Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Women of Substances

I was thinking to write about women..and yesterday I was inspired by one...
So these post is dedicated to all the women I knew who had an influence on my life..It will not be a biography but it will be my opinions abt them...These people had sumday sumhow influenced my life and made me what I am :)

My Real Life.........

I love my Mommy very much. A true woman of spirits. She was my teacher upto my class IX in studies and I am truly indebted to her. She took control of the house wen my Supercop Dad went to control extremists in Assam and J&K..She had a tough life then, managing her kneeache, my tuitions , Didi's problem and everything. She raised me with utmost care and values, and whatever i am if she hadn't supported me I wud never had reached this position. The sacrifices she made for me and the rest of the family, none can do that. .she is just wonderful and if m given a choice i will ever be her son than to anyone.

My elder sister, a gal who always fought wid me and used to hit me hard make me cry wenever she can, who used to run to the bathroom after we watched TV at nite wen I was a lil boy and I used to weep there like a fool coz I was scared of ghosts, a gal who was so mature that her voice was always listened in my house and none used to give a hid to mine...but then too I adore her too much..I used to love seeing her painting...I used to love her sing..I used to play house house wid her wid little toy utensils wen i was a lil kid..she used to beat up all boys in my class who used to bully me..and wen she was married away I miss her a lot..watever stuff we used to do ...crying for extra chunk of pizzas, counting fries who got the maximum.. make me feel like crying...she always inspired me ..kept me in leash..used to beat me up ..used to make the parents scold me...but she was very sweet and was never angry on me for long..and she still adores me like anything....

She got upgraded from my virtual to real life inspiration not much before wen I went to her place to meet her. It was a real good time we spent together. She always listened to me carefully ,but nowadays wen she has so much to tell I can't understand why i don't hear to her..but she is too adorable to leave and may be I will never be over wid her. She made a lot of sacrifices for me ..she changed herself a lot for me..and m proud to be loved by sumone so dearly....but may be life has different plans for us or may be life doesn't have any..but last nite I felt nearly lost widout her...she is wonderful, beautiful, smart, elegant and a gal wid the sweetest voice in the world who wen even abuse i feel like listening to it. She is wonderful ..really wonderful and wateva I say I will never ever forget her or stop loving and missing her...

Virtual Life.....................

Baneen :
I promised her that I won't write her name ever in my blog but m breaking it today and m sorry for that .. She is a gal who is so beautiful that even the moon will feel itself pale in her presence, a gal who is so sweet that I wish I had never lost her.. I was so in love wid her that I used to wait eternity for her and if she got little late i used to get so scared.. we used to talk like little kids ..I used to call her my beta and she used to call me her..she used to remain awaken and wait whole nite if I was on any assignment and used to wait beside me online on messenger with sleepy eyes...she was the lovely most girl one can ever dream of... but soon misunderstanding crept in...she had to leave me..but I truly miss her and all her care she showered me and yeah m proud to be loved by sumone like her..if u want to read abt her jus go thru all the post with the this label

Vidhi :
She is a gal who met me in orkut and she is still close to me and sara and get irritated by us most of the time but never left our side and we both adore her too much..She got admission in the college..I sincerely pray that her teacher can keep their sanity...She is a wonderful gal and mind very addicting and if she gets addicted to ya then u r gone :P

Tanima :
If she hadn't kept her blog private ..u cud had known how beautiful piece of art she is ...that god had designed and sent to earth..she is beautiful, elegant ..and like every beautiful gal she is jus crazy..she had left orkut so many time i fink even she wud had lost the count..She is lovely to talk wid but only if she is not surrounded with person who claim to be her ex bfs :P..she got a long line of followers and if she starts a brigade of those fidayeens..who are fida on her..I think it will be larger than even..the migtiest fidayeen squad..

A very sweet gal whom i made my sister in orkut and she still maintains the beautiful relationship and she is always beside me .Nowadays she is in love and very busy but m happy for her :P


Anurekha Mam :
She is like a second mom to me and for last few months she is taking care of mine in every other situation and mess I create...She is a strong woman and high values..teaches kid electronics but I always thot that they shud be learning how to lead the life from her...she is a single mother who sacrificed a lot to raise a child and yet she always had time for me..wen I m down I always found the first call to be from her..She is very precious to me and if I can say everything abt her that I kno that she won't like to be disclosed ..u will all feel envy of me that I have sumone so special in my life..I am gonna meet her soon to have home-cooked Parathes and a long discussion wid her..she is really a grt woman ....

She's an adorable creature....and my little sister...she loves me so much...and i care for her more than anething...but she is very imaginative but u kno brothers are always there for the sisters and if they are so little then one can see no fault of them...she is very talented, softspkoen very emotional and wonderful gal..and m so grateful to her ..she promised me to excel in academics..I jus hope she sticks to that..though I have full confidence on her...

I got very late to meet her..ideal gf type material..but ahhhh! she is committed but ...m very happy that the boy really takes care of her..we both are very sick (it's wat she call us) and nearly all the time have same opinion abut anything in the world..she had become so predictable to me that I kno wat she gonna talk abt wen she buzz me for yahoo ..She is really caring..beautiful, polite and very humble..and like every other girl love to hear her praises..Believe me right now reading it ..she has a very big grin on her face...I hope we meet soon so that we can play ludo in beach and we can have nariyal pani (rest of the details are hidden :P) ...lol and......... she remembers to bring me my Nike and mutton curry...but believe me how much mature she pretends to me... I kno she is that much sweeter n kid inside :P

Anjuli :
She is my big sissy ova her..very sweet ...always call me dumbo dumb and wateva she can come up wid..listens to my problem very carefully and most of the time she comes up wid a suggestion that only she can give and believe me only she can do it too ..lol but she is a lovely creature..and nowadays in love herself... most of the time she forgets to call me up and in those time wen she really manage to call me..her other fone rings and she tell me to wait for her and i go to sleep coz I know she wil forget to call me up ...lol

She is my one more big sissy...she is very straight forward and very daring...she had got a lovely fan following yet she manage to take out time for everyone including me...last time we had a great fite and there rose a drift between us..I hope it gets solved soon..coz I really miss her funny comment and caring attitude wen I m down..She is really smart, beautiful and loves her frnds very much :)

Rest of the women bloggers like kash di, Diva, Lena, meghna , Anvita and others are really wonderful too..jus tht i started knowing them lil late..so will not be saying much...but they are gifted personalities that m sure of...

Thank U all for being wid me :)..I kno m the luckiest one to have u in my life..
Touch wood.... :)


  1. That was a wonderful dedication to all of the women in your life, you find to be wonderful to you!!

    I really liked that!!!

  2. Wah mere shar..bahut accha lagta hai..inme se bahut logo ko mai bhi janta hu... :-)..specailly..kash masi aur kkeshi jo hai wo superb hai...bad me cindy di bhi maahan hai...:-)


  3. Cinder-single

    you liked that ???..
    thank u thank u :P

  4. Samby...
    yeah they are really wonderful personality...
    sabse achhi baat kya hai pata hai inko khud bhi nhi pata hoyega they are so good :)

  5. it feels so special, bein smene important to some one at least!

    and i m sure all the ladies u mentioned are gonna lov it :))

    u r sucha sweet soul :))

  6. ek post mein itni sari ladkiya flat.. sahi ishtyle hai mamu


    kisne sikhaya?

  7. Veens..

    I was in so mess yesterday ... wats more feel good than to write abt women u adore n care ..and den also abt those who were always there close to me....

    I hope they like it..it was a tribute to their time ..they spent on me..and got nuffin but pain in return :-|

    thank u..u r a sweetheart too..I read that poem and I really liked it :P

  8. Abhishek...


    sab kuch prabhu aap hi ki kripa hai...
    ladkiyon ko flat karne ko nhi..jus feel good k liye likha :P
    tere shararti deemag mein yehi ghusega :P

  9. Heya Sourish.

    Dats great...dedication to all the adorable ladies in your life...good dat u feel so much towards them.

  10. k this post touched me deeply bro...u love ur mum n sis alot ha? Thats really great u know. Many guys dun even think abt their mum n sisters. U even wrote abt them. Thats BIG u know. *HUGZ*

    I dunno ur virtual friends except Pallavini (Cindy the GREAT sexy chick! I love her too! She's the BEST.

    And Im last in ur list..lol but not the least I hope. :) tnxx for including me in this post..I feel honored.

    The thing that happened between u and me was NOT A FIGHT. It was just an argument that happened due to lack of info. Now it's all over and I hv no hard feelings, so why did u include that bit? Seems like its still bothering ya...I dun like leaving things unfinished. I thought we made up..anyways. :(


  11. I just emailed ya on the addy u hv given in ur blog. plz check.


  12. Kire ?! Khobor ta ki ?!!!!

    I waas kinda worried about you yesterday. Had come here to ask you to mail me about whats going' on..aur yaha aake dekhti hu, ye maajra hai !!!

    And yeah, since that you can predict me so well, the prediction about that grin was damn right...hahahaha !!!!

    Suchha cute cute post !! I'd love to meet your mom and sis someday. Family is such an important influence in everybody's life. But rarely you find ppl who see it so well like you did.

    Sob shomoy 'aami bad' bhable ki hobe. Only you'll end up pulling down your morale.

    Amake mail korish asap. And I'm ol now on gmail. Ping me if you can come.

  13. heylo nidhi :)

    thank u...it's ur fst visit here???

    welcome :)

  14. Sissy
    yeap mom n sis are the grtest thing..they always put me up in their list..every demand every thing they both fulfilled and also they never let me get alone..so i really hav a very special place for both of them...
    yeap cindy is grt...but she has a complain that very few is written abt her and u r not the last it's just u came in sequence last...but u r important to me and i replied to ya mail..will write u a detailed one shoon...
    and m not mad or sad at u
    u r my siisy :P afta all :P

  15. cindy bhindi :P
    m fine ..aur tujhe toh problem boloo toh tu mujhe hi daanti rehti hai :-|

    hai na hai na
    mujhe pata tha
    u will love it... :P

    mommy n sissy se milna

    yeap sure..my mom n sis are both real sweethearts and mind they will make u addicted to them...phir mere hi ghar rehna hoyega..toh ek kaam karna bf k leke hi aajana :P bechara wo waha kya karega :D

    Amamar matha kharap hoye gechhe..so m wrried aar kichh na

  16. u havnt shlept yet :O

    go n shleep sissy :-)

  17. eeeeeeeeee sAAurish :P u such a koochi koo :P Lol!!! btw wat u meant by "no 1 can save u if shezz addicted to u :P" ehhhh khena kyaa chata hai huh :P aur tu kahan chala gaya hai :( neways all da best 4 wat eva u want 4...tera kaam jaldi khatam ho jayega :)

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. and how come u didnt write bout da gift i send u eh?? sab bhul gaya :( lol lol lol juzz messin...aur dekh thnk me 4 posting a comment...afta ages i am commenting to ur blogs :)) aur clg mein teacher nahi khete proffesor hote hai duffer!! :P

  20. yeah I had a sleepless nite last nite...too much thinking ya know.

    check out my reward post :)


  21. vidhi
    aaj dekha tune??

    shoutbox chhokar blog bhi kabhi kabhi dekh liya kar :P

    u r really sweet..waise tu kaun se gift k baat kar rahi hai..mera cam abhi tak nhi pahucha :P jab wo aayega tabhi boloonga ki aur kya bheja ..lol

    so enjoying the college :P
    masi hi masti hai :P ..achha college men prefessor hoe hai..mujhe toh pata hi nhi tha..khikhikhi

    chal take care and keep commenting
    love ya

    aur chakudi mera naam k spelling hik kar nhi toh agli baar wala pos sirf tere naam ka hi hoga

  22. sissy..
    don't take too much stress..it will start wrinkling of ur skin...u don want that ...do u?? even if u do iw on' like :P

    so take care of ya

    love ya

    PS: yeap checking :)

  23. ok can I ask u a personal qn? I'll ask anyways. LOL!

    r ya in love with Sarah or just virtual besties?

    aww Im glad that I cud make ya smile..HUGZ!


  24. stress...o well I dun even know wut it is anymore..cos my life has become STRESS...and STRESS has become me. LOL!

    tnxx anyways MWAH!


  25. Sissy
    we were virtual besties for long..then we upgraded to love..now some misunderstanding has crept in..
    it was not that personal :P

  26. hehehee
    nowadays i do feel stressed due to some workload..
    but i never knew stress was u ..otherwise i wudnt had been running away from such a beautiful thing


  27. ahem...ahem...talented and me?? Wow! Thanks bhaiya..
    And Btw, is Ananya ur real sis??/ Shez a real sweetheart and friend...accha bhaiya...main uska blog nahi khol paa rahi (Lively and Bubbly) and my server sayz ki blog emove ho gaya hai...plss usse pata karna...kk???

    Ummmm....don't really knw what to say abt others...but every lady in ur life must be liking u loads dude...

    Jst saw Anmol's pic on ur blog...is she ur fav. roadie?? ahem...ahem...Pata nahi kya kahoon...she is my 3rd fav...first was Ayaaz, then prabhjot and then her...but I knw aashu banega meanwhile waiting for the result this Sat....what's ur gues??

  28. meghna..
    u r really talented...

    no she ain't my blood sis...yet i truly adore her like my own...she deleted her blog ..due to study probs and she will return soon...she is very good girl

    pata nhi abt other ladies but some do adore me like anyfink :)

    dats not anmol ..dat's ankita ...Ashu jit chuka hai...yeh sab pehle hi ho chuke hai na :)..par me love ankita..she was so daring n so hott :P

  29. sourish

    Sending a link


    if all the women you mentioned in this post really mean a lot to you, then you too are invaluable for them, believe me, so is your health. Try to quit smoking and I am sorry if yoou feel intrusion into your personal life. But, I think everyone out there whose names you have mentioned will agree with me that one's health (i.e. your health)is of utmost importnace to all of us

  30. Lol dekha naa maine blog...actully i always read ur blog but juzz been lacy to comment on it ;;) :P u knwww me!! soo shout box izz da best place to talk to u :P Lol!! par ab se coment marungi pakka se :P

    eeeee i knww m sweet ;) gujju hone ka kuch toh faida hona chaiye naaa!!:P aur tujhe abhi aapne digi cam ki padi hai mujhe abhi tak mera tax return nahi mila :( lagta hai ab job dhoondhni hi padegi :| aur wat bout da gift i send u frm india when i was der huh??? :P

    haan yaar clg filhaal toh aacha jaa raha hai...aaj test thi class mein phod dala ;) :P B toh mil hi jayega cozz ek do ans wrong hai soo A milne ke chances kam hai :(

    haan haan keeping commenting :P dekh kitna bada reply likh ri hoon!!!

    sAAurish kaRmaRkaR :P :)) main toh tujhe aise hi bulaungi tere naam ka spelling aise aacha lagta hai u knww ;;) sAAurish!! u sucha KOOCHI KOO :P :))

  31. Saaurish ye ever hopeful is right yaar...QUIT SMOKING!!!! rmr i been telling u dis since i came to knw bout it..ie almost 3 yrs!!! :| u neva lis to me :| digi cam chaiye toh quit smoking varna no gifts n no digi cam!!! aur tu kahe toh yahan se woh packets aate hai mint ke which actully help u to quit smoking....bhej doon :P??

    SAAURISH QUIT SMOKING u promised u will :| aur main tera naam ka spelling nahi change karung tu kyaa karega :> :P

  32. hey bhagwaan mere khilaaf anti smokin campaign :O

    bachaoooooooooooooooooooo :P

  33. everhopeful

    mam.. no offence taken ..mashi ka bhi koi offence leta hai :P

    par nhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    iss topic ko chhor do.....

    mujhe smokin nhi chhhorni....:P :P

    kam kar diya hai bahut....

  34. chakudi

    yeh kooochi koo karna band kar :x

    aur mera naam ka achar mat daal...tera tax return k sath mere cam ka kya relation..mereko meri cam jaldi de :P

    kya phoda hai

    b bhi chalega :P m proud of ya..

    waise btw kisne kaha ki gujju sweet hote hai :-s maine toh kanhoos suna tha :P

  35. chakuuu
    chakudi..pehle tu cam bhej fir main sochoonga ciggy chhorne k bare mein..

    aur tu mera naam nhi thik kasregi toh main tere gujju affairs k bare mein sab bol doonga >:D

  36. ab main ye topic bandh nahi karungi...u gotta quit smoking!!! :P tere khilaf anti smoking campagin ehhhhh not bad..btw gr88 idea...thnxx jaldi shuru ho jayega ye campagin!! :P

  37. SAAURISH KARMARKAR u r a real KOOCHI KOO :P lol agar tu koochi koo hai toh main koochi koo karna kaise bandh kar sakti hoon :P eh ha ha ha *evil laugh* :P koochi koooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :P :))

    abey mere tax return aur tere digi cam se lena dena hai...agar mujhe tax return nahi mega toh how am i gonna gt money to gt ur digi cam :P u knwww m gonna gt abt $600 in mah tak return ;) soo yeahhh

    arey haan yaar..kal puri raat jag kar padhai kari thi maine :O (i knww m shocked mah self too) lol!!

    arey paper phoda re!!!

    aur gujju kanjoos nahi hote :| not every 1 atleast !!

  38. chal aeeee saurish tu ciggy peena nahi chodega toh koi gifts aur cam nahi milega :| soo u have to stop quitting smoking 1st...afta all i knw wu want mast mast digi came n other nice gifts ;)chal nahi chaiye toh bhi u gotta qit smoking :| or i will stop talkign to u(i mean it)...n if not dat den main bhi tujhe company dene ke liyee naa smoking shuru kar dungi...dekhe toh sahi smoking mein aise kaunsi baat hai ki u cant at all quit!!!

    aur main tujhe SAAURISH hi bulaungi....kyaa karega gujju affairs...kaunse affair:> main bhi toh sunu bata zara :))

  39. Its my promise to you , you will never hear me telling you to quit smoking.I am not campaigning against smoking. For me there's no differenc between you and ananya. I have said it, you may take your own decision. I am sorry if it hurt you

  40. vidhi

    kar le campaign...i don mind :P

    aur mujhe pehle cam de fir blackmail karna..aur ab A lane ki taiyyari kar samjhi :P

  41. I am excited and honored that I was the first comment from the Notebook!! I made history or something right? LOL!!!! Have a great day!! I am waiting for another great post from you!!!!


  42. anurekha mam

    plzzzzzzzzzz sachhii issues hai kuchh ..but i will reduce it ..i m giving my words :) aap aise na bolo :-|

  43. cinder single

    is this ur name Nehya???

    it's quite indian indian???quite a bhojpuri version :P

    khikhikhi.. u r the lucky one.. i kno u must be feeling to be on top of the world to get my fst notebook comment :P

    I will write sumfink..but m not getting anything to write..may b tommorow i will have sumfink :-s

  44. That is my middle name it is pronounced Nia!!! I will wait for your post.. I have patience! lol


    Okay I need to go and pick up my new glasses!!


  45. you are a sweetheart, you know :)
    very beautiful and touching post. These women are lucky to have you in their lives. And it is great that you have someone you can always rely on, be inspired and influenced by...

    PS: loved the theme from godfather... matched my mood today :)

    Take care.

  46. Nia

    u got pateince :)

    dat's so lovely..will defn make u wait :P

    oops will not i meant :P


  47. lena

    thank u :)

    yeap..I said na m the lucky one to haveso many who treat me as an apple of their eyes.... :)

    PS: I love this theme...it's really soothing :)

  48. oh ok. tnxx! So Sarah is ur GF now?

    **but i never knew stress was u ..otherwise i wudnt had been running away from such a beautiful thing

    lol good pickup line bro!


  49. sarah is my gf...kind of.. u can say that...

    abt the pick up line...lol

    i don need to pick on my sis..do I???

  50. nah mebbe I can use that pickup line on a guy. *rolling eyes*

    Abt Sarah..if she's soooo great and u love her so much, why not commit? :)


  51. Lol Lol SAAURISHHHHHHHHHHHHH cam milega zaroor milega agar tu smoking chodega toh ;;) ( i knww datzz not gonna appen chalo sahi hai mere paise bach jayenge :P) :)) =))

    Koochi koooooooooooo

  52. aur tune mujhe abhi tak mere gujju affairs ke bare mein nahi bataya :> hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :-"

  53. sissy

    do u need to pick on boys... :O


    I don kno...I m jus scared of commitment ..or may be i m waiting for more time to get enuff mature to handle the new responsibility :-|

  54. Vidhi...
    kanjoos tujhe toh buss bahane chaiye ..prove kar di na kanjoosi :P

    aur tere affairs mujhe thoda na bolne hoyenge :P

  55. oye tusi itni ladkiyon ko pehchanta hai.....
    chal mom aur sis merko bhi hai...phir bhi itni ladkiyan...

    aaj se aap guru mein chila...lol

    great post bro..

  56. Yeah...sorry I knw it's Ankita...U kn w I write in such hurry and mispell sick words...I dun like her bhaiya...patah nahi kyon but I like Prabhjot and Ayaaz...yeah...read it on Orkut ki Ashu jeeta...Am actually surprised coz he ain't deserving....kuch karta toh hai nahi keval aaram ke alaava LOL!

    Hey...Do tell Anaya to contact me plssss

  57. oopss...I meant ANANYA!
    And yeah...agar aap ko mere stories itne hi TV serial typo lagte hain toh kisi se scriptwriter banva deejiye na...but me not made for Ekta Kapoor but khushi hogi! He...he....

  58. Nirmal


    arre nhi re tu bhi bahut ladkiyan ji jaan ho..har koi tussi pechanda hai :P

    kabhi gappe ladayenge toh I will give u the remaining of the list :P

  59. hehehe

    Koi bhi jeete yaar mujhe shambhavi n ankita hi pasand rahenge ..u kno the reason :P

    ya will tell her defn

  60. meghna :P
    tu na ekta kapur se bhi badi wali banegi

    m so sure
    7 din mein 20 murder :P

    tussi grt ho :P

  61. **do u need to pick on boys

    mebbe I do cos I get lonely sometimes and that loneliness gets me drunk enuff to try pickin up LOL!


  62. awwww
    wen u r depresed..alcohol is the last thing u shud take...it's a neuro depressant..it makes u more lonely..

    but guys now hav one more way to have u..search for lonely keshi n make her drunk..rest she will do :P


  63. Lol sAAurish.....maine kanjoosi nahi dikhai itzz da fact ;) maine tujhe digi cam bhejne se mana kab kiyaaa...bas uske badle i want u to quit smoking :P :)) :)) =))

    aur mere gujju afairs ke bare mein mujhe khud ko nahi malum toh tujhe kaise malum hoga :)) but juzz u said dat if i mess up wid ur name spell den u gonna do sum ...kyaa krega bol naa :D main toh tujhe SAAURISH keh ke hi bulaungi!! ;;) itzz soo koochi koo u knww juzz like u :P :D

  64. Awwwwwwww, Thank You, for adding me to your blog roll!!!! You will get to know me soon enough!! I like that comment you have next to my name!!

    Again, Toda!! (Thanks)


  65. vidhi
    tu yeh koochi koo tab karna jab tu t200 bhejegi samjhi...kanjoos bahanebaaj chakudi :-|

  66. Nehya ..
    mention not dear..
    the pleasure n honor was all mine :)

    u liked that comment?
    fanx :P

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. Gawd Bro ur so dumb!

    **loneliness gets me drunk

    by that i didnt mean I DRINK ALCOHOL. lol! I said that I get drunk by Loneliness, not alcohol.

    Wut kinda impression d u hv in this sis ha?


  69. khikhikhi
    i fink
    all the good impression of the world
    yeap me dumb
    but u dumber..duffer y u hav to write such complicated jumbled up things on the fst place..u kno m dumb nd will get konphuzed :P


  70. ok point noted. LOL!

    *hugs bro til he cant breathe*


  71. Sissyy



    ok ok i understood u gpot the point...
    *chokes n faints*

  72. Am still unable to understand if i should b happy after reading abt myself or ahem ahem .....

    Anyways, how r u? Been ages that we spoke yaar!! And wass this abt Sarah! U sure abt wat u wrote???

  73. tani...
    It was to make u happy only...I knew u wudnt believed if I wud had not maintain my style to praise u :P

    m fine yaar..things are not that gud between us..its like we are in love but sumfink is missing..may be i m the reason that m not ready..

    yaar..ages ho gye gappe mare..sumtime I miss u loads khaskar jab I see ur posts abt ur internal feelings...tab lagta hai ki wen she needs a sholder m not there..

    time nikal..we willl hav talk in ur convenience ..
    take care..
    u kno u r precious to me ... :)

  74. My best wishes to Tani!

    bro how many girls r ya proposing to? LOL!


  75. Siisy..
    I always had a crush on her..but we were so cool together..with our frndly flirting..that I never had to propose her..I was cntent wid her..and more over I was always scared of the fidayeen squad she used to roam up wid...heheheh
    loads of guys were always there flocking her :P
    and believe me she is hot...and worth for proposing.. :P

    and abt how many girls

    Girls are my weakness :P

  76. lol ur so honest too!



  77. main kanjoos nahi hoon :| aur main tereko koochi kooo bulaingi bulaungi bulaungi : aur tujhe tera t200 mil jayega jaldi hi :|

  78. mil jayega bolne se kaise hoyega pehle bhej toh :P

  79. thnk u for loving women!!! really...

    i have actualy met very few guys who credit their lifes to women in their life....

    i bet evry1 mentioned here wil b proud of ya..

    n i pray d misunderstndings dat crept btwn u n sum of ur frnds soon take a positive turn :)


  80. manisha..

    yeah I feel myself very priviliged with blessings and love of so many beautiful beings...

    nd I sinverely hope that ur prayers do bring out the change..i miss them badly ...


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