Thursday, October 23, 2008


I was so happy in the morning..I woke up early..made my breakfast ..french toast and coffee and then i picked up today's newspaper and then I got pissed off.....

what the hell happened to India..

Few days back I was talking to my frnds discussing why India can never have civil wars....but that Guy who term himself New builder of the state of Maharashtra...Proved me all wrong....

Racism...A word which everybody hoped wud go obsolete soon..but I guess MNS party chief Mr. Raj Thankerey proved us all wrong...wat a sick way to gain publicity...thrashing up examinees .. those were students who prepared for years to get a chance to live their livelyhood and wat those fucking morons of Maharashtra did..they killed them...

And wat the fuck govt. doing....they are busy ringing their hanging dongs....fucking shit..If they don't give protection to people in thier own country which they claims to be soveriegn ..I think they better move their ass outside the chair....They were not even able to held him in lockup for more than a day....see how worse India's political and judicial system is...

and this is not it.....even some southern states are killing people on the name of religion...and then they curse muslims for terrorism.. fuck they are the worst terrorists..burning people alive is the most dreaded crime...think abt how u feel wen u touch a hot object ...and then think if u r on fire bound in a tyre which melts and stick to ur skin like a jelly and burns ..ripping ur skin off slowly and even if u reach the hospital..u will die of pain and infection....

Fuck! wat Hppened to Indians?...the country which coined the term non voilence and was thought to bring solidarity in the region is busy fucking it's own ass...and wat we are doing ?? we are bringing those fucking retards to power in politics...who can even let the minority to rape their mother coz that will apease their votebanks....

Kick and kill all those bastards...the govt. shud impose martial law and fucking shoot these guys in head so that they won't think of killing innocents in the name of publicity...

Im just so sorry for the people who are suffering ...May god give them power to heal up their wounds and bless the soul of the departed......


  1. **Fuck! wat Hppened to Indians?...the country which coined the term non voilence and was thought to bring solidarity in the region is busy fucking it's own ass...**

    May I add with their own dick?

    This is so sick...downright sick...I could strangle that mofo with my bare hands, or slit his throat with painstaking slowness to have the glee of getting to wathc his life seep out thru the blood...

    Its all so depressing...why are being killed this way ? What did we ever do anything to deserve such a life ?

  2. Bloody politics dude.. nothing can be done.. in toi jug suraiya wrote an interesting article that outsource the parliament then some good will happen...
    let these morons be in some other ctry better still in some other planet...

    we are much better off without them

  3. cindy

    yeah ! I wanted to imply that only..glad that u incorporated it...

    I had a a similar feeling...but then I is we who have choosen that guy to power..

    ANd for ur question...I's high time to really get out for searching the answers...

    seriously people killing each other for political agenda..I can understand..but genocide is simply sick

  4. amrita..

    yeah I guess outsourcing the parliament will be a nice solution..only if their customer service is as good as IBM...otherwise..we will always get lines are busy...
    after all power corrupts..and absolute power corrupt absolutely..

  5. I totally agree with Cindy!
    Thackeray is sick at mind and soul..this entire act of his was so depressings!
    And mind you..politics ain't sick..its just some politicians who make it sick!
    I took a sigh f relief when he gt arrestd..but wtf..he'll go sure

  6. aayushi..

    POlitics is sick ..wen u will read economics u will get how politics corrupt people's mind..this power game is very ugly...

    but rite u r 2 ..politicians are sick too here..especialy the one who think genocides will write them in history books

  7. Dunno what to say....feel really and I am contemplating visiting the coming wont feel the same :(

    Encounter will be chaotic for a while but then...its better than having him around for long....


  8. well someone on fire on politics in shit as long as they fight over for power and money...killing has become a play for them ...its hell man..its so cruel how people turn to kill the other guy :(...


  9. it is a shame on india. here the politics sucks. no respect, no freedom nothing. sovereign just by name but in reality it is just the opposite. Hatred..Hatred and Hatred along with injustice is all we can see everywhere.

  10. :(((((( sad it is....

    sorrie i am flooded with tests till next wedns so a little infrequent with my blog visitings:P:P

    btw ur orkut link doesnt work....

  11. seriously man...
    i was there in bombay the fateful day... u wont believe the way those MNS guys were out in the street with their hooliganism...bloody ass holes..!!!

    the whole streets were deserted only to be crowded by MNS activists...and shops were forcefully shut down ...public property were rampaged as if they had recieved it as their dowry...

    until and unless take strict actions and ban this bloody organisation such dramas are gonna happen more and more..!!

    and we, common people will see, read and suffer their misdeeds...

  12. bro....thodi jyada galiyan but appropriate post!

    Bhaiya lekin yeh bataiye hum yeh blog pe post aur grumble karne se jyaada kuch kar sakte hanin???....I wntd to write a post too but i'm tired of grumblin and all!!!

  13. Bro the world is pretty much screwed beyond recognition, and only cos of few morons. Can ya believe that now. How the evil takes over. Its so sad.


    **I will soon..... abreast myself with urs

    wut exactly r we aBREASTING here bro?


  14. and u didnt even collect ur Sex IQ scores.


  15. Ceedy bhai..

    encountering him will be a blunder that guy will become's better to start a proceeding against him on account of breaking national integrity and treason

  16. Hemu...
    rite u said...even i can't understand this idiocracy

  17. Preeti..

    yeah hatred is all around...seems like world will soon get engulfed in its own fire

  18. Vanilla...

    no need to be sorry...even I was off till wednesday..

    hope you had great weekends and wonderful tests..

    I corrected the orkut link... :)

  19. Vinz..
    ohh you had a terrible experience urself...!
    Yeah these political organisation shud be banned ..wat's the difference between them and SIMI...these are all political bastards ..bloody terrorists

  20. Meghna...
    Sorry betuuu...the language was not meant to be that offensive..I just blurted out...

    and reading and writing is important...coz most of the revolution came jus by reading and write urself out...that's the best least u counted urself on the good side..that counts :)

  21. Sissyyyy...

    It was all predicted ..the world will be under evil and then the god will come..may be accompanied wid an apocalypse..coz it is beond his power too to remove the evilness from the better eradicated the society itself will be his only and final option

  22. I did collect ur IQ score... :P

    and I did a lot of improvement on both two answers :P


    "I will soon..... abreast myself with urs"

    it is not A-breast for myself of urs :P..
    so don't panic :P

  23. But I beleive in "good riddance" of rubbish even if it is glorified as opposed to covering ones nose to avoid its stink

  24. ahh may be ur correct in least one dirty soul got departed....


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