Thursday, October 09, 2008

Shubho Bijoya and Happy Dussehra

A very happy Dussehra and Shubho Bijoya toh all my readers..
May God Bless u a long and prosperous life..

Let's all Pray together...

असतो माँ सद्गमय
तमसो माँ ज्योतिर्गमय
मृत्योरमाँ अमृतं गमय.

God !
Let me to truth from lies
Let me to light from Darkness
Let me to immortality from the death.


  1. wish u the same dude have a gr8 one :)..


  2. shubho bijoya dashomi.

    aasche bochor abar hobe :)

  3. Hi....thoda late ho gaya aane mein....maaf kar dena!! Dusshera kaisa gaya....see ya soon....appka note padha 14th.....long time ....lucky ya :)

    BTW, bhaiya...ek baat....aap apne NOTES mein God Bless ya kyon likhte hain....amt lkha karo....aisa lagta hai koi boodha bacchhon ko ashirvad de raha hai! LOL!

    I like it BTW....vry sweet and cute :)

  4. Hey belated greetings to you too, man!

    So, how was the trip home?

  5. preeti...

    thx dear...

    and defn hobe..nex bochhor :)

  6. meghna...

    thank god aapne blog par darshan toh diye..abhi kuchh dino pehle aapka ek frnd aaya tha kehta hai ki aapki behna yaha nhi aati :O


    aur ab umar bhi toh ho chali god bless you...waise point se dekha jaye toh Im jus praying to god to bless u so busshe toh wo hai jo tujhe ashirwad denge :P


    and I kno u like it..

  7. Alok...

    things were pretty awesome back home...missing it already :) ..did ya took leave or stayed there only????

  8. missed u being around.....chalo good ur back....hope to read some updates superfast...!!!!!

  9. WB Bro I soooo missed ya! :)

    Hope u had a wonderful break.

    **Let me to truth from lies
    Let me to light from Darkness
    Let me to immortality from the death.

    That is such a great Prayer...Blogville helps to cleanse my soul slowly but surely...isnt this place a beautiful place!

    *HUGZ* now eat something :)


  10. vanilla :P

    defn I will update as soon as time permits...I m caught up with so many deadlines :(

  11. Sissy :P

    Yeah I missed ya too ..a big time...
    and yeah it is indeed a great was my school prayer for 12 years so i remember the lines with utmost sincerity...

    and yeah I had supper last day


  12. shhhoooo shwweeettt...BTW, soorry yaar...films aur books mein kuch jyaada hi bijjy thi...u knw!!! Exams khatam hue hain bhai!!

    BTW, yeh kaun frnd thi...Miss aayu??

  13. meghna

    koi guy frnd tha tumhara...he had left his comment on previous post :P

    aur eggjam khatam ho gaye toh movies..bhai yaad nhi aayay :O

    meany weany :-s


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