Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Afta all there is some hope

Two beautiful events marked my yesterday to be a very refreshing one..

and the effects are still so beautiful even today too...

The first event was that I had over 90 minutes talks with my ex gf (ex is the word I kno she hates to be addressed with..but wat I can say...she is not going to marry me :p ) and that too without fights and we kissed each other goodnight on fone..and that too after a long gap.... may be months had passed...and we sang each other loads of songs...Ok singing bird was me...I started first on her request...then I got mood to sing for more than 40 minutes :P...lol
and we talked till quarter to 4 and it is very much against the present rule that I m having early to bed and early to rise..but her lovely voice vanished all my tiredness and I had a merrier sleep after a long time..I miss her ..but rite now I have taken her studies and career as important issues..so she is free to choose a life path afterwards..I m not gnna marry soon...but all ready propositions are on table for me too..but currently I've stalled them for laters....

The next event is the stability of the market..though I kno that millions of employees are being sacked all over the world...but I am sure the current market situation is going to improve a lot a near future as it is tumbling not because of the financial crisis but because the rumors and heavy sell off by frightened shareholders...but I believe that market is gonna be stable soon with the current confidence building measures by all over the world and I m happy that after a long term the globalisation phenomenon is showing its compassion.


  1. LOL!
    Oi..you needn't adopt gayhood =P..u've gt a lot of choices..

    Btw..I had no idea yu wre back to blogging until I saw yr comment on my blog,bro :(
    Btw,you wre awarded..check my last post!

  2. Awards again :)

    wow..that's so generous of ya

    par why are u sad that i returned to blogging... :O ...mujhe nhi aaana tha kya???

    today is 14th ..isn't so???

    so how was kiddo during the holidays???

  3. :)
    Great to hear you had such a nice and sweet phone conversation :)

  4. lena

    yeah and that too afta so long...how'z u???

    still caught up in workloads???

  5. Wow ! That was nice !!!

    Late night telephonic rendezvous are always mesmerizing !!

    And about the recession, I feel and hope things will be ok - they always so, dont they ?

    I like that pic you used, long long back it used to be on my desktop !

  6. I am gonna kill you for getting me up out of the bed due to your comment! LOL!!!

    Go and read my response when you get a chance.. This recession is a mess! I hope things change and CHANGE FAST!

    Atleast the gas has dropped a dollar here! Thank G-d for this.. but more and more jobs are getting cut on a daily! really sad

    NOW back to my Vacation! lol


  7. mate this is the best template ever so far ok......for once I could just read so clearly .....yuhuuuuuuuuuuu a pat on yur back for that

    n hey my best wishes to ya on both personal n professional fronts....

  8. Nice to know u caught up with ur ex. Sweet! :)

    **I am sure the current market situation is going to improve a lot a near future

    me too..I believe in that. Cos the Aussie dollar has already picked up! I dun usually panic like my sis does...she was gonna withdraw all her Savings n buy a house for Investement. I told her to WAIT...that Im sure it'll pick up soon.


  9. Vinz..

    I normally plug my ear with my mp3 before i start to sing...so i don't kno :P

    why don't u come here and judge urself..maybe u cud be my manager wen i will get the indian idle :P oops idol :P

  10. Cindy...

    yeah it's always so sweet...it refreshes the mind and helps a nice cozy sleep :)

    recession is bad..wat i heard in cnbc that this is just the starting ...and it might stretch upto long 3 years...and imagine wat we are seeing is jus 3 months..wat wud be situation in 3 years ....

    yeah!! the pic is very lovely..and I used to have similar in my desktop too...but nowadays i keep my desktop blank..guess..I m getting maturer :P


  11. Nehya...

    oopsie..it wasnt to offend ya or her..it was just that i din't liked ...i conveyed...
    who cares...evn if u kill those linker..i will be on ya people side only :D
    so u enjoy ur vacation :P

    and abt the recession thing..i don kno exactly wat's gonna happen...but m happy to see the last two days development...but the job cuts are real scary

  12. Princess...

    thanks for liking the template :P
    even i like it too :P

    and thanks for the wishes :)

  13. sissy...
    Naah...i din't caught up with ya...it is jus I've not lost her altogether from my life...

    and abt the market thing...i think ur sister is thinking it right... market is gonna plunge again if u believe in pundits...so keep ur savings close to u......

  14. Bro u look really COOL in ur new pic WOW! :) And u told me ur not goodlooking? I think u look really GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! hot hot! ;-)

    Markets? Who cares abt em when I hv my iPod. lol!


  15. sissyyyyyyyyyy :O

    u liked this 'most hated pic' of mine :O


    now i can say u r truly my sis :P
    only a sis eye can see it beautiful :P

    and lol at ur ipod thingy :P

  16. dont stare sissy.. ur making me go all blush blush :P

  17. ummmmm....so sweet....behna ka pyaar pohchaana (umm...) DIDI (???) ko LOL!

    Market ke baare mein kuch patah nahi na hi jaana hai :P

    AAj bade accha mood mein ho, eh?

  18. Mood toh mera roj hi achha hota hai... :P

    aur tumhari padhai kaisi chaling???

  19. offoo.....jab acche mood mein hoti hoon tab padhai ki baat chedh dete ho :X

  20. no its not cos Im ur sis...u r really a goodlooking man!


  21. sorrie for the later reply....bahut busy hu yaar tests mein...no time to even update my blog:((((

    hope the financial market stabilizes!!

  22. arre sorry worry ki koi jaroorat nhi..i kno u had been busy....
    so how were ur tests??


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