Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year

May this new year be as blissfull as u ever desire for..

Merry Christmas
A very
Happy New Year

Monday, December 17, 2007

Before and After

As the title says..the feelings I had, before and After i met her.. for the first time....

This is the
first of the set of Poetries that i was talking about click.

It was a long dark night,
No moon, no star & no light.
The first me was sucking blood,
To survive amidst the flood.

There was no day for night of days,
When my first me gave me the shape.
The shape of the life,the shape of my existence,
To soon count me in the universal attendance.

It was there so dark and tight,
I was all engrossed in fright,.
I thought this is my only world wide;
But soon found a ray of light.

That's the day when opened my eyes
Found a pair of eyes staring me in surprise.
Caressing me with joy and pride,
Having a face so benevolent, so satisfied.

She was caressing me whole day,
found her always engulfed in deep bay.
The bay of joy, the bay of satisfaction,
watching me close in every action.

I was like a parasite,
sucking her blood off at every site.
but she never expressed any pain,
rather joyous on nourishing my veins.

First I thought her a mad,
but soon realization made me feel bad.
The woman I never cared then to bother,
She is the source of my life, My Mother.

Blogging my poetic skills

From now on for few more posts...I wud jot down poems from my class diary..which I used to keep notes..and I ended up writing shits...which sumtime became so rhymic dat people call dem Poetries.. :P which I know dey are not :P
Y u can say dem poetries..coz i really tried to write poetries only which ended up like dis..
pardon my grammatical skills...after all m nt a hi fi :P
thanking in anticipation :P
take care

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Love is in the Air

If ya had missed da news...Really LOVE is in the air :D

A male swan who was shunned by females due to his oddly deformed neck may finally have found a girlfriend after seven years of waiting। Crinkly the ugly swan has become a well-known face at a Gloucester bird sanctuary, having flown in from frozen Russia every year since 2001 to spend Christmas there. But conservation workers have watched with dismay as Crinkly failed miserably to attract the opposite sex. "We were worried about Crinkly because he is such a strange-looking bird," said Jools Mackin, spokesperson for Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, which is the swan's Christmas home. "Every time he returns it is against the odds." Until now, none of the females at the trust was prepared to mate with him - but conservation workers say they can see the signs of a budding romance. "We are delighted because we think Crinkly has finally found a girlfriend," said Ms Mackin.

Isn't it so lovely :P

Friday, December 14, 2007

लव टु बी इन लव

कभी कभी मैं यह सोचता हूँ ...तुम रहती तो मैं बहुत तन्हा होता ...

Like always we patched up again...and like always without raising any ordeal :p

So m very happy and u can see my happiness in my new blog template..aint u :P??

And the most amazing thing is that she is still so lovely and caring like she was ever before...

She is the sweetest बेटू Kumar

Muaah :P

It's so good to be in love...:P

A letter that changed my life

Two days back..I asked her to write a letter to tell the things she is insecure about and the things she wanted to solve before we get settled...coz i knew discussing it on fone or on net is not much helpful..So after hell lot of reluctance she wrote me a mail..writing her grievances..

The letter started wid a heading dat if u want to delete it now also..it is okies and how bad i wish now dat..i shud had deleted it rather dan going thru.....

I agreed to her all demands..not because she wanted...but i wanted her to feel secured ...but the only fact that troubled me throughout was dat she thot me as a mcp wen actually saying love u to me..i thot she understood..i thot women love a possesive man..I thot she wud at least kno..dat not letting her out of my sight is not an act of taming her..but my love dat dont want to part away from her..but all she understood dat i don understand her need to pursue her goals and atypical mcp....I even convinced her...dat no I m making her secure on her demands only because..i want her to kno dat i love her...but today my love for her was getting restless of the simple thot of being parted away from such a lovely creature...In the afternoon today..she pulled out an amazing act..dat i oderwise wud had appreciated if i had heard on radio or seen on TV performed by any oder..but done by her made me worried..and now i understand..y my parents were always worried and my research guide..who is more like a guardian to me.. is always worried on my heroic acts..coz i hav seen but neva understood..that being a hero has its own prices..and wen my baby was on the stage to be da one to pay the prices..i got all afraid...and I ended up in being possesive ..extra caring ..dat i yesterday pledged not to be...but the taste of freedom she got...was better dan the love that i failed to shower properly...So she asked Choose her and her demands..or leave her..and I jus simply annoyingly said..I will leave her..and she left me.....the girl who neva left me..even i rejected her demands earlier jus left me coz i agreed jus for a day..and my love dint permitted to me to agree more...
But I think..she is after all a human being..so she has the right from by whom she want to be loved..and whom she gonna love..
The last real feeling she expressed to me was " I hate you"...
So i ended up liting da smoke after 2 months of abstinence..coz it really dont matters..if m not loved by anyone..so wats da point to leave smoking for my loved one..and wen i really had da courage to say her "I love you"... all I getting is a non responsive fone...saying subscriber is currently not responding at the moment...May be she is asleep..may be she aint picking ..I don kno..But i kno I love her..and rite now I also kno how easy must be for a person to end up his life..wen he is all in pains...

take care all of u

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Three Back to Back Posts

Last few weeks..i was hell bz wid my papers..Today ..it ended up wid a blasty seminar...i fink i shud write abt it too :p but will write it tomm...
One of my sincere blog reader..Red Soul wanned me to pick up a tag from Sardar's blog..So fst I m picking it up..dough i don think it wud show any of my creativity coz every boy will hav a same story to say...:P

It's known as five tag...and its full of stupid questions...I hav seen a similar thing sumwhere...yeah ORKUT ( Grrrr) I neva found 5 items to write about..and hav seen many people include oxygen..water, some even chappals :P ( slippers)

Better I start it..


5 things found in my room ..seems like income tax people hav just raided my room..and they hav a list of items found in my room..wats dis found in my room means..dat whether it was dere in my room and now sum1 else took it. :D okies no more fun...:P

So 5 things one can find in my room
  1. My P3 system fitted wid my 5800 watts 5.1 surround speakers...I love to be in my room only because of this system..Coz it's 24hours net connected..connected wid our internal network of 10 TB (1 TB- 1024 GB) of datas ...wid lotz of Music..wid lots of movies..lotz of porns ( hey I don watch dem ** fingers crossed** :P)Khikhikhi..The speakers are the one dat u can die for wen u r hearing rock ....
  2. Second thing is my Bed..normally u wont find bed sheet on it...coz it neva stays dere in its position and once a while wen sweeper sweeps da room...he takes it out from under of the cot :P
  3. 2 chairs and 1 table as furniture..wid loads and loads of dirty laundries and newspapers. :D
  4. My Almira..fitted in the wall..so that none of the hostel guys take it to their home :P..wid lots of clothes..more clothes..and more clothes.. and so many clothes dat i cant decide which to wear..and ultimately ..i neva find anything of my choice from it and I end up picking clothes from my chairs ...khikhikhi
  5. A Wall fitted bookshelf..better shelves coz all the books i hav packed and kept them inside a box under my cot :P and now it has all new bottles of creams gels oils dat i neva use...but buy them wenever i get chance..and most of the time i don throw da expired one..it really pains to throw a new bottle..even if its expired and u hav two more on que to use :P...yeah here u can find the secret to get superpower.....I m sure one day dey will make me spiderman :P
Don't laugh ..Ok :| dis is how an engineer lives wen he spent 6 years of his study time doing engineering in hostel and now wen all his engineer's instincts are living wen he is doing PhD ...once again in the hostel :P


Bag...Are you talking abt skool bag. ...coz i neva used after 12th...and den also it was 6 years back :|
and if u r talking about bag dat i take up to work ( department) wid...I don hav any :(
mommy I need one bag jaldi se :((


  1. Two ATM cum Debit cards..both are having balance below 2 k :|
  2. Lots of ATM slips..so that i can hav track of my money :D..though i neva check dem
  3. My I card...I need it for taking discounts from Hotels..coz we engineering students..gets 10 % off on showing our card :P
  4. Lots of visiting card...dat i keep from oder peoples and neva get in contact wid.. :P
  5. Lotz of cash.. always above 300 ..coz hav to fuel my bike..take my evening food out and money for spending on emergency purchases ..like fone cards...and spending dem in hotel's bill..coz i don believe in payment by cards..( wat if he swipes out whole my account :|)

Tag completed...chalo any1 interested... take up da tag..and
Amrita its not for u..coz i kno u wont ever complete the tag...last two are still pending :P

Take care


Ishq tera tadpawe

Ahhh!! How i wish dat I dance like them :|
The best dance video..the best dancing beats...Believe me...It neva happened dat I havn't danced on this track :D.....

\m/ It Rocks \m/

This post is written by my sweetheart..released for general benefit of all ghar k inside lovers :P

Saturday, November 24, 2007

My love triangle's fourth angle.... my family

This is one angle which you can't avoid yet u must escape from their suspicious eyes.

Presenting few tried and tested ways which are valuable to all those ppl whose love life is now nd den threatened by the fourth angle.....

1.Mmmmmm! love such a wonderful feeling....fells evry song is sung for u BUT NEVER try to dance while you are standing on a high raised tool and REMEMBER if you fall ur bf/gf wont b thr to catch u [i envy those heroines who were caught timely sigh!]

2. You mind seems always lost in his thoughts ...remembering what he said giggling like a fool even in d middle of night BEWARE nd do remember your moms fav anecdote and do sound convincing ...u were so cute mommy!

3.Nothing beats the early morning wake up call to ur sweetheart u give d brightest of d grin when he says i love u [err technically one shd bllush but oh wel!] and OOPS DAD walks in looking suspicious "tadaa be extra loud and clear nd say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR, I AM SOOO SORRY I COULDN'T MAKE UP THE CAL LAST NIGHT".

4. LOVE makes everyone go blush blush [cute!] not really when d devil himself walks in bearing d look i know whtz going on [read as ur big bad brother or sister] make d most weirdest face on dat nd say "its d lastest facial excersise even Ram dev baba vouches for it "

5.Writing love letters nothing beats the feeling to telling him how much he is loved YET DO NOT write them if u have a tendency to forget whr u have kept them.

6.WHEN LOVE HAPPENS ....studies don't happen so atleast if you are pretending to be studing PRETEND it well! turn the pages once in a while ...do imagine ur lover's face in d book so dat wud keep d neck hung on [ just dunt try nd kiss it ....it gross]

7. NEVER whisper on the fone ...the more u do the more ur parents enhance their hearing abilities [grrrrrrrrr!!!]

8.LAst but not the least , your parents are much more smarter than you think they are ! .
they already probably know everything and are waiting to catch you red handed so if caught........... yet DO nOT feAR [pyar kiya toh darna kya]

Proudly sing "hai agar dushman..dushman, zamana gum nahi gum nahin.....hum kisi se kam nahi kam nahi" nd before u are able to finish d line you would realise .....
you have been grounded again. :O ...:(....:((

maybe for ur entire life .....:D
TILl next time
stay in love.....


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