Monday, August 18, 2008

Independent --- Is it really a big question...???

***The Post has Disturbing Images***

Just few minutes back..I was there in Keshi's blog...where she put up a very good post about the humanity and why it is greater than nationality and then it was followed by questions of which one question that hit me was are we Independent...?????

I have been asked this question for long...People discuss it on roadside, coffee tables, office lunch hours, even one of my ex gfs asked me this ques on a romantic escapade that we were having... and every time I just get fumed up wen I get to hear the replies like...oh man we needed to be in british control cause they built this and they built that or are we really free..our govt is doing this...and the other person is doing that...and the reason for getting fumed up is that I feel that this is the time u people are insulting the freedom fighters who as per u laid their life in vain...

what does freedom means to u???


For most of the person..freedom means only one thing and that is being wild.. fulfilling of all their fundamental rights...and their rights guarded and kept secured...
what the hell???

Roaming naked if means freedom then u need to stop staring the dictionary....if u count the literary meaning of freedom ..u will be the unhappy most soul of the world and that's wat u r ...
freedom means living freely and simultaneously not obstructing others freedom...
u have the right to move naked only if u r doing it in private ..if u doing it in public and if sumone kicks ur balls then u r not to get troubled..beacuse the other person is exercising his freedom option of right to kick any hanging balls :P

U want ur rights to be secured and then u want that govt shudn't restrain u from soing certain things then u need to change the country or better find one island where noone's there and and thus ur rights will be safe...who do u think u r ...that people in security services will pay their life to secure ur rights and u will shout at them anytime u want..they are doing their duty of protecting everyone's rights..why the hell u can't appreciate that..yeah I've seen Police becoming arrogant and criminal supporting...but why u r shouting wen u r in trouble..if u had shouted the time wen other persons were in trouble ..jus to prevent any future trouble..u wud had found company to fight against oppression...but what..U have this attitude of ....who's his ass???.....and wen it is aimed at ur ass..u shout where is the govt..where is my rights..who will fight for u bro...if u can't fight for urself and others....

To live in a need to follow rules and do his's not about rights that gives as freedom but u need to do ur own moral duties to secure ur freedom and if u don't do that ..then don't crib that u r not able to exercise ur rights ....

see wat's the opposite side of freedom is ..and then u say wat u r or bound....


  1. Gosh!! I was reading through the post and was unable to continue due to the nature of the pictures. Sorry. :(

  2. Only becos u chose a white couple's pic to ridicule wut freedom means to them.

    maybe u should hv put a pic of Indians get rid of female infants to show what FREEDOM is not?

    Anyways, I dun wish to comment anymore on this cos the way u constructed this post to put ur point across is WRONG.


  3. Sissy...

    Wat :O
    white where does white or black came in the picture..this is wat freeness means to both people becoming wild and carefree...that's wat i wanted to depict...

    female infanticide in India is not the freedom that I said..every society has both the's not the govt that's killing infants's the people who are killing their own one in the world cud prevent if u want to kill sumone or kill urself..and if any ideal free country provides such protection ..I will be glad to leave my country to accept their citizenship...

    I don't think that I've constructed it's a real fact..wen one is accessing internet from the office to blog his feeling and then he says I m not free...then he or she will never be free wateva rights u give them... and
    if u really want to spread humanity...don't give love and the people to kno their rights and help them to exercise and secure was not meant to offend was only for those people who say they are not free and they needed british people to rule them and spank them to discipline...

  4. Sneha...
    I can understand..but that's wat people really face wen they are not free and under tyrant rulers ..
    and people sometimes need to see the real picture of reality

  5. well,looking at the pics,we're privileged to be living in bright times,but surely we haven't done justice to the price our freedom fighters paid for our independence..

    btw this be my first visit to your you happen to be a nitdgp alumi?

  6. **if u really want to spread humanity...don't give love and the people to kno their rights and help them to exercise and secure thhem

    Thats exactly wut Im doing thru my posts which some ppl seem to take personally w.o. seeing the point!

    Also, how d u know that Im NOT doing anything towards HUMANITY already?

    btw come read my reply to u in my blog.

    I dun wish to comment further on this post cos u hv put up gruesome pics of wut happened many many years ago between blacks n whites. It dont count TODAY. Wut counts today is wuts happening TODAY.


  7. Basu

    welcome to the blog....
    and u r correct...we clearly havn't done anything rather we chat a lot abt it :)

    No I m not NIT dgp alumni..though I was in dgp and was living close to NIT then REC...I was In BCET bidhannagar..and then I moved to IT BHU varanasi....and still m there :)

  8. Sissy...

    the armenian genocide that u are talking abt was a failure of the govt..
    and rest is present is a nazi camp on poland...why are u not including that...if u want to see the jaliawala bag massacre..i can forward you that pic being independent we r in far good condition and wateva the problem we have now is mismanagement but not colonization ..

    and I will defn read ur replies..I always do :P

    btw I kno ur nature and m sure u must be doing real good things to spread humanity and that's wat is requirred too :)

  9. **and wateva the problem we have now is mismanagement but not colonization ..

    Agreed. But more Indians should be doing something abt it than ignoring it. Cos for how long r u gonna tolerate it?


  10. No one is tolerating it...but after freedom we r so low on resources that we have to strive for us fst ..then we can think of sumfink for the poor :)

    and that's why I blame british coz in 200 years of their rule ..they jus looted and exploited rather than building anything..

  11. Freedom.


    (PS-yes i am so back,for today,at-the-least)

    To me (maybe because I'm an aquari..:|)

    Where ever you have the right to agree to disagree.THAT is freedom.

    Where ever you have the right to raise a voice against something.THAT is freedom.

    When you have the power to be "humane".That is freedom.

    Freedom isn't getting a 90000 buck cheque and throwing it on your gf's ass.Its not opening a SIMI kind of thing and carelessly killing people.Its not boozing till you drop.

    Maybe that answers you.

    Jai Hind./

  12. **and that's why I blame british coz in 200 years of their rule ..they jus looted and exploited rather than building anything

    then let me ask u that qn again in a different way:

    How long are u gonna be playing the BLAME game?

    After all, wutever they did was 61yrs ago! And it is not the BRITISH who introduced caste/gender etc bias to India is it? plz gimme a break!

    No more further arguments on this bro.

    lets just agree to disagree and leave it at this. besides who am I to comment on India. Im not Indian. Im Sri Lankan but I say the same thing abt Sri Lanka. They r all stuck in the BLAME game and for so long, its appalling.



  13. Crystal...

    that's least u kno wat's freedom for u ..that's wat i wanted to express but my style was not accepted... :)

    but I liked ur style :)

    Jai Hind

  14. Who is playing the blame's the reality and India is definitely growing with its present resources...people are earning is the largest democracy nuclear one of the leading economy...yeah people are poor and they are caste divided..but it won't go away soon but stillin cities things are not wat u see in discovery or in media.. caste sytem is fading away in rural areas too but it will take time and for that people need awareness...govt is trying it's best..supporting 1/6th of worlds population with 1000 different religion and's not easy ...but it will happen and I have confidence with current wave of awareness among the youth..

    and wateva u want..u want to discuss..u can..if u don..u don...u r always welcome to do anyfink here :)

  15. **that's wat i wanted to express but my style was not accepted

    o bro get over urself! it wasnt YOUR style. its the WAY u constructed this post.

    Wut maybe Freedom to one culture, may not necessarily be Freedom to u.

    The fact that u used a White couple's drinking pic for mudslinging their Freedom is why I said the way u constructed this post was wrong. It's hugely BIASED if u didnt realise it. And its not FREEDOM ur addressing thru that pic but ridiculing anothers's CULTURE.

    And u took it all PERSONALLY.

    Im not surprised!


  16. Sissyy..
    ridiculing another's culture :O


    which country's culture includes a lap dance????

    "And u took it all PERSONALLY.

    Im not surprised!"
    ...and I m glad that u kno me so well.. :)

  17. duhhhhhhhh! :)

    lets end this massively dorky disagreement LOL!

    I dun wanna fight with mah bro!!!!


  18. this post is too much for me to read re...isliye no comments....stop saying ppl dont visit you:(

  19. yes I was. wut else were ya thinking lol!



  20. aqua gurl...

    arre koi nhi re comments drop na kar toh shoutbox mein shout kar diya kar :|


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