived..and still I had every flight recordings safely stored in my memoirs with the same beauty while I was experiencing the flight...i fink the answer is yes..

Did you fly, swim, dive, climb, walk or sometimes did not move at all when you just couldn't?

if u see My flight fine record (that m talking about all those failures in love and life )...I've dived a thousand times :P

Did you go with the flow or did you just evade the flow altogether, in doubt and fear?

I m  a person..who always go with the flow with some occasional upstream swimming and that too more than often :p

What do you make out of this post? I'd love to know...... :)


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy birthday Didi..

Today is my elder sister's (Sucharita Karmakar's ) happy birth day :P

so please wish her loads of happiness

"May god bless u with all those happiness that u have asked for and will ask...and give u strength to fight against all the woes of life... "

Love you a lot..

Happy birthday once again didi...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I ......

It's the last tag pending...and guess is by Cindy again...I fink the only game she was so good in her kidhood was tag tag :P...but this is a good tag...hmmm naah ...why m i doing it now...yeah it was pending..but right now I don't want to write anything...coz I can't write anything...I m in Non writer's block :P..Non writer's block is a block which only happens to those who pose to write but mostly end up writing craps... :P ....oh how the hell I kno?? becoz now people don't drop here anymore..and I seldom feel like writing goody good...but as like before I need to find a pic for the tag....since this tag is kinnda HR interview...

Heheheheh this pic suits well...

Here it goes Cindy!! the last pending tag of u..dedicated to u and all the HR guys and gals I kno :P...

I am : Myself.
I think : Never Ever.. ok :P.. Better I plan a lot :P
I know : Nothing but pretend well abt knowing everything :P
I want : to be millionaire if not a billionaire.
I have : my family and strong values.
I wish : I was handsome.
I hate : liars.
I miss : her
I fear : being judged.
I feel : lonely.
I hear : the silence.
I smell : right now my's an imported Italian .
I crave : good food.
I search : happiness.
I wonder : why only few gals amuse .. why m i attracted to every other gal :P?
I regret : loosing her.
I love : kids.
I ache : when I've nothing to do.
I am not : superman..I have feelings too
I believe : one day I will be counted among the greats.
I dance : a lot..m a wild dancer :P.
I sing : until the listener runs away scared with his hands on his ears.
I cry : when I get hurt..and that too a lot.
I don’t always : have same mood.
I fight : a lot.
I write : mostly craps.
I win : most of the time...I don't like loosing
I lose : to my love.
I never : want to leave this beautiful world.
I always : shall be there.
I confuse : that if I make a relation why the other don't stick to it.
I listen : to my inner self.
I can usually be found : sitting in front of a comp or sleeping like a log.
I am scared :of death.
I need : to focus.
I am happy about : every good thing in the world.
I imagine : my fst sex :P.. Seriously m a virgin :D
I tag : No one ...coz no one reads it and leave alone completed my tags before :P

So feel free if u want to take up the tag.....

one thing I want to add in the end :P

I m the Darklord :P

**One contender wants to get be it....Aqua gurl..u r tagged :P **

Monday, August 18, 2008

Independent --- Is it really a big question...???

***The Post has Disturbing Images***

Just few minutes back..I was there in Keshi's blog...where she put up a very good post about the humanity and why it is greater than nationality and then it was followed by questions of which one question that hit me was are we Independent...?????

I have been asked this question for long...People discuss it on roadside, coffee tables, office lunch hours, even one of my ex gfs asked me this ques on a romantic escapade that we were having... and every time I just get fumed up wen I get to hear the replies like...oh man we needed to be in british control cause they built this and they built that or are we really free..our govt is doing this...and the other person is doing that...and the reason for getting fumed up is that I feel that this is the time u people are insulting the freedom fighters who as per u laid their life in vain...

what does freedom means to u???


For most of the person..freedom means only one thing and that is being wild.. fulfilling of all their fundamental rights...and their rights guarded and kept secured...
what the hell???

Roaming naked if means freedom then u need to stop staring the dictionary....if u count the literary meaning of freedom ..u will be the unhappy most soul of the world and that's wat u r ...
freedom means living freely and simultaneously not obstructing others freedom...
u have the right to move naked only if u r doing it in private ..if u doing it in public and if sumone kicks ur balls then u r not to get troubled..beacuse the other person is exercising his freedom option of right to kick any hanging balls :P

U want ur rights to be secured and then u want that govt shudn't restrain u from soing certain things then u need to change the country or better find one island where noone's there and and thus ur rights will be safe...who do u think u r ...that people in security services will pay their life to secure ur rights and u will shout at them anytime u want..they are doing their duty of protecting everyone's rights..why the hell u can't appreciate that..yeah I've seen Police becoming arrogant and criminal supporting...but why u r shouting wen u r in trouble..if u had shouted the time wen other persons were in trouble ..jus to prevent any future trouble..u wud had found company to fight against oppression...but what..U have this attitude of ....who's his ass???.....and wen it is aimed at ur ass..u shout where is the govt..where is my rights..who will fight for u bro...if u can't fight for urself and others....

To live in a need to follow rules and do his's not about rights that gives as freedom but u need to do ur own moral duties to secure ur freedom and if u don't do that ..then don't crib that u r not able to exercise ur rights ....

see wat's the opposite side of freedom is ..and then u say wat u r or bound....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Captivating Hollywood...

Few days back ..wen I was arranging my comp contents ..I came across one of the most beautiful girls ever seen..and she kept me mesmerised with every pose she gave ..the style ..the radiance..the looks...the smile...she was captivating in all...

I jus miss the era of her charms.......

Watched two Movies and both the movie were awesome...

was the first one...which was about how media and internet can destroy lives and how a person used it to kill people....and how a witty FBI cyber crime agent proved that law is above all...the flow of the movie ...the characters...everything was awesome and glued me to the seat till the end....I loved every inch of it and watched it thrice before saving it for my DVD collection.
August Rush
was a wonderful musical movie that was sweeter beyond my was about an orphan boy who can hear music and who was a music prodigy...and his struggle to find his mom n dad who even dint knew his existence before...the movie was well paced and decorated with beautiful pieces of acoustics from guitar to piano with some wonderful acting by the actors...and few songs which glued my heart to it..and it is going too in my DVD collection...
August Rush - August Rhapsody in C Major -
oh btw the hero Jonathan Rhys Meyers even sang two song of his own voice and I just wonder how a cute guy like him can act and sing so well...lovely...

So go for it this weekend and have a wonderful time...

Happy Rakshabandhan to u all


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Baneen

Though I have a terrible memory and I hardly remember birthdays but I celebrate this day as her birthday...
Happy birthday mera bachha..
may god bless u will all the graces and happiness of the life and shower you with all the love he ever showered for his children...
May ur life be filled with loads of love and happiness...and take care of u as winter is coming..

Miss u loads
love n carez

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Me so want to post something..but can't think of a single line....I think this is wat is called as writer's block...hehehe ...only if I call myself writer :P

But tomorrow is Independence day 15th August....
So Happy Independence day to u all. May India prosper forever....

Jai Hind....Jai Bharat.

And Day after Rakhsabandhan.... on 16th August
So my dearest wish to all my sisters... Here is lil good will sign..

that I've designed for you please copy it and keep it with urself..but only if u wish so....

Sucharita- my sweet didi
Ananya- My sweetest lil sis
Keshi- My naughty sissy..
Anjuli Di - Meri Bhulakkad Didi
Kash Di- Meri Busy didi..
Arti Di- Meri storywriter and innniiii intelligent didi ....
Pallo - My sweet behna...
Meghna - My cutie pie....
Deya- My busy lil sis....

Look I've managed to write so many things :P...

love u all..will meet u all after the weekend..:)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mixed Feelings

Dad went home yesterday..and it's feeling so empty empty without him..but mom's in home and and m so loving her presence in my's wonderful to have mom...coz I don need to do anyfink and mom is always there wenever i need a lap to sleep :P

At last India, a country of 1 Billion people got an individual gold medal in Olympics. Abhinav Bindra..CEO of Abhinav the first gold medal in individual events in Olympics for India, in 10m rifle shooting...This news shows two clear events of India..that Indian govt spends a very less time of it's devotion for sports and still sport's in India is ruled by richy guys. But overall m happy... India won the gold medal and our National anthem and National flag will be played and displayed with full honors :)...and m feeling proud by writing it too...

Once again Security concerns for working women creeped in and it again proved how unsafe the working women are in India, when a 22 year old gal working in a company as big as named as IBM...was gangraped by 8-10 people in Pune...the gal was called for nightshift but office denied it...but m so much concerend for my frnds who are working in those services sector in IT and who have to work late shifts and where they fell may prey to nocturnal beasts .... it's just so shameful..that govt. allowed women workingh in nightshifts just recently without even thinking abt assuring and providing them any security.

In one global event..Once again a larger country is impounding a small country and bombing it with all the projectiles they have in their arsenal..though Russia has occupied and strengthened its base in Ossetia but it's now moving towards Gori to out throw the pro-American but democratic govt. of Georgia...but m not worried abt the political scenario but m worried abt the innocents people who are getting killed in the crossfires of political agendas..and also it's a matter of concern as Georgia is an American ally..and it may rerun the tensed situation of the cold war... but funny part is America is not doing anything to save it's America wants oil security so badly that it has to control the Iran and for it..America needs Russian support and rest of the Europe won't interfere as they are heavily dependent on Russia for petroleum gas! Disgusting .......

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Embarassment unleashed .............

Second last of the Cindy's tag...and this time I m not putting up any photos...coz last foto was dissected to pieces by naught keshi and Ne :P

grrr I can't resist putting one up :P

Now I kno next time Cindy wud defn tag me with a spear :P


Apologies.. my dear sweet chirping bird :P..but I know somewhere behind that frowning face that u r making now ...there is a cute smile :)

So here goes 6 embarrassing events of my life.....

1) Fly open....this is actually a deadly thing that I am always being accused of..nearly every alternate days..that my fly is open and my postman wants to pop out..and everytime it is embarrassing ..and mostly wen the gals asked me zip it up..once I was eying a gal..who was also throwing some occassional glances at me..and I thot she was interested...after a while wen I mustered enough courage to ask her name..she just said once..ur zip ...and I got off the bus on the the next stop and caught another for my destination..of course after zipping it up :P

2) Hehehehe..this I have mentioned day after smoking pot...I found myself in crowded Lanka riding my bike with just my jockey and a banyan on : P

3) I was always bullied by a gal who was senior to me ..I was in 3 and she she was in one day wen she was getting on the bus..i pulled off her skirt and ran with it..only to get caught..and was thrashed black n blue by her..and it was real embarrassing coz I had always a a high esteem of not getting beaten by any gal species :P

4) I was caught peeping the gals bathroom wen i was in class 4...and the teacher who caught me made me murga ( a punishment posture like a live chicken :P ) in front of the gals bathroom that everyone could kno wat I was caught doing..and it was man embarassing a hell embarassing..but I did caught a glimpse of 8 different colors..even wen I waqs in punishment..

5) I was caught with my teacher's daughter in boys bathroom with her skirt off...but no one listened to my excuse that I was there to clean her skirt coz I spilled my tiffin on her :P... I was suspended for 7 days and with a PT order..for which I took my frnds big brother posing as my big brother and my parent's representative...and it was more embarrassing wen they caught me then again and called my dad to school.. was class 8..

6) I was slapped by a gal in front of the whole playground full of boys...but I don't know who was embarrassed getting slapped or she wen I yanked her top off in a fight a day before :D..I was a naughty kid back in school....

and there are loads of events....but I don wanna show all of my cards to u i look that stupid???huh??

And this time I will defn tag...

I tag..

Mia and Anjuli didi..

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tags again :-/ ........aaaaaAAAAAaaHHhhhhhhhhhhHHHH

I've been tagged by Cindy bhindy...whnever she gets a biggy big tag..she never forgets to kick that to me...and this one..oh my god...8 tags...I jus wanna go to 8 balls ..fir a 8 rig and want to blast out myself...innnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bada tag :O...but then also since it's by Cindy Bhindi..I can't refuse to do it here it goes :-/..btw pic is for fun not to demean whoever great who drew it ...:)( Apologies :) )

btw ..why it was not 5 - 6 or 10..wat's there in 8 :-? huh???

8 things I’m passionate about :
1. Parents
2. Myself
3. Love
4. My networking links/internet/blog
5. Biking
6. Lovely memories of all my ex gfs :P
7. My comp/lappy
8. My profession/Biotechnology

8 things I wanna do before I die :
1. Want to make love ... :P... (m still a virgin :P..this is priority...means if sumone says ..that tomm u going up..wat u want to do :P ?? kindda thing :P)
2. Tour de France
3. Bungee jumping
4. Marry and make love every day :P
5. Visit Antarctica
6. feel the weightlessness in space ...u kno i need it badly :P
7. meet some of my blog pals..this I agree with Cindy...Cindy is top in the priority :P
8. Raise a kid..I jus love to hear the word dad really enjoys too wanna enjoy it like him :)

8 things I say often :
1. Actually
2. of course
3. Fuck!!!
4. MC/BC ?:P
5. Hullo ! (yeah I do dis like cindy too :P)
6. Shut up
7. Mwaaaah
8. Beta (to nearly all of the juniors..)

8 books I have read recently :
:O..8 books andthen also recently :O
I Pass this..coz all I had read were technical ones..apart frm davinci code, contagion,coma, angels and demons, midnight's children,Mrinalini, Train to pakistan, Spninx...oopps is it 8 :O???

8 songs I could listen to over and over again :
1. Dil ke arman - Nikah
2. Phantom of the opera – Iron Maiden
3. Truly madly deeply- Savage Garden
4. Fly like angels – Celine Dion
5. Koi Fariyad – Tum Bin
6. 25 minutes too late – MLTR
7. Life for rent - Dido
8. Doorie – Atif Aslam
and the list is long.....real longgggggggg......

so for today..this is the only thing.... take care till u all

Monday, August 04, 2008

Mixed Bag

Today...up till now.. the day has brought mixed feelings..

Mom n Dad are coming to my new I am very happy and preparing to receive them..and Ripley's just called me wen they heard I cleaned my room and swept the floor with a broom... :P

India won the test match..though I don't know what were the scores and what it is there to be excited but wen I heard news people getting excited on the win..I also got happy..coz then only I go to kno that the other team was Srilanka :P and they had already won a I was happy India made it at least 1-1 :P..and heard that Bhajji is now behaving sober :P

But I am hell lot disturbed wen I heard that 150 people got killed in a stampede in Naina devi Mandir in Bilaspur HP..the reason of the stampede was callousness of the administration and some miscreants who first spread the rumour that there is landslide and followed byt some stupid administrative measures of lathicharge on the already afraid pilgrims. Most of them were women and 50 of them were children..I jus think wen people were stampeding other people for saving their life ..why the hell they go to temple to pray wen they don't have any compassion for the lil kids and innocent women who got trashed under their feet jus beacause they want to save their ass..that's why I am always afraid to go to crowded place....Let's pray for the souls of innocents for peace in their next life...Amen..

Friday, August 01, 2008

The Inside Story........

I was going to write about it for a long time..but couldn't muster enough confidence to write about something so sensitive...Terrorism is not a unknown word nowadays..jus few years back ..I used to think militants and military are jus the same...but still are they different..who differentiates who is militant and who is military... who has the rights to pronounce sumone terrorists..I am just tired of seeing people dying everyday by extremists...

Look at America....their two towers got hit and wat they did they destroyed two other countries...only they did it in retaliation but did they really retaliated or got what they had sown?
In 20th century....America impounded Vietnam...and Russia delivered AK 47 to the resistant groups..result...America had to ran off the place ...In return wen Russia impounded Afghanistan...American trained those resistant groups and delivered them AK 47...and created a soldier against oppression and he was none other than Osama Bin Laden...sooner America changed it's strategy from pro muslim to antimuslim...due to change in their oil policies...and then Laden became their enemy...and now the war is between American soldiers and American trained foreign soldiers....and who gathered the brunts was the innocent Iraqis and Afghans...

But do you know..wen the arms and ammunition is all govt controlled how the terrorists are getting advanced machineries??
Coz America's economy is running with the sale of these killer machineries...and war on terrorism is nuthin but a machinery by which America is reaping the benefit with the cost of human this is the truth and this is how America is gaining places....and innocent peoples are killed...

Indian political scenario is also very much foreign politics controlled...
Left is being sponsored by China...congress was always funded by russia..and wen BJP caqme in power they knew the only alternate they have got is America to fund their political wat they did is they opened a channel for America for the sale of their weapons and technologies and in return earned a lot of political benefits..and sooner wen America sawa large market here in India...they stooped funding Pakistan and started funding India instead coz Russia is no more athreat to America but China is now giving a substantial threat to America..So that's why American govt. floated the nuclear deal and the left backed by China opposed it...and since now Indian foreign policy has America as the next target of international terrorism is now.. India..

Terrorism in now so malignant that none of the Indian state remains untouched..and this BAD (Bangalore - Ahmedabad- Delhi ) strike has just shown how weak we are in front of extremists...but wat govt. is doing..nuthing..they are just playing dolls wen the coyuntry is in dire need to same extreme action that we gave to invading let's rise brothers and sister from our deep is now time to fight back for our existence....

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