Thursday, April 24, 2008

The new IPL mania... Cheerleaders in India..

The first match RC Bangalore with Kolkata Knight riders..everyone's eye was fixed on two things...Mccullum's blasting innings and on the flying skirts of cheerleaders...
The cricket in India reached a new high with advent of a never before phenomena the sexy cheerleaders...

So, here are the few comments on the Americanization of the last British thing ..yeah M talking about Cricket..Cheerleaders... :D

Sourish (Let's start with me )
Since I am living in hostel and no TV, our frnds stream the matches on their comps and we see it on our comps...and seeing those flying skirts..
" Abe ..yeh McCullum chhakka kab marega...tabhi saale yeh cameraman unn mast maalo par focus karte hai..kya naach rahe hai bidu... feel aa gayi."

One of my friend, on the next match with Delhi vs Mumbai
" Saala kitna sadela match tha naa kisi ne dhang se batting ki hi koi ladki nacchi..sala aaj toh mera luck hi kharab hai..sala exam time mein 2 ghante poore barbaad hue "

So wats there with Mahila Mukti Morcha NCW(National Commission for Women)....they talk about India and woman's rights..oh yeah! woman do have rights ...but wearing short skirts and

"Tauba tauba..dekho yeh firangiyan kinna kamar matkati hai..humari toh kamar hi toot jaye" lol it's in my words wat they really said...

"I find nothing wrong with the concept if it is just for adding entertainment element to the game. It has to be presented in the right manner keeping the Indian values intact,"I think we should promote our culture by bringing folk dancers and musicians in these matches. We have so much variety in our culture, dresses that after some point of time foreign countries will start imitating us,"

lol.. now u can actually see doordarshan on IPL and NHL grounds..with bharatnatyam going in with every shot of sixes..

So wat does Swamijis are to say about it..(my god! swamiji kabhi toh chup ho jao..indian budget k baad cheerleaders bhi :O )
One of them outrightly rejected the cheer-leading concept and said it is degrading Indian culture.
"It is the height of vulgarity and it should be stopped. People in the age group of 10 to 70 years come to see matches with their families. In a country like India, the public representation of obscenity will not be tolerated,"
Swamiji aapne murder dekha..ya naye mein RACE...arre u havn't even watched the backless beauties in Ekta's family dramas..and their multiple affairs

So what say Maharashtra..the place where they forgot Indian ethics of solidarity and brotherhood..who kept mum on ethnic cleansing of outer states people ..
Latest news "Taking objection to 'scantily clad foreign girls' dances', the Maharashtra government Thursday asked the Indian Premier League (IPL) to seek prior permission for cheerleaders' performances during high-profile Twenty20 cricket matches. " no comments on that party...who just praised Jinnah in Pak and cleansed the whole gujarat of muslims....said.
"The government had done the right thing in banning the dance bars in the state. It must do the same thing in the case of cheergirls' dances which are worse in the sense they are held in the open unlike the bar dances that used to be in closed areas" lol

so wat does IPL's mastermind Sharad Pawar's party says
"Should we now start objecting to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) volunteers' khaki shorts because they are too short to meet our sensibilities?" comments on that...

So overall India in now facing a new political crisis...I never thot those pretty girls who are dreams of every youth in this world will have to see this..but so wat..India and Cricket and Controversies..are they ever gonna be solved...
Cheerleaders...muaah ..the only thing I loved in IPL ...Isn't she hot :P??

Wateva uu say ...she is :P...
Long live IPL..long live Cricket..long live the cheerleaders ..mwaaaah

Disclaimer : The above article is for fun...any resemblance to any living or dead is purely coincidental :D


  1. wow those cheerleaders are really something! Even with practice we cannot become as "good". :P Which reminds me that I need to practise some more. hihi

  2. HOT to the core!

    Cheerleaders galore in Aus no one really cares LOL!


  3. But yeah in India it may be considered as something 'bad'?


  4. Hi Keshi,
    But, in India everything is under scanner!
    Game should be played during game and it should stick to its boundaries.

  5. Morinn
    yeap they practice a be called as hot..

  6. keshi...
    lol sissy
    it was a never before item in the furore was expected..
    really they are too hot to handle

  7. sissy...
    it's a sin in india...the politicians can celebrate with young call girls in their birthday parties but they can't see decent girl dancing in sexy attire...

  8. jwalant bhai....
    meri blog pe hi keshi ko

    but i think u missed the was not the sportsmanship of cricketers under the was the way of entertainment that was questioned...
    I never saw any cricketer dancing with cheerleaders they were in the wats wrong having cheerleaders in field to increase the glamour of the game...

  9. heyaa

    do u watch ipl for cheerleaders only ???

    the matches r good too :P


  10. aditi

    matches are good?? :O

    are they???...

    par yeh kunwara dil ab cricket dekh kar bore ho gya hai :P

    yeh dil maangey more :P

  11. **So wats there with Mahila Mukti Morcha NCW(National Commission for Women)..the aunties who have more than 100 affairs..still they talk about India and woman's rights..oh yeah!**

    This wasnt a good thing to say Sourish. You dont undermine people on a public portal such as this.

    Personally, I dont care abotu cricket neither do I care about the fckn cheerleaders, who provide vicarious carnal pleasure to the male viewers.

  12. I thought I was gonna like this post, but your remark about the NCW, really pissed me.

  13. Cindy...

    it's neither about cricket nor about cheerleaders...
    its about inserting the nose to the places...where it doesn't belong..

    but ur point taken..will delete the names of the people who gave the remarks...

    and dat's a fun post...i was jus trying to say..that there are real issues to focus on rather than shouting on some issues to grap up publicity...

  14. cindy
    ur point taken and thus suitable modified...

    but lemme give u a picture of NCW..
    i thing may be u havn't seen it or may be u overlooked it...

    they come in groups..and they beatup males and without even verifying the complains...In west bengal..this is a common sight...
    i have seen several cases...I had even seen cases where NCW saved their own cadet's from killing their bahus for dowry's...
    wat they did wid Imrana??
    wat are they doing for those 1000 girls being raped every week..wat about cases which are filed falsely
    There are 11,000 cases.. is only the number of cases which are false as per facts in the police station itself.

    there are 60,000 cases every year which are proven to be false in court of law.

    So, totally about 70,000 odd false cases are filed every year and of which NCW holds the largest part of the complaints.. This amounts to about 1 Lakh citizens wrongly arrested per year. if u don't believe just ask anyone who fights for the male rights...

    it has become a common threat by the modern women to their husbands that they wud make them suffer under Domestic Violence Act, 2005 and every day make suicides are on the rise...So wat does NCW doing..lawfully cleansing males...
    Leave about males

    wat's NCW doing for the prostitution rackets undergoing in women jail..orphanages and vidhwa ashrams....
    the red light areas where innocent underage girls are trafficked from various states..if u ask..i can give you the location in all the major cities where u will find these brothels..even sitting far from it ...wen every damn person knows about those locations of red light districts..wat's NCW doing about it..
    thye are just a portal for cheap publicity..they misuse their capabilities for their own personal ends...and if u want to look deep then u will defn see those saviour women moving in Mercedes...the car which no political person can buy from their wat's the source of extortion...

    they just jump on high profile cases..dragging show how grt they are...

    I have seen a case..where the man and woman had a quarrel..NCW jumped in on rescue on nieghbour's call..they beat up the man in front of his wife..she filed a case against NCW..they threatened her of thrashing too..and they guy was booked on domestic violence dragged for years..and nCW had taken this issue as a challenge..and the man committed suicide in jail..and she is living their as widow..ousted by in laws and now she works as a domestic wat's NCW done to her??
    so tell me do u wanna c more examples of ur NCW functioning...

  15. I am not saying that teh NCW is doing a very gr8 job or smth like that.

    No, absolutely not.

    It was just about the usage of the verbatim, thats all.

    Jisko jo karna hai karne do naa. Hum q apni jabaan kharab kare...? There are always other avenues to explore, o get your things done, or to send your message across.

    And instead of saying about the 100 affairs thing, tum woh bol sakte then jo mujhe bole, isnt it ?

    Would have made your point more clarified, and str8 to the point.

  16. Aur sun, its better to not use publicly acclaimed names on portals such as this. We all follow the news, and the dialogues as well.
    Sab samjhenge.

  17. haan wo toh sahi hai..bekaar lafde badh jayenge... aur NCw walo ne mujhe jail mein daal diya toh :O

    maine toh abhi domestic bhi nhi dekha..domestic violence mein andar ho jaaonga toh mera kya hoyega :O


    chal fir mit mat..pissed off kam hua...???
    aur wo na cheerleader who provide vicarious carnal pleasure to the male viewers..uspe ek line kehni thi..ab single mardo ka dard tum kya jano lol


  18. LOl...tumi sudhrobe na !!!

    Anyway, ping me when you get online.

  19. Jwalant hey :)

    I personally think Indians take alot of things too seriously. After all it's only a game and ppl should be able to enjoy it w.o. feeling so guilty and being put under the scanner.


  20. hehe Sourish I agree...some Indian politicians do all the frisky business and then try to ban em from the public. Hypocrites.

    **so the furore was expected..
    really they are too hot to handle

    Welcome to Life, Men and Women! yeah its high time Indian politicians realise that. LOL!


  21. To Cinderella,
    You can give example of those aunties but as far as its not common to the public its the personal thing, and in case of IPL its a open place. Do you want the later generation to be like those aunties?
    Well, I think "Jisko jo karna hai wo kare", this philosophy has already hurt a lot to many countries and its now in metros of India. Everybody wants to a free life, as there are less responsibilities. Running away is not the solution. Face it!

  22. To Keshi,
    Game and glamour should not be mixed if you want the game to be treated as game, and whats it is.
    Tell me, why we don't like politicians dancing with girls as mentioned in the comments?
    Changes are good, but should be creative.

  23. keshi

    sissy.. indian politicians just go for publicity and love controversies..
    so one can't reaally help them abt it ;))

  24. jwalant
    it's not's IPL twenty20..and this format of the game and IPL was designed for entertainment only...
    and about the game...still the test matches are played wid simplest uniform and with full dignity n discipline..

  25. Dear Shourish,
    But the game play takes place between two teams. It can be on any basis (test, one day, t20). There is nothing in "game of cricket" as cheer-leading or glamor. It simply can't be a part of game.

  26. jwalant bhai.. the name..plz naam ka achhar mat daalo...

    IPL is glamour league..and everything in that is high money...ok i agree that two teams are there..but they are playing their utmost form of cricket in the wat's wrong if we have cheering fans or cheerleaders on stand..i don't think that's new to them..u have seen how NCL Zee failed to capture conduct such a match..organiser too need money..wat's wrong in adding glamor..if they can attract lakhs on ground and million on TV..

  27. Sorry...
    Lekin ye to wahi bat ho gayi ki, I have money and I want money, so I am eligible to do anything.
    People do watch all things on the ground, as they get to watch it. Ask them personally, no one would get ready to let his/her friend dance like this (:D).
    Sorry, but my intention is not to argue, but sahi aur galat ka takaza (I hope spelled this right :)) hai.

  28. bhai ...takaza was kool...

    but if you have money and u make more money outta ain't a's upto ur moral ethics to donate it on charity or charity games for people entertainment..but one can't force on to if they have been given an opportunity to make money and if they capitalise on it..I personally see no prob...

    bhai...if u don't want cheerleaders to dance on ur least ask those country from where they were flown, becoming a cheerleader is matter of pride...

    waise wen u talked abt liking..i give u an one like to watch her frnds in porn..but they do like to watch porn..and that's wat made porn the largest if u stop seeing them..they will stop showing u then..

    aur rahi baat takaze ki :)
    Rest salsa bhi toh provocative hai..uske bhi stage shows ban kar diye jane chaiye...hai na :)

  29. aur cindy

    jaane se pehle gudnite toh karna tha na..muijhe kinne bure bure sapney aaye :|

  30. But Its not compulsory to wear short/half/open clothes for a cheer leader.
    Can you imagine, can there be any connection between cricket, money, sport, game, batting, bowling, cheering & "nudity".
    Keep separate things separate! :)

    Salsa would be a matter of hard work for those who do it. But for us, common people, even the hard work should not cost moral values.

    Sorry for hitting too high.

  31. There is nuthing wrong in nudity..morality lies in the can't force it on the people..if u feel those girls shatter ur morality..den I presume it's not that's not the matter of the dresses..if u don't get a stir then u won't get the glamour..glamour attracts people make it look magnificent..

    so i don't feel looking sexy and cute will destroy the culture of India which is maintained till centuries even wen the kamasutra was written from it's ground...even wen lakhs of people visit khajuraho and konark every year..waise who are u preventing from the sex exposure..those people who afford the ticket to IPL do watch more nudity in media..and I dont think their moral values will get down seeing those cute girls who jus create a charm not a sex oriented atmosphere :)

  32. What you are talking about are the piece of art and science of body!
    People still have morality that is why there is oppose of these cheer-leaders.
    But, those with more money and want to make more money, do not care about this all. They want money and the way they can adopt can be anything. Even if it is in the way of drugs, arms & emunation and terrorism, you will, by your theory of "nothing wrong in making money" will support this, right?
    So, what you are picturing is there's not need to care for anything even it be our nation, culture (you thing is worthless), right?

  33. What you are talking about are the piece of art and science of body!
    People still have morality that is why there is oppose of these cheer-leaders.

    people are opposed to cheerleader not because they want to save the morality of the country because they gain cheap publicity on raising controversies on harmless situations..
    But, those with more money and want to make more money, do not care about this all. They want money and the way they can adopt can be anything.
    Even if it is in the way of drugs, arms & emunation and terrorism, you will, by your theory of "nothing wrong in making money" will support this, right?
    Now u r confusing morality with the legality..drugs arms and ammunition come under legal there are legal guidelines associated with anything which directly involves public safety..wat harm those cute cheerleader can do to the public..make them highly immoral..
    So, what you are picturing is there's no need to care for anything even it be our nation, culture (you thing is worthless), right?

  34. so caring for culture...if u preserve ur u preserve all...
    i believe in that

  35. That is quite good and very straight forward.
    I believe, no one can preserve 100%, so what ever is your max limit, don't go below that.

  36. so done..
    and plz spare my cute cheerleaders..coz that's the only thing i cheer abt this IPL :P

    wasn't she hotttt ?


  37. More than the post, I enjoyed the debate between you, cindrella and Jwalant

    I wanted to give my two cents in this debate, but then restrained and thought of enjoying the debtae of the young generation.

    I agree completely with you on NCW. Look at Shah Bano case, if you remember, look at gudia (she is the one whose husband was declared missing in action and then returned when she was pregnant), she had a sad death. women are to be provided teeth but no by giving 33% reservation but equall opporttunities in eduaction and pursuing their interests. One discrimination emananting for home itself, how empowered the women can be. Anyway, I can go on and on. Will discuss some other day.

    I enjoy this sort of discussions, good food for brain

  38. A lot has been going on about this issue and so much has been said already .. I wanted to write a post on it too.. lets see if that materializes. my only complaint is - they said they want to attract more women and children to the cricket stadium. I can't talk about children but I am sure some women would agree that we need more 'cheerguys' ... some teams have few guys in their 'cheerteam' but the girls outnumber them unfairly... I for one want some hot hunks .. preferably in Salman Khan pose.. and I am serious!

  39. ever hopeful

    mam...u shudnt regard urself as outta the new generation coz u teach this new gen anf we all follow ur guidelines..I m glad u liked the conversation part...and wud have been happier if u cud have shared ur views too :)

    I m glad that u saw the ibsight i wanted to show u off the NCW..
    i give u one more info..

    why do u think 33% reservation bill aint passing wen no party is against it...?
    Answer is ..coz then they won't have any issues as this wide acclaimed for atleast 25 years... :)

  40. aria...

    male cheerleaders :P
    not a bad idea..i fink srk shud repeat the saurav stunt of pulling out the t shirt for u :P

    but the cricketers are hot males..wen they are cheering u up wid some raw action why do u need some man moving his ass :P

    i will wait for that post of ya :)
    welcome to my blog

  41. hey,

    thanx for visiting my blog and dropping a memory. Bangla tey 'pukur', hindi tey 'talab', but marathi tey 'talao' (I'm presently staying in Mumbai).

    This post was very...picturesque! As they say, the IPL is about anything but cricket! Enjoy! (and do visit again).

  42. Anjuli di..

    Aap kiun khush ho rahi ho ...cheergirls thi..cheerboys ya toys nhi :P

    foto khinchi unki?? aaapko kinna dekhoonga..unki foto laani thi na :|

  43. sucharita...

    okiessssssss talaooooo :P marathi is bit complicated...but i like mumbaiyya..

    aye jaasti much much karega toh saala khopche mein daalkar kharcha pani de dalega...samjha kya :P

    I just feel so connected to this language :P

    lol at picturesque..i missed some more shots..i guess that net isn't flooded yet of them..

    I agree 2 ur view abt IPL I said ..the only thing i cheer abt the IPL is the cute cheerleaders :P

    Will defn visit you..and u too don forget my blog id :P

  44. What's wrong with cheerleaders with skimpy outfit? I do not see anything wrong in it..

  45. diva

    even I don't see anything ... oops anything wrong in it :P

  46. fotos bahut acche hai ... foto dekh rah tha....fotos ke beech me jo angreji me likha tha...wo mujhe padne ka time nahi mila

  47. lol

    tune mere blog par aane ki kripa ki..yehi bahut hai..

    mil gyi fursat??

  48. heheheh~~~

    waise...neither do I like the concept u knw :)

    and i hate the issue being politicized

    Cric in itself is very entertaining...we dnt need Cheer-leaders and Bolly Stars... taking away the light frm the game.

  49. Veens..
    politics and cricket are always interwined in India..'so u can't really try to separate those inseparable..

    After India's dismal performance.. I stopped caring abt them..but cheerleaders were a happy surprise to me..coz I knew I will have a masala talk soon..and the politicians proved it :P

  50. abe yaar mai shout box dhoond raha tha mila nahi.... kal raat ko cell off rakha raat ko aapne.... abhi itna gussa kyu bhai...sutta maaro aaram raho...tum in sab ceezo se upar ho

  51. yeah I need one..deemag poora off hai mera..
    cell max time off hi rehta hai...aajkal fone ki ghanti bajte hi fone utha k de maarne ka mann karta band rakhta hoon..

    garmi ka asar hai shyad deemag par..

  52. **Game and glamour should not be mixed if you want the game to be treated as game, and whats it is.

    o dun be so boring! Its only a game for godssakes, not a court case! :)

    **Changes are good, but should be creative.

    Wuts not creative abt cheerleading? Its also a sport/hobby in this part of the world.


  53. Keshi,
    I too enjoy the IPL games, and it would more enjoyable if one can see with family.
    If you think its creative, then yes it does creates sick mentality. There should be somethings in world left away from vulgarity. :)

  54. Jwalant,

    **it does creates sick mentality

    to each his own. That may be ur opinion but it isnt everyone's opinion and neither does it prove ur theory is right :)


  55. keshi
    He wont understand...his point is absoultely correct wen we talk about indian people's mentality...
    In India..people call caves with nude paintings as art and wen they see a girl in skirt they call it immodesty..
    u cant help will take time for us to accept things that modesty is not snatching of independence of wat one want to wear or act..but it is about self u see things and wat ur thinking about it..
    In india ppl kno only one thing..
    I can't take control of my lust wen I see girl in short skirt so I shud better stop them from wearing those..otherwise me and my fmily wud get corrupted over it..

  56. jwalant..

    why u think u and ur family has a feeble mind and shaken cultural beliefs that it wud get destroyed on seeing cheerleaders on ground..
    so wat movie or wat last family movie u watched wid ur family.. name me one that doesn't had the girl in skimpy outfit..don't ur family watch soaps in TV or women tennis..u mite even find women swimming derrogatory to indian culture..I just can't cheerleaders creates a sick environment..if u have a strong and my family watched titanic together and we all aprreciated the movie..

    grow up one's a baby in this century that they wud get destroyed by seeing the charm of the cheerleaders

    I presume by ur definition u just approve seeing ..the "return of the Hanuman" with family...
    is it ???

  57. Sourish,
    Its time for you to grow up.
    Khajuraho was made for the simple reason for the sex-education. (And for the same thing so called civilized people are fighting to teach them to students of 6th standard).
    One should understand the difference between art and vulgarity. Titanic was art for sure. If people see such things in movie, so if its compulsory for them to see those same things in cricket, even if they are set to see cricket. Isn't this foolish?

  58. Now u see
    u are saying teaching sex education is also against culture...
    Don't u think better than experimenting things of ur own and get hurt shud get a proper training that sex isn't a tabooo...
    lol all of the arts had nudity..more than even the pornographies..
    so how u differentiate art and vulgarity ..give me a set of standard...

    u r dere to watch cricket..den stop seeing was never mentioned as was thruout maintained as soprts wid glamor..I think u shud switch channels to watch eng vs Nz matches..and belive me now I m finding ur talks wid signs of adamance on proving ur point..personally i see no vulgarity..i see just the charm..if i see it vulgar..I will have to shut my eyes everywhere start from mall to skools..

  59. o gawd grow up ppl! India is the land where Bollywood and Kama Sutra came from...and Bolly films r full of sexual gyrating movements and Im sure many Indians enjoy watching Bolly movies?

    The moment a Westerner brings in something sexual, it's labelled oh so BAD n vulgar! duhhh get over it and grow up! Lust, women, sex, beauty..its all a part of life. Nothing foolish or vulgar abt em.

    Its upto the individual to lead the life they want, watch what they want, believe what they want. Perception varies and judgement can come so easy!

    Sourish ur attirude to life is the best! I hope more Indians become like u..pretense-free that is. HUGZ!


  60. jwalant
    it was not meant to be as offense..
    but i gave u my personal opinion
    and still maintain the point..
    preserving culture is an effort which comes from each individual..not shutting off everything

  61. sissy
    thank u
    thank u

    looks whose a victime of vanity now
    <~~~ *pointing towards me *

    ahh ..wen i wud come outta this mighty grip of vanity

  62. for some ppl its hard to accept the truth.

    Sourish :) HUGZ!

    like u said, it's an individual effort. there can be any amount good/bad things infront of someone...but that someone needs to abe able to decide what it is, how to react to it and how not to get affected by it so much.


  63. keshi

    rite u said...

    how can u say so may good things..are not cute gals are lil dumber :P

    just kidding :D

    u r my smarty pants sissy :P

  64. looks n brains dun gel well I know...but when Im ugly, I get smart. LOL!


  65. Ahh
    u aint ugly..u proves the law by becoming an exception..that every beautiful girl is dumb :P

  66. gosh I do hv my super dumb moments too Sourish!


  67. in those moments..u prove the rule that every beautiful girl is dumb..see law never changes:P

  68. so is every good-looking man. LOL!


  69. u r the rest by default is valid. LOL!


  70. :P





  71. yesss u rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    so it isnt ur pic then?


  72. even if it's mine

    looks can be deceptive :P and pics are always :P


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