Monday, August 04, 2008

Mixed Bag

Today...up till now.. the day has brought mixed feelings..

Mom n Dad are coming to my new I am very happy and preparing to receive them..and Ripley's just called me wen they heard I cleaned my room and swept the floor with a broom... :P

India won the test match..though I don't know what were the scores and what it is there to be excited but wen I heard news people getting excited on the win..I also got happy..coz then only I go to kno that the other team was Srilanka :P and they had already won a I was happy India made it at least 1-1 :P..and heard that Bhajji is now behaving sober :P

But I am hell lot disturbed wen I heard that 150 people got killed in a stampede in Naina devi Mandir in Bilaspur HP..the reason of the stampede was callousness of the administration and some miscreants who first spread the rumour that there is landslide and followed byt some stupid administrative measures of lathicharge on the already afraid pilgrims. Most of them were women and 50 of them were children..I jus think wen people were stampeding other people for saving their life ..why the hell they go to temple to pray wen they don't have any compassion for the lil kids and innocent women who got trashed under their feet jus beacause they want to save their ass..that's why I am always afraid to go to crowded place....Let's pray for the souls of innocents for peace in their next life...Amen..


  1. finally sourish, tera blog updated....aisey lag raha tha ki tu vacation par tha:P:P

    sach mein ripleys called u:O:O

    happie friendship day to u!!!! hope sahi gaya, india ney match jeeta...yess yess yeee!!!

    at the stampede incident, sad re...

  2. happy frndship day to u too ....

    vacatiopn ..arre yaar 1 ko likha tha ab 4 ko dusra....kinne kam time aa rahi hai mere blog par :O

    aur kya kya kiya frndship day par..kinne bands mile???

    aur haan sachhi Ripley's called me..jab unko pata chala ki maine apne room par aaj jhaadu lagaya...ab bas rights and commision ki baat chal rahi hai..agle thursday shayad wo internationally air kare usse :P

  3. yeyyy mum n dad r coming to town! :)

    **150 people got killed in a stampede

    thats so sad :(

    I dislike crowded places. Sometimes I dun u'stand why ppl kill one another and that too to pray!!!!


  4. dad coming yippieeeeeeeeeeee...


    m getting late..have to go to recieve de, :P
    *hugz* happy frndship day :P

  5. lena

    if u come by ..

    happy frndship day...:)
    ur blog comment section is not loading in my comp...its too much complicated and error is coming everytime :)

    and cindy..
    *hugz* happy frndship day :P
    kabhi toh time nikalaa kar mere liye dumbo :P

  6. Waah apne hi blog par wish !!!!
    Akal hai bidu !

    happy frenship day to you too dumbo.
    And its not about nikaloing time...interest nahi lag raha hai skuch dino se. Seem to have been outta stuff n purpose.

    Anyway, hope you doing good yaar.

    About the post, cricket is boring, and happy for your family reunion !!

    Woh stampede k baare mein ekdam sahi bola. Dunno how ppl actually walk n run over ppl n kill them to save their own lives n wonder how they arent charged of murder !!!

    Sad man !

  7. aleyy wahh..
    nice nice ki yr mom dad coming back..enjaayy!! :)

    and tht stampede wuz so depressing..*once again,India's striked*

    btw it was some @!)(*&@ who said ki there's a landslide..and everyone started goin crazy and so thre wuzza stampede :(

    bTW..m so happy to see bhajji behavin soberly :P

  8. good boy ...u cleaned yur room....nice nice.....

    n it was sad to read abt the stampede

  9. dude, can't read the black on the blue. kya likha hai?

  10. friendship day theek tha yaar, movies dekhi dosto ke saath, thts it:P:P

    internationally air karengey...hahahaha

  11. Cindy..

    Dekh tere liye tere blog par wish chhodna kaunsa akalmandi ka kaam hai bol :P

    kya se purpose kaha kho gya..problem mein hai kya koi...mujhe mail kar sakti hai agar jyada personal koi prob na ho toh ........

    Me doing good good..tests all came normal...but u take care of u...depression se bada koi problem nhi ...

    stampede ka toh na hi bol kuchh :(

  12. Crystal..

    yupsh..papa mumma aa gaye ..abhi hum log ghummi ghummi karenge :P

    yippieeeeeeeee :P

    and abt those fucktards...I jus wanna hang dem upside down want to thrash them black n blue :x...morons


  13. princess :P

    yup ..maine apna room saaf kiya and papa mumma bhi aa gye...and wo bhi inne saare happy happy they :P

  14. Kash di..

    ek aur baaar refresh kar liya hota toh pichhe ka background bhi aa jata :P

    green ek wallpaper hai :P

    load nhi hua hoyega :P

  15. Aqua gurl....
    sahi hai ...main toh ghar baith k safai kiya :P
    and inneeee saare fone recieve kiya :P

  16. so r ur 'rents home now? wow :)



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