Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ahh!! It's hell.. wen u can't say anything at all...

I should have seen it coming when roses died
Should have seen the end of summer in your eyes
I should have listened when you said good night
You really meant good bye
Baby, ain’t it funny, how you never ever learn to fall
You’re really on your knees, when you think you’re standing tall
But only fools are know-it-alls and I played that fool for you

I cried and I cried
There were nights that I died for you baby
I tried and I tried to deny that your love drove me crazy, baby
If the love that I got for you is gone
If the river I cried ain’t that long
Then I’m wrong, yeah I’m wrong,
This ain’t a love song.
.........................- Jon Bon Jovi


  1. I love this song btw.

    **will miss u
    It was an honor knowing u all

    now what was that abt???


  2. so u not reading the posts at all :O

    wen u say the final ( in my case temprorailly final) goodbyes..u say this line...

    havnt u seen in movies..jus wen somebody commit kamikaze ..he say this line :-s

  3. dude... temporary goodbyes..

    dil dukha hai lekin toota to nahi hai...
    umeed ka daaman...toota to nahi hai..:-)

  4. samby
    ummeed ka daman chhoota hota hai duffer ...toota nhi
    daman means chunnii
    ab wo tootega kaise :P
    tujhe chadh gyi hai


    thanks yaar..tujhe dekh kar himmat bandh leta hoon :)
    temp byes :P

  5. Hi, glad to see that I am not the only one who posts lyrics on my blog hehe, BTW, I quite like this song....

  6. sourish bahi... Yeh gunah mera nahi... mere andar madira ka hai.... mujhe bura na samjhoooooooooooooo.....oh sheese se sheeesha takaraye..... hahaha...gana ga raha hu has de bhai... dono ko duniya rula rahi hai to ek dusre ko dekh ke khush hone ka..haha...aur jab ek dono se bore ho gaye to teerse yaar matbal ki bagpiper ko bhi bula lene ka..hahahahaha... ... hic hic hic ...lolz


  7. anvita
    mere dard bhare posts bhi pehle padh lene the na :P
    but u deserve at least one thing
    same pinchhhhh :P


    welcome to my blog

  8. samby


    tension na le ..sab kuchh theek ho jayega...par iska matlba yeh nhi ki bagpiper chhor do :P

    bolo bagpiper jindabad :P

  9. keshiiiiiiii

    temp goodbyes is ok for u :O

    hawwwwwwwwwwwwww so bad :x

  10. tu theek hai ki nahin?

    try to know what u realy want....and let me know what u are thinking, baat kab karenge?

  11. di

    financial crinche hai mera..
    so next call mera agar hai toh u have towait for few days..
    waise aap anetime call kar sakti ho :P
    u kno dat na :P

  12. ustad.... golf flake aur marlboro ka rate badne wala hai ustad!!!!.. emergency!!!!!!! koi salah do ustad!!!!

  13. rate badhne wala hai..par budget mein toh non filtered ciggy k hi daam badhne wale they :O

    and april 1 tak mujhe toh classic and navycut dono hi purane daamo par hi mil rahi hai :O

    but agar teri khabar sahi hai toh
    mujhe bhi emergency declare karna hoyega :O

  14. nahi boss..abhi dopahr ko pan dabbe wale se taaza khabar lla raha hu.... emergency hai ustad

  15. pan dabbe wala :O
    source toh authentic hai B-)

    ruk main jiju se pata karwata hoon..he is in ITC ciggy production..
    andar ki khabar pata lagwata hoon ki dabbo ka print kinna hoyega ....

  16. jaldi pata karau boss aur pass the info... akhir is mushkil ghadi me hame ek dusre ka sahara ban na chaiye na....

  17. hehe, I will drop in soon to read yur dard bhare post ;)

  18. samby
    sahara ka toh pata nhi par kigfisher airline mast hai...waha daroo bhi serve hoti hai :P aur mast air-hostesses
    oops haan sutte ka sahara :P

  19. Anvita
    duffer dard bhare post par hehe nhi karte and nahi winking ...
    thik se padhna and senti wale comment marna :P

    btw tum single ho kya ??


  20. yes I prefer temp GBs compared to permanent GBs :(


  21. I love this song from Bon Jovi though it's quite sad.

  22. it is one of my favorite too :)

    its lyrics are touchy ..nd u can connect to it easily :)

  23. come on yaar, ek din aayega jab tum apne dard bhare post pe heheh aur khikhi karoge....

    oh btw, can only single people comment on yur blog eh?

  24. hey!
    I am sherry and I have started a picture deication thread an my blog

    someone has dedicated a picture and a message to you at

    your dedicator is waiting for your reply
    take care

  25. just wanna give you a bear hug.. take care!

  26. Anvita

    pata nhi

    rite now toh hasne ka mann nhi nhi kar raha :)

    aur haan tum single ho ya committed.. u r welcome here all time..coz u wud think me as exaggerating the fact..dat ur cute comments really light up the situations :)

    dat was for curiosity...abhi abhi mai single status mein gya hoon na :)
    nhi tumhara blog padha na toh kahi bhi tumhare love k liye mention nhi dekha :)

  27. sherry
    i have replied to her and say my thanks to the anony girl...dat it was very sweet of her to think abt me :)

  28. Merci merci smartass,

    waise tum ladkiyon ko accha maska maar lere to eh, heheh

    oh BTW, i was thinking i can give u a new nick name 'So rich' heheh

  29. Why? Seems from your posts that you are facing rocky times! Hang in there.

  30. ladkiyon ko buttering up

    hai dekho
    confession padhne k bad log meri sachhai ko bhi maska maan rahe hai :(

    nick achha hai par only dat hai ki me naam is highly contrasting :-s

  31. solitaire...

    i m trying my best...but it is not dat easy...

  32. btw Bhaiya where r u going?????

    Gonna miss u........(

  33. temporarilly off betu...

    but I will always keep an eye on u sweetoo :) n will be dere for u :)

  34. Leave your comment: coment no 44

    43 COMMENTS aur mera ek bhi comment nahi :O yeh achchi baat nahi thakur :|

    ok now Pouring some drops of joy :

    i love you :D
    and i love u a lot >:D<
    and i love u more than u do

    :D :D :D

    p.s. and u r not single yet so stop winking and asking ppl whtever dey r single or not x(

  35. sarah

    tumhara dimag abhi temporarilly out hai :D
    reboot karo...

    dekho galat jagah posting ho gyi comment

    i love u too...

    PS: btw I am single now..u remember no strings attached agreement :D

  36. Aur bloggerville ko ekk aur rondu mil gaya...

  37. Hi Sourish,
    New here but loved your blog. The posts are cool and so is the blog :P Count me in as a regular reader now!
    oooohhhh....I love this song !

  38. Pour some drops of joy :P
    ushshey kuch nahi hua :'(
    pouring a bucket ful of joy and the bucket too[as per the author of the comment]

    u r not single :O
    and u need to reboot ur system

  39. cindy
    meanie wanie cheater peater..yeh meri line hai..kam wid sumfink new :P

  40. Niyara...

    u dont come to my blog..u dint wished me bday too :( so temp byes :|

  41. sarah
    jee as per the agreement

    no strings attached...
    and u have to agree wid dat
    chahe ab drops add karo ya balti fek maro .... :D

  42. Meghna..
    I m glad u like is one of my fav song...

    and welcome to my blog..and u r most welcome in the future too :)

  43. Hi Bhaiya
    How are you????

  44. hii sweetooo

    I am fine :)
    things are sorting everything is actually quite better than before :)

    tell me about you??

  45. nahhe yaar i do come to your blog! its not reallly bye if i keep saying hi on here :P



  46. niyara...
    okieee dokieeeeeeee

    I hoped the only girl who will read the above written story will be you..coz u hav this habit of reading long books :|
    but alas ..u commented on the next post to it :(



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