Sunday, April 13, 2008

A song I am in love with nowadays..if you want the song.. ask ..I will mail it to u :)


  1. Love this song !
    Atif's voice is magic...

    Btw, I buzzed dnt reply..
    Arre you logged in ?

    And post par jo comment diya hai...last lines delete karo aur phir se do toh...badde brat ho tum !!!

  2. I am logged se u r gayab..:P

    waise comment moderation hai..mujhe wo lines milneg kaha :P

  3. Is thi sbeautiful song for me? :)



  4. Yeap

    totally dedicated to u :P


    also toh the other gal above

    also to the other gals who will post coments :P


    do u want the mp3
    I will send to u
    jus mail me at

  5. Oh...then comment again na, and a censored one plz...

    Wouldja ?

  6. Hi Sourish

    I too love this song, there are lot of emotions in Atif Aslams voice as far as this song goes. Ananya is big fan of him and loves to listen "Doorie"

    best wishes

  7. Mam..doories is also my all time fav and the fst song in my ipod...i love his voice...but the song he chooses..their lyrics are also awesome :)

  8. never heard of this song or even the artist before... and i dont understand the meaning of the lyric except for baby, i love you so.. :P he has such sexy, manly voice, really makes it worth listening to.. btw, is he handsome? hihihi

    have a great sunday!

  9. Diva lol

    sowie..i forgot u don kno hindi..he is a pakistani singer ..he is handsome dude...his name is atif aslam :P
    he is youth icon here...wif fans all over world :)
    ok i attempt to translate it for u..

    Pehli nazar mein kaisa jaadoo kar diya
    tera ban bhaita hai mera jiya
    "wat a magic fst sight of u created, my heart is all now yours"

    jaane kya hoga kya hoga kya pata
    is pal ko milke aa jeele zara
    "i don kno wat wil happen.. let us live this moment together"

    main hoon yahan tu hai hai yahan
    meri baahon mei aa, aa bhi jaa
    "i m here u r here, come in my arms..oh plz come"

    ho jaane jaan dono jahan meri baahon mei aa, bhool jaa ..2
    "o my love , my both worlds ..come in my arms " - 2 times

    Har dua mei shaamil tera pyaar hai
    bin tera lamha bhi dushwaar hai
    "every prayer of me has ur love in it, it is so hard living any moment widout you "

    dhadkano ko tujhse hi darkaar hai
    tujhse raahatein tujhse hai chahatein..2
    " my hearbeat wants only you, with u i get comfort ..i get my desires"

    tu jo mili ek din mujhe main kahin ho gaya lapata
    "wen i found you..i lost myself..

    ho jaane jaan dono jahan meri baahon mei aa, bhool jaa ..2
    "o my love my both world..come in my arms"

    Kar diya deewana dard E khaas ne
    chain cheena ishq ke ehsaas ne
    " i m crazy about this sweet pain of all comfort n sense is lost in the feeling for ur love "

    bekhayal di hai teri pyaas ne
    chaaya suroor hai kuch to zaroor hai...2
    "ur desire is making me thoughtless.the euphoria is there about least sumthing is there"

    ye dooriyan jeene na de haal mera tujhe na pata
    " this distances don't let me live.. u don kno "

    ho jaane jaan dono jahan meri baahon mei aa, bhool jaa ..2
    " o my love my both world..come in my arms :)

    I jus translated the best way i can..i hope now u understand the lyrics too :)

  10. Hi Sourish,
    Awessssooooommmmmmeeeeee song Bro....I like it very much too! Lagta hai aaj kal Atif ka jaadoo chaya hua hai!
    This one is even better than Doorie! That was lovely too :P

    Nice song selection Bro....have u watched the movie yet?

  11. meghna

    song is awesome :)
    but mujhe hindi muvee dekhna ki himmat nhi hoti...last time maine jodha auntie n unkle akbar k liye jutayi thi...par honi ne dhoka de diya :D

    ab no hindi muvee :P

  12. abe aap atuf se kam ho kya...chalo gana gao...mai guitar bajata hu

  13. samby

    gaana :P ok...guitar par taal pakad :P

    Allah duhai hai..betabi chhayi hai..mushkil judai hai..haan tere pyar mein


  14. Came here from ceedy's blog. And I got hear my favourite song here and that was such a great stress reliever.
    Love this song, and both my sons love it and keep singing it

  15. prats

    m glad that u liked it :)
    the song is just so wonderful that its in repeated mode sice yesterday :)
    nd afta hearing it..i can feel that ur sons have good taste in music :)
    welcome to my weblog :)

  16. I love love love this one and I love Atif too :)

    aur main to sunti hi nai gaati bhi hoon :P

  17. @ day dreamer...
    kya be dossra gana gaa diya na ustad...aise kyu kiya ustad..dil tod diya na yaar

  18. anjuli di :P

    wow tab toh next time aapka gana hi suna jayega :P

  19. samby :)

    are gaane k words par na jaa :P

    beats par jaa..fultoo dj dance track hai :P

  20. Hihi... This song is a real hit in Mauritius as well. It is broadcast everyday on the radio. :P
    Got loads of Atif Aslam fans here as well. :D

  21. Morinn :)

    it is reaaly wonderful..dat Atuif has so large fan following :)

  22. Shit i just dont like this song ya, the whole wrold aruond me loves it n i cannot stand it :( sorry mate

  23. Anvita :)

    chalta hai re .. u kno ??
    U r my lady clark kent...
    so tumhare liye sab kuchh ok hai :P

  24. u'r such a darling.......

    thanks a lot... at least now, the baby, i love you so make sense lor...

  25. * at least now i know more than baby, i love you so

  26. diva

    I got wat u meant :D
    u dont have to say it twice :P

  27. haha, i better be lois n not lana then, lana was hot but dumb hehehe,

    BTW, dont u think u flirt thoda jyada hi heheheh

  28. anvita :O

    flirt :O

    inna bada ilzaaam :O

    nhi tum meri lady clark kent hi ho :P

  29. waise ..... lady clark kent is the term ..i use for calling any one Alien :P


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