Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy New Year (Shubho Naboborsho)

First of all I wish you all a very Happy new year.
In the Bengali calender, New year starts from April 14th or 15 th, which depends upon the lunar calender.

The first day is Poila Baishak.

I know many of the lunar calender of different states are also celebrating their first unveiling. So very Happy New year to you all too..and to my dear fellow bloggers who never missed any moment celebrating with me.

This day have a special significance in every Bengali's life. Today businessmen start new ventures and new account sheets, so it is the month of sale of old stocks ( Anjuli di stocks ka matlab..dukano ka stock..aapka BSE type ka nhi :P ) ...and if you had ever been in Kolkata during this time, you will find kolkatans hell busy with bargaining. The roads hell jammed, atmosphere filled hawkers shouts and so much of light.

With time it changed it's meaning in my life.

When I was kid, it was the time of excitement of getting new dresses , when I was in my early adoloscent age, it was the time of watching girls; when I was in my middle and late teenage, it was the time of buying new pairs of jeans and chance maring hotties :P ; when I was just Adult, it was the time of roaming with my gf and hiding from her and my parents.

Now, with increasing maturity, I found myself literally forgetting the day itself. lol

So let's go together with my new year day :P

The day started with a hearty Boy's talk with Samby, then I went to sleep at 4 AM. Then I woke up with a call from Sarah, she was wishing me a happy new year, but I was so sleepy then that I answered her call and slept talking to her :P. She was pissed :P

Today, as it coincided with Navratri's last day, I was on fast. So I actually slept a bit much. I woke up again when dad called me to wish me New year :P,and I looked at my clock to fing its 11 AM. So I decided, lets sleep for one more hour :P, the next time I woke up when I was having dinner with Cindy in my dreams in her wedding day, when she spilled the hot soup on me :P. I glanced my watch, it was 1:30 PM. I understood the reason of such a dream when I found an Elephant race going on my stomach :D ,heheheh..I was dead hungry then :P.

So i decided to quit my bed and went to the bathroom with my brush, then i had my bath,got ready and then went to the Mandir.
After the Puja, I decided to take some watery I had one Lassi..but was so hungry then that I ended up finishing three frootis and two cold drinks by 6 PM. lol
So much of having a fast:P
Then I went to my supervisor's place to wish him , there he told me that why are you on fast is Poila should be gorging today :D
So, I decided top break my fast in the night, so I went to Ming's garden , a restuarant famous for its chinese.

In Ming, waiter came up with menu..and there was nothing I can order that I can eat alone...So I decided to taek a mini meal there. It was the worst meal I ever had. It was full of cabbages :P..I tried searching for the noodles but couldn't find any :P., but the sizzling brownie was awesome :)
There was this hottie chick, who was sitting alone in the adjacent table. So my time in the restuatrant passed by smoothly :P upto the end when I broke into a quarrel with the manager who refused to give me our college discount as the bill was already out. :| But I managed myself not hitting the poor guy for Rs. 20 of the discount :P, then also people call me impatient. huh :|.

I returned back , and found that my light is gone again for the seventh time. It came just an hour ago..:)

So it was a wonderful day :P and the best part was the hot chick..she was really hot. :P

I started a new plz all of you must answer it ....
Love you all


  1. Wish you and ur family a Shubho Naboborsho! i didnt know that you goys have a separate new year, thank you for sharing.. :P

    p/s: about the cost, i'll email you later k

  2. Thanks diva :)
    and u too have a blasting new year :)
    actually dis bengali year is actually based on lunar everything is bit different...there is more europe too April first was regarded as the new year...but they changed later to 1st January...but peasants used to celebrate it on 1st april only so the royals used to call the day as fool's new year...and so we still celebrate it as April fool's day...
    Actually the onset of summer and harvesting the crops is the reason behind starts a new beginning in the life of farmers and so is the new year

  3. Hi! It's really nice to be able to celebrate new year in April. You guys are really lucky! Enjoy the festival. ;)

  4. Morinn :)
    yeah celebrating new year's fun...

  5. Happy New Year :)
    dinner with Cindy? lolz cute, i am sure it has been fun, pity you had to wake up :P

  6. Hi Sourish "bhaiya" :p
    Aapki pyaari choti behana ke taraf se Happy Shubho Naboborsho! Enjoy urself....And I wld have loved to see cindy dropping soup on u!

    Aaapne sapne mein apni behana ko yad nahi kiya???

    I dunno much abt this festival but Happy.......New .....Year......once again :P

  7. lena


    it was not a date wid was a dinner in her wedding reception..and that was not with me :P

    so don't was good that I woke up :P

  8. Hi Sourish
    Tomako Shoubho Naboborsho wish korchish (hoep i haven't forgotten a bit after 24 years)

    I become nostalagic when this festivals come as I spent my teenage in Kolkatta.

    Let me know when are you joining IMA. We can come and meet you(Its in Dehradun). Ananya joins me in wishing you happy new year.

    Best wishes

  9. meghna :O

    kya behna ho..bhai par soup gira aur tumhe maja aa raha hai :O
    ruk agle sapne mein teri pitai pakki :P

    happy new year to u tooo beta :)

  10. Hi Sourish
    Tomako Shoubho Naboborsho wish korchish (hoep i haven't forgotten a bit after 24 years)
    lol it doesnt matter wenever it comes straight from the heart :P but the language was lil wrong :P
    neva mind ..i loved it mam :P

    I become nostalagic when this festivals come as I spent my teenage in Kolkatta.
    me too me too :P..
    Let me know when are you joining IMA. We can come and meet you(Its in Dehradun).
    mam..I m not joining IMA
    it's samby...I m already a member in quick response team again nonconventional attacks..though never been assigned on have a clearance for IMA

    but u can always come to banaras wid my guest :)

    Ananya joins me in wishing you happy new year.Best wishes
    happy new year to you and my cutie pie
    love n luck

  11. Shubho naboborsho dude !!!

    Kya diary likhi hai tumne...waah....!!

    Btw the way, apne shaadi wale din, main tumhare saath q khaoungi duffer..!!

    main toh mere unke saath kahungi...hehehe....

  12. cindy

    yaar sapne mein itna kuchh kaha aa ta hai deemag mein

    tu unke saath hi khana..
    kabhi kabhi jhank bhi lena ki maine khaya hai ki nhi
    dat will be enuff

    unke saath

  13. happy new bud....i celebrate ever new like you - marathis have gudi padwa and celebrated wid a friend

  14. ceedy haan
    gud padwa...i loved the festival..i had one marathi gf wen i was in Btech...we used to celebrate together :P

    happy new year... to you :P

  15. and happy new year...a lil belated...

  16. anjuli di


    aaapko loads of wishes for a wonderful life ahead :)

  17. par di aap kali kiun ho gyi :O

    *points at the picture *

  18. hello my lil bro :)


    **Now, with increasing maturity, I found myself literally forgetting the day itself. lol

    aww lol! It happened with me too. o well who cares. Rite now I really dun give too much imp to anything..I just breathe. The best way to live :)

    Im glad u had a good day...u sleep at 4am? WOW ur a nite owl!

    Missed ya..Im bak now.


  19. hum kaale hain to kya hua dilwaale hain... :-P

  20. keshi....

    missed yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    where have u been...i was feeling so lonely....
    I breathe too..I breathe long and long breathes.... but then also I forget everything....

    night owl...
    yeah I used to call myself the Daywalker..coz i used to blast at night and used to work in day sleepless for weeks..but now i restrict myself to 3-4 :)

    missed ya


  21. anjuli di...

    aap dilwale toh humesha tha uske liye kaaala hone ki kya jaroorat thi :P

  22. omg I missed mah bro with an ice-cream too :)

    so ur a nite n day owl? LOL!

    Either way u r so adorable!


  23. Hahaha....ok..ak aadh baar jhank lungi...

  24. Shubho Naboborsho!! Belated that is. ;)

  25. Someone at last got time to visit me..

    same to you :)

  26. fanx? lol so cute!

    btw I read this on ur side bar:

    *Keshi - the dusky sweety hottie.

    lol good 'brother' u r!

    *HUGZ* ;-)


  27. keshi

    that was way before the "brother" came in picture...

    u want it to be some sissy thing :-s

    i will update for u :P

    look at it now :P

  28. lol plz dun update!



  29. o nooooooo plz put bak that dusky one :(

    Im not ur sis..Im ur crushee LOL!


  30. haha ha ha :P

    * gives a monstrous lauff :P *

    u brought dis upon u :P inty u will have to face this name till eternity :P

    khikhikhi :P


    PS: i love dis new will all :P

  31. hey mate, sorry a wee bit late but then they say its never too late so happy new year, have a good one ;)

  32. u too..poora ka poora saal pada hai...u r not late

    thank u :)

  33. ha par ab jab mai bolungea happy new year to bolega late hai......harami


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