Monday, June 02, 2008

A story that touched my heart...

Few days back....I read one was marvelous piece..and the author wanted that someone take some courage to do the translation of the conversation part which was in Hindi in as to make readable to the international community..
I tried for it..and mailed it to author...

Few hours later..I got an SMS from the author ..but before I could acknowledge of getting the SMS and which was not going to happen soon as I was too low on balance...I got a call from a lady with a very lovely voice...She was so happy that she wanted to acknowledge my effort real fast.. and this was really very appreciative effort of her...we then had a long discussion and I was so amazed by her efforts in the literary field and her plans..I added some of my views..though m a kid to her but to my amazement she listened and actually quite agreed to most of that...and that made me feel more elated...she was lovely to talk.... and yesterday she finally completed the edited version of my translation....and since it's my effort..I want you to all to go through the story and leave her comments or in her blog Arti

Deepak walked silently on the silent road. His footsteps echoed into the silent night as with every step his shoes hit the tarmac road. His mind was racing, churning out ideas, twice per footstep. He was not really the thinker types but tonight he was forced to put on his thinking cap. Someone rightly said that the major problem with telling a lie was not actually telling the lie but remembering it when questioned for the second time.
This was one of the reasons he never lied. But the main reason for not telling a lie was that he was a simple man and had no reasons to lie. He was loyal to his family and he was hard-working and a regular at office. His friends were few but he was truthful to all of them.

Then, what had happened tonight? Why did he have to think about t
he lie he would have to tell at home when his wife would ask him the most obvious question? He never knew something like this would happen in his life, ever. But, there is a first time for everything. He had not pre-planned anything, it just happened. He ended up spending one hour with a hooker.

To read more please click on the link for the .pdf file...

  • Translated English version with English Dialogues.. translated by Sourish (me) and edited by Author - "One hour with a hooker"
Photo courtesy: Vatsal

Since this is my first serious effort in literary field..It's my humble request to you to take out time for it whenever u are free.. and go thorough the complete version of it and fill in the gaps with ur views..


  1. So this is only one part of the story? WOW sounds interesting and u did very well bro. Im so proud of ya!

    I'll read the rest of it when I really do get time. Cos right now Im dying at work. LOL!


  2. Sissy...

    This was jus a lil part..the story is very detailed and...I kno u will love it...n

    wat's the work u doink..u r so bz wz :-|

  3. Thanks for doing this, Sourish!

    I got a call from a lady with a very lovely voice
    just don't know what to say :)

    When it comes to appreciating someone's effort, we should not waste time because when it is our turn to be appreciated, people would always remember how you were to others :)

    Arti Di

  4. u r welcome didi...
    though it's was all my pleasure

    and that was a lovely philosophy of life

    love n carez

  5. Hi Sourish

    I am really happy for both of you.

    Keep it up my son

  6. Sourish

    Hats off to your translation. I would have never managed to put so much soul in it and you know why :)

    Well done son

  7. Mam..situation needed so..but credit too goes to arti di..she replaced few and she added few...
    overall the effect was awesome :)

  8. nice...

    I have d/l the pdf file...will read it and come back and comment...

    nice - this must have been exciting :)

  9. yaar i wanted to read the post but i just cudnt cope with the template layout yaar.....
    is it just me or wat?

  10. HEY! I sent you a message and then came back and did a dedication to you!! You flatter me way to much!! ha!

    Thanks Sourish!!

    Now how are you doing this morning? You at office or sleeping? ha!


  11. Ceedy..
    yeah was way much exciting..
    wen I was translating the was like living the experience...coz u have to imagine the situation fst and then u need to insert proper words...

    I wud love if u give ur comment on that...
    thanx buddy

  12. Anvita...

    download the pdf..
    it's in proper black on don't think u will have much problem on that...the thing i showed in the blog is quite a lil part of the story...

    and I will defn work on my theme...many are having problem :|..but I loved this template...

  13. Nehya..

    u r worth of getting loads of it was not to flatter..jus to show my appreciation and crush for u..

    and u need not mention the thanks :)

    and I read ur dedication in the morning itself :)

    the morning as usual was fine..and me no in the department for from last 2 hours.. :P
    it ain't office is the place of research where m doing my phd :P

  14. C# programming..

    will be bak to read the entire story...



  15. C#
    oh ho...

    my sissy is a programmer :P
    now i will make u do all my C assignments :P


    howz my new template :P

  16. Cindrella has left a dedication for you..

  17. thanks sourish for givin me such credits...
    and i would also like to thank arti di for givin me all these opportunities...
    she is been a inspiration for me for the past one and half year...

  18. Vatsal
    ur work was really worth admiring..

    yeah she is really good..though I have known her for not so long,..but I do admire her work......

  19. nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! LOL I've had enuff!


  20. I already had enuff a long time it's ur turn to share the burden from ur lil brother's sholder... :p

  21. The beginning is awesome ! I loved it,and you're so good !!

    I'll read the rest and let you know...

  22. I hv a better idea. Lets quit work and go ard the world together. Hows that? :)


  23. cindy bhindi...

    tujhe yaha dekh kar mujhe innnaaaaaaaaa accha lag raha hai...poora padh le ..fir na batana achha hai ya nhi ...

  24. sissyyyy...
    okiesssssssssssssssssssss..lets do it then..i take out my rowboat then :-|

  25. coz me complete broke :P
    all i have is the rowboat :P

    wow it's rhyming too :P

  26. hey i cant read enthng..evrythng s so dark!!!

  27. kills myself...m so sory i had my images off!! :)

  28. Manisha..

    u actually commented on all the post on the page..
    u spent a gud load of time here..
    and I won't kill on my fst load of this template..i myself too seen it all black :P

  29. Where are you hiding out? I have not seen ya around!

    Just come to check on you!!

  30. Thanks finally u change yur template...phew atleast i can read now.....btw cudnt read the whole will come back again n post

  31. lol @broke.

    did u spend it all on ur hot chicks? awww..


  32. Nehya...

    just busy wid life n work..but i do visit you..but u are vanished.. :P

  33. Anvita...

    yaar kinne pyare pyare toh template they :(
    mujhe saare pasand they :-|

    chal kam se kam tum ab time toh nikalogi mere blog k liye..super busy gal :P

  34. Sissyy


    how did ya kno :O
    are u a magician or wat ??

    yeah.. spent all my money on u kno how costly chicks are...and the leg pieces cost the highest.. :|


  35. Sourish, I have a job now!! (boo hoo)
    I am working mornings and I am so tired when I get home...

    Until I get used to working I will come home, take a shower and try to comment and blog, then off to bed!!!

    I will make time to stop by here always!!!!


  36. nehya is so good news that u got a job...but seeing u tired isn't so good...

    U kno I love ur visits do come ok??

    take care of u ...and don't work too hard..

    luv n carez

  37. i waited so much for someone to translate those dialogues from Arti's story. Glad it has been you :)
    Will surely read this one :)

  38. Lena..

    I myself felt tell me..whether the translation gave u the feel of the story or not?

    take care


  40. mainetoh bhindi banayi...keema kabhi banaya :-s

    tu confuze mat kiya kar mujhe :P

  41. @ sourish:

    once i read it will surely let you know :)

  42. I am up and it is 9:30pm.. LOL!! I am going to go to Tennessee tomorrow morning! I am doing to much huh?

    I feel like I owe this shopping trip to myself! haha!!

    How are you doing? How was your day? You been good? a lot of questions huh? haha!!

    See you later My friend!

  43. Nehya

    u r too young even for thinking abt the things called as deserving a shopping trip or not..u need to shop a lot..u have every right to shop the whole shop to home :P

    I am doing fine..yesterday I had a blast partying..though non alcoholic one but had a blast...met one accident too as I was watching one gal on rear-view mirror of my bike instead of the road..though dint got hurt but it was embarassing falling..jus before her tyres..though the gal was hot and worth falling

    and then i nearly asked two gals for their numbers...only if they were not accompanied by their parents..hehehehe

    but it was worth a few documentaries in the nite and as usual up an running in deaprtment now..its morning 11:30 now..

    do tell me aqbt ur shopping trip..and wat u did today?
    luv n carez

  44. Sourish,

    Nice work man!

    Though I think Mithali's voice lost character in this dialogue:

    "But seriously, you should have not jumped in it; I would have handled it on my own."

    and then it jumps to "Hey baby!"

    I mean it expresses concern and gratitude whereas it was meant in the tone of "You are interfering"

    Anyways, man great job done!

  45. alok..

    thx for the keen review..but wat i got is exactly that wat u said i represented..means it was of gratitude in fst and later coming of other pros it changed to irritation...
    though I will convey it to the's her baby..she can do the changes..if she feel so

  46. wut abt breasts..I mean chicken breasts ofcourse!


  47. sissy...
    i don't have any fascination abt the breasts.. :P
    of course the chicken one :P

  48. Hey, Yeah I got back late this evening.. I did not do to much damage however I did get 2 pairs of Adidas and I will use them for running and at the gym!!!

    Sooo, you fell? I fall all of the time, It is recovering from a fall that really takes presidence over the fall. LOL!!!!

    I am glad you had a great time tho. I went to the House Of Blues in Nashville, TN... Had a great time also.... Patiently waiting for another blog!! HAHA!! I missed coming her yesterday! :)

    Have a great day Sourish!!!


  49. two pairs of adidas :-s
    then also for gym and jogging :-s
    I don have any adidas... :-s
    it's too costly to be put a foot in it :P

    wow..what a philosophy..hehehe...though i dint get any of it :P
    but i fink it mus be a gud one...will u care to explain this to a nomad :P

    wow..u did had a fun trip seems like i have to take one too...
    thinking of writing sumfink..but getting no ideas lately..


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