Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Freedom of Expression- A right widely abused..

I was Thinking to write sumthing sweeter...but today sumthing went seriously wrong...and I was forced to write sumthing that I kno most of the bloggerville won't ever agree to my views..This article goes to all those people who think their expression are harmless even wen they write so provocative...and think...I m honest to the world will see the good in me...

Freedom of expression is the the right to express ur views and you can't be prosecuted on it...Most of the third world countries haven't given it to their citizens as their infrastructure is not that well equipped to handle this..but in India and now the boom in the cyber communication hav enabled a hell lot of people to exercise this is very powerful as the media and ur expression are the tool that can be manipulated to raise a furore or to calm a storm...

"So wat's wrong in it...people can pour their heart should be reader's n listener's discretion to control wat to grasp and wat to leave... isn't it..??"

yeah u may be absolutely what about ur moral responsibilities?

"Moral responsibility..???fuk man wat does society gave me that I wud be morally responsible toward it...I damn care...." this is the common answer pops in...
"and moreover I never told you to read those...I wrote it coz I felt it..and I wanna let people kno abt it...if u don't like it..shove the disliking back in ur... " comes the second answer.

So answer is...the clothes u wear, the food u eat, the luxury u travel in, even the electricity and the internet connection comes to you by a collective effort of several persons working on it and they are the part of the now u still feel u don't have anything to give back to society...
" fuk man..I pay taxes" pops in another answer...

Oh so u pay tax ..and pay for all the things makes u the right holder to use it aneways...
what if the ISP providers bombs you wid a virus and corrupts ur hard disk..and u complain to them and they say..okay don't have to pay for the net and we are disconnecting it...then wat u do... u talk abt ethics and morality of the providers..

Now u see...the morality is the term which we use wen sumbody tries to take us from behind...

This is the basic problem with the so called modern society..when the constitution was written..they put fundamental before rights and moral before duties..Right is well protected while u can show the middle finger to people wen they talk abt ur moral duties...

"so see this is the system's fault not mine" the answer came..

Oh now u talk abt society....
we people are the most selfish creature of the world...when we commit an error we see it's because of the society..and wen u actually can build a society......u say fuck I damn care...
I remember a line from matrix...
I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You're a plague...

Is this what we are?? We are not an ordinary mammal..we have a gift to express..and when we have the freedom to need to understand the moral duties behind it..because this world is not full of leaders..this world is full of people who rely on leaders and wen they idolizes u least live up to their expectations....Jus think before wen u it acceptable if my own little brother or little sister read it...if u do not one will blame you...but remember now u became the one that u r fighting against all the time....

Keep expressing but remember to make them understand the real motive behind the expression who can't apprehend's not that difficult...
but we have are born with same mindset..rights are mine..and duties are supposed to be done by others.....and u in born in the freeworld... :)

Nuffin more to add...coz I kno wen u think u r popular..u r blinded by ur own vanity..and i kno vanity and sanity never go it is useless to blame...but now at least m satisfied that I tried..

A special note to my dear frnd whom I regarded and still regard as my little brother...

" is my duty to show u the rite path even if u don't I kno u can lead the world out of darkness so I don't want you to be knight of the darkness.... Everyone has a darker side...don't ever think that u only have one no one will sue u up :)..not becoz that u got plenty to sue the one back...or the one is afraid to see ur dark is one really cares..and I so wish that u had witnessed the mayhem that u created..but alas this is my to bear......I kno u r a free soul and u had suffered a help me bring an end to those sufferings in the that the world become more beautiful than it ever was...Rest u have gone adult and I kno you don't need me ...but I did what I felt rite for u...God bless u and give more strength to ur spirits...Amen!!!"


  1. didi it was just a try to tell people..that on public they shudbe moree responsible of the aftermath they create by their irresponsible expressions........

  2. Dude...havent read the post. Will later. Abhi just dropped in to say hello...and missing you...and take care...and i'll get back soon...and how are you?...and ok...that'll be all for now.


  3. cindy

    yaar kaha ho...m missing u loads...jaldi waoas aao..:-|
    u take double care...mai kuchh jyada hi missing u kar raha hoon :-|..tum bass jaldi aa jao


  4. HEY SOURISH!!!! Coming by to check on ya!!!

  5. I can u'stand what ur saying bro...we need to be 'responsible' for our actions. But can we really be held 'responsible' for someone else's actions?

    Freedom of speech is great only if there's real freedom in it. And that means being able to say what u feel w.o. being censored just cos ur afraid that someone else is gonna be affected by it. Am I wrong? If that someone chose to be on the Internet and read blogs, and CHOSE to get affected by the contents in it, then what can we really do abt it? Nothing.

    ** Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You're a plague...

    true. We r a plague and we all dun carry equal sensory perception. Hence we cant ask ALL humans to be morally responsible in the way we want others to be. Everyone has their own judgement of that bro!

    **vanity and sanity never go along...

    Im vain..but I know Im sane and insane too :) No one is 100% sane all the time. I reckon Im alot insane half the time hehe.

    But I know wut u mean...we must think before we speak.

    And Samby is being himself..and I like that. One can learn abt life only by being themselves. We cant pretend to be someone else and know what life is. Samby knows so much abt life cos he's FEELING it all and TELLING it like it is.

    And abt Blogville...lately Im losing all faith I had in it. Seriously. Cos I feel alot of ppl here r just fakin it! Im sick of the I-know-it-all attitudes of some ppl here...worse Im getting sick of ppl acting as if they really dun care if we dun go to their blogs..infact they really do care. Just that they pretend that they r cool with it. I really like to stop going to these blogs and see if they really care or not! Im gonna try it. :)

    btw bro I loved this post. U laid it out all so neatly and made sense too. HUGZ! Now stop feeling sad..Im here for ya ok.


  6. My day was cool! Tired from trying to pack and I have to put the emails on blogger for it to go private!!

    No Sleeping, WHY? Still To hot? well Sleep well I will holla atcha later!!


  7. sourish, can't read properly on your new template :( white pe white hai :(

  8. Sissy

    can we be held responsible for some one else's action..
    Yeap sis! we shud be responsible if he/she is inspired by us...if we don't then we shudn't be blaming Laden for anything..coz he will jus say ..i jus showed them the path to is thier responsibility if they become fidayeen listening to me..don't u think so???

    freedom of speech is exact wat u explained..but wat I talked abt is ur moral responsibility..if u think freedom is ur fundamental rites..don't u have any duties towards to the society ..coz if u don't preserve the day so much chaos will be there that ur right will be revoked...then u wud blame the system..but u will forget that wen u had the chance u didn't helped to reduce the chaos...

    Abt ..Everyone has their own judgement of that..yeah I kno...but I least if once they understand wat i wanted to tell..may be world will be a far beautiful place...than wat it is....

    vanity and m rite on that...may be u r the exception :P
    u kno exceptions proves the rule :D

    As i said before..there is nuthing wrong in Samby's expressions...wat I wanted to convey that some truth shud be well disguised before being that no one actually get off the track reading those....

    hehehe I feel that u got the term.."kno it all attitude"...I always maintained this point..but u don have to do wat u r intending to do..jus be casual abt it..try to day u will be so good in pretending that u can actually fool urself then ..and will be able to say who cares.. :P..though it hurts now and then too...

    thanks sis..if onlhy one person understood the point..writing the post ..was not in vain...
    I kno u r wid me..that's y m here//



  9. ok I agree Bro abt moral responsibility etc. but I also believe that Samby aint breaking any rules there. He's just blogging abt his life. He didnt ask anyone else to change their lives to what he believed, did he?

    Anyways, I m frikkin pissed off today...cos of some other events. Im so out of my blog for now.

    *HUGZ* n ty!


  10. Nehya..

    u going off for vacation.. ??
    Ahh then who will check on me then??
    come back soon...will miss u..

    I can't sleep..heheh..coz it's morning and m here in department :P

  11. Kash di...

    Ahhh!...but i liked this template..any other color will have same problem ... :-|...

  12. No one say anything to anyone sis..
    if u r impressive people make u their idol...and they worship wateva u say...then it becomes the responsibility of the idol to lead a good path...
    celebrities never have their own life..and he is one even if he never wanted to be one... :)

  13. Ahhh sissy..wat happened???

    if i can help u..mail me then.take care of u..
    love n hugz

  14. ok bro I agree.

    I replied to ur email too.

    And check my blog..that was one of the things that killed my mood today.


  15. sisyyy

    she must be jealous of ur DD ..don't mind these comments..wen u r famous ppl will b always there who wud try to defame u..jus hold on and stand firm :)

  16. haha ty bro MWAH!

    j of my DDs..I better make em FFs then LOL!


  17. FFs
    then she wud kill herself :P
    don't do that :P
    by the way ff
    wat was dat :P ???

  18. lol I just made em up..I dun want FFs..yuk!


    I emailed ya. wuts going on? :(


  19. Sissy

    oh good lord..i was jus scared wat are those :-s

    nuffin much..he took me in all wrong sense...

  20. Bonjour,
    je suis nouveau ici j'aime vous lire ;)
    je voulais vous remercier pour votre super site internet !
    Bonne continuation
    Nicolaseo, Rien de mieux que le referencement naturel.

  21. Hello


    Thank you for liking the blog.. I hope you will keep dropping regulary..

    Hope to see you more often...


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