Friday, May 23, 2008

The Song Of An Unborn Girl

In India Female foeticide is on rise...people going for abortion of their girl child coz they want a son..I just can't understand why people don't want to own up the God's most beautiful creation..

This poem really touched my heart..It's about an unborn gal asking her mother to let her let her take the first breathe in free air...
This is written by my little sister all credit goes to her...I loved it..I kno you will love it too :)

The Song Of An Unborn Girl

I Am an Angel in Disguise with Dimpled Cheeks and Laughing Eyes

Don't You Want Me? I Am Your Baby.

I've come as a Gift from Heaven's Hall In Your Heart

Oh, Hear My Call, Mother Keep Me I Am Your Baby.

Oh Mom, Let Me Live Don't Take Away My Life. Mother Let Me Live.

You know it isn't right To Stop Me Being Born. I Want To Be Yours.

Oh Mom, Let Me Live Don't Take Away My Life. Mother Let Me Live.

I Want To Live My Life.

Mother You'll See When You Look at Me and You Hold Me in Your Arms.

You'll Fall in Love with Me.

Like A Flower In Your Care, I Am A Gift So Pure And Fair.

Don't You Want Me? I Am Your Baby.

My Little Life, Please Don't Abort, Let Me Live Don't Cut Me Short.

Mother Keep Me I Am Your Baby.

-Ananya Sharma


  1. awwwwwww, touched my heart....pat yur sister on her back from me pls.....

    sad that parents dont have a daughter eh? trust me i wud only wanna have a daughter if i became a mom, as theres so much to do....dress em up, do their hair, dress em like an angel, n lots n lots more.....if i write here it wud be a long post mate....

    but if i had a baby gal i wud be a proud parent :)

  2. yeap Anvita..her mom is is also very proud of her..

    the north belt is full of such instances of female foeticide...

    even i want a lil baby girl...chhoti si gudiya ki tarah :)

  3. Love the music bro.


    Damnnnn missed by just 2 letters! LOL!

    Love love love the poem by Ananya. WOW she's quite THE writer ha? Heartfelt one.

    However, men and women who support female foeticide will never u'stand that. Sadly.

    btw is she really ur sis?

    hv a good one bro! Petrol prices r very high here I walk. LOL!


  4. Sissyy..

    Talking abt Ballade pour Adeline??...Yeah it is the Richard Clayderman on his best...I regularly hear it before I go to's a soothing symphony....

    ..Lol..YeaP :P u missed by two letters to be that lovely n beautiful her...hehehehe

    Yeah even I was amazed after reading this...she wanted me to post as she is off I posted ..but believe me I was the one who was honored to have such a beautiful piece of literature published in my blog..look i even copyrighted my blog :)

    Yeah saddening that how in 21 st century people can be so barbaric to god's most beautiful creation...

    She is not my blood sis..but she more than a real sis to lil doll whom i pamper like my own kid :)

    Sissy the petrol price..Ahh my bike gives only mileage of 35 + ..I will be broke if this is implemented..I guess I wud hav to start walking soon...

    love u loads

  5. oops u were talking abt song..the title of the post :P

  6. Dude ! Wtf is going on ? Ki hochhe ki tomar ?

    Mail me or come ol duffer. I'm worried about you bugger. Tu hols bhi enjoy karne nahi dega kya?

  7. Kuchh khaas nhi re..will write u a mail..but better tu wa[as aajayegi tabhi baat karte hai..abhi u enjoy ur holiday... :)
    missin u loads

  8. oh ok :) I thought she was ur own sis.

    TC man...Im VERY busy at work. I will try hard to be in blogs too, as much as I can.



  9. thank you for sharing....kudos to ananya (do you know her - if yes tell her its well appreciated)

  10. Yeap
    I kno her very well and will defn pass ur wishes to her :)

  11. u dun sound happy...wuts up?

    besides, ur comment in my post was sooo unlike u..wuts wrong, tell me bro.


  12. Sissy..
    Nuffin much..
    life's a mess...
    but u don have to worry..i will surely get over it..

  13. somebody is getting really serious in life!

    nice post!

  14. Yeah u can say so...

    after ages i have seen u here...

    welcome back

  15. bro wut is bothering u? Tell me. Cos when u come bak next, mebbe I mite not be here to even ask u that.



  16. sissy
    nuffin much...jus lil probs here n lil probs dere..
    don talk like this..u can't leave me alone

  17. thnx for posting it....was beautiful...wil do d cliche of tellin dt it touched my heart....

    wish evry 1 cud do sumthgn botu dis...female crimes r aggravating so much...foeticides..FGM(female genital mutilation), rapes...evrythng...n evrythng related to u sed d most wonderful creatures..

    how do parents not thnk twice b4 commiting such horrendous acT?

  18. cheers to ananya....for echoing d feelins n emotions of an unborn being..n bringin it in2 existence..thru mere words...beautiful dedication

  19. manisha..
    u did pointed the rite thing..i just don kno how the hell people can do such horrible act on such a beautiful creature...

    seems like indeed the god has left the world....

    yeap...I do agree..Ananya expressed it beautifully..

  20. all i have to offer is my silence filled with deep gratitude and admirations. it's one of the poems that has touched me deep.

    pass my wishes to ur lil sister.

    i wish one day ppl will understand the value of their girl child.

  21. Yeah Sumtime I do get amazed ...i think they are the god's best can one disown them ...

    i will convey the message to ananya


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