Monday, April 07, 2008

A reason to live for...

He was in his start of Bachelor's and she was in end of master's...Everytime he wanted to tell her about his feeling..he just couldn't muster the courage to tell her...
She was kinnda hottie in the college..starting from the freshers to college caps all had secret desires for her..he always thought..wat's new in me..may be she knew me form my childhood days..but she may had known many...she was so proud of her beauty that actually she never cared for any of the feelings towards her..he understood this coz he knew if she started caring she actually will have a whole yellow book to care about...No he had her moments wid her..when he was assigned to volunteer as security for the college fest..and she said hiii to was the word which echoed still in his mind...

He shrugged and smiled. He was wondering why the sudden thought of her. He smiled again remembering he do this quite often.

He was all ready for the long years had passed since..he was now among the topmost independent web developers ..and he had go this offer letter for the topmost company in web developing...he checked his bag..everything was ready..he is ready to fire up....

"hello! Vishal!"

"Hello mam!"

He couldn't believe that actually it was her the HR Manager in front of him..

he was feeling weak in his was too much for him to handle...she hadn't changed a bit..she was the same...same smile..same fragrance around her...

"God! you haven't changed your perfume too.."

"Excuse me" she was not able to make out anything of his mumble...
"Nothing mam! Actually I am feeling a little nervous."
" Do I know you from before?"
"Oh God!! she actually remembers me..." , he thought.
"Yes Mam! We were in same society and we were in same college too"
" Is this You? Vishu...? Oh my God! u changed a lot..who can say that it's the same frail cute boy..u have actually grown up to a hunk ..u kno dat?? "
" Yes." " Oh! I mean no!" " May be"....He was not at all prepared for this interview.

" You are just perfect for here!" she was checking his credential.

" what are you looking at?" wen she caught him staring her..
" Nothing! I am sorry..actually I was not..but m sorry" his words got muffled as She caught him the moment he raised her eyes from her fingers on tables to her face...actually she caught him the exact second when his eyes were on her cleavage while moving up from her fingers to her face..
"You boys! you people never changed...still the same as you were in college" she laughed..
" I am sorry." he got that point that he cant explain it to her and moreover her laughter was more captivating than her whole persona.

" You are selected!" " But that doesn't mean that I approved you of checking me up." she gave a nice grin.
" I am sorry! Oh! I meant thank you"
"Thank you for wat?" she asked it a little loud.
" No!I meant..I am not thank you" "I meant for the job." He was actually dying of embarrassment of getting caught in wrong action. He wanted to get off the chair and kill himself.

" Oh! sit..we havn't discussed your work " "So, where in town?"
"Actually! I was not very sure of the didn't thought about it"
"I will arrange for you company house for now..till you get a nice place." "What are you doing tonight?" "Dinner??"

Wat's that..did she said dinner..Is he actually going for a date wid the lady of his dreams..

"I have a lot to catch up with you."she asked, " Vishu! You Ok?"

"Yeah! Dinner is good...I will pay. I insist"
"Who told you that I was gonna pay?" " You got the job! it's your treat time" She started laughing
" Yeah! It was meant that only". He was again caught off guard! He wanted to kill himself for saying about paying and all....

6 years had passed since then. He was standing at Flower shop. Thoughts started flying over again in his head.

" Vishu! Movie today?." "Best hall in town!" she smiled. "Pick me up at seven. Will you?"
"Yeah Shalini! Sure". He smiled.

Six months had passed since his joining and it was their 5 th official date, though they had several luncheons.

He went to her home. She opened the door.. she was not ready yet. "Is she not well! May be she dropped the movie plan" thoughts started flying but was abruptly stopped by the sound followed by her shriek "Oh God! my popcorns!"
"Wat's in her house." He never entered her house..he used to pick her up from doors only, and mostly she used to pick him up from his apartment, as he hadn't had his car until last week.

"Godfather" " you told me it's your fav"

"But I think we had to fetch up the popkorn first". He laughed as he looked at the kitchen floor.
"Yeah! it is a mess! jus like me" she looked at her disheveled hairs.
"No! you are looking beautiful!. He smiled, removing the hairs from her face.
"Don't you dare flirt with me." she smiled back.

Movie started. She snuggled up to him and took a snap of them wid her camera. "I just don't want to miss the moment. ", she smiled and he caressed her hairs falling on her face.

An hour past she was cuddled up in his arms and actually got asleep. He couldn't believe that he was actually watching the movie for last one hour and didn't noticed that she had fallen asleep in his arms. He slowly went for the remote and switched it off. He didn't wanted her to get awake by gunshots of the movie he had watched a thousand time.
She was looking so beautiful asleep in his arms. Minutes later she opened her eyes and found him looking her face. " I told you. You don't have permission to stare" she smiled.

No! Actually! you were looking so be.." His words muffled as he found her lips on his. They kissed. Every minute was like an eternity to him. They cuddled up. She removed his shirt and put his hands on her.

"wat's dat? r u a virgin?" she was laughing heartily when he removed his hand from her.

"No!" He screamed, then a moment later " Yeah! I am.. ". He was caught again off guard.
"Oh! that's sweet." she kissed him again, only knowing that she had to take the lead then.
They made love. She couldn't believe that he was actually asking her then, " Is it paining?" she was smiling thinking about the wonderful moment after so long in her alone life.

" Who is that?? " he looked at the photo frame and asked surprisingly.
"My husband! He died three months of our marriage 3 years back!" "He was returning and got in a hit and run case in Florida." she couldn't believe that she was crying, it was so long. He was his love for 2 years before they got married against his and her families wishes.

He held her in his arms and kissed her on her forehead.After a moment of silence
"I am sorry!" " I was drunk that day". " I didn't saw him until he was hit. I was so drunk and afraid"

"Get out!" "Get out Vishal." " I don't want to see you anymore"

He slowly got up and moved out. He moved out her life the very next morning.He wrote her a one liner and he dropped at her doorsteps and moved out...

"I am sorry! I love you and will miss you"

It started raining! The monsoon had just hit the city. He paid for the flowers. He got the letter three days back from a lawyer. He opened for checking the address. His eyes filled up wid tears as he caught the line.

" Shalini Verma died of cancer last week and her Will make you a trustee for the the property she left behind. "

He folded back the letter, called for the cab.

"Saint Patrick School."

An hour later. He was sitting in the Principals office.

"Sir! She is Vinni Verma"

He looked back towards the door. A little girl was standing there. She was a little doll with same hairs and same eyes. He went to her and hugged her and handed her the flowers.

" Mommy told me to give it to my daddy when he will come to take me home "

" How do you know me sweetheart? "

She handed him the envelope. It had the same photograph, that they had taken on that night, wid a line written on it's back, "Mommy loves you baby! " .

A note fell from the envelope. He picked it up and opened and found his own handwriting in it..

"I am sorry! I love you and will miss you"
with an added note..
"You could had waited! You snatched my love twice. Just take care of my last love. She misses you just like I missed you"

He held her up in his arms. He found his love back once again in his life and a reason to live for..


  1. great! you wrote beautifully. If the firts story can be os this stature think baout the one's yet to come

    Keep writing
    Best wishes

  2. wah... I noticed that you've just changed your photo n nick..wassup?

  3. mam...
    thank you so much...
    Was just trying to take my mind out for something good ..I hope I didnt bored you :P

  4. diva

    I was getting bored of seeing da same pic for so long..
    the nick has old memories attached to was my fst orkut nick...I love this name...
    did u read the story or u skipped it :P?

  5. beautiful story...a haunting memory of something that really happened too.

    **He was in his start of Bachelor's and she was in end of master's

    Is this abt us? LOL!

    aww Sourish ur such a fine writer! Even w.o. LOVE, there is a reason to live for...that reason is you yourself...ur such a wonderful humanbeing.



  6. keshi

    Iam glad that u liked it and I hope that u finished it before getting bored....

    is this abt us :O
    m not in bachelor's..I have completed my masters too :P now m doing Ph.D... :P
    how old are u btw :-s

    I am so flaterred..
    thank you thank you :P...
    U r a sweetheart

  7. oh my god.... ekdum mast.. fucking great.. ekdum bhokaal story likhi hai bhayya

  8. **how old are u btw

    old enough to be young..young enough to be old. LOL!

    U've done ur Masters? WOW! Me too :) *hint hint*



  9. abhishek

    sardar ..that was very encouraging..means i always admired you as a master of words :) and a compliment from you means a lot to me :)

  10. old enuff to ne young and young enuff to be old :-s

    i got it i m too kid to understand dis... :|
    u have completed ur masters too

    *same pinch*

    and wen u completed... it was a year back for me :)

  11. Amazing !!
    You developed such a fluid flow and maintained it thruout.
    Write more like this.

    Amd btw,
    tumhe itna bhi nahi pata you shouldnt ask a girl her age ??
    Bade hero bane firte ho, aur inni si chivalry nahi hai ??
    Dumbo !!

  12. well’re obviously greatly talented, but did i tell you that the font hurts my eyes..

  13. cindy

    yaar wohi har waqt mujhe bachha bachha kehti hai..toh ab me 25 ka wo kiini badi hai was jus checking out :| waise bhi maine usse did bana liya :P

    aur main toh dumbo hoon hi..akhir tumhara frnd jo hoon :P

    I am glad u liked the post..par poora padha tha na??? ya aise hi likh diya :P

  14. Diva:)

    the post was so long ..if i didn't had reduced the one wud had got the courage to read it..
    m glad u liked it..
    I will bore u more often now on..jus waiting for my camera..then i will write abt everything
    this was my fst try and i myself liked it very much that everytime i open it I do not miss the chance to read it :P

  15. kya ustad...mast story likh diye ...aur vishu bhi hai isme :P... gr8 wrk man.!!!

  16. samby
    thank u hai
    nd believe me vishu tere naam se hi inspired hai :)

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  18. Waah! Maza Aagya.

    Nice post Bhai

  19. multifunctional

    it was so nice of u to add me up in your blogroll
    went to ur given link, the blog was attractive but only if it was in english :)

    u r welcome

  20. Annanya :)

    Thanxxx sweetooo...believe karo sirf tumhare liye hi maine isko specifically above 12 rated likha hai...taki aap conviniently padh sako :)
    nhi toh Mam tumhe yaha ghusne bhi nhi deti :P

  21. haha Cindy!

    there r few things I'd like to keep a secret abt my life :) After all, u cant reveal everything here cab ya? ;-)

    *HUGZ* Sourish!


  22. **CAN ya

    I mean LOL!

    btw Sourish ur answers were totally WINNING in that post. Dun worry, u were a winner.


  23. keshi

    U dont have to reveal anything which u dont want to..dats wat a real frndship means and u r toh my biggy sis :P

    and thanks for the acknowledging me as winner :P

    **ichhe cleam fol u **


  24. arrey wah...

    ye to bahot achhi thi...

    keep it up betu!



  25. Poora padha detail mein batati hu..

    Initially I thought like I was watching 'Tum Bin' here again.
    But the daughter wala part was very sweet.

    Now, the way you described their foreplay was like very juvenille..
    I mean, c'mon man, you neednt had said 'she removed her shirt...r u a it paining..." !!!!

    This part part made it sound very childish...but the ending sufficed for it.
    So I like it.
    There you go.
    Dissection done. Happy ?!

  26. Cindy

    Poora padha detail mein batati hu..
    :P ;))

    Initially I thought like I was watching 'Tum Bin' here again.
    But the daughter wala part was very sweet.
    tum bin :O shittt...par ismein toh ladke ko pata bhi nhi tha ki he killed her husband :-s..husband killer dekhte hi tum bon..awww meri creativity ko copy cat keh diya lol

    Now, the way you described their foreplay was like very juvenille..
    I mean, c'mon man, you neednt had said 'she removed her shirt...r u a it paining..." !!!!
    Dekh meri blog k readers mein do chhote chhote bachhe hai...ab main unke saamne detail toh nhi likh sakta..
    and ladka was virgin..most of the case mein ladke aise hi hote hai india mein abhi bhi...ab usse kya pata hoga was his fst kiss and he touched her for the fst time he had sex for the fst time wid a gal whom he believe as goddess..tu he was cautious..ab har koi experienced toh hota nhi...
    ruk next time i will write a naughty america script of fore sex n after.. :P

    This part part made it sound very childish...but the ending sufficed for it. kin na ganda dissection hai..fst attempt tha inna thode naa ayega :( :( meanie weanie

    So I like it.
    thanks :|
    There you go.
    Dissection done. Happy ?!
    yeah :|

    *makes faces*

    khikhikhi..achha tha time ..i will take up all ur sugestion in mind...sirf foreplay wala chhorkar... :D

  27. wah wah..finally the perfect flaw samby is inspiration for sumthing.!!

  28. long but definitely worth reading.. i just couldnt stop... why did he tell her.. thats so sad.. and it really made me cry in the end :(

    very touching!

  29. samby :P

    I regard u as fkawless individual and I have deep sense of regards for patriots
    and is sweet name and really rings in your mind :P like a wind chime :)

  30. Lena was my first attempt and I was so much in that while writing...I even lost the track of took my 4 hours to finish it..and so many things were coming in my mind..that I dint wanted to miss delivering them to all

  31. Sourish - Evil !

    Sourish - Devil !

    p.s : I'm glad you had a perfect day. I'd love to have one too.
    *hugs buddy*

  32. Cindy :P

    mera naye naam :P

    waah :P

    yeah day started wid me reaching fst to dep but not before supervisor nd khaofy daant :P
    fir bee ne cenre gya toh weekly closure hospital jana pada :Pwaha unhone imjection lagayi wapas aaya :P
    uske baad so gya toh dinner miss ho gya :P

    rest day was perfect:)
    may god give u a day like me void of these incidents

    *ichhe cleam for you*

  33. wat about
    dark choklate icche cleam wid loads of choco chips :)

  34. aww I feel like giving it bak to ya...Im not that greedy. U can hv it!

    Ice-cream-HUGZ! :)


  35. has anyone rolled their eyes yet at Sourish's and my mushy convo? LOL!


  36. Thank you :P
    *takes back the ichhe cleam *

    yum yum
    *eats it save it from future life attempts :P*

    u r a real sweetheart..dat's why ur niece loves u so do I :)

    I fink..sum1 is rolling eyes..
    *points at cindy* :P


    PS: I miss a sholder to cry on right we played the Blame game and it really hurt me a lot :(

  37. Hi Sourish,
    Lovely dude! I don't know how you people can write so beautifully! I've certainly got something to learn....Loved the twist at the end....
    Awesome and keep up the good work :P

  38. you're talkin sense...sounds yummy !!!!!!!

    And dude, baaro borsher baccha ta tomake 'dude' bollo....ha ha ha ha.....


  39. @ Keshi & her new kid bro, who I think is a pure evil in disguise :

    Yes, me is rolling her eyes at you both, at your display of utter juvenille mush you guys are making us witness....aaarghhh....

  40. meghna...
    m glad u liked it :)
    even u write so well :)

  41. cindy :O

    dekh aei tuku meye...bacchara boyesher aagey e aajkal peke gechhe :P
    tao or dosh nei...chhobi ta dekhe sobai aamake 10-12 ee bhabh be :D

  42. Keshi

    I told u na

    sum is feeling so J nd rolling her eyes so fast that u can use it up for making ceiling fan :P

  43. was so powerful that for a long time after, everything i read seemed bland!!! really.....stunning....theres no display of ur writing...nly expression..loved it

  44. Manisha :) was so powerful that for a long time after, everything i read seemed bland!!! really.....stunning....theres no display of ur writing...nly expression..loved it

    Thanks manisha...
    Do ukno wat makes one writer is the expression of the readers...thanks for making me proud of my creativity...

    And since it seems ur fst visit here..
    u r welcome here..

  45. **Peke geyche* !!!!

    Ha ha ha ha...lmao rotfl !!!!!!!!!!

  46. Oh plz...aami 23...tumi aamar songe kaake compare korcho jano toh ?!!!!

    Darun logic !!!

  47. kaar saathe ..bachha meyetar shaaathe..

    logic ta darun e :P

    pakami index= deeds/ age

    and tumi aar o eki scale paka :P


    isshh mathematician hole e partam

    khepe jeyona paka burima :P


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