Sunday, May 18, 2008


A story that my Dad tells me about life..I kno Many of you had heard of it from me and many of you might not...
S0 here goes the story...
When God was creating the world..he decided to give 25 years of life to Man, Donkey, Cow and Dog.
Except the Man everyone else was unhappy
So the Donkey went to god and said " Oh my lord! the world is pretty tough for me as I have to do loads of work to survive..I can't bear the burden..spare me and please reduce my life span to 10 years "
God said "But how will I balance the delicate nature..will sumone wanan take up ur spare life..."
Man said , "Yes I will"

Similarly Cow n Dog also went to God and the man accepted all their extra life....

And then Man took birth...
He lives like A man for 25 years..and then he start living the life of the Donkey where he works hard to survive for next 15 years, then it's Cow life starts where everyone his wife... his kids everyone squeezes him for extra bit of life, just like we take out out milk from the cow..and wen he turn 55 ..his life becomes like a dog...where he keeps on barking on people, get irritated and had to wag his tail to get a lil piece of food to survive....

So this story tell us how Man toook extra bit of misery and added in his life...

So tell me what's that??? Was man wrong on first place to accept all the extra life..
Then why do u still a sinnner with Avaritia..
Yeah frnds I m talking about another sin of the life and that's Avaritia..the Greed.

The greed was defined as Desire for extra wealth...and sin of excesses ..but I feel greed is what we desire for extra piece in our life...We are never satisfied with what we get and we strive for more..and then we choose the path of the sin to fulfill our desire for more..

U feel u r not greedy?? U are well satisfied with ur life...

I don't thinks so..all of us work hard to survive but No..we don't work hard..actually we work harder to live life happily..U used to work 8 straight u chose a job to satisfy ur desire for a better life and u work now for 10 hours wen do u live the life..
u wake up at 7 ..reach office by there till 7 and come back panting at 9..have ur dinner..and by 11 u get to bed for ur 8 hours wen are u living the life for which u r earning extra...ur spouse is unhappy..ur life is unhappy..u r in wat does this little money is bringing in ur life apart from increasing ur bank balance..
Wat if the Apocalypse comes tomorrow and we are all dead..okay if there is's fine..u get a chnace to live for another life and u rectify all the fault u committed...but wat if there is no reincarnation..wat if we are jus a assempby of cells which will disintegrate wid us in this life and we are soul less and dead life no ghosty life or wat will that extra bankbalance will help....

The desire for never ends and it always brings misery in ur life..
I have talked about money ..but Desire for extra starts from money and it reaches deep in our life..Extra desire for power..desire for beauty, desire for fame..everything in excess jus brings in Misery...

So frnds try to overcome the Avaritia and feel content.
Take out time ..not for money but for urself as if this is the only life u have..then live it..don't waste it for getting a Mercedes wen u can have an AC small car with extra mileage...
Live the life my frnd..coz may be it is ur only chance to feel the work hard..but take out time for urself ..don't destroy it longing for more..Don't be blinded..Don't be a sinner of Avaritia...LIfe is beautiful..Don't waste it on materialistic pleasure

Love n carez


  1. I so agree with you on this..Greed is more misery than anything, it is a form of bondage.

    Even tho I am young, I hold on to what my dad always said.. Live your life like there is no tomorrow!! Live as if you are going to die tomorrow!!

    This is a great lesson her in this story.. we ask for more and more and yet we don't have time to enjoy it, because we are to busy working for MORE!!!!



  2. OH I forgot to say YAY!!!! Another post! HAHA!!!! I am silly acting right now, I cannot sleep so I am up at 1:30 am Reading and commenting on Blogs!!! Your blog is number comment of the morning!!!!!!

    Okay I will leave your page now!

  3. Nehya..

    ur father said it is ver precious and one shud live like there is no tomorrow...

    I m glad that u understood n agree to the msg i wanted to convey :)

    fanx for liking it... :)

  4. Nehya

    Sleeplesness is a serious issue..take care of u baby..don't hurt urself..
    n u r not silly.. u r jus acting silly :P
    i read ur post..very touching..

  5. good post...
    where have u been man lately, havent seen u around?

  6. Agree with you....but being greedy to see someone else prosper and happy is not bad I guess...when it makes you a slave then you are right....

    and about the story I what about the sacrifices a woman makes...I am not sure if I liked it cause it feels biased...

  7. omg I wrote along similar lines today...GREED and selfishness.
    did ya read my mind bro? :)

    ** work hard..but take out time for urself ..don't destroy it longing for more..

    exactly wut I said too OMG!

    u know there was a time when all I ever thought abt was MY DREAMS and CAREER...u know trying so hard to achieve THE best. Then something terrible happened..must hv been a msg from up above. That stopped me on my I LIVE, not just exist.

    great stuff bro I love ya!



  8. And nice new template WOW!


  9. Anvita

    Lo kon puchh raha hai :-s

    khud gayab ho nd i m not around ... lol

    madam kabhi humari taraf bhi dekh liya karo :P

  10. Ceedy

    Greed is a term which is used for self..if u want to see other propser is altogether a different phenomena...but even if u do it more..u do sin of excesses..
    eiiieeew m sounding like a preacher :P

    Man that story was told by my father to it was male to he emphasized on male..but if u read carefully..that man is a collective noun for all those human living up the same was not the woman too live her life upto 25 then she is married hard for raising family n kids,..then kids n husband demands out more of her and after she too live meekly craving for food to survive..if u see the man in collective not in literary sense..u will not find it biased

  11. sissy
    hehehe afta all m lil bro..we have same mind :P
    khikhikhi :P

    that's so good sis..that u live ur life coz if there is no next life..we will miss all the things forever if we r not alive.

    fanx sissy

    love ya too


  12. sissy..u liked the template..even i di :P
    dat she elf is so hot :P

  13. lol now ur perving on an elf sketch? good going bro!


  14. hehehe sissy

    i guess being single for so long is taking up its toll


  15. haha! i had to come by and say, that I laughed so hard at the link you put in your comment! LOL!!!! He has to be REAL!!! haha! need I make that one of the stipulations also! Teeeheee!!!!

    Okay more blog hopping, I may be back!!!


  16. Nehya..

    hehehe..i just googled for ya found a perfect match...hehehe
    wen he will be complete u will find him all human working on AI too so will fill in some inti in that...
    the ad u put up ..only they can apply :P

    be back soon :P

  17. ur not single..dun lie now. Just find another excuse to ur perving LOL!


  18. sissyy


    pervy is the term wen we use it to a person wid no excuses..otherwise we call him needy LOL

    so i guess no more excuses :D

  19. now dun twist the words ard bro..cheater LOL!


  20. Sissy..
    I wasn't twisting the's only that..words always come and play wid me and love getting twisted... :P

    but I stick to the point..that I m needy coz u said that :P

  21. I am UP! HAHA!! Now I am getting ready to get in the shower and off to the Doctor! Seeee Even before 1pm.

    I am getting so much better (teeeheee).


  22. hmm was busy yaar, actually lotsa work to do so just coping with back though on n off.....
    take care, cheers

  23. you did sound like one :)


    and yeah I guess I only went by what was written. If you read it in general context it makes sense....

  24. Nehya


    u woke before 1 ....:o
    wat happened :O
    u r ok na :P


    btw y to doc???
    r ya k???

  25. Anvita...
    ok loads of work..i understand..
    but wat abt ur newly found loverboy...i m missing the intro..kaun hai??? :P

  26. Ceedy..

    yeah..though dad wanted to put up a male to male..but i wanted it to read in general.,,so no one is wrong :)

  27. its not just about getting that new mercedes though, right? its putting in some extra hours to save up so your kids can go to the best school (which I think is important), have that big wedding (which I think is a waste, although I did have a big one myself), etc...sometimes those extra hours are definitely justified. there is nothing wrong in striving for more and the best. the key is in striking a balance.

    Strike a balance between work and play and you're fine.

    BTW, I still want a merc (although I have a BMW already, and I don't think I am sinning :)

  28. Kash di

    working hard is never a sin...but working harder aimlessly for fulfilling ur desires is a sin...
    taklk abt's necessity..but working hard to spend it on extravagant events is a sin...wen u think of fulfilling ur unnecessary desires .. u r committing a sounds harsh ..but it is true...

    and BMW se Merc is not a sin at all :P if u give that BMW to me after u get ur Merc

  29. Going to bed early tonight!!! See you when the sun decides to first come up! LOL!!!

    Layla Tov (goodnight)!


    See I am working on going to bed early!!!

  30. Nehya..

    u goin to gunnite :O then also so soon :O

    u r working too hard for it gal

    gunnite n lovely dreams

    layla tov :)

  31. hi...

    i miss reading your blog so much... definitely, will come again soon :P

    take care and have a great Tuesday!!

  32. I am too lazy to work too hard to just buy something. if i can afford what i want when i want it, then its fine, otherwise, i ain't losing sleep over it.

    waise, on second thoughts, maybe i can make my hubby work for what i want...hmmm...nah, woh to bahut hi satisfied jeev hai, nahi karega ;)

    meri dhanno to mere paas hi rahegi. uske liye companion layenge merc waala.

  33. Diva

    I missed ya too..u r so bz these days.... :-|
    u too take good care and have a wonderful day

  34. kash di


    achha toh hai ..santusht jeev jyada much much nhi karte ..aapki life toh kool hai den :P

    ok mat dena bmw...mujhe hi koi dahez mein jugadni hoyegi :P


  35. eeeeeeeeeeeeee how do u pronounce "avatitia" :P

  36. opps i mean "Avaritia" sorry typo thaa :O :| :P

  37. ufff
    tu skool jaa
    tere bass ka nhi hai ye blog shog :P

  38. Hmm..greed really is a like a bondage... but sometimes you really cant help falling into it..and once u fall there is no return... never...bahut accha likha mere bhai... gr8 read...

  39. samby..

    ek dum sahi kaha....
    nd yeah u can't really avoid it...these all sins are wat make us human...

  40. Sourish? where are you?

  41. Bro come n read my comment section. Samby pours his heart out to ya. aww. And I love Samby exactly for that reason. HE ROCKS..totally!


  42. Nehya..

    net was off from the nite...jus got online from the dep...

  43. well, thats something i think so often about. What for do we work so hard if we cant enjoy the results of this hard work. thats so tough to find that balance between life and work without making work your life.

    me trying and trying and trying... hope i succeed. Hope we all succeed :)

    Take care,
    have a great day :)

  44. bro read my 2 replies to ya in earlier post (abt Samby).

    aslo, why cant u take part in my current post? :(


  45. Lena

    Yeap..I too wonder the same...

    let's hope for the best...

  46. Keshi..
    Ok ..will read now..but I can't comment..because weber I hit the comment button the post anme goes to url and since it has sex word in proxy blocks the page...

  47. aeeeeeee saaurish dun underestimate me haaa!!! woh toh mujhe naa ab tak ye blog shog padhne mein intrest nahi THA :P if i change ma interest naaa toh blog shog mere bas ki baat ho jayegi soo yeaaa :P!!

  48. oye thik se naam le..i feel it so disgusting..
    or rahi baat teri blogging ki...
    no comments on that... :P

    tere total scrap abhi bhi mere combine scraps se kam hi hai :Pso mujhse jeetne ki tamanna chhor de :P

  49. Lol Lol Lol it feels soo gud when u gt irritated...kooochi kooo :P Lol!! :))

    aur yeah i agree wid u ki ur a better blogger den me..i actully dun wanna start blogging ye read karti hoon wohi bahut hai :O

    u neva knww :P meri satak gayi toh shayad shuru kar bhi doon blogging(datzz not gonna happen even in mah dreams) :)) lol cozz m too lazy to write :P

  50. hehehe
    sahi baat hai..tune articles ko padha wohi articleso k liye bahut hai..tu abhi padhai mein dhyan shob baad mein kar liyo :)

  51. **post anme goes to url and since it has sex word in proxy blocks the page...

    India, SEX is not a sin! Wake up.


  52. hehehehe
    sissy..u r forgetting..I study in an educational institution..and in world term is banned in educational hubs:P
    so don't blame india:P

  53. LIFE is indeed beautiful...u remind me of d same name..:)

    nd yes..i love dis story..infact i read dis for d 1st tym in my german classes!! :)

  54. manisha..

    life is beautiful was a very lovely nd an inspiring movie..the portrayel of love in the movie is incomparably beautiful..


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