Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Signature of a killing machine

The Signature
There was a boy....who lived through innocence..fst time heard dat y he took birth in dis merciless world..his dream shattered..his whole innocence crumbled...his whole world cried out in despair..
Noooooooooo cried his little heart..but the sound was too low dan wat he needed to deliver to the world..lost in da small horizon between his heart and throat and never actually came out.
He got to kno dat he was born to serve..born to kill..born as a terminator.
Got trained through the finest machineries...executed toughest task of the world...pledged to not come in relations dat can weaken the spirits of his instincts...but the fate had itz own plan to curb his hopes..
Da boy turned 16..when the fst light of hope streaked through his dark fate...a cute dream attached herself to da lost dreams of da boy... a ray of hope for awakening da born free spirits of da boy..he was amazed beautiful da dream can be..where the redness remained but it changed herself to a blooming flower..instead of da despair he always dreamt...His spirit rebelled..he decided to born free..but the war was beteen fate and hope...How can the fate loose...he continued to execute and planning to runaway to a world where he can live of his own.... But how can he ... manhunt was dere to nab him elsewhere.... A red corner was against him...but he dint forgot to sleep ..never forgot to dream...fate striked itz fst blow..da cute dream was forced to be sumone else's ..the cute dream revolted and shattered herself
wid da lines dat follows...
"I m sorry! I m having a new life inside me ..but da seed is of sumone else's..I betrayed u..I hope if not dis time..the next live ..I will be wid u cuddling..crying..laughing wid ur dreams...sorry but dis life is too hard to live alone....plz forgive me................."
And da dream ended dere..leaving him amidst da darkness all over again.... The streaking light of hope dissapeared behind da gloomy skies of his dark fate.
Hope cried a lot..but it again blossomed amidst da cloud of despair...a flower who was shattered by her own world..flew in his find a light ... to find a breeze... to feel herself.
The boy... now a man..felt the light again glowing behind da horizon.......he pledged not to loose da light dis time...But he feared da cruel fate's blow..he dint want to shatter the flower he soothed her to breathe a new life of her own and let her fly to a new find a new dream of her own...fearing still... dat the shattering lines don happen again.
A light streaked he got tired of letting the light to pass away..he pledged to leave da pledges to serve and pledged to survive of his own...but still da light was not too bright to end his darkness...his darkness.. forced to execute new tasks..the tasks he has been carved for...da light struggled to live wid him..but fate again shut da leave him in darkness..No it was not da fate..but the man was too afraid of fate..and felt so weak dat he closed da window himself.
When he was wandering amidst the barren island of love searching for the human faith widout any maps..widout any light....he was struck wid a lightening... a flash so long dat he can see the path to walk reach a new human faith....But his leg trembled ... to walk further..his heart pounded not to explore..and he decided to stop right there..closing his dat the lightening of hope don't strike again.and pleged to live in da darkness..da darkness he can call his own.
The smile of fate appeared again on da clouds of darkness..

Friday, August 04, 2006

My life..and Indian net

I was thinking dat hmmmm wat i was thinking........hmmm lolz Itz among da times when i want to write so much but yet i m getting confused about da contents first i thot dat i shud write a poetry.den i thot current affairs at last irony striked and i decided to write abt my life ..........
Last two cute indian server behaved so gud dat I was not able to talk to her.And today everything changed a lott.
She wrote me damn gud and cute offlines dat she thinks dat i m ignoring her. And again my indian server got disconnected again and i was not even able to send her any offlines and still itz not getting connected.So i thot of writing a mail and suddenly me PC got restarted...lolz. the long cute mail got washed off. And when I again wrote dat it lacked all the beauties and all the emotions dat I encarved my previous mail wid.
Human emotions........god knows how he made dis damn everchanging materialistic thinkings dat we called emotions.
lolz I have gone mad I guess. take care

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