Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Festivity and Rape of modesty

It was a fun filled festive season....and as usual Diwali was awesome...most of the India was rejoicing the festival...even I did...Burnt loads of crackers ..brought loads of sweets and distributed them and worshiped god..the light was awesome...the otherwise clouded sky was sparkling with lights ......


A guy was shot dead in Mumbai..coz he had a gun in his hand and he fired few rounds in Air and wanted to meet the police commissioner to plead for the mistreatment of Biharis by MNS.
He repeatedly shouted ..I don't want to harm anyone but he was labeled as a terrorist who was there to kill Mr. Raj Thackeray who is now enjoying Z plus security..the guy never held any stick in his hand..but he ended up dead in a police encounter by Mumbai Police..those Police who never thought to intervene wen MNS gundas were hitting the examinees and destroying properties and killed so may innocent money earners of the poor families...oh btw this is the same Police underwhose supervision the underworld wid loads of guns was dwelling for year...and today i read in paper that the guy had internal injuries he was beaten up and then he was killed???

Dharamdev Rai, a young man from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh died.... after he was severely beaten on a train in Badlapur in Maharashtra. He was on his way home to Gorakhpur for Diwali.
So what the fuck Mumbai Police is doing now???

Yesterday only... 5 women were burnt alive coz they havn't paid dowry and of course blame was that the odd rocket flew in and hit the cylinder and it burst and only those women got hurt all were out of their house just on that time..wat a coincidence ....

Two girls below the age of 8 were molested by Diwali celebraters coz right to drink and fuck is included in this festival's brochure...

God knows! but seriously modesty is gone from India..Those fucking bastards have raped it and scared it away...coz that guy died for a reason and we were busy celebrating Diwali...and we are so fucking sick that we take this festival as an excuse and a mean to do the crime.......

A very Happy Diwali!

Lamps of human life got extinguished and we are here celebrating festival of lamps......but you kno we deserve to celebrate coz we had lost our courage to fight much before and now we lost our conscience too....but why shudn't we..we are so away from guilt surely asks for a celebration as in real who the fuck cares.. if we get beaten up yesterday in some odd place coz we dared to thought India is still one single country and we are all united even in diversity...


  1. What happened in mumbai is a telling reason why after a point people start giving a damn and start living in a cocoon....

  2. True u r ...I preferable say..chamdi moti ho jana..uske baad kuch fark nhi padta....

  3. seriously man...
    such things put the excitement of the festivals..!!

    newspaper reading is kind of horror fiction read these days..!!


  4. So true ...Really for all ..this media is to be blamed..they are distributing cheap publicity..and those morons are jumping on the opportunity ............

  5. ***those Police who never thought to intervene wen MNS gundas were hitting the examinees and destroying properties and killed so may innocent money earners of the poor families...

    I agree.
    But tell me something,bro..
    How many people do you think actually care if 23 Raj's are killed?
    I don't want to come up as insensitive but the fact is.only 2 out of 20 will feel the agony of the family or people related to Raj are going through!
    We can't do anything by just writing about this..but then I thought..if you can't DO anything don't ABUSE them.

    Happy Diwali

  6. amazingly bright diwali.
    Nothing surprises anymore, but sure does succeed to depress...

  7. Belated diwali dude...i will come bac to say abt those :)...


  8. i was also thinking abt all these but was not able to come up with words. glad that u did it.

    it's really sick. India- secular and democratic? .. doesnt seem any more. shame on us. i totally agree to ur commnt to vinz. media does every bit to spread evil.

    great diwali it was. n now a great new year is coming. again we wud be celebrating. what fun :(

  9. Happy Diwali Bro HUGGGGGGGGGZ!

    I was away for 2 days or so.

    I dunno wut it is but I see more of human stupidity during festival times. ppl give so much importance to LIGHTS on one single day when it should be every single day that our hearts hv to light up.

    Dun ask me why but Im quite disappointed by PEOPLE.


  10. And the Media adds to the mockery!


  11. Aayushi...

    seriously ur facts are so correct...but I beg to differ here...u think writing up actually ain't doing sumthing...
    but in my opinion..writing is another form of expression used for expressing ur distrust...if any of the genuine person reads it and then decide not to vote the will defn count in the big game..

    I repeatedly said one thing that every revolution started from a single page which touched the souls of the sufferers ...
    and writing is form of protest least one in a billion had this courage to condemn the act...

    but I do hope if every 2 in that 20 expresses it openly u have a number and greater than 10 million people...

  12. Cindy..

    yeah the surprise element is missing from the Indian dictionalry..

    BOMBS ! >>> oh yeh toh mere yaha bhi phata tha..

    GUns >>> arre yaar yaha toh har dusre aadmi k pass hai

    Riots >>> Seriously yaha toh har dusre din religious riots hote hai..

    Vandalism>>> ab iske baare mein kya kehna...ab toh aadat ho gyi hai

    These are all common
    seriously nuthing surprises anymore...

  13. Hemu..
    same to ya buddy....

    and u r always welcome here :)

  14. Preeti...

    I m sure that u must had felt the same as me..coz compassion isn't completely dead in India...

    and I don't think India is safe for any will be a great example of complete failure..
    Muslims and christians are minority..they are scared of Hindus the majority

    and hindu the majority are scared of minority Muslims and christians..

    so who is not scared in the secular India...
    I don't understand religion is supposed to be a sacred path to divinity but people are so ignorant they think that the another path taker is actually obstructing their path...

    mockery it is...

    and we will party..coz partying is a must..pata nhi kab agla number humara ho? :)

  15. Sisssy..

    Seriosly this media and everything is so fuking innocent peoples....

    I do hope one day we will have the solidarity to light up our hearts and show compassion towards another human being irrespective of caste or religion ....

  16. **I do hope one day we will have the solidarity to light up our hearts and show compassion towards another human being irrespective of caste or religion ....

    I seriously doubt I'd see such a day in this life!


  17. yes Hope is there but its only getting hopeless by the day! :)


  18. wat can I say the situation is becoming so senstive that a rickshawallah in delhi gets offended when being called bihari!!!

  19. Don be hopeless..if one looses the couraghe to looses everything :)

  20. Rahul...

    Seriously man!!! I never thot we wud be fighting over such a cheap least in the 21st century

  21. ok Bro say u'll hold my hand til then :) ty n HUGS!


  22. Sissy...

    i will be there always............



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