Monday, December 22, 2008


* Contents are volatile and need discretion. Underage readers please avoid this "
She was lying there  amidst her loved ones and then...her whole life just started flashing before her...
She remembered how lively girl she was...
who always aspired to be a lawyer..jus like her aunt...she remembered how everyone in the family were so proud of her that she is the brightest among the lot...until that day ...

She remembered just getting out of her bath...
the door bell rang...she was alone so she peeped from the keyhole to see her uncle coming back from office early...she hurriedly opened the door...he asked for a cup of tea ..she went to kitchen..but uncle soon changed her plan from relishing the tea to ravishing his niece...
She was just 14 and she didn't knew why her uncle was touching her..and she thought it might be the care and affection he had for she silently stood there while her uncle started doing his work...she didn't understand any of these untill  she started bleed .......and then she started crying....her uncle left after she got unconscious .
In the evening , she told her mother and she was greeted with a slap and then she tried telling to her father and to her utter dismay he rejected it altogether.. then she went to her aunt and after she heard that her husband raped her niece ..the aunt filed a complaint against this and immediately filed for divorce.

She remembered how every lawyer tried to outrage her modesty and when her aunt began to loose the separately filed divorce case due to lack of witnesses as per the rule of having four..she changed her divorce appeal from rape to adultery and there she was defenseless as her lawyer accepted that her niece and her husband were having an affair and she was granted divorce as the little girl, who didn't knew what will be the outcome trusted her aunt , agreed that she didn't protest and the uncle did ravished her . The rapist was acquitted.
She stood in silence when she heard that uncle was set free but she was ordered to be lashed naked in public. she cried and looked to her aunt but her aunt herself was responsible for the result as she wanted the divorce and she got that with her niece getting lashed.

She remembered how she was stripped off her clothes and lashed in public with everyone cheering the event and some even threwing stones towards her. She was admitted to hospital and then  freed after a week .

She started remembering about the event of last night. Her father was fighting with her mother and all she can heard was the word dishonor. After that it was silent for an hour before she heard knocking at her door. She opened the door to find her mother who hugged her hard and started crying and then she saw an arm gripping her fragile arm to take her away from her mother. The arm was of her father and before she can understand anything she saw her uncle with the gun. She tried to free herself and started crying out loud calling her mother to save her but found her mother crying and hurriedly shutting her mouth with her hand. The last hope was of her , her mother was gripping her mouth so that she can't cry out loud and her father was gripping her hard so that she can't escape, and the uncle with the gun pointing at her heart shouting

" It is needed for the honor. God forgive me "

And then everything started disappearing ...the pain subsided with the numbness taking over and soon it was all blank...
This post is dedicated to all the women who are victim of the religionism and human's cruelty. I just pray to god that people unite against it soon so that more girls and women don't die in such pain , embarrassment and injustice just in the name of honor.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

This will lighten u up..

 ** underage  readers plz avoid this **

A young couple is golfing one day on a very exclusive course lined with million-dollar houses. On the third tee, the wife slices her shot right through the large front window of the biggest house along the course. They walk up, knock on the door, and hear a voice say, “Come on in.” Opening the door, they see glass everywhere and a broken bottle lying on the floor.

A man on the couch says, “Are you the people who broke my window?” The husband begins to apologize, but the man cuts him off. “Actually, I want to thank you—I’m a genie who was trapped in that bottle, and your wayward shot released me. I’m allowed to grant three wishes, so what I’d like to do is give each of you one wish, and I’ll keep the last one for myself.”

“Fantastic!” says the husband. “I want a million dollars a year for the rest of my life.”
“No problem,” says the genie, “it’s the least I could do. And you, ma’am, what do you want?”
“I want a house in every country in the world,” says the wife.
“Consider it done,” the genie replies, turning back to the man. “And now for my wish. Because I’ve been trapped in that bottle, I haven’t had sex in a really long time. My wish is to sleep with your wife.”

The husband takes a long look at his wife and says, “Well, we did get a lot of money and all those houses. If you don’t mind, honey, I don’t either.”

The wife agrees, and the genie takes her upstairs, where he ravishes her for three hours. After he’s through, the genie rolls over, looks at the wife, and asks, “How old is your husband, anyway?”
“Thirty-five,” she replies.
“And he still believes in genies?”

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not much to say...

A chapter ended in my life...and the sweet memories are now locked in me...

I don't know what I will do kno...but drinking and driving sounds a good option rest I leave to almighty to decide..that wat was my fault...??
Why he did this to me...all I did was to love someone more than him...yeah I kno now ...wat is the fault so see...I kno I loved her more than the almighty and now he is making me suffer...but better get rid of this suffering now only ..coz up and above..wen one day she will return back there..I won't listen to craps she will have for me then..coz then I won't leave her to anyone....

This life of urs is urs my love...but the next  be sure of it...I won't let you give it to anyone else....

Love and Luck


PS: 17-12-2008......I am not dead..or not I want to commit suicide..coz if I m is of no use to either of us....So I am alive..I kno u ppl are concerned..but sumtimes I do get crappy.....and believe me I will gather my shits...I am not new in the heartbroken thingy....even Gum companies have placed their bids to make me their brand ambassador....with the tag line...Look at his broken heart..we seal that too :D

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mumbai Attack and my views on aftermath

*** Author is not showing disrespect to victims of Mumbai..and if they feel so at any point..they have his apologies***
As we all know about the recent terror attack on soil of India...and it was interesting to note that this time India took a real hard stance against terrorism,...thanks to the Lashkar team for the beautiful attack pattern that showed how India is incapable of fighting the current terrorism format and it's weakness towards the hostage crisis scenarios.

Yeah! I do salute the martyrs who laid down their life to protect more civilian dead than already the POLICE figure of some 190 dead...which is in actual a much larger than what is being shown...and u don't have to be a RAW analyst to get that always had been like this only...

But don't you think this was an utter failure...NSG people came late...because of Aviation crisis...and lack of equipments....Half of the ATS top brass was busy investigating Malegao scandal while more than thousand are dead in separate bombing cases in recent months...but they are busy scratching their nose over some political connection in that what will happen if they find out anything...In India no politician was ever tried or convicted of riots and all.....and  even if they are convicted ...they compare themselves with likes of Mahatma Gandhi for serving jail times..

And what we got ..we got stringent laws ..reenactment of likes of POTA... in another form...where they are being given rights to detain a person for more than a year without putting the charge-sheet on grounds of suspicion who gives them the right to do so...I am not in favour of this..coz this is another form of dictatorship..they need to take permission of judiciary to take action otherwise it will be another tyranny and another form of terrorism...u must be remembering wat happened in Tamil nadu to he was dragged into jail and it was all POTA used for political connection...and also it would be weapon against minorities who are always dragged into suspicion for practicing the religion of which the most terrorists belong..though I am in favor of this law as it enables action against terrorists but I've seen such uses of these type of Laws by military in dispute regions valley and north east..and believe me people are not we need to upscale our judiciary and have a control over this Nationalized agency that govt. is bringing in picture following US recommendation and may be watching a few movies....
But let's wait...for the full picture to come and you will see then how this is used...they may keep me too in custody for a year coz I get wrong numbers from gulf and openly voiced out my opposition to them...and believe me ..if this post is deleted and I m out for long..I am in there custody...that's wat this law means.....

Now REFORM INDIA... a platform which sprang out after Mumbai attacks is bringing the voice of all of India against it's current situation and I seriously encourage this mission of theirs...but  ..Look at the picture that I took out from that site about the recent visitors at 10:30 IST...look the dots (visitors) from US side and compare it with visitors from India...surprisingly wat I found out is we Indians are not actually much contributing the platform but most of the people are NRIs...
Yeah NRIs are do entitled to show concern about India....but fact is shouting from another country about conditions in India is quite easy than actually living it...and if they seriously love their country so much why they are giving their own efforts to develop another country...this is not a war against NRIs....but this need to understand... u can't really count on the voices of people who don't vote for Indian government when u are talking about the if their experience with FBI is good then they shud not think that same thing can happen in India too ...we don't need the pity..we need support and they can't give that via web forums they need to come down and support..they need to practice their options to vote..

And about citizens of Mumbai...they have shown the best courage to march out rallies ...No disrespect to the victims of the tragedy...but don't you think so that these people who are now talking about reforms kept mum when their brothers from other states were being bitten and killed because of their slogan Amchi Mumbai...???
When they were killing poeples of their own country in their Mumbai....wen students were being beaten up as they dared to give examination there thinking that this is their country too ...Wat the Mumbaikers did.??..They silently supported them....Where were the rallies then..huh???? It is so true that wen one's ass is on fire then only one search for the fire extinguisher...otherwise even if whole nation is burnt down in front of one's won't shout coz Amchi place is safe..and this is not applicable to Mumbai is applicable to all of you who have this slogan on mind .." The show must go on"

Get over it buddy....u need to stop the show..coz  ur show sucks and it is time for a new show...if u want to reform India...don't go for website propaganda or rallies ..use ur brains to elect good people and go and motivate the people in slums and villages towards nation interest and much above get over this Regionalism...

If u think u can shout on blogs and influence the other minds ..u are a fool...coz a person who can blog.. is socially enough aware to need ur go and spread it on the least I tried so...and I need u to try it too...coz sitting in an AC room with a laptop and WiFi...u are actually ignorant about the fact that it is not you who elects the govt. is the poverty of more than half of the population of India which decides on who will rule them for 5 years for just a few pieces of bread ..not even enough for a month supply.. 
Get it in your head.....

Aneways....u keep on least u might have the self satisfaction that u did took part in this Reform thingy..
Keep amusing urself.....and wait for the next blast...coz u will again have the opportunity to say " The show must go on"  and believe me or is we who are giving the terrorist their much needed fame and promoting the terrorism....coz wen we shout in open against country's policies they see how scared we are..

Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Cute love letter........

Dear Karen,
If you're reading this, it means I
actually worked up the courage to mail it.

So, good for me.

You don't know me very
well but you get me started,

I have a tendency to go on and on
about how hard the writing is for me.

But this...

this is the hardest thing
I've ever had to write.

There's no easy way to say
this, so I'll just say it.

I met someone. It was an accident.

I wasn't looking for
it. I wasn't on the make.

It was a perfect storm. She
said one thing. I said another.

Next thing I knew, I wanted to spend the rest
of my life in the middle of that conversation.

now there's this feeling in my gut.
She might be the one........

She's completely nuts...

in a way that makes me
smile -- 
highly neurotic...A great deal of maintenance required.

She is you, Karen.
That's the good news.

The bad is that I don't know
how to be with you right now.

And it scares the shit out of me.

Because if I'm not with you right now, 
I have this feeling we'll get lost out there.

It's a big, bad world
full of twists and turns,

and people have a way of
blinking and missing the moment...

the moment that could've
changed everything.

I don't know what's going on with us,

and I can't tell you why you should waste
a leap of faith on the likes of me...

but, damn, you smell good .....
like home.

And you make excellent coffee.
That's got to count
for something, right?

Call me.

Unfaithfully yours, 
Hank Moody.

This is a beautiful letter...that sported out in the end of a cute series called as "Californication."..and I loved it beyond any word and beyond any expression.............

Need I to mention....that I am Back....................???

Friday, November 07, 2008

See Ya When Time Finds..

Last few days I was off from the blogworld coz

It was saddening to see the blogworld ain't any fun...because most of the time..the originality and the sanctity of blogging is missing...everyone seems so distant....every smile seems so fabricated....everywhere the race of superiority is going on...people making groups...hatred..some people are already missing ... and those who are there... are slowly going towards oblivion...

So I thot of taking a time off for myself...and I hope this time I stick to it...

I will defn drop by..but may not comment....

I hope that you won't forget me...but if you do I won't blame you.... :)

I just hope that things go better and the blog world get purer again..

Take care and God bless you.............

Friday, October 31, 2008

Please Help..... I m scared......

Now it was the turn of Assam....Figures says 68 or more died due to the serial bombing which shook the capital of Assam yesterday at daylight...and once again we proved that how incompetent we are to stop the so called Jehadis...

And I truly believe it's the work of HuJI, and may be ULFA aided them with the other support...and when the govt. thot the had broken the back of Indian Mujahiddin... the jehadis struck again....and this time with RDX instead of the crude Ammonium Nitrate...with a timer device..terrorism is changing it's face and now it's becoming more tech savvy...and we are still living in the old age era wen we talk abt the protection...

Today I was discussing, how this regionalism and this castism is eating up...I sumhow feel to blame the freedom fighters who freed us..coz we are so coward and so accustomed to be tamed... that we seriously need a marshal law to learn to leave in solidarity....

Last day , NDTV survey said that 89% of population think ..these bomb blast have changed our lifestyle...yeah I do agree...coz I m so scared to go in crowded place and the temples...God know when they will struck again and where...

I m scared....

Guess that my blog is becoming all political ain't the lake of my dreams any more...coz I m so scared only the nightmares are coming and I can't avoid myself to write and support the souls of the departed...I can't write or read or least when my brothers are being killed in my own homeland...

It's similar to the child abuse...yeah it is....when the home isn't safe where shud I run and hide wen m so scared...If I don't have anyone to whom I can cry for is worse than dying...coz dying scared and for nothing isn't my dream....

God bless the soul of the departed and help the wounded to recover fast and give them the strength to carry on...

Please help!!.. I am scared.....................

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Festivity and Rape of modesty

It was a fun filled festive season....and as usual Diwali was awesome...most of the India was rejoicing the festival...even I did...Burnt loads of crackers ..brought loads of sweets and distributed them and worshiped god..the light was awesome...the otherwise clouded sky was sparkling with lights ......


A guy was shot dead in Mumbai..coz he had a gun in his hand and he fired few rounds in Air and wanted to meet the police commissioner to plead for the mistreatment of Biharis by MNS.
He repeatedly shouted ..I don't want to harm anyone but he was labeled as a terrorist who was there to kill Mr. Raj Thackeray who is now enjoying Z plus security..the guy never held any stick in his hand..but he ended up dead in a police encounter by Mumbai Police..those Police who never thought to intervene wen MNS gundas were hitting the examinees and destroying properties and killed so may innocent money earners of the poor families...oh btw this is the same Police underwhose supervision the underworld wid loads of guns was dwelling for year...and today i read in paper that the guy had internal injuries he was beaten up and then he was killed???

Dharamdev Rai, a young man from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh died.... after he was severely beaten on a train in Badlapur in Maharashtra. He was on his way home to Gorakhpur for Diwali.
So what the fuck Mumbai Police is doing now???

Yesterday only... 5 women were burnt alive coz they havn't paid dowry and of course blame was that the odd rocket flew in and hit the cylinder and it burst and only those women got hurt all were out of their house just on that time..wat a coincidence ....

Two girls below the age of 8 were molested by Diwali celebraters coz right to drink and fuck is included in this festival's brochure...

God knows! but seriously modesty is gone from India..Those fucking bastards have raped it and scared it away...coz that guy died for a reason and we were busy celebrating Diwali...and we are so fucking sick that we take this festival as an excuse and a mean to do the crime.......

A very Happy Diwali!

Lamps of human life got extinguished and we are here celebrating festival of lamps......but you kno we deserve to celebrate coz we had lost our courage to fight much before and now we lost our conscience too....but why shudn't we..we are so away from guilt surely asks for a celebration as in real who the fuck cares.. if we get beaten up yesterday in some odd place coz we dared to thought India is still one single country and we are all united even in diversity...

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I was so happy in the morning..I woke up early..made my breakfast ..french toast and coffee and then i picked up today's newspaper and then I got pissed off.....

what the hell happened to India..

Few days back I was talking to my frnds discussing why India can never have civil wars....but that Guy who term himself New builder of the state of Maharashtra...Proved me all wrong....

Racism...A word which everybody hoped wud go obsolete soon..but I guess MNS party chief Mr. Raj Thankerey proved us all wrong...wat a sick way to gain publicity...thrashing up examinees .. those were students who prepared for years to get a chance to live their livelyhood and wat those fucking morons of Maharashtra did..they killed them...

And wat the fuck govt. doing....they are busy ringing their hanging dongs....fucking shit..If they don't give protection to people in thier own country which they claims to be soveriegn ..I think they better move their ass outside the chair....They were not even able to held him in lockup for more than a day....see how worse India's political and judicial system is...

and this is not it.....even some southern states are killing people on the name of religion...and then they curse muslims for terrorism.. fuck they are the worst terrorists..burning people alive is the most dreaded crime...think abt how u feel wen u touch a hot object ...and then think if u r on fire bound in a tyre which melts and stick to ur skin like a jelly and burns ..ripping ur skin off slowly and even if u reach the hospital..u will die of pain and infection....

Fuck! wat Hppened to Indians?...the country which coined the term non voilence and was thought to bring solidarity in the region is busy fucking it's own ass...and wat we are doing ?? we are bringing those fucking retards to power in politics...who can even let the minority to rape their mother coz that will apease their votebanks....

Kick and kill all those bastards...the govt. shud impose martial law and fucking shoot these guys in head so that they won't think of killing innocents in the name of publicity...

Im just so sorry for the people who are suffering ...May god give them power to heal up their wounds and bless the soul of the departed......

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Mera aaj skool khula hua hai :(

meany weany VC said..

This sunday the schools will be opened too :(

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :'(

Oh btw ..the latest episode of smallville...was awesome and guess wat Lois Lane loves Clark Kent and she confessed it in the action packed was so lovely....


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The trip back home

Last week, I went home... after 4 months ...ok! mom was here jus few days back..but I was not in home na! So 4 months :P..So I went for Durgapuja. ...taking leave for absence for 5 days...

The trip was lovely..I saved a lot of bucks during the travel. I was supposed to travel by AC but instead I went in Sleeper, I was supposed to catch a Taxi but I caught the autos and busses I think now m becoming more n more economical...good na...i don't kno if the current depression continues won't be long wen I have to use the money i saved :P...okay not so economical..i purchased a brand new RayBan Shades...

I've a very strong passion for beautiful women and shades...So I saved my tour expenses to get a new Rayban and added it to my shades collection...

So start of the trip was economical..but it was jinxed too coz I havn't paid full fare to the auto rickshaw guy coz he inserted more passenger than the numbers he was allowed to take i paid him12 instead of 15 ..and may be that's why my tour got jinxed and everywhere I tried to save my sumhow got spent up and I overdid my budget..but i will mange...

Mom n dad were as usual very pleased to get home for the puja celebrations but the surprising more was the fact that my tour was well planned and in 6 days I had to visit 5 girls

I was surprised myself..coz noone told me about it...but I got the explanation that mom n dad are not pleased with my disheveled life they want a caretaker for me...

So alongside the celebrations ..i had to visit gals...2 of them I knew..coz they are family friends...but I ver knew that those two hotties who never gave me any atention during my rising hormones level age..was keen and interested to marry the three were mom's frnd's daughters..and it was hell
and guess wat one of the girl's parents were so interested that they started pressing for an early marraige...and i was like..." mom m i not too young to marry :-/ "

But it was fun least I had a nice time with 4 out of the  5 hotties..

except the one who started fighting even before we started to talk freely...  
but sumhow I liked her more than the other..may be i do like Junglee billis (wild cats) like our Don :P but m not gonna marry as usual...coz wateva u say m too young to be thrown into ocean of responsibilities.....

Then on the 7 th day..I moved to my sister's she had a major computer the the evening  that day ..I spent sleeping on her computer table while the system was being formatted and reloaded.

And on the 8th day I returned back to here...and the return journey was cool...I had to share the seat with a beautiful girl ..coz she dint got i offered her the seat in my berth....and she happily obliged,,,and I did got her phone number and as usual I won't dial :D
So it was a pleasure trip with loads of gals, food and of course the parental affection....and I m so home sick now :(

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Afta all there is some hope

Two beautiful events marked my yesterday to be a very refreshing one..

and the effects are still so beautiful even today too...

The first event was that I had over 90 minutes talks with my ex gf (ex is the word I kno she hates to be addressed with..but wat I can say...she is not going to marry me :p ) and that too without fights and we kissed each other goodnight on fone..and that too after a long gap.... may be months had passed...and we sang each other loads of songs...Ok singing bird was me...I started first on her request...then I got mood to sing for more than 40 minutes
and we talked till quarter to 4 and it is very much against the present rule that I m having early to bed and early to rise..but her lovely voice vanished all my tiredness and I had a merrier sleep after a long time..I miss her ..but rite now I have taken her studies and career as important she is free to choose a life path afterwards..I m not gnna marry soon...but all ready propositions are on table for me too..but currently I've stalled them for laters....

The next event is the stability of the market..though I kno that millions of employees are being sacked all over the world...but I am sure the current market situation is going to improve a lot a near future as it is tumbling not because of the financial crisis but because the rumors and heavy sell off by frightened shareholders...but I believe that market is gonna be stable soon with the current confidence building measures by all over the world and I m happy that after a long term the globalisation phenomenon is showing its compassion.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Shubho Bijoya and Happy Dussehra

A very happy Dussehra and Shubho Bijoya toh all my readers..
May God Bless u a long and prosperous life..

Let's all Pray together...

असतो माँ सद्गमय
तमसो माँ ज्योतिर्गमय
मृत्योरमाँ अमृतं गमय.

God !
Let me to truth from lies
Let me to light from Darkness
Let me to immortality from the death.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Missing your love...

It was Sheena's Aftaar party....I was sitting there gossiping with my friends and rite u guesses gossiping about the hotties in the party, who is wearing what, and how deep and correctly one can estimate the different estimates...suddenly a gal stood in front of me and blocked the site that I was having...

"Sourish! Behave boy ..behave...are u gonna eat that g
al alive" she smiled.

It was Ishita.....she was as mesmerising as like always...rite some said..'Love makes u blind'..and her captivating beauty was .... beyond imagination...or may be as because I was in love with her...

"I was not looking at her.",I replied.
"Oh! but ur face is on her shining legs."
"Of course! it is..I was just arranging my hairs,..I thot that was a mirror...Now I kno ..that it's a leg..thanks to u." I giggled.
"Oh my silly boy". She laughed and kissed my cheeks.

She was a gal whom I always she always took everything lightly ..even my oogling ...
and she was as loving as always..she was never jealous of any one ..may be because she knew that I love her beyond anything or may be because wen she was in front of me even if the world go upside down I never looked anything beyond her serene face.

" You are Late...again sweetheart" she smiled.
" Sorry! U know na I m so far from punctual" I winked.
" Ahh! don't be sorry..I just came 5 minutes earlier. I thought I was late."

I kissed her before she uttered anything more...

I was there half an hour before the scheduled time in the restaurant just across the Archies shop in which we decided to meet. We used to do on every saturday bunking our tutions..and then we used to go on to different places..u can call them funny dates....coz she used to spend and I used to have fun. That day too she came on time like she always as I knew she was punctual unlike me. But I let her that I can see whether she comes just 5-10 minutes before as like always she told me and as I suspected she lied like always just that I don't feel sorry about coming late...Watching her waiting was so lovely..she used glare at her watch every 30 seconds..and then she used to impatiently caress her hairs...I knew always that she hates latecomers..but she never ever complained anything about that...

" Sourish! u r supposed to do something.", she cried in my arms.
" I m just in B. Tech first year." I murmered.

" So wat! we can marry. We are least I am." she sobbed uncontrollably," I don't wanna marry some jerk even if my parents kill me."

She slept there in my lap. She woke up startled jus minutes later just to feel me so that she can kno m there and then she slept again..her dove black eyes were swollen ..may be that's why she felt asleep and I continued caressing her hairs. She was there sleeping for 2 hours...and then I kissed her awake..she left without uttering any word and that was the last time I was with her.

That silence still screams. 3 days later she was forced to marry a NRI jerk and 10 months later, I got her mail explaining why she left for another world leaving me in this world alone and shattered.. I wud had joined her in another world then only but....
Yesterday night I dreamt her.. after so many years..yet her love and beauty was as fresh as it was then..

Ishita ..this post is dedicated to u . I won't aplogize as I kno u always hate me apologizing to u...yet I always thought that can't get rid of the guilt if I don't...but now I think I don't want to apologize to u because I don't wanna get rid of the guilt anemore coz with this guilt ..I feel u everytime close to me... I love u and I miss u...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Joy and sorrow

The cycle of joy and sorrow is one , I always find myself amaze to see....
I just can't imagine when I jus shed a tear for the victims of the recent bombings throughout the world even if it was in Sheraton, Pakistan, the world is celbrating kiss day, love day and other freaking days....aneways..the world won't stop...
But the world is defn going for it's end as expected in Mayan's calender on 2012..though I don't believe but I can sum up with sumthing closer a date for our extinction or a world without sun...

So let's see the comparisons of today's sitaution with that of the days before the Second world war...

1) The world was facing the shortage of coal then as what we are soon gonna face with the oil, as soon as oil start vanishing, govt. will leash it's sale to run the oil dependant war machineries and that will result in war to take control of the oil field and soon it will blooom into a full scale nuclear war...and the sum will hide behind the nuclear dust...and we have to face the extinction..

2) The aiding factor for speeding up the date of extinction is the ongoing economic falldown, which is slowly started to engulf europe after america..and even indian stock market saw a plunge due to heavy selling of stocks by giants to gain some liquid money to run their operation . and after America it will defn create a huge economic depression worldwide..and then civil wars or a full scale will be all the power show...

3) And last but not the least..these stupid terrorists will act as the ignitor , as they will either a wage a war soon or unleash a war opun themselves.

So see the world is not that simple and beautiful as we are seeing it now ..everything is suppressed..every country is preparing for the war...the destrcution is eminent so live ur life fully that wen the war brokes and a missile lands on ur steps...u shudn't be shouting.. " Oh lord ! I hav't seen the world fully yet "

Signing off for a few days....As I m going home on Saturday..and there are loads of holidays in between in which I will be off net... So
in advance
Shubh Navratri and Shubh Sharodiya to all of you...

and in an advance
Happy Dussehra and Shubho Bijoya....

May god bless u with all the happiness , fill up ur life with fresh fragrance of Sheoulis and cool breeze of Sharad...

Love and carez

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Did ya googled it??????

Just few years one knew wat is google...means wen I was first introduced to it..I actually laughed reading google :P
But now it seems... this word has inserted itself so strongly that it is now used as a ya googled it...oh man just google and u will get it...i will google her...and the other things....

and there is a funny tag that i have been tagged with... :P....courtesy to my new blogmate Cecile ( with a inverted comma over the first 'e' .. ..sorry Cess I can't type it from the blog post editor :P)
To check out wat google think I need .....

So I typed...
Daydreamer needs.......
and the following 1o answers came........

1) "Daily Thoughts of a Daydreamer. My brain is leaking…straight to YOU! ..... And don’t forget this needs to update all websites extremely frequently,"
Gossh! brain's leaking :-s..somebody help :P?'s leaking to ya..Please collect it in a cup and send it back to me :P

2) Creative Daydreame Personality Adaptation - Issues of Personal Growth :O
Further, it really is okay for them to have feelings, needs and expectations
How considerate ..Huh!!!

3)There is a time when every man needs a woman...
LoL..looks like I m so desperate now my time has come..please find me a gal

4)Daydreamer is getting ready to leave for Canada to work at a hunting .
Hooyaaah! Hunting trip...and that too to Canada...Valencia(aqua gurl)...main tere ghar aa raha hoon..we will hunt everyone in Canada :P

Daydream Island Resort and Spa is a beautiful island to hold you next ... is placed on your individuality - your body and its needs are unique to you...
LoL if it's my need's gotta be mine only and unique of course :P..and my needs of can't resist :P

6)Questions needing Daydreamer's attention. by relevancy, by status, newest first, oldest first, recently updated first. Status. Open Needs information...
I got a entire website for my needs :O

7) Needs to be heard -Daydreamer is very professional in both lyrical & musical skills.
lol..I agree even the dogs of my streets will agree..they sing with me in woofs wen i start singing :P...

8)daydreamer needs a life!...
LoL...seriously man....I need one soon :P

9)What collection of needs and goals should DAYDREAMER have? Is there a basic set of needs from which all other needs derive...
I Don't kno....u r THE can i answer wat basic set of needs I need :P???

June Etoile's Daydreamer Deluxe Journal View Larger. front image Front. Additional View ... From June Etoile: The June Star for your Fashion Needs .....
How much larger u gonna view :P ??huh??

hehehehe so see google knows every thing abt me and has given 164,000 hits...I hope I might need sumthing outta the first 10 I shared :P

Now tag time:P
and I will tag to only one..and that's my sweet friend Valencia...Let'c how google cater her :P

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Discovering Newer Sides .... :)

So, as all u people have seen my new blog template...and I kno it's little messy coz for the first time I m handling a three template html it will take time to understand it.. and make it more complex:P morover in 1024X768 format and 1280x800 format that's wat is in the case of desktop and laptop is showing difference...anyway..I will sort it out...

For the last few days...massive changes are placing themselves in my simple life ...
After mom left for home on last saturday...I was feeling homesick and that's too coz for the first time in seven years..I lived with my mom for more than 1 months more precisely 40 days..and all those showers of love and home-cooked food made me so much addicted to her that wen she left I was feeling a great void..I kno it's usual...but it also incorporated some happy changes in my life ..

So the changes are...

1) I've started cooking my own breakfast and lunch, and believe me it's no's pure Indian Sunday it was Halva-puri and Dum Aloo, Monday it was chowmin , Tuesday it was Parathes and Alloo piyaz tomato ki sabji, Wednesday it was Poha and today Sandwiches and tomorrow I will cook fish :). friends... now I m cooking my own food.... and believe me ..I m feeling a lot healthier and energetic with homemade food and it's so much interesting too and moreover it's just awesome to cook in idle times ....
Btw girls! I m single now! So see I can cook for u too :P ..oh btw I can cook from tea to Briyani..anything under the Shining sun but of-course confined to Indian peninsula :P.......... LOL

2) For the first time in life , I've decided to quit smoking as I was not smoking wen mom was there and now I've decided to quit it once for all..and so is in the case of weeds and alcohol..though alcohol I always used to take it in occasions it won't change...

3) I've become patient listener ...nowadays I only listen to everyone...without shouting much and started painting too.

Stopping now! I think ..these are enough changes for one week...but I hope it continues for long pray for me... :P

Love ya all...
See ya

Monday, September 15, 2008

Whom to blame???

So what are we doing???
Yeah we are playing the Blame game :)




And now The heart of the nation…the nation’s capital..New Delhi??

So what are we doing to stop the evil engulfing the world’s largest yet secular democracy??

This Saturday on 13-09-08. 5 blasts rocked nation’s capital New Delhi and 4 more were stopped before they could kill more that already 20 dead and above 100 injured.

So who is responsible for the death of those civilians ??

Yeah!! I know a group Indian Mujahidin claimed responsibility, so who are they who come up every time and claim that “Yeah we have bombed the city” ??? It’s the LeT’s new name who are so scared of using their own name that they are using another name and that too with Indian written in front of it…so wat are they fighting for??? To remove that Indian name from the name of their organization whom they have named themselves?? Or, to satisfy their own libido for blood and violence.? I heard that Lashkar e Toiba means Allah’s army and Mujahidin means holy soldiers of jihad. LoL!! What a mockery of the name of a sacred religion…LOL and they claim to defend their religion.?? Assholes didn’t ever thought about the fact that this is their own holy month and they are making their own people scared of the fact that now there can be a religious riot or there will be more hatred toward their religion. So how can I blame them, they are so ignorant fools that they don’t know what they are fighting for and against whom their jihad is. lol

So whom to blame??

Government??Lol no no!! Our government is so tolerant in nature that they can’t hurt a fly leave alone stopping terrorism. In the fucking name of democracy and secularism, they were few days back supporting the uplifting of ban against SIMI, the mother organization who’s recruiting mercenaries from Indian soil only and they are smoothly operating as they have control over minority vote bank …and government is too busy saving the chair on which they can rest their sorry piece of ass. Do you know wat they came up in retaliation??? Speeches…LOL ..that’s what they are best at… LOL

So now I am tired searching whom to blame…

Oops…Media…Indian media…LOL…who are so busy searching title name for the mega event that’s now increasing their TRPs..

“ We are here to report first and still victims are lying in pool of blood and none of the government response teams has arrived still”

Fuck the break man! You could have saved at least one human being if instead of reporting ,you would had jumped for the rescue yourself. The media is first to claim, we have got the acceptance mail…Fucking retards …if they played a little sensibly and instead of shouting , wud had kept the mail for POLICE viewing first..the fucking terrorist won’t ever get any publicity…but…lol they have to report first..coz 1 billion retards are waiting to hear from them, who is responsible…as if they will catch them as soon as they get the report…naming 9/11 was of significance..but wat the fuk is 9/13 that’s being flashed as title of the breaking news…so media can’t be blamed coz these people are TRP hungry bastards who can even show their mother’s rape “Live” to increase their we can’t expect them to save the motherland coz that’s beyond their grasp of understanding…

So whom to blame then??

It’s fucking us.…we morons who are so busy scratching our own ass that we can’t see that the chair beneath is burning…we are so busy selecting government who will increase our wages and support our religion that we are forgetting the simple fact that government is incapable to protect us…we are so busy waiting to hear the sensational news of how the 16 year old was raped that we forget that sumday that young girl might have the face of ourfamily…we are so busy gossiping who died and what happened to their family that we forget that instead of gossiping …we could had spared few bucks to relief funds so that that guy who died without any fault can rest in peace that his family is at least safe …we are so busy worshiping the god and the religion that we forget the basic fact that God has left our world a long time back and we are now on our own….

So do something rather than sitting and making it a fact of gossip that 20 people are dead in the blast..coz one day it might by you who will die for nothing coz some freak thought he could become famous blasting u up…so what’s the use of the life if u r not sure when are u going to be killed…so at least die for a purpose with a cause..instead of dying for nothing….

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

So rise up Good people..rise up…coz it might be you….the next victim.

May God be with you…

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Land of The Rising Sun

The sun rises from the east,
The fact that everyone believes,
But today there’s one sun in the town square,
Engulfing the whole town, in its fire.

The days were not quite and in ease,
None slept with any peace,
As the war was in the sky,
The land of rising sun was fighting the allies.

But that day was as bright as before,
The tides were as calm as before.
As the peace was dawning on,
The dark day clouded the dawn.

Two falcons screamed high in the sky,
Sirens blared increasing the fright.
But nothing happened to their surprise,
As it were the recons that passed by.

But the hope of peace turned into scream,
A fleet of falcons flew in like a beam.
Dropping the ball of inevitability from the sky,
Thundering the entire city with the cry.

The land lit up with two suns,
The allies played their first fun.
They dropped the first nuclear bomb,
Made the Hiroshima deaf and numb.

The city crumbled in the fire,
Concretes flew like flyers,
The people burnt like the wire,
Agony screamed like never to tire.

The light soon turned into dark,
The ashes hovered in like a shark.
The cloud of dust, the cloud of smoke,
Forced each breathe to choke.

The dark day seemed never ending,
Every moment death kept on raining.
Human’s first weapon for fun,
Annihilated the whole empire of the rising sun.
-Sourish Karmakar

This piece of work, i had wrote way back in my B.Tech days... in the classroom...jus found it ...lying in pool of thought to share it...this poem is dedicated to all the brave people of Hirsoshima and Nagasaki as they still are bravely fighting the nuclear holocaust and it's one human can kill another ..and how wonderfully he finds newer ways and make the world more unsafe...
God bless u all..and Pray with me that we all remain safe...

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