Monday, August 27, 2007

Mischieviousment of Life

Was thinking of cataloging my mischiefs of life....kindda CV... :D

lets talk from the bottom....

Junior KG- was an engineer in a function, had my pic taken wid CMD of IPCL

Senior KG- was da winner of musical race in entire kindergarten ..listing it because its da lonemost athletic award winning event in my life.

ClassI: Was winner in calligraphy and painting competition..lonemost prize in dese sectors ...coz if u see my handwriting , u wud not believe dat , i ever was a calligrapher, painting thing i cant tell, but fact is dat i m gud in water and oil...and more better widout using dem..Class II:
torn down a skirt of class V girl, who was bullying me.....

Class III:
Had my fst crush on class IV girl, and we did kissed each bathroom during end of my class III..only thing was dat i was not knowing dat i had to kiss on da lips to have a score in i kissed her cheeks and ran away..and attended the next whole week of classes, standing on a bench...

Class IV:
Was the best flying kicker of the class, and kicked a students stomach out during a demo session...and was suspended for 2 weeks, which I told my parents dat class is going out and m not interested in going wid dem..but never lie wen u hav a sister in dat got caught was grounded...for 2months widout pocket money, but i love my sis, who used to give her icecream money to me..muaaaah Didi

Class V:
broke da chin of gal..she married last year wid a scar and she still remembers me..
Was organiser of men and women combine kabaddi matches of the class during tiffin...and wat used to happen in dat....??? Khikhikhi..leaving it for ur imagination

Class VI:
Moved to Durgapur...and i came to know dat that a girl whom i used to dream, was in love wid me, she cried a lot, and we had a kiss too..after she said I love u to me..
ok ok :D
Non scoring kiss..kiss on da forehead.. and i kissed her flooding eyes..Not much achievemnt coz in new skool i had a low profile

Class VII:
Had a affair with my Hindi teacher's daughter.had a scoring kiss...

Class VIII : Caught in action in da washroom wid her, got suspended for 3 weeks, thankgod sis completed her schooling.. and no1 got to know dat...she moved out of my life wid her fathers volunteered transfer...

Class IX : Tore down the top of a gal during a fyte wid her...she was hot :D..she slapped me returned i slapped her too.. :D
In the end of session I prposed my love.. she agreed..we had a steady afair till XII

Class X : used to flunk da classes and tuitions wid her..and got a fucked up report card of X wid a score of 79.6 percent only

Class XI : tasted my fst smoke......

Class XII: Academically excelled my selected in engg. entrance parted away from my love, had two fites wid goons....knocked out my front tooth...

Part I : lead da fst strike in the college..
part 2 : left the hostel, and was CR of the class....and was highlighted as local gunda of the college
part3: joined da part time job..and had a smoothened out life
part4: lead another 7 Police cases registered against the was taken off ... got in GATE


part1 : low profile...
part2 : started my virtual life and da start of all the virtual yet more than real troubles of my life..and still facing dem....

fst month gonna alone in crowd....

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy bday mela beta

Very VEry happy bday beta

Miss U

Humesha khush rehna..and ankhon mein bonfire kisi k liye bhi nhi jalana..and haan winter aa rah gloves le lena and oil message acchhe se karwana..and jyada kar k protein and egg khana :)

Ti amo

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