Monday, August 05, 2013

Raanjhana ... simply beautiful

Well, seriously speaking... I am much late to actually have any impact on its viewership but since it is my blog with practically no one else but me to read.. who cares ?

THe movie was awesome but more awesome was to see the streets of Banaras and hear the maestro AR Rehman playing ... The direction was great and the storyline simply perfect..

Who can deny the first love? I know I can still leave the whole world if she says me too... OK !! that was cheesy... but there was a time ..not very long ago when I could have done that... but then I had someone more beautiful to hold me ...Well... who cares now...? I still like the last dialogue of the movie

But, why get up now.'
'Who's got the courage to fall in love again..

The movie with a love theme in the back drop of politics remind me about the good old days of Maniratnam coinciding a common man's life with that of politics ..something which, the south directors are marvelously capable. I hope more such movies come into the main stream Bollywood to let us feel the beauty of Indian Cinema...

The most romantic moment of the movie...
Do watch it for Dhanush's and Swara's performance...they were just dazzling in terms of their performance...and as usual Sonam was beautiful in the movie with some decent acting...


Monday, July 29, 2013

Moving on ...

It's been really long since I penned down anything on my blog. I remember the times, when I used to feel proud declaring I am a blogger. But now.. things have changed... this blog is nearly dead...not because it doesn't find its traffic but I don't feel to write again...

So what I am doing now..? I don't know... I want to be writing again... writing words..writing baseless nonsensical grammatically wrong posts...feeling touch of the wrong sided creativity... but I can't...

There are too many memories associated with this blog.. I remember the time when I used to wait for her comments... not because I loved her.. but because... she was so purely in love with me that she always felt good reading every nonsense I put up on this page... she will fight with me for me with so many ..that she lost her own fan followers ..but she was content..because she had me.... but I never realized her importance in my life.. Now when she is gone... far gone.. I feel so alone...not that I didn't want to be left alone..because leaving her was my decision as I am an incomplete incomplete man... an incomplete lover...but when I am penning down this post... I know it will not be even read by her... even if will not ever come back to me....

Do I miss her ??

Yes.. I do miss her....but now I need to walk this path alone... I chose this path... and I am going to walk alone....

I visited her blog today...and the way she blossomed back into the writing her I knew.. I felt happy.. but as like every broken soul.. I tried to find if there is any trace of love still left there... not because I want her to love me again... but because.. in this busy and tight life of mine.. I just needed a glimmer of hope...even if it's just flickering wick of spent candle... but I couldn't find any... I guess she moved on....

Sorry !! I know I am insulting your love for me by saying those word that I always insisted not to be ever used between us....but somehow.. I am not feeling the need to hide this apology ...May be I moved on too...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Investment Research and BIotechnology

Currently, I am reading a lot about 'Investment Banking' and growth of Biotechnology sector in India. Believe me or not, I do actually love the financial aspects of the Biotechnology as much as I love the scientific aspect of it. You will be amazed to know that the investment research is far more dynamic than the microorganisms I study. I agree to its exaggeration, as living system is far more complex but it is comparatively dynamic. The patterns in this field are so dynamic that sometime you feel they are alive. 

I will try to write this article on Investment Banking and Biotechnology sector in India in a questionnaire format. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

1) What is Investment Banking and how it is different from Banking?

Answer: Investment Banking and Banking both works in a similar format. The banks ask for mortgages while the investment banks ask for your credibility. It means that when you need capital for a project or a start-up company, you can ask the Bank to invest if you have sufficient assets to mortgage or you can ask an Investment banking company to invest on your project with some terms and conditions. There are many companies that look for good projects such as Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and other companies. These companies will bring investors to you for your project. However, the prime condition is the credibility of yourself and your project. The process is similar as an investment and it will follow the same principles involved in normal investments.

2) Why to Invest in Biotechnology in India?

Answer: Few years back, people have asked the same question about Information technology and services Industry in India. Now people search for the investment opportunities there. Biotechnology is one such emerging field that has a big potential in coming years. If it was prior to 2005, I would not have said much about it as the Indian Pharma companies were not obligated by Patents rule. However, after India signed the MoU in TRIPS (Trade related Intellectual Property rights) and toughened its stand on patent protection of product. Indian pharma sector is in need of quality research and product development in this field. As you must be know for a life saving drug, the estimated time is 10 years and 1 Billion dollars of investment. Therefore, all this companies are in need of investment. Previously, they were more or less relying on their own capital. However, things have changed now. There is a lot of competition in this sector with lots of companies registering themselves in this field. Therefore, a proper investment in a good project is going to be a wonderful opportunity. The Biotechnology sectors has grown from 4 billion dollar in 2010 to nearly 11 billion dollars 2012. ABLE (Association of Biotech led enterprises) is estimating it to reach 100 Billion dollars by 2025. Therefore, it is the right time to invest in this growing field.

3) What is Investment Research in Biotechnology?

Answer: It is comparatively newer form of research but it is far more important than any other research form. In normal chemical or mechanical process, a reaction or a process gives a definite outcome. As I mentioned you the complexity of microorganisms, the biotechnology research is not going to give a definite outcome. There are lots of ambitious projects that may not give you a proper return (may not give at all). Therefore, one should research the company well before investing in it. The investment research does exactly the same. They research on these companies and outline a probably outcome for the investors. Therefore, it becomes easier for the investors to look beyond the jargons and noise of companies to see the security and risk associated with their investment. 

4) Can we talk about Careers in Investment Banking in Biotechnology sector?

Answer: Yes, there is a career scope, if you are into financial aspects of Biotechnology and Research. As said by one of the experts in the field, these jobs do not give you any scope of widening research like what we academicians are accustomed to but it is serious research and serious salary. However, for that you have to be ready. As suggested by a senior analyst, keeping yourself updated is the first task that you can do. 

In my opinion, it will be wonderful to have real biotechnologist in the financial advisory field. If you are studying any technical course in this field, then try for an internship in Finance field in any of your summer vacations. If you like this field, then you should start updating yourself about the finance and increase the virtues that you feel may lead you to success in this field.  However, you need to be master in your field too. Think about it, are you genuinely going to take your own advice if it comes to investing your hard earned money in Biotechnology? If yes, then only you should think about others opting for your advice. 

Therefore, investment research and biotechnology both have good future. I am trying my best to be part of it. You should too...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another 'Nonsense' Post

I have been wanting to update my blog for quite a long time.

I wanted to write on rising price of LPG, the Delhi Gangrape case and even on equity research but never found the right encouragement to do so.

I have written a post on Rape and Capital punishment, a long time back. I have written a post on Rising Prices that too a long time back. So repeating to gather traffic to blog seems so stupid nowadays. Then there is the Masterchef India episode...but that is going to be some other day.

So question is ...What I am going to write today ?

Answer is : IDK

Country is already gone to hell.. My life is running good... Although there is a void in my heart but I will let the blood fill that up for now...

I met one old blogger in someone's Facebook timeline,...deliberately insulting me for writing nonsensical things ... I remember I used to admire her once when I was a blog-licker ( Used to visit everyone..keep them in blogroll to motivate them to read my blog).. She seemed good at that time.. I remember being her Facebook friend too.. but then she was writing all about growing tomato-potato in her was getting too hard to read all those gardening things. Most of the bloggers that time were females.. (well Male bloggers like me write nonsensical I never visited them except few) she being a female, was very popular among bloggers or may be was surrounded by too many she started behaving arrogant and I stopped visiting..she unfriended me from Facebook ...and that was grudges..

But few months back one of my blogmate wrote something about me in quite an insulting manner...She is a dear friend.. Seriously speaking.. it was very insulting..she could have chosen to inform me in private messages if she was annoyed with some game request that I didn't send her intentionally ...but she chose to do the otherwise...and then.......... there was the 'like' and another insulting laugh 'LOL' as comment of the gardening lady...I wanted to give a sound reply but then I simply said 'Sorry'..Part of that was my soft corner for my friend and another part was my girlfriend who said not to get in some silly fights that I am known to pick quite often...

Last night, the gardening lady did that again.. I was pissed was very late at night when I received that comment.. so it was quite disturbing....I don't know what made her say that as I was not talking to her and was not at all thinking even to do that...

I think I should dedicate this nonsensical post to her for old time sake. I hope  my friend pass her the message and if she also agrees with her then she can always 'unfriend' once it was Ok..twice it is still bearable but the next time I will not be "Nice" because seriously speaking I don't give a shit to that Gardening lady's existence in this virtual or real world.

PS: if you  are tired of reading nonsense..Don't come back again.. I am not a nice person :)

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