Monday, April 21, 2008

Wedding crash..'s so hot over here...I m feeling grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..uffff...
From the morning..the power was was so fuking hot over here....jus now the power came and I don kno how much long it will stay....soI straightly come to the point...

Wedding crash..Fst of all don't thing sumbody got injured over dere or nor I m gonna talk about crashing of people's dreams after marriage...It is actually a phenomena..jiske saath hindi mein ek kahavat hai
Baigani shadi mein abdullah deewana
"Abdulla gonna crazy over other's marriage"

Rite u guessed...yesterday I attended a marriage..where I was not invited...Actually nothing was there to do and lite was going on and off I went with one of my frnds and decided to crash a wedding party....

so the event started with finding a suitable pair of dress to wear... from my infamous chair...and guess wat... I dint had any dress without any choklate aur juice stains on I asked the dhobi(washerman)...
"Saale..mere kapde kaha hai..kamine hafta bit gya..ab kya meri shadi mein layega ?"
(where are my clothes..r u gonna bring those on my marraige...?)

As usual Dhobi had that big grin ..
" Bhaiyya lawat hai..kahe ko humar par gusswa nikalat ho"
( big bro..why are u angry..I m coming with it)

So I waited for half an hour..he ironed the clothes and then brought them to me..jus wen he frnds came and say...

" Abe taiyyar ho ja..teri shadi nhi hai be itna taiyyar ho rah ahai " wid loads of abuses...
" its not ur marriage get ready soon"

so I wore those freshly ironed clothes..they were so goodness i was feeling dehydrated in those...
wen i was ready ..then suddenly a frnd came and said..." we will move out in an hour or take ur time"
I was so mad..dat he made me wear those ultra hot clothes (talking abt temperature) in summer...

After one hour or so we went to the was my frnd's frnd's marriage..and our frnd ..the contact between the groom and us..was nowhere to be we decided to skip him :D
so we went was so hard to search the place...but sumhow we managed to find it..and as soon as we entered lite went off..thank god there were generators...every one were perplexed to see us... the whole marriage leaving the groom...0 we three were the one who were wearing any u got me ..we hot a wrong was actually a poor guy's daughter's marriage ceremony..
but we decided not to leave the post ..until sumthing concrete happens...
jus wen the groom's team was approaching ..all of the bridal side had attacked the food stalls...and wen we decided to was already late as until groom arrives ..none of the food stalls opens...everything was off the
sumhow we managed to search food...and we had..the food was horrible and so were the chicks there...

but we managed to enjoy the most...everyone were amazed to see us coz none of them recognized us....then we slowly lifted off to our hostel on our that white goggs managed to get itself in two pieces...

but overall this was a wonderful crash...I loved it...

My ex gf afta all picked up the call..and said everything has a limit..and now the limit's been I shudn't be expecting her call or picking up of my calls anymore...
good luck to her..and I m happy that she is ok :)


  1. Hi Bhaiya

    Enjoyed reading. Mom and me had a good laugh

    bhaut Maaza Aaya

  2. hahaha

    i liked the style of writing....ka ho bhaiyaa abdullah banne ka bahut shoukh hai ;)

  3. Lol..!
    I cant believe you actually did that ?!!!
    KOi pooch leta toh ?!!
    Waise the style of narration was as usual..fundoo !!

    p.s : Get over things yaar. If you wanna move ahead, you have to decide on giving up. Take care. And ping if you're online.

  4. Oye Sorish bhaiya,
    aap to hum logo se bhi jyada shaitan ho! Hm to sirf teacher ko "Shock pen" detein hai lekin aap toh free ki daavat kha ke aa gaye!
    Ek din aap se mil kar yeh sab toh seekhna hi hoga yaar...itni masti karte rehte ho toh padhai likhai kab karte ho?

  5. Once I also gatecrashed a funeral.


  6. hehe.. mast bakar kaati hai..
    abe ye template change karo.. sala kuch pada nahi jaa raha.. ye foto shoto kahi aur lagao

  7. hahah accha hai pakad ke maar anahi kisi ne.... khana ko kya kya tha be???

  8. sweetoo :)

    arre wah u took out time outta busy schedule...
    thank u thank u..and say my thanks to mam too :)

  9. ceedy..

    humaar ko abdulla banne kaaa bahut sok hai...

    isshtyle humaar mast ba??..thankoo hai ji..

  10. cindy...

    arre yaar yeh toh kuchh bhi nhi....mere bahut saare kisse majedaar wale hai :P
    kabhi time mile saare post kar doonga :P
    abt tarifofying my style...
    thank u hai ji..

    Ps: its not that easy..but I hope i got wat i deserved..only the outcome came wen i was not rady..pinged u twice...both of the time u were offline :)

  11. meghna :D

    Sourish <~~~~ spelling beta spelling...naam ka halwa mat banao :D

    teacher ko hum log kuchh nhi karte they..bus do baar unke bag mein chipkali and coakraoches ghhusa diye the :P

    aap always welcome ho..jab bhi aa jao..I will teach u all the tricks off my sleeves :P
    and bhaiya.. abhi latest score 86.8 percent wala laya hai ...and wo topper hai apne group mein :)


  12. keshi :|

    funeral :-s
    dats more sinner than anything ;))
    but alas..we don have a celebrated funeral parties ova here:D

  13. khanna...masti aa gyi thi uss din:D

    yaar template achha nhi hai kya :-s

    ruk sham ko dekhta hoon kuch kiya ja sake toh

  14. samby :D

    pakad k maar :D

    lol jab crash kiya toh risk toh lena hi hota hai..

    buffet tha..par veg...yaha iss region mein saare veg hi hai :)

  15. LOL @funeral parties!

    nah Im serious..I went to the wrong funeral parlour. Thats why.



  16. Got your offliners later after seeing the comment. Aur phir when I got online you were offline...shucks !

    Ping me if you're ol tonight. Lots to talk to you.

  17. keshi

    u r an adorable sweetheart..u went to a wrong funeral parlour..ahh i don blame u..the person was in wud u kno who was that...
    but it is safe... u can always tell i was the dead man's gf ;))..if u get caught ...


  18. cindy...
    wo i was so tired..i went to shleep... today will be online at 11..if u find time buzz me den k??
    take care


  19. hahahahahahaha @the person was in wud u kno who was that!

    u changed my nic bak to wut it was..yeah I checked it LOL! ok I like the new one.

    *MWAH* there..a nice pash from a kinky sis LOL! Howzat? ;-)


  20. which nik u like :O

    ufff how many time i goota change my nick rolls:-s

    u my kinky sis:O
    haww meany weany..u were supposed to be sweetie :P

  21. nah Im kinky. ok change it now to kinky sis. LOL!


  22. hey hey wedding crasher....OMG this was funny n all yur clothes had chocolate n juice stains hehehe....n r u sure dhobi is a washerman....heheh i cudnt stop laughing mate.

  23. wedding crashers? Just like in the movie? :D
    I enjoyed reading it :)

  24. anvita...
    arre wo I never can keep stains outta my clothes..every meal i shirt and paint record dem for that they can be anlaysed later :P

    Waise washerman = dhobi
    I have proof

    Noun 1. washerman - operates industrial washing machine
    washer - someone who washes things for a living... is one of the funniest most event in my life :P

  25. lena...

    kinndda like that :P

    but alas!
    here the chicks werent that I wasnt able to complete the event in that movie style :P

  26. Im only muckin ard with need to change nics each time lol!


  27. K...will buzz you if I get ol taht time...
    Tabiyat thodi thiki nahi hai...

  28. cindy....

    wat happpened :O

    take rest lady..u don need to stress on for anything...
    get well soon..

  29. ops sorry,
    u bhool gayit hi ayar! Waise aapka naam accha hai LOL!
    Thanks.....Maine teacher ko shock pen diya tha ROFL!
    Love to lrn bhaiya and kuch padha bhi dena....I got 92 and toppr grp and class mein bhi...but I thnk aap ka aur toguh hota hoga na! :D

  30. ops sorry,
    u bhool gayit hi ayar! Waise aapka naam accha hai LOL!
    naam mera achha hi hai ..jyada daant nhi dikho..pitai ho jayegi :P
    Thanks.....Maine teacher ko shock pen diya tha ROFL!
    Love to lrn bhaiya and kuch padha bhi dena....I got 92 and toppr grp and class mein bhi...but I thnk aap ka aur toguh hota hoga na! :D
    92 :O maine toh saaath dekhe bhi nhi number inne :-s
    lol aapka bhai 12 tak to 90 se upar hi raha hai ;))
    yeap tough toh hai ..par deemag adjusted ho jata hai age k sath..m proud of ya..carry on the good studies..waise bhi dabba bhi laogi toh bhi behna toh meri pyari hi rahogi :P


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