Friday, May 30, 2008


It is been long and I really can't see this baby sitting here alone in despair and me overlooking its loneliness to live alone..
I m so indebted to the readers..they never left this blog alone..though some had..but I still have a formidable hit per day..and then I thot it's not better to disappoint the frnds wen everytime they hit the button to my blog..they see despair...

So here is post abt a boy who thot himself as the greatest soul of the universe...few excerpts from the diary dated not long back......

January 2006 : Hehehe m in IT-BHU and I know so much..these people around me all are fools...who cares abt them...

February 2006: Me so alone..these people all they do is lobbying... why they are so against me..

March 2006: Orkut...yippiee I completed 100 scraps..uff it's been three months m here ..thx to Kunal...

April 2006: Oh boy! m so famous now..i completed 500 scraps today..these gals are so impressed by me..I just increased my scraps by 400 in just a month..

May 2006: She is so much in love with me..she has gone addicted to me..she is not giving me my breathing space....
Oh my god! these guys have so 6000 and more scraps and m here wid only 700...shitt...

June 2006 : they were so surprised that I touched their scrap count and gonna surpass them..heehehe Noone can challenge me

June 2006 : Who is this gal..wat she thinks of god so much she is my target....
oh my god..she is so beautiful..I was so mesmerised by seeing her album..and she got a lovely name too..and her dp is so lovely..

July 2006 : heheheh no one can resist my the gals count in my life is so high...and my scrap count has crossed 15k..

December 2006: I m so confused..whom do I love..these both gals are crazy for me...

January 2007: Fuck...How cud I tell her that I took her as a could i be so confident..that I told her that I won you by my charm..she is just a kid who loved me like anything and how cud I hurt her...will she ever return back...

February 2007..I waited for her one m sure it's that attitude gal whom i love...shud I propose her..

March 2007.. She is back and now m so confused..both are so good and I can't leave either of them...

29th March 2007...Today is my birthday and she left me..I told her one thing only that she can't leave me and I challenge her that she won't be able to resist my charm...

May 2007..I am so wrong...she never will return back..but I have her..I will hold on to her..

August 2007..Now I got in PhD...I am invincible....

October 2007..she agreed..afta long she said me I love you too...I won the battle...

November 2007...She is so naive could she say me Immodest..if I kno more than her..if I have more degree than her..watever I say she will always feel me immodest..she is so damn jealous...

January 2008.. Now my fellowship is been approved..yippie 63 k in my account..I m so rich..I have got a pulsar too...m the smartest..

February 2008... We met and we parted

March 2008..She is calling me immodest more than ever ..m feeling so's beyond the limit..wat's my fault if I kno more than her..

March 29 2008:... Today is my bday..and even my mom dad forgot to call me up..i had to remind it's my bday..i don't blame..they are off for vacation afta so long... didi too i have to remind her too..let me call her...

April 2008.. I am becoming more and more intolerable to her

May 2008.. How cud she never understood me..she always took my protection to her as my immodesty..she said I don't listen to her...fuck ...I think I am really an Immodest freak...

Yesterday....She don't want to stay wid me...fuck I never understood that's my immodesty self pride is undermining them and now no one is sure that they can live wid me happily...
fuck I lost all of my close ones due to this ...Now I will have to be all alone...

Today... there is nuthing in my life to write about...I owe all of them an apology..and the punch line of the day... "You think urself as The Sourish...whom no gal can dump..."..I think she and my all prev relations had worked hard to prove me wrong there.. :)..


  1. awwwwww...first of all, HUGZ!

    Calm down bro. Take it easy. Shit happens ya know.

    **she always took my protection to her as my immodesty

    sometimes ppl read us differently. our good intentions are seen as something else. I always thought the hardest thing in any r'ship is to make the other person UNDERSTAND ur feelings. Its not easy.

    Now if she sees u like that, u cant do nothing abt it. Can ya? Let it be. Dun force urself to be someone else just to win her love. If u think ur being who u r, then just let it be.

    Dun let the sun burn ya...



  2. Sissy
    I have already burnt ashes..but everytime I rose up from the ashes..but this time fate is also not withme..and all the ashes are scattered with the wind of the destiny..and m so helpless that I can't gather up the ashes too..

    I don't think all the people in the world has misread me..I was always left alone..and was asked up only wen in the time of their dire needs..
    I think my immodesty do took its toll everytime..but I was so blind..I never saw the wind coming....

  3. **..I was always left alone..and was asked up only wen in the time of their dire needs..

    guess wut? thats the story of my life.

    Sometimes i feel no one u'stands me. Not even my loved-ones. So I live a very lonely life.

    *HUGZ* its ok...atleast we hv ourselves to keep us company.:)


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  5. ohoh

    you need to rethink YOURself

    sometimes it works...sometimes we need to shift gears

  6. sissyy...

    yeap..nd i truly adore this relation..

    and will always cherish this..

  7. ceedy...

    yeah may be u r true...
    i need to shift gears...

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  9. I leave you alone for a tiny bit, and you are leaving?? Okay I need to catch up on some of my blogs and all that good stuff!!!

    I will be back, I need to see what is going on around here! lol!! I have not been here to check on my buddy Sourish!!!!! My work is never done! hahahahaha!


  10. Nehya

    so u back form ur vacation???
    nd m not leaving...not wen u r around... :)

  11. I liked your style of writing and the post too somehow ...nice thoughts....someday may be even i will write up something like this...

  12. thx re
    appreciation coming from ur side is really worth a thousand such...
    Will wait for it..jaldi likhna :P

  13. you know it seems like you talk with sarcasm about yourself.. dont be like that, past is past, look ahead to the future. Everything is going to be okay :)


  14. i don kw y..but d only thng which i wanted to say to u bhaiya after readin dis post is
    i love you bhaiya

    nothn else

    take care

  15. lena


    u may be rite...but I was never able to get over these feelings...everytime I was reminded i m wrong..till i started believing..and den they justwent off...leaving me alone..each timewith a new guilt...


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