Thursday, September 18, 2008

Discovering Newer Sides .... :)

So, as all u people have seen my new blog template...and I kno it's little messy coz for the first time I m handling a three template html it will take time to understand it.. and make it more complex:P morover in 1024X768 format and 1280x800 format that's wat is in the case of desktop and laptop is showing difference...anyway..I will sort it out...

For the last few days...massive changes are placing themselves in my simple life ...
After mom left for home on last saturday...I was feeling homesick and that's too coz for the first time in seven years..I lived with my mom for more than 1 months more precisely 40 days..and all those showers of love and home-cooked food made me so much addicted to her that wen she left I was feeling a great void..I kno it's usual...but it also incorporated some happy changes in my life ..

So the changes are...

1) I've started cooking my own breakfast and lunch, and believe me it's no's pure Indian Sunday it was Halva-puri and Dum Aloo, Monday it was chowmin , Tuesday it was Parathes and Alloo piyaz tomato ki sabji, Wednesday it was Poha and today Sandwiches and tomorrow I will cook fish :). friends... now I m cooking my own food.... and believe me ..I m feeling a lot healthier and energetic with homemade food and it's so much interesting too and moreover it's just awesome to cook in idle times ....
Btw girls! I m single now! So see I can cook for u too :P ..oh btw I can cook from tea to Briyani..anything under the Shining sun but of-course confined to Indian peninsula :P.......... LOL

2) For the first time in life , I've decided to quit smoking as I was not smoking wen mom was there and now I've decided to quit it once for all..and so is in the case of weeds and alcohol..though alcohol I always used to take it in occasions it won't change...

3) I've become patient listener ...nowadays I only listen to everyone...without shouting much and started painting too.

Stopping now! I think ..these are enough changes for one week...but I hope it continues for long pray for me... :P

Love ya all...
See ya


  1. oye! dats great !
    so , wen are you throwing us all a party huh! wld lik 2 make sure dat u really noe cookin .
    & hey , glad 2 noe dat u hv quit smokin. so mama's darling , wish u gud luk , may you live ur life dey way u wish.

  2. WOW Sourish. These are awesome changes. Consider becoming a chef in a 5 star hotel?

  3. Good for u, all these changes, become healthier, and a chef, u won t stay long single i m sure ;)

  4. all the changes for the best... good going!! :)
    And good luck with everything!
    the template is bcoming neater :)

  5. wah wah! sahi jaa rahe ho :)
    and painting? wow!

  6. Good going dude....keep it up

    and did you realize that you post is very short...cause its about good things....

  7. WOW some really GOOD changes there, especially the Smoking one. Well done Bro HUGS!

    **3) I've become patient listener ...nowadays I only listen to everyone...without shouting much and started painting too.

    me too. I dun say much now. I hv scoffed my heart, cried my lungs out in the open, screamed...but no one really hears ya or listens to ya. They just read. So now u'll see big CHANGES in Keshi's blog too ;-)

    *HUGS* keep up the good work bro and YUMMMMMMM @puris! gimme some...


  8. Heya Illusionz..

    u r invited ..jus come anytime to varansi and be my guest for sone exotic delicacies... and thanx for the wishes :)

  9. Sneha

    aap yeh batao...aap kisi ko jaanti ho jo mujhe waha place kar de ??? ya fir aap hi koi khol rahi ho??? :P

  10. Cess

    thanks a lot...and I hope ur words come true fast :P

  11. Lena..

    thanks for the compliment on both changes and template..m working on it...let'c wen I can come up with sumthing as beautiful as ur blog :)

  12. kash di

    thanks a lot...haan didi wo painiting I stopped after 9 .wo board fir btech fir mtech soch rha hoon ki khali samay kuch paint karta rahoo..dekho kinna kar pata hoon :)

  13. Ceedy bhai..
    good observation :)
    mere life mein achhi baatein short and short lived hi hoti hai :P


  14. Sissyyyy

    thanks a lot..*hugz*

    yeah sis..the world is very peculiar..I don't kno why they get enjoyemnt reding and creating I 've stopped entertaining them and I m glad that u are doing the same...

    looking forward for the happy changes :)
    love ya

  15. Ahhhh Bless Ya! You are doing a makeover to yourself!! WOW!!

    You are cooking eh? All those Chicks are gonna show up at your door now! hehe

    Great on the smoking...

    Yes, you miss your mom! mine is an hour+ away and I have to come home all the time to see her!

    Sourish I am proud of you!

  16. hai the food looked yum
    and mom s stay brought some welcme changes in u!
    atta boy!

  17. Ne

    thanx a lot...
    and as usual u r so lucky.. thaqt u have parents by ur side...I miss home badly :(

    but changes are ...yes quite good... :P

    wat's with the new nick???

  18. Amrita..

    thanks a lot......

    kabhi ghar aao toh I will serve u :)

  19. Amazing changes buddy !!! You got it going big time.

    You shoulda quit smokin long time back, but well better late than never.

    The dum aloo - puri - halwa looked awesome !


  20. Cindy..

    thanx re...yeah better late than never but aise quitting I have done for many time but it was never a success... :)

    u can do it again

    I stopped smoking 7 times

  22. lol

    yeah brother mine count is 5..I hope soon I will cross ur mark :P

    welcome to the blog :)


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