Friday, May 02, 2008


*The following article has disturbing images*

I was sitting in a park staring the dried fallen leaf and thinking
What is it feeling? What if she ain't lifeless??? What if she ain't devoid of feelings?? Is she feeling the same agony of being helpless as I m and thinking about what will happen tomorrow??Is she fearing that she would be under thousands feet .. or under screeching tires.. or burnt to ashes or may be just picked up by a lil boy and stay immortal forever in between the pages of his diary..
I picked it up and she stays in my diary..and wen i feel hopeless i just take her out and talk to her..
"Lady..I picked you up..tell me will sumday sumone will take me out of the trash "
This is a true story..coz that boy was me when I was 12 ...but can't you identify urself with the feelings of the is the feeling that everybody faces ..that's despair, helplessness and unhappiness towards life due to discontent and dissatisfaction...

And if you can identify with the boy..then my dear friends u r committing one of the most deadly sin and that's Acedia...or sloth...or in simple feeling discontent and dissatisfied with god and his creations..

Acedia was regarded as one of the deadliest sin after vanity coz if ur feelings are engrossed in Acedia than u can be easily motivated to commit other sins, as most of the sins are committed either by vain or by a depressed..

So depression due to dissatisfaction is a sin, and if u r dissatisfied, don't curse the god coz u ain't his disciple any more..u r moving towards the Antigod.

So now the common questions arises..

I am facing the world upside down, then also I am a sinner ??Do u know what I am going through?? Do you know what god has taken from me and gave nothing but despair ?? Can you imagine how tough is the life widout my dear ones ??

So before answering..let's go through these..

A man searching for help, his kid is in pain with a splinter injury due to heavy rocket bombardment. Yeah! I am talking about the common condition in war torn Palestine and Iraq.

She was a ten years old girl, she was lying there unconscious coz just now the war heroes who had won the area satisfied their lust by raping her..

She is 23 years old women crying in pain..coz just now the rioteers had raped her and torn her womb and taken out her unborn baby and torched that embryo in front of her before torching her too.

He is 3 year old boy, he can't say what he witnessed but he is hell scared. Some terrorist came there and in the name of the god shot his father and raped his mother before stuffing her mouth and slits they had carved with their knives wid gunpowder and torched her alive.

She is 30, she lives in place that even god had left years ago, with baby in her hands thoroughly malnourished, searching for food and water. May be if not today she wud be lucky in a week if she get sumthing to eat, but she is in dilemma that wat she do with her lil baby crying in her arms

She is a 17 year old girl..she lives in a orphanage run by a prestigious NGO..Now she is being sold to every other day to new customers who romp her body for their carnal pleasure.

He was caught when he was 11 trying to steal food and convicted to a juvenile detention centre and since then for 4 years he is beaing raped by the jailors and other wardboys.

She in 28, she wants to read but she can't, she wants to roam outside free but she can't, she was raped thrice in last two months but cudn't convict anyone of the crime coz the court needed four witnesses. Yeah! she was raped by 5, but alas! none of them wanted to be a they were set free and she was raped again...Welcome to Afghanistan...

She was 32, a happily married devoted lady for last 9 years, yesterday her husband told her that he is HIV positive and she took her results and found her to be HIV positive too..

Can you identify with any of them??

If you can't, then why are you in despair and dissatisfaction coz ur boss has kicked ur ass.. or ur bf/gf left you ....or you are not able to find a suitable guy/gal to live happily with..or ur parents left you in this world alone but leaving enough to get you to an internet connection for reading this article or u still have sumone to care for who is trying his or her best to give you a good upbringing..

So stay happy my friend and get over Acedia my friend, the world is still wonderful for you..and if you can't find the happiness.. u r a sinner coz u carve for more than wat u already have and this carving will never end ...

*The photos(freely available in net ) may not have specific resemblance to the facts but they were used to show the agony. Any resemblance to the dead or living is purely coincidental and is regretted*


  1. just saw the pics, haven't read the post yet, and am scared to read it :(
    Aise daravne, bhayanak post, bhai?

  2. Sourish this was such an eye-opening post ! Reminded me of Keshi's latest one.
    BUt yeah, both of your contexts are hell different.

    We all have some or the other dissatisfaction in life. Always have something to crib about. But why ? Why cant we see, that there is so much happiness that can be found in the little things around us ?

    Like I'd said in my cross-roads post (jo tune padha hi nahi), we go thru pain, and havwe to move on, coz thats the rule of nature. I felt moving on wasnt that bad coz, I saw, there were worse things that could have happened. Like the things you have mentioned here.

    I wish everyone understaood this. The world would be a so much better place to live.

    Amazing post !
    Keep it up.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. And yeah, i agree with Kashmira di. Inne horrible pix q dale hain tune ? Damn gory. I couldnt look at most, and just read their lines...

    Dont do it again. Plz.

  5. Kash

    Didi..padh lo...feel good factors aayenge and u will feel more luckier than u already feel :)

    darna nhi bhai k rehti kabhi didi darti hai kya???

  6. Cindy..
    yeah keshi's post is different..I just wanted to make people feel wats agony and compare to them wat they are facing in life..
    craving more is wat we are today..and wen we don't get it we will dissatisfied ...
    i was going to write it in normal way..but soon i got so engrossed that i wanted to put the picture in front of all to let them feel what sin they are committing not respecting the life they got...

    btw cross roads padha tha..par samjh nhi aaya na..unni angrezi bujhati hi nhi :|
    par aaj pata chal gya ki wat was that in ur post by this comment :P

    world is always a heaven to live..look we can taste, we can see we can feel we can sing we can laugh, we can enjoy delicacies in food..then also we cry that god hadn't given enuff...

    Iam so happy that u liked it.. will read cross roads again if kuchh ghusa diimag mein i will tell u pakka se :P

  7. cindy..

    world is horrible re..inko dekhoge toh pata chalega..nahi toh yeh saari kahaniyan hum roj padhte hai and den nex moment yeh dekhne mein vyast ho jate IPL mein kaun jeeta..

    aur India itna ganda kiun khel rahi hai...

    aur showing ppl that they are the sinners...wen they are not happy with wat they got...
    u need to show them the harsh truth otherwise wo yehi rone lagenge ki tumhe kya pata ki humari jindagi kitni tough hai..aise articles likhna bahut asaan wo..

    * I kno the pics are disturbing..even i dint had courage to see dem twice*
    but reality is far more horrible than wat u saw in those snapshots *

  8. Heartfelt post Bro HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

    yes the pics were hard to look at! But I did look anyways. I cant be blind to the truth.

    **the most deadly sin and that's Acedia...or sloth...or in simple feeling discontent and dissatisfied with god and his creations..

    I agree but I dun consider it as a SIN as such. What is a sin to me, may not be a sin to u. :)

    As humans we r entitled to feel down in the dumps..and that cant always be taken as a sin bro. Some ppl hv very valid reasons to feel down even tho they may not be in any of the horrible situation u mentioned thru the pics here.

    U know, sometimes an emotional wound hurts much more than a physical wound.

    And every one of us value our own lives and consider that our own probs are the worst. Unfortunatley it's human nature.

    I say personal grief can never be compared. So u cant really tell someone to look at a rape-victim or a war-victim and tell them to make up their minds. Cos the truth is, no one can feel another's pain 100%. We can only sympathise.

    But yeah, I agree, we can try and not whinge aimlessly. Cos there r alot of ppl like this who dun even have the health and abilities that we hold. Like I said in one of my earlier posts, I hate ppl who whinge..cos one look at these pics put us all to shame. We hv so much more than most of the world does. We hv to learn to count out blessings.

    Truly eye-opening post bro!


  9. Kash di and me were chatting yesterday. Man, you should have been there ya ! It would have been so much more fun.
    Missed you.

  10. abe sabka dard apne liye bada hi hota hai mere bhai...

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Oh my GOD!

    I just couldn't take it, the pictures are really gory and disturbing

    Sometime ago, somebody had sent me the video of execution of Daniel Pearl, I couldn't sleep for days together. Also, a presentation on how stillborn foetus are delicacies in Taiwan made me really go mad and helpless of not being able to do anything.

    I got disturbed when Sridevi couldn't recognise Kamalhasan in "sadma", so you can very well imagine the impact of this post on me.

    I was in practical exam duty,and as the students were busy, i was just thinking what is happiness and counting my blessings. If i talk about absolute happiness then i would be lying if i say, I could get what i wanted from life, but if I talk about relative happiness yes, i am happy to have a job, money to fulfill my basic needs and at times to help others. Your post just came at the right time. yes, one should count ones' blessings

    This post deserves a pat on your back
    With love

  13. Keshi

    Sissy wat you said is also 100% true..feeling discontent disheartened and despair is human virtue..if u cry off the feelings it they are necessary..but wat Acedia is continuously feeling despair and deciding ur life path according to it...
    so if u felt bad abt something which is bad is truly accepatable but if u give up on despair and start seeing the world as a snatcher dan giver..ur a victim of Acedia..that's wat i meant to say..
    every other day i visit blogs and find people crying on petty issues..even I do sumtime or say most of the time..but my aim was to tell people that crying repeatedely over and over u r actually committing a sin annd u shud refrain from it..not becoz it will lead to hell but it will make ur life hell...

    thanks again for ur lovely comment and for liking the post and for ur blessings

  14. Cindy and kash di...
    maje karo aap dono...
    mujhe blog par msg nhi daal sakte they duffers..
    main bhi online aake masti maarta :|

  15. samby

    I accept..par dard se ubharna hi jindagi hai bhai..rote rehna apne aap ko aur pareshan karna hai :)

  16. ever hopeful

    sadma film dekh kar main bhi roya tha..wo jab kamal hassan puppy face banata hai in the was real hurting :|

    yeah mam were disturbing..but so is life everywhere else..and rightly u said and that's wat i wanted to say..
    count ur blessings ..u will feel more content..
    thanks for liking the post and adding up ur views :)

    love n carez

  17. I did ping you duffer ! You were nowhere in sight.
    Waise di jaldi mein thi. We talked for an hour and half mostly.
    But fir bhi you should have been there , man !
    Tere-mere fave topic par baat ho rahi thi..hahahaha...

  18. tujhe pata hai na ki main ym pe offline rehta hoon most of the time ..agli time blog par msg kiya kar duffer ...

    aur plz don say that ki she too has same opinion abt that :P

    mera haste haste bura haal ho jayega :P

  19. par dard se ubahrte hu zindagi nikal jaye to?

  20. LOl ! I'll tell you when you get online.
    TU mar jayega has has ke....hahahaha....!!!!!
    I'm already laffin....rofl..!

  21. yaar, I got the same opinion. Ekdum dimaag kharab ho gaya tha 2 days back attitude dekh ke. Grrr!!!

    Hey, just read your "daily update". Maine bola tha na, go feed some hungry kids, you will feel a lot of happiness :)

    And cafe waalon ne utha ke fenk nahi diya? u slept on their couch??

  22. and about the post, yaar, point achha hai, but please aise dehlao mat :(

  23. I agree Bro. Wut u said is true. very true!

    **but wat Acedia is continuously feeling despair and deciding ur life path according to it...
    so if u felt bad abt something which is bad is truly accepatable but if u give up on despair and start seeing the world as a snatcher dan giver..

    Also, that feeling is not something u can just snap out of bro. Rem that. Clinical depression is an illness...not something we can overcome by thinking Happy thoughts. Its not that easy cos of the chemicals involved in causing such feelings in the mind. SEROTONIN to be precise.

    Thats why such ppl need professional help...counseling etc. Even them some ppl cannot be helped. Its very sad.

    **u r a sinner coz u carve for more than wat u already have and this carving will never end ...

    I love that line! Expectations are like a never ending Hunger, sadly!



  24. haha I like ur new nic for me. MWAH so sweet!


  25. Samby..
    kam se kam marte hue tujhe iss baat ka ehsaas toh hoga ki tumne atleast try kkiya tha... par belive me insaan k paass ek wonderful gift hai..he can forget all things and move on...

  26. Cindy :P

    aisa kya ruk aaj sham ko I will try to be online :P fir detail mein bolna :P

  27. Kash di :P

    arrree maine kaha tha na u can't help it
    humari league badh rahi hai :P

    haan didi bahut pyari feeling thi...the way the said bye was sweeter most :)

    arree nhi na..main waha AC mein sone hi jata hoon..150 rupaye ki kofee n snacks bhi liye the..aise aise hi thode na fek denge :P

  28. kash

    didi wo foto nhi lagata toh impact bhi nhi hota :) par i liked ur post :)

  29. keshi

    sissy...though I agree wid u on all but i neva understood wats clinical deoression.. :|
    have u seen the bloggerville..everry alternate blog is crying that they are the only victim of god's wrath..wat abt them they ain't clinical one..and if they are they need to go for treatment coz in depression they might commit more sins :)

    thanks sissy u kno hunger is also a sin called gluttony :P

  30. After reading such a post you ask me to post some drops of joy !!! But sure you have given people a chance to reconsider their discontent by showing them what actually suffering means !!!


  31. Zahid..

    I m glad that u got wat i was trying to say by the post...
    bad phases come and go but seeing urself as worst is a sin that u commit to urself only..

  32. Areee bhai kya Dil dehla dene wali photo lagayi hai.
    But your post is very good.
    really hats off to this post of yours.
    U r welcome on my blog

  33. My blogs address is:

  34. Devansh ..thanks for the comment..but i dint liked ur spirit :)

  35. can't come online now :( weekends are very busy :( going out to buy plants. monday ko baat karein?

  36. 1 reason i like blogs - you come across real posts like this. its hard to think this is happening. a good reminder that we dont have as bad a life as we think.

  37. Kash Di

    arre koi load nhi..u take ur time..monday deal..

  38. Niyara...

    I m glad that u liked and understood the sense of the post :)

  39. just that most ppl dunno its a medical condition..thats all.

    theres a surprise for u in my blog ;-)


  40. Makes one think what are our pains compared to others...nice post.

  41. thx tani..
    i fink its ur fst comment here

    howz life??

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. wut u had an accident? TAKE CARE bro!

    Sat nite..where did ya go? :) Let me try that in Hindi..

    aap kaha gaya on Saturday raat? LOL!

    mere ko shudh Hindi nahi aati hain.. :(


  44. Aneri's post was great!

    so u dun like my surprise? no worries. :( me a jealous biyatch.


  45. wut u had an accident? TAKE CARE bro!

    Sat nite..where did ya go? :) Let me try that in Hindi..

    aap kaha gaya on Saturday raat? LOL!

    lol...cute hindi sissyyy :P

    Nowhere.. I drank alone in my it saves bucks and me from bad company

    mere ko shudh Hindi nahi aati hain.. :(
    u tried for me ..dats sweet enuff :P


  46. so u dun like my surprise? no worries. :( me a jealous biyatch.

    now from where do u get that info :O..It was very sweeeet of u

  47. Sourish Bhaiya...:(
    Mein bhi pics dekh kar darr gayi so I cldnt read the post...My gosh....those pics were horrible! But this is reality, I suppose???

  48. bro this pics and stories r horrible..

    and i know truth are harsh and horrible..

  49. meghna...
    in sab cheezo se darr jaogi ..toh life kaise face karogi :O???

  50. nirmal

    yeah bro..its true the truth are harsh..but u lying to urself is worster

  51. o nos...I'll pray for Sarah.

    u hv net problems? I'll pray for that too cos I want u HERE!



  52. I pray Sarah gets well soon.
    And also that you get back here asap.

  53. keshi

    sissyy...pray for both..coz i hate to be in trouble..actualy i get confused :P

  54. Cindy

    asa the network gets ok.. asap i will be online..
    aur no update on mondays ??
    huh...update madi :P

  55. so ur bak..from outta space? :)

    HUGZ I missed ya man!


  56. sissyy

    no not a opp to trunk call from the space..
    so called ya..was missing ya na :P

  57. Hi Sourish!

    Thanks so much for droppin by :)
    This was a thought provoking n nerve wracking post..
    It is extremely painful to confront such harsh realities..but it's a serious crime to shy away from them..
    Its true that each one of us has our share of pain n strife n struggle..But we forget that there's something beyond that too.. There's so much to thank for!There's so much to live for! There's so many people we can help n love n take care of..

    Thanks for this reality check! Amazing post :)
    Hv blogrolled ya :)

  58. sissyy
    don be sad :-|
    i will take out time everyday to check on ya :|
    only if u keep ur anthrax spray away :|

  59. Swati...

    I loved ur view on this article coz this is the exact view I wanted to have of my readers after reaing the article..yeah there is a world left to take care of and who is there to take care of us..why cry then :)

    thx for blogrolling me..will stay in touch..

  60. Yes true.
    But I couldn't bear the pictures and the facts. Heartrending. That's I'm crying now.

    P.S. : You think like someone I know, Bhaiiya.

  61. lol ok I promise. It was just a lie :)

    btw come take part in my current post...u can be Anonymous too.


  62. clouds

    Life is all pain if u want to see pain..otherwise think how gifted u r :)
    PS:kiske jaisa :O

  63. sissy

    :| fanx god..i was so shkared...u c i don wanna become a cow :|
    anthrax is cow disease na :P

    ok coming to ya post :P

  64. **...u c i don wanna become a cow :|
    anthrax is cow disease n

    lol wut? is it? I didnt think so!


  65. btw was ur comment abt certain bloggers (in my blog) for publishing? :)


  66. Sourish ur weird...can I say ur dumb too? :) Cos that STOP blog isnt abt u ok. I hv been reading Sol for a long time now. She never bitches abt u or any other blog! TRUST ME when I say that. That STOP blog is abt her roommate..not u! Show me a place where she has bitched abt u?

    U say I take sides? WOW u know me very well ha!

    u r both very good friends of mine. And nah I dun blindly take sides but I do take the side of the fair person...the right person. It wasnt Sol who started trashing u in my was you who started trashing Sol in my blog. Is that fair by Sol now?

    ok if u still say that Sol bitched abt ya, I'll find out.

    We dun hv to fight over this right?


  67. but plz dun say nasty things abt a person w.o. knowing the truth.

    Ur Sourish..not any other guy. right?


  68. sissy..

    i said na drop the issue....

    only one thing i want to say ya
    I don't talk baseless....and imagine me everywhere abt every other person being trashed in some private blog...btw m not a reader in can u make out the thing..dat if sumone told me that it's abt me..i fink that the person mite too had imagined me there..

    u dint liked the comment..u removed it
    u found her fair so u took her side
    wat m i supposed to do in that ??

    u r free to judge things on ur own :)

    btw ask her who started fst...

    i never knew her wen she suddenly jumped in my blog to pour in feminist comments even without knowing the truth..and guess wat after she got to knw wat happened..she repeated the same
    then also things were okay wen one day i found myself being unnecessarily thrashed by her well wishers in one of her post..which she wrote ...yeah not taking the name..for me...coz i said she has got the anger management issues when she was unnecessarily thrashing up my comments in her previous post which was quite harmless..

    leave that thing.. m off for sumtime from the blog and from commenting but will stay in touch wid ya blog
    afta all wen i called ya sis i truly believe in that relation and these small things wont deter that feeling


    luv n carez

  69. Sourish here's something for u to think abt.

    U suddenly trash Sol in my blog today. I have no idea abt any rift between u and Sol. Im clueless abt this issue that ur talking abt. Sol didnt tell me anything either. U were the first one to bring it out in the open. And d u think Im being unfair when I tell u not to trash Sol?

    Ur being very unfair urself. U said someone told u that Sol trashed u in her STOP blog? Well let me tell u something. I hv been reading ALL of Sol's blogs for a long time. I swear I didnt see anything like that at all! Or I'd hv noticed too and asked Sol why. But whoever who told u all this is not such a good influence. and u chose to blondly believe that person when u hvnt even seen Sol's STOP blog? Im quite surprised Sourish.

    **blog is just not rite for making relation

    U wrote this in ur update today. Mebbe ur tallking abt me and wut happend between us? Well ur free to think that its always you who's been victimised. But did u ever think abt wut YOU did today? How u trashed Sol out of nowhere? Sourish it's always good to point fingers at others and feel sorry for ourselves..but it takes alot more guts to turn ard and look at what we ourselves did.

    Sol to date hasnt told me abythign abt ya. Neither has she trashed u or anyone infront of me.


    If u think Im not a a genuine person cos I took Sol's side, well so be it then. I cant stop how u feel, can I?

    Im off.


  70. Dude, whats happening ?
    I need to talk to you...asap.

  71. sissyy

    wateva u wrote ..u r true in ya point of view...but u never got why i wrote that m disturbed wid the blog and relation...
    bcoz i dint liked that u said sorry for my actions and u scolded me off widout even asking my side..and it is asimilar action of asking sorry from my behalf...
    dont confuse with my reluctance to divulge info..but sis she started it and trashing her in ur blog was may be inappropriate but I really don't repent on trashing her coz i kno dat she deserved it but i felt sorry to create such nuisance in ur blog and piss ur mood off...



  72. cindy :O

    emergency :O


    dinner k baad :)
    lite n net raha to :P

  73. I have came to your blog many times and I have read so much... And this one really got to me!

    I cannot imagine what they have been through or the fright in their eyes, hurt and soul. But this was and still is a wake up call!!

    This could have been any of us..

    Thanks for being real... This is so so sad!!


  74. I have came to your blog many times and I have read so much... And this one really got to me!

    I cannot imagine what they have been through or the fright in their eyes, hurt and soul. But this was and still is a wake up call!!

    This could have been any of us..

    Thanks for being real... This is so so sad!!


  75. hey cinder single

    hey glad to have a serious reader..nd m quite delighted to be able to write a post worthwhile for ur comment(s)

    keep dropping by ..will love to have ur constructive criticism :)

    take care

  76. wonderful my friend.....if you have realized this at such an early will be fun ride not a chore...

    its always good to see people who are striving to even get near what we have and that will make us appreciate life....

  77. ceedy
    m afraid that m a sinner too..but m trying my best to overcome..the trying counts na :)

    "its always good to see people who are striving to even get near what we have and that will make us appreciate life...."

    that's well said one sentence u narrated the whole post :)

  78. That was really touching.

    People are literally living in hell and here we rant and rave about silly issues in day-to-day life.

    The captions of the pics,more than the pictures,sent shivers down my spine.

  79. sameera..
    thast's wat i wanted to present..there are real issues which needed attention but people do get clouded wid their own sadness...and forget the world ... was not to make u shiver but the captions are true instances...sumtime truth is needed to be shouted loud to make them audible..

    btw welcome to the blog..

  80. d pics were actually disturbing...

    as u say m feeling a lot luckier..a lot...pple need to feel d graitude :)

  81. Manisha

    yeah the pic sumtimes scares me too ...but all the time it inspires me to live the life widout cribbing


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