Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Land of The Rising Sun

The sun rises from the east,
The fact that everyone believes,
But today there’s one sun in the town square,
Engulfing the whole town, in its fire.

The days were not quite and in ease,
None slept with any peace,
As the war was in the sky,
The land of rising sun was fighting the allies.

But that day was as bright as before,
The tides were as calm as before.
As the peace was dawning on,
The dark day clouded the dawn.

Two falcons screamed high in the sky,
Sirens blared increasing the fright.
But nothing happened to their surprise,
As it were the recons that passed by.

But the hope of peace turned into scream,
A fleet of falcons flew in like a beam.
Dropping the ball of inevitability from the sky,
Thundering the entire city with the cry.

The land lit up with two suns,
The allies played their first fun.
They dropped the first nuclear bomb,
Made the Hiroshima deaf and numb.

The city crumbled in the fire,
Concretes flew like flyers,
The people burnt like the wire,
Agony screamed like never to tire.

The light soon turned into dark,
The ashes hovered in like a shark.
The cloud of dust, the cloud of smoke,
Forced each breathe to choke.

The dark day seemed never ending,
Every moment death kept on raining.
Human’s first weapon for fun,
Annihilated the whole empire of the rising sun.
-Sourish Karmakar

This piece of work, i had wrote way back in my B.Tech days... in the classroom...jus found it ...lying in pool of thought to share it...this poem is dedicated to all the brave people of Hirsoshima and Nagasaki as they still are bravely fighting the nuclear holocaust and it's one human can kill another ..and how wonderfully he finds newer ways and make the world more unsafe...
God bless u all..and Pray with me that we all remain safe...


  1. thats very good poetry :)
    how you have been? sorry was not here for a week, two, three... really crazy days in the office.

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  3. really good one, man, i dunno what s going with u guys from India, have been through so many sensible and touching poems, even myself who s not a big fan of poems, i m starting to like it. Reallly nice Sourish ;)

  4. No one cud hv said it any better!

    Good stuff bro.


  5. Tu bach gaya
    really.....sensitive issue hai is liye I will only say - good one...b tech mai yeh haal tha to ab kaha gaya???

    I was ready to band maroo...but next time :)

  6. Lena...
    i can understand too..I m also neck deep in workload.... :(

  7. richa...

    it sounds like a good offer..will get in touch with u soon :)

  8. cess...

    m not that sensible like other poets..I used to write...but nowadays..I don't get words...


    but thanks a lot for appreciating it..

  9. ceedy bhai...
    bach gya matlab.. :O


    dissection ??? hahahahahhahaha

    bhai fir toh main humesha bacha rahoonga coz main serious sirf sensitive issues par hi rehta hoon...

    likhna chhor diya hai boss..ab life mein kuch bhi inspirre nhi karta..budhapa jo aa gya hai :P

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I hope you did take that comment in a jovial manner...

    you have really written well...

    and if you did are in varanasi....ganga maiya waha hi hai jake ke nahale :P

  12. u wrote it really wel :) nd do chk the site meter

  13. **Caught Up in Work

    why arent ya 'caught up' in a love triangle? lol ok Im just kidding!

    Hows u bro?


  14. Ceddy bhai..

    aarre nahana wo bhi ganga jake
    nahane k liye utni mehnat karega kaun :P

    nahi bhai no offence taken...aapki koi baat buri nhi lagti mujhe...tabhi toh bhai kehta hoon :)

  15. sarah...

    thank u mujhe pata hai tu toh tarif karegi hi :P

    kya check karoo sitemeter mein??

  16. Sisssyy

    love triangle :O

    lol...I dont have any single angle nowadays u r talking abt triangle lol

    M fine sissyy..just bit disturbed but fine..
    howz u??


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